15 Best Free Wireframe Tools for Mobile Apps in 2023

15 Best Free Wireframe Tools for Mobile Apps in 2023-feature image
January 19, 2023 18 Min read

Building apps and websites using free wireframe tools is gaining more prominence these days.

Wireframe tools are necessary for any app or website has to go through a number of tests, runs and feedback before it is finally released to the public. Starting off on the wrong foot can exponentially increase the time and resources spent on changes and updates. This is where free wireframe tools online come in handy.

What is an Online Wireframe Tool and Wireframe Design Tool?

Online wireframe tool for UI/UX designers helps create the layout and workflow of a website or an app before they go into the designing stage.

Best free wireframe tools are necessary to identify the challenges with the user interface of your website, web, mockup web pages, app or mobile app and rectify them early in the designing process.

Significance of Free Wireframe Tools for Mobile Apps & Web Design

Wireframe online creator tool is a smart way of testing the user interface, design workflow and navigation architecture before they are employed onto an app or a website.

By using premium and free wireframe tools, free or open source wireframe tools, you can easily incorporate client changes at the pre-development stage itself.

Free mockup tools for prototyping and wireframe apps for wireframing further help create a user-friendly website or application with an interactive UI, leading to more traffic and positive responses.

Prominent Features that Online Wireframe Tools Possess

  • Option of using different fidelities

Wireframe design tools should offer the option to the user to switch between fidelities, i.e. users should be able to develop low fidelity wireframes, mid fidelity wireframes and high-fidelity wireframes

  • Stability and ease of use

The wireframe app you choose to use should offer a stable interface and the ability to create interactive workflows with ease. Beginners should be able to use repeating components with one click instead of having to draw them again and again.

  • Functionalities

The software for wireframe mockup design should have some pre-existing templates and UI components such as buttons and labels. This will make the whole designing procedure less time intensive.

  • Ease of Sharing

Wireframe and mockup app mobile and desktop version should support sharing of designs with others and also provide the option of real time collaboration.

15 Best Free Wireframe Tools for Wireframe Designs & Mockup Web Pages

Finding the perfect free prototyping tool which helps fulfil your web/app design aspirations can be tough. Here, we have compiled the list of 15 online free wireframe tools for UI/UX designers.

Software Name Pricing Best For
Balsamiq WireframeFor 2 projects ₹663.37 per month or ₹6649.07 per year

For 20 projects ₹3611.67 per month or ₹36116.67 per year

For 200 projects ₹14667.79 per month pr ₹146677.92 per year
Sketching feature for hand drawing of designs and a re-usable component library.
MockFlowFree version available ₹ 1120.63Efficient UI for mobile apps along with an auto-generation module for all design specifications.
Pencil Project FreeExporting designs in different formats such as PDF and PNG.

Also available is a collection of flowcharts for elements and shapes.
FigmaFree version available Paid plans are as follows:

Professional – ₹896.50 per month

Organization – ₹3316.84 per month
Modern drawing tool for creating design in any direction and storing the same using the application’s unlimited capacity for cloud storage.
Draw.io FreeDrawing network diagram is easy and so is a UML or flowchart.
Wireframe.CCFree version available paid plans are as follows

Solo plan for ₹1195.34 per month

Trio plan for ₹2874.59 per month

Enterprise plan for 7297.04 per month  
Sharing designs with others as a URL.

Attached also are public/single-page wireframes.
JumpchartFree version available

Simple- ₹ 368.40

Freelancer- ₹ 1105

Super- ₹ 1842

Deluxe- ₹ 3684    
Representing diagrams without image diffusion.
Frame Box FreeViewing history of edits made to a drawing.

Inbuilt UI units for sketching frames and saving those by using a link provided by the software.
Adobe XDFree version available

Individual- ₹779. 68

Business- Rs 1834.90
Integration with third party apps such as slack and teams besides this layout option for swapping or resizing the content.
InVision Free version available Pro plan- ₹594.68Enterprise plan- On request Digital whiteboard with a drag and drop interface for designing interactive workflows.
JustInMindFree version available

Professional- Rs 1399

Enterprise- Rs 2873  
In-built library with mobile widgets and a resolution well-suited for multiple screens.
Fluid UI Free version available. Paid plans are as follows

Solo plan for ₹616.09.

