OpenShot vs Shotcut vs VSDC: Choose Best Editing Tool 2023

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January 19, 2023 12 Min read

Online video editing tools enable video editors to render a beautiful composition from raw footage. But when it comes to selecting from the best online video editing tools, users often get confused. We are here to help as we do a comparison of the three – OpenShot vs Shotcut, OpenShot vs VSDC and VSDC vs Shotcut- so that you can select the best editing software.

Currently, VSDC free video editor, OpenShot video editor and Shotcut video editor feature among the best online video editing tools. Here we compare the best of their features and reveal which one is the best for you.

  1. VSDC Video Editor

Best for: Complex and non-linear video editing.

VSDC free video editor is a non-linear editing tool made for windows OS. VSDC video editing software is suitable for both beginners as well as professionals. Compared with OpenShot vs Shotcut, VSDC offers sleek audio and video editing tools for different files such as AVI, MP4, PNG, etc.

VSDC video editor

The video editor provides a convenient chroma key tool which is used to remove green screen from VFX scenes. VSDC video editor has been designed in such a fashion that it runs smoothly on single core or multi core systems.

VSDC Video Editor – Platforms supported: VSDC video editor is suitable for Windows

Unique Features of VSDC Free Video Editor

  • Colour Blending

This software aids in enhancing the quality of your videos through colour blending and making use of stylish filters.

  • Masking

VSDC free video editor provides the feature of masking which blurs the face of a person and removes any unwanted spots.

  • Motion tracking

With this feature, you can put captions, masks or censored signs on a moving object and make them move with the object.

  • Social media integration

Videos edited using VSDC free video editing software can be easily exported to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Video stabilization tool

VSDC software improves grainy footage and removes jitters or shaking in the footage to give a much smoother output.


  • The software uses a drag and drop option for easily importing audio and video clips.
  • It offers several robust editing tools such as masks, overlays, picture in picture and much more.


  • While editing multiple clips, you can select only one at a time instead of selecting them all at once.


  1. How safe is it to download VSDC video editor?

VSDC free video editor tests all new updates using antivirus solutions before releasing them to the public. So VSDC free video editor download is totally safe.

  1. Are VSDC free and pro video editing software different from one another?

VSDC free video editor is meant for home and educational needs whereas VSDC pro version has been designed for commercial use. In addition to this, VSDC pro offers additional features such as higher subpixel resolution, enhanced Chroma key, etc.

  1. Does VSDC attach a watermark to rendered videos?

No, VSDC, one of the best online editing tools, does not put a watermark on your rendered videos.

VSDC Free Video Editor Review

VSDC free video editor and its premium version comprises tools that can make any competitive video editing software run for its money. Here are the features, system requirements, and media format support required for VSDC free video editor video editing software.

VSDC Video Editor Unique Video Editing Features:

  • A non-linear editing software supports 120fps video export
  • Create videos and still images in 1,980 x 1,080 (full HD) quality in 30fps
  • Features an extensive range of audio, video filters for smooth transitions
  • VSDC comes with a built-in screen capture tool which is apt for making tutorial and review videos

VSDC System Requirements

VSDC requirements include Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7/Win8 with the latest updates. As far as the processor is concerned, the video editing software requires an Intel, AMD or other compatible processors with up to 800 MHz minimum.

VSDC video editing software also inculcate a display graphics of 800x600x16-bit color resolution clubbed with a 128MB RAM at least. A minimum 20 MB of free space is required in the hard disk for an easy installation, along with Microsoft DirectX 8.1b. At last, an active internet connection is also needed to register the product.

VSDC Editor Media Formats Supported: VSDC software support formats like AVI, MPEG, Quick Time, WMV, MKV, Real Media, SWF и FLV. DVD-player, DVD, VCD, and SVCD

  1. OpenShot Video Editor

Best for: Adding transitions, editing audio and trimming unwanted parts of a video.

OpenShot is an open source video editing software for creating crisp and creative audio video files. After doing a VSDC vs Shotcut comparison, it is OpenShot video editing software that offers cross platform support thereby making it compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

openshot video editor tool

This video editor provides drag and drop feature is helpful in moving files from your system to the editing window. OpenShot software boasts of a video library, libOpenShot that helps parse a video frame by frame.

OpenShot vs Shotcut vs VSDC – Platforms supported & System R

As we compare the three, Shotcut vs OpenShot vs VSDC, OpenShot for PC is compatible with different operating systems. The popular versions for OpenShot download are OpenShot Windows, OpenShot Mac and OpenShot Linux.

Unique Features of OpenShot Online Video Editing Tool

  • Quick and easy trimming

With OpenShot video editor, you can quickly trim your videos to highlight certain portions.

  • Animation

Using inbuilt tools in the software, you can easily animate elements in your raw footage.

  • Applying background tracks

OpenShot video editing software provides several background tracks which enhance the overall feel of your video.

  • Powerful video effects

OpenShot software has numerous video editing effects such as inverting color, slowing and speeding up video, etc.

  • Waveforms

OpenShot windows editing tool lets you obtain output of audio files in the form of waveforms


  • OpenShot does not require high system specs. Download and install it in quick steps and start using it without any hassles.
  • OpenShot gives several export options once you have completed your editing process.


The software might crash just before your edit is rendered without your work getting saved. Also, professional editors might find audio quality to be reduced once it is imposed on a video clip.


