How YouTube Marketing Can Improve Your E-Commerce Sales

How YouTube Marketing Can Improve Your E-Commerce Sales-feature image
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YouTube is enjoying a wider reach than broadcast and cable TV, with 300 hours of video content uploaded every minute. It is catering to more than 59% of audience who prefer watching videos over reading. All these facts clearly state how YouTube is growing at an exponential rate and there is no stopping it.

So, what makes YouTube a great selling platform?

YouTube is such a hit because it is always better to show than to tell, which makes it the perfect platform to showcase your brand to a large audience. Through knowledge sharing about your offerings on the YouTube, you can quickly turn your audience into a potential customer.

Now the question is how? We are giving you six sure-shot hacks to harness YouTube for E-commerce to increase your sales.

  1. Post Authentic Content Which Resonates with Your Brand, ALWAYS!

Anything which is authentic, sells. So as long as you stay true to your brand and its principles, you are sorted. You can make a great visual imprint with the help of videos. You can show your story with visuals that can make your viewers relate better with your brand. A story that connects with the customer is what makes all the difference. Tell a story in such a way that it makes your customers relate to you, understand you and like you.

Take this brand called TOMS shoes for example. Their tagline is ‘one for one’ which means for every purchased pair, TOMS gives a pair of shoes to someone in need. You can also have a look at its YouTube channel.

  1. Let’s Build A Video Marketing Strategy First

You need to make sure that your video marketing goals are in place. Build a strategy that suits your business. Remember, volume always wins on YouTube for e-commerce. Strategize your videos by making a list on the topics you want to produce your videos on. These topics should be in accordance with your product or services, and as well as what your audience wants to see. Plan to add subtitles to your videos so that they can reach a wider audience. Also strategically select other brands or influencers you would want to work with ahead.

  1. Better Post Regularly

The power of posting content online consistently and at a specific period of time is highly underestimated. If you don’t post regularly, your audience might forget you. Potential customers will quickly lose interest if you don’t give them fresh, relevant and quality content. But what’s the definition of posting regularly, though? Once a day? Once a week? Unfortunately, there’s no “right” frequency for posting content. It all depends on your audience, the size of your business, your content strategy and your resources. Frequency of uploads affects the algorithm. So always remember, consistent audience requires consistent content.

Better Post Regularly
  1. Think About Building A Following in Your Niche

Every viewer is a potential buyer. The goal is to generate more traffic that will eventually convert to more sales. You have to target the right audience and give them what they need: a solution. Check out what Banish Skincare did. Diasy Jing, the CEO of Banish, did not post a fancy marketing video. Instead, she connected with her audience in the most vulnerable way possible solving a problem: acne. This helped Banish generate over $3 million in revenue from YouTube Subscribers alone.

The ACNE Channel
  1. Why Not Take Advantage of Showing Your Product Reviews

Up to 85% of consumers watch a product video or a review before buying a particular product. Making videos about your product, how to use that product and what are its benefits can be easily spread across your audience with the help of videos.

Check out Hubspot’s YouTube Channel for instance.

Hubspot's YouTube Channel

Research has shown that people trust product reviews as much as they trust a recommendation from their family or friends. You can also cross promote your business with the help of other channels by asking them to review your product. 50 percent of YouTube subscribers would stop what they are doing to watch a new video from their favorite channels. So, collaborating with popular YouTubers in your niche can get your sales boost.

  1. Remember to Use Call to Action Strategically

Giving your audience clear and specific instruction is a must in each and every video. Be it subscribing to your channel, buying a product or checking out the new collection of your brand, you need to be brief and clear about what you want them to do next. You can use end screens at the end of your videos for the viewers to click on. It will keep them engaged with your content and lead them in the direction you want.

Cards can also be used as a great tool for a call to action. They can be inserted at any time during the video. Don’t forget to use these for growing your business because YouTube has a conversion rate of 1.16 for channels that ask viewers to take action.

Remember to Use Call to Action Strategically
  1. Ever Taken the Help of YouTube Analytics?

Engagement reports in YouTube analytics enables you to track what content drives them to like, dislike, share or comment on your videos, and even subscribe to your channel. The greater the level of engagement, the better you´re connected to your customers. By paying attention to their feedback, you can make adjustments to your video strategy based on the preferences of your audience, and hence increasing your sales.

There is also an Audience Retention page in YouTube analytics. Here you can see for how long viewers are watching your videos and when do they leave your channel or go to another video.  This way you can detect one particular time in your video when your viewers stop watching and understand and prevent the same mistake in future. Conversely, you can make use of the Audience Retention page to analyze what videos are performing the best and get a clearer idea of your viewer´s tastes.

Ever Taken the Help of YouTube Analytics?

Brands That Are Making It Big on YouTube:

There are a lot of brands that are harnessing YouTube for e-commerce sales. Whether it’s a lifestyle brand or a technology, we have live examples of how these companies are making a difference in their revenues through YouTube. Let’s have a look at their journey and figure out how they are marketing their products through YouTube:

  • The best example of an Indian brand which started as an e-commerce site but later launched their very own brand is
brand is

The rate at which Nykaa is growing is tremendous! They first gained a huge consumer base by selling products from different marketplaces online, and later created their own e-commerce platform, leveraging upon their existing consumer base. And since, they already had gained the trust of their buyers, their own products were a huge hit among the audience.

Nykaa promotes its own brand by creating videos around their products and its uses. They cater to each and every type of people with diverse skin, hair or style. So, you are bound to find something that suits your boat. Have a look at their awesome YouTube channel with a massive 484K subscribers here.

products of POPxo Shop
  • POPxo started as a video-based platform which later ventured into products. It started as a YouTube channel, creating videos about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. In the process, its video influencers gained popularity, who now promote the products of POPxo Shop.

POPxo has utilized influencer marketing to the fullest as its costumers already trust and relate with these influencers, hence increasing their e-commerce sales.


POPxo currently runs 3 channels: POPxo Daily, POPxo Fashion and POPxo beauty. Have a look at their channels for some really engaging content.

POPxo beauty
  • We all use it, we all love it! Thank you Microsoft for existing and making our lives easier.
Microsoft online store

This tech giant uses its YouTube platform to review its products and its latest technologies. It produces videos on trending topics like AI and big data which gains a lot of traction online. Microsoft doesn’t need an introduction, but it is still using YouTube at full swing. This should probably convince why you should too.

Microsoft YouTube

YouTube is one of the most powerful social media platforms. You are certainly missing out on a potential growth if you’re not tapping into this huge base of YouTube users. While it is true that that YouTube for e-commerce is overly saturated with the amount of content uploaded every second, but it has never been easier to put forward your product in front of such a huge consumer base.

Check TechJockey YouTube Channel here.

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