Pro plan for ₹1406.34

Team plan for ₹3064.76
Exporting diagrams as flow document.

Inbuilt as well is a component library for rapid prototyping.
Moqups Free version available

Pro- ₹ 1194.84

Unlimited- ₹ 3610
Real-time collaboration and an inbuilt stencil kit for selecting the correct icon set.
Lucidchart Free version available

Individual- ₹593.69

Team- ₹ 491.45

Enterprise- On request
Cloud based wireframe tool for designing org charts and mind maps
Mockplus Free version available

Mockplus Cloud Pro- ₹ 7293/year
Saving repeating segments and reusing them in one click.

  1. Balsamiq Online Wireframe for Design Web Mockup

Online wireframe tool

Pricing of Balsamiq Mockups Tool: Balsamiq online wireframe tool comes with a free trial of 30 -days. After that you can upgrade to the Pro version at one time cost of ₹6649.07.

Fidelity of Balsamiq Cloud Version: Balsamiq Wireframe, one of the best low fidelity wireframe tools.

Compatible platforms: Windows, Mac OS

Balsamiq Wireframe is one of the most popular free wireframe tools online that has a simple drag and drop interface. It has a sketching feature which allows you to hand draw your designs. Balsamiq Wireframe offers low fidelity design on purpose to involve maximum feedback at the development stage itself.

Reasons to use Balsamiq Wireframe App

  • This software offers a library that contains ready to use UI objects and templates
  • It is suitable both for mobile and desktop apps

What Web Designers Don’t Like about Balsamiq Mockups Tool

  • It is not suitable for creating large scale prototypes

  1. Mockflow Online Wireframe Tool

Free wireframe tools online

Pricing of Mockflow Online Wireframe Tool: Mockflow wireframe design tool free version is available for use. It also offers a premium version starting from ₹1120.63 per month. With the premium version,this online wireframe tool supports unlimited UI projects and integration with their business apps.

Fidelity of Mockflow Wireframe Design Tool: Mockflow wireframe online creator tool has high fidelity

Compatible platforms: Mac OS, Windows

Mockflow online wireframe tool lets you develop improved UI designs in quick fashion. The wireframe mockup software helps generate web and app designs automatically and supports collaboration between teams to work and edit on the same wireframe.

Reasons to use Mockflow Free Wireframe Tool Online

  • Mockflow high fidelity wireframes user community offers support for wireframe designing
  • You will get access to the Mock Store, which is a collection of UI elements and templates.

What Web Designers Don’t Like about Mockflow Design Web Mockup Tool

  • UI/UX designers can work on only one project at a time.

  1. Pencil Project Wireframe Design Tool

Best wireframe tools

Pricing of Pencil Project Low Fidelity Wireframes: This wireframe tools open source application is free to use.

Fidelity of Pencil Project Wireframe Online Tool: Pencil Project, ranked among the top free wireframe tools online, has low fidelity.

Compatible platforms: Linux, Mac OS, Windows

Pencil Project free mockup tool is available for use as a separate application and can also be used as a Firefox extension. With this free prototyping tool, you will get different inbuilt shapes for drawing the user interface of mobile and desktop applications.

Reasons to Use Pencil Project, One of the Best Wireframe Tool

  • This free wireframe tool provides connectors for wire elements in a diagram
  • Pencil Project UX wireframe lets you export your design in different formats such as PDF, PNG, etc.

What Web Designers Don’t Like about Pencil Project Best Wireframe Software

  • It is difficult to work collaboratively with the team using this wireframe designing tool.

  1. Figma Free Wireframe Tool Online

Pricing of Figma Mockup App Mobile: Figma wireframe design tool’s free version provides limited features. Figma premium version starts from ₹896.50 per user per month and offers features such as access to unlimited projects and organization wide design capabilities.

Fidelity of Figma Mobile App Wireframe: This best free online wireframe tool offers both low fidelity and high fidelity wireframes.

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS

Figma sketch wireframe is one of the best wireframe tools and comes with modern features such as a drawing tool which creates designs in any direction. With Figma, you can make use of custom plugins as well as create your own plugins to automate repetitive tasks.

Reasons to use Figma Pencil Wireframe

  • Figma supports the use of GIFs in your designs
  • Figma software supports simultaneous editing by different team members in real time.