  1. How good is OpenShot video editor for beginners?

OpenShot video editing software has an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to use even for beginners. Using the features provided by this online video editing tool, you can add a professional touch to your videos. Beginners can quickly edit their pictures, resize them and even add animations in a few clicks.

  1. Does OpenShot software add a watermark?

No, OpenShot windows video editing tool does not attach a watermark to your files.

  1. Can we edit YouTube videos using OpenShot for PC?

OpenShot editor offers various titles and transition effects, which are helpful for editing YouTube videos.

OpenShot Video Editor Review

Being a free, open source and award-winning video-editing software for Linux, Mac, and Windows, OpenShot video editor can easily be touted as one of the best online video editing software. Here’s a review of the video software based on the unique features, system requirements and media formats supported by the software.

Unique Video Editing Features:

  • The software has a full drag-and-drop support with the native file system.
  • Packed with powerful animation framework, it has more than 20 animations on it.
  • Its video editing library allows OpenShot to finely adjust which frames are shown (and when).
  • Comes with unlimited tracks and layers, digital video effects, and video transitions with real-time previews
  • The software lets you adjust colors, sizes, text, and other rendering properties like reflectivity, bevel, extrude and more.

System Requirements: The software requires a 64-bit operating systems integrated with Linux, OS X, Windows 7/8/10, multi-core processor with 64-bit support, 4GB of RAM (though 16GB is recommended), up to 500MB of free space in hard disk for installation and an additional SSD drive, if utilizing disk cache.

Media Formats Supported: OpenShot video editing software supports FFmpeg, WebM (VP9), HEVC (libx265), AVCHD (libx264), WebM (VP9), and audio codecs like aac (libfaac) and mp3 (libmp3lame). The video editing software does the rendering in ogv, Blu-ray, MPEG4, and Full HD and DVD videos.

  1. Shotcut Video Editor

Best for: Cross-platform video editing with support for 4k resolution rendering.

Shotcut video editing software is amongst the best open source and free online editing tools available. This is one of the reasons why comparing shotcut video editor with VSDC vs OpenShot is worth a shot. It boasts of cross platform functionality, multiformat timeline as well as 4K resolution support and is therefore popular among users new to the world of video editing due to these features.

Shotcut video editor

With Shotcut video editor, you can remove audio from video and obtain them as separate files, a prominent feature, especially if you do a comparison with OpenShot vs VSDC . It helps set different names for your files and even add comments. Using Shotcut video editor, you can perform integrity checks and obtain details of a file.

Shotcut vs OpenShot vs VSDC- Platforms supported

As we compare the three, Shotcut vs OpenShot vs VSDC, Shotcut download is free of any charge for Windows, Linux and Mac OS devices.

Unique features of Shotcut Video Editor

  • Supports different file formats

Shotcut videos cutting tool lets you work on files of different format such as GIF, JPEG, TGA, etc.

  • Easy audio mixing

This software lets you mix audio across tracks and fix treble, loudness, bass, etc.

  • Video transitions

Shotcut video editor lets you use video filters, change color saturation, deinterlace videos, etc.

  • Multitrack timeline

Shotcut video editing software lets you attach thumbnails and see the history of your edits.

  • External monitoring

Your files on Shotcut software can be seen on an external monitor.


  • Suitable for editing music videos and sketches meant to be uploaded to social media platforms.
  • OpenShot provides support for exporting videos in several different formats including 4K.

Cons:The software may end up using a large part of your CPU’s memory causing other programs to lag.


  1. What are the minimum system requirements for Shotcut download?

The minimum system requirements are as follows:

  • For windows

Windows 7 and above

  • For Mac OS

Apple Mac OS 10.10-10.15

  • For Linux

System with 64 bit linux OS with glibc 2.19

  1. Can a user have multiple versions of Shotcut video editor installed at the same time?

Yes, it is possible. Rename the existing program as per its version number or install different versions in different locations on your system.

  1. How does one share their edited files stored in Shotcut software?

When using Shotcut videos editing tool, go to Export section and select a preset. After that, click Reload to apply those preset settings. Once done, click export file at the bottom and your file is ready to be shared.

Shotcut Video Editor Review

Shotcut is an open source video editing application for FreeBSD, Linux, macOS and Windows. Below are the unique features, system requirements and media format support of the software that will give you a good understanding of software and what it is capable of.

Unique Video Editing Features:

  • Enables webcam and audio capture, which is useful for recording interviews/ conversations
  • The software supports 4k resolutions
  • Enables audio mixing across platforms, and helps you with stereo, mono, and 5.1 surround sound.
  • Further, you also get a 360-degree video filters and speed effects for audio/video clips

System Requirements: The bare minimum requirement for Shotcut include a 64-bit Linux with at least glibc 2.27, or a 64-bit operating system integrated with Windows 7/8/10, or Apple macOS 10.10-10.15.

The software needs 2GHz Intel or AMD core processor, an OpenGL 2.0 that works in tandem. Further, the system requires at least 4GB RAM to install the software. 

Media Formats Supported: The software supports popular image formats like PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, SVG, TGA, and WebP. It features the latest video/audio formats related to FFmpeg.

Which is Better: OpenShot Vs Shotcut Vs VSDC Free Video Editor Comparison

Now that you know everything about three of the best online video editing tools, we provide a concise comparison so that you can decide which editing software is best for your needs. 

Category VSDC video editor OpenShot video editor Shotcut video editor
Supported platforms Windows only Windows, Linux, Mac OS Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Audio waveforms Does not support presentation of audio files in the form of waveforms Supports presentation of audio files