What Web Designers Don’t Like about Figma UI Wireframe Tool

  • Figma lacks the feature of timestamp so it becomes difficult to keep a track of iterations.

  1. Draw.io for Wireframe Diagrams Online

Pricing of Draw.io, one of The Best Wireframing Tools: Draw.io is an open source wireframe tool that can be used free of cost.

Fidelity of Draw.io Wireframe Creator: This wireframe online free app has low fidelity.

Compatible platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Draw.io, one of the most used free wireframe tools online, has a simple to use interface. While using Draw.io, users have the option of saving their diagrams to Google Drive, Dropbox, localdisk, GitHub, etc.

Reasons to use Draw.io Wireframe Creator

  • It has a strong community of designers that provides support in case of wireframes and also for removing bugs from the software.
  • Draw.io, used to create wireframe online, provides a robust flow and network diagrams.

What Web Designers Don’t Like about Draw.io Mockups Tool

  • As it is a web-based application, it might lag if you work on it for longer durations.

  1. Wireframe.CC for Wireframe Mockup

Wireframe online creator

Pricing of Wireframe.CC Mobile Wireframe Tool: This wireframe online creator tool’s basic version is free of cost. Its premium version costs ₹1195.34 per month per user after a free trial of 7 days.

Fidelity of Wireframe.CC Wireframe Tool: Wireframe.CC software has low fidelity.

Compatible platforms: Web-based, wireframe tool free

Wireframe.CC wireframe tool is simple to use, free mockup tool. With this wireframe online free creator, you can quickly sketch and design wireframes just by using your mouse. You can change layouts, canvas size, etc. in just a few clicks. Many users also prefer it as the created wireframes are static.

Reasons to use Wireframe.CC Wireframe Design Software

  • With Wireframe.CC, you can share your designs in the form of a URL with different people
  • It offers multiple preset templates to make design efficient

What Web Designers Don’t Like about Wireframe.CC Mockup Web Pages Maker

  • Wireframe.CC free best wireframe software do not offer any animation or presentation tool.

  1. Jumpchart for Web & Mobile App Wireframe

Pricing of Jumpchart Wireframe App: Jumpchart online wireframe tool offers a free version with limited features. The price of its paid version starts from ₹373.54 per month and includes features, such as, you can work on more than 5 projects with an unlimited number of users on every project.

Fidelity of Jumpchart Online Wireframe Tool: This free wireframe design tool has low fidelity

Compatible platforms: Web-based

Jumpchart online wireframe tool is counted amongst the best wireframe tools as it allows users to create complex architecture and shows all design material in one place. Jumpchart low fidelity wireframes software also allows exporting of your drawings to WordPress.

Reasons to use Jumpchart Wireframe Design Tool

  • It shows each workflow created in the project without image diffusion
  • Jumpstart not only allows collaboration between team members but even clients can add their edits to a design

What Web Designers Don’t Like about Jumpstart Wireframe Mockup Software

  • With Jumpstart free version, you can work only on one project at a time. Even with paid version, there is a limit on number of projects you can undertake simultaneously.

  1. Frame Box for UX & UI Wireframes

Wireframe tools open source

Pricing of Frame Box Mockup App Mobile Version: Frame Box wireframe online creator app can be used free of cost.

Fidelity of Frame Box Free Wireframe Tool Online: Frame Box wireframe tool free has low fidelity.

Compatible Platforms: Web based

Frame Box online wireframe tool is free to use and is used to design simple wireframes and workflows. What makes Frame Box one of the best free wireframe tools online is its drag and drop interface and different UI components for easy drawing.

Reasons to use Frame Box Design Web Mockup Software

  • Frame Box wireframe online tool enables you to see history of all your revisions
  • Using Frame Box, UI/UX designers can send links of their work to their team

What Web Designers Don’t Like about Frame Box, one of The Best Wireframe Software

  • Frame Box is not suitable for creating complex designs

  1. Adobe XD for High Fidelity Wireframes

Wireframe design tool free

Pricing of Adobe XD High Fidelity Wireframes Tool: Adobe XD offers a free version for use. With this, you can only share one active document and one active link at a time. The cost of the basic plan starts from ₹747.28 per month with which you can share unlimited documents and links.

Fidelity of Adobe XD UX Wireframe Designer: Adobe XD wireframe tool free has high fidelity

Compatible platforms: Windows, Mac OS

Adobe XD mobile app wireframe designing tool is suitable for UI/UX designing, architectures and wireframes. With Adobe XD, you can auto animate your creations or share your own styles, which can be used in different projects.

Reasons to use Adobe XD Wireframe Software

  • Adobe XD sketch wireframe tools offers integrations with third party apps such as slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.
  • Adobe XD allows you to work with different designers simultaneously on a project.

What Web Designers Don’t Like about Adobe XD Pencil Wireframe Tool

  • Adobe XD lacks the layer panel and reshaping tools.

  1. InVision Wireframe Creator

Pricing of InVision UI Wireframe Tool: InVision, one of the best free wireframe tools online, offers a no cost version for individuals and small teams. For larger teams, the price starts from ₹594.68 per month with added features of more active users, that is, users currently working on a project and better team security so that no outside member can access your team’s work.

Fidelity of InVision, one of The Best Wireframing Tools: InVision free wireframe design tool supports both high fidelity and low fidelity wireframes.

Compatible platforms: Web-based

InVision wireframe online free tool is used by designers to create wireframe designs for desktop and mobile based applications. Create wireframe online with this free mockup tool and convert static screens into interactive designs, allowing easy collaboration between different team members.

Reasons to use InVision Wireframe Creator

  • InVision has the drag and drop interface to design web and app workflows.
  • Using InVision, web developers can create images, fonts and colors quickly.

What Web Designers Don’t Like about InVision Free Prototyping Tool

  • With InVision mockups tool, you can’t work on more than a single prototype at a time.

  1. JustInMind Free Mockup Tool

Wireframe online free

Pricing of JustInMind Mockup Tool: JustInMind is a free online wireframe tool with limited features. The premium version starts from ₹1421.25 and offers enhanced animations and ticketing support.

Fidelity of JustInMind Free Mockup Tool: JustInMind free prototyping tool has both low and high fidelity

Compatible platforms: Windows, Mac OS

With JustInMind free mockup tool, you can create simplified designs using its drag and drop interface. It lets you add features such as swiping to your wireframe, thus simulating a real mobile device for better testing of your design.

Reasons to use JustInMind Mobile Wireframe Designer

  • The software’s library offers built in mobile widgets
  • It offers multiple mobile gestures to make your design more user friendly.

What Web Designers Don’t Like in JustInMind Wireframe Design Software

  • JustInMind does not provide many learning materials on wireframe designing for beginners.

  1. Fluid UI for Creating Wireframe Samples

Free mockup tool

Pricing of Fluid UI Mockup Web Pages Maker: Fluid UI’s is a free wireframe design tool with limited features. The cost of pro version of this wireframe tool starts from ₹616.09 per month and offers features such as unlimited projects and collaboration.

Fidelity: Fluid UI supports high fidelity wireframes

Compatible platforms: Web-based

Fluid UI online wireframe creator supports creation of robust designs through animations and gestures. The designed wireframes are static, hence suitable for different types of users. You can quickly create workflows with pre-set widgets and drag and drop features of Fluid UI.

Reasons to use Fluid UI Free Wireframe Tools

  • You can export your created designs as a flow document this wireframe app.
  • With Fluid UI, you can collaborate on projects with your teammates in real time.

What Web Designers Don’t Like in Fluid UI Online Wireframe Tool

  • Fluid UI software does not support the upload of multiple images.

  1. Moqups Wireframe

Free prototyping tool

Pricing of Moqups Wireframe Design Tool: Moqups wireframe online free of cost tool is available for use. It also offers a premium version with features such as permission-based access and unlimited projects. The price starts from ₹1194.84 per month. 

Fidelity of Moqups Wireframe Mockup Designer: Moqups has both low fidelity and high fidelity.

Compatible platforms: Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS

One of the best free wireframe tools, Moqups offers stencil kits for development of desktop and mobile apps. The low fidelity wireframes software also provides powerful editing options such as vector zooming for creating interactive designs.

Reasons to choose Moqups High Fidelity Wireframes Maker

  • With page management tools, you can work on complex projects with ease.
  • Your teammates can work on the same project remotely on the cloud using this wireframe design tool.

What Web Designers Don’t Like about Moqups Free Wireframe Tools Online

  • Grouping of similar images and icons has to be done individually rather than all at once.

  1. Lucidchart for Wireframe Mockup

Best wireframe tools

Pricing of Lucidchart Mockup App Mobile: This free wireframe design is suitable for individuals. It also offers a pro version whose price starts from ₹593.69 per month. The pro version offers functionalities such as unlimited editable documents and 1000+ templates.

Fidelity of Lucidchart Design Web Mockup: Lucidchart has both high and low fidelity

Compatible platforms: Web-based, android, iOS

Lucidchart, counted among the best rated free online wireframe tools, lets UI/UX designers create wireframes to test their website’s initial interface and collaborate with their team members in real time. It is a cloud-based wireframe online creator, helpful for creating org charts and mind maps.

Reasons to choose Lucidchart Wireframe Online Designer

  • Users can export their designs in multiple formats such as PNG, JPG, PDF etc.
  • By using Lucidchart, you can collaborate with multiple people at an instant.

What Web Designers Don’t Like about Lucidchart Mobile App Wireframe Design

  • Lucidchart lacks enough storage space for all your designs.

  1. Mockplus Online Wireframe Tool

Pricing of Mockplus UX Wireframe Tool: Mockplus wireframe design tool free of cost version is available for use. It also offers a premium version whose price starts from ₹4405.97 per year. This includes features such as role-based access and unlimited prototypes.

Fidelity of Mockplus, the Best Free Wireframe Tool: Mockplus has low fidelity

Compatible platforms: Windows, Mac OS, android, iOS

Mockplus online wireframe tool is used for quickly designing interactive wires and architecture. This wireframe online creator provides you with several ready to use templates, UI components, etc. for creating enhanced designs.

Reasons to use Mockplus Wireframe Software

  • Mockplus sketch falls under best wireframe software helps create interactive wires through its drag and drop feature which requires no knowledge of coding.
  • With its Repeater feature, you can use repeating segments of a design without having to recreate them again and again

What Web Designers Don’t Like in Mockplus Pencil Wireframe

  • Mockplus free version allows access to a single user at a time. Even with a paid plan, no more than 30 users can access the software at the same instant.

How to Choose the Best Free Wireframe Tools for UX Designers

Now that you know about 15 best free wireframe tools, the next important step is to choose the most appropriate UI wireframe tool one for your needs.

We have summarized some of the easy steps on how to do that:

  • Best Wireframe tools open source vs freemium

Wireframe creator tools open source are mostly free of cost but offer limited features. Freemium wireframe software often lacksthe community support that the best wireframe tools offers. You can go with either one depending on your budget and expectations from the tool.

  • Platform for which you are creating apps

Most online wireframe tools let you create apps compatible with different platforms. But you can also opt for free mockup tool that helps create wireframe online specifically for windows, Mac OS, android or iOS.

  • Integration

The free prototyping tool should integrate well with your existing software and let you export and import files from third party apps. This is our checklist for finding the perfect wireframe tool for web design. With the above-mentioned list of free online wireframe tools, you can create interactive workflows and remove any error before it’s too late.


  1. What is the best wireframe tool for beginners?

    Best wireframe tool for beginners are Lucidchart, Moqups, Fluid UI, Jumpchart and Figma. Many of them consist of drag and drop interface due to which resultant wireframes are static.

  2. How to design an efficient wireframe?

    We suggest some steps which will help ensure that your next design has the required degree of preciseness.

    a. Before you start using a professional wireframe tool, sketch a rough first draft of your design on paper. Many unwanted components can be removed at this stage itself.
    b. Choose the appropriate canvas size. This way, you will have a proper visual outlook of how elements are organised.
    c. Ensure that all UI components you use-buttons, labels etc. are consistent in terms of their design.
    d. Use real content to check out your layout instead of dummy content. This will not only give you a better idea of changes required in the layout and helps you obtain legitimate feedback.
    e. If you use color (some designers swear to abstain from using any color) to make your wireframes more interactive, use it constantly and with restraint.

  3. Are there any differences between a wireframing tool and a mockup tool?

    There are quite some similarities between wireframing and mockup tools. Sometimes they are also used interchangeably. But there are differences between the two.

    As compared to wireframing tools, mockups are used for a far complex and realistic designing of the end product, complete with visualisations such as coloring details, auto specs and sketching.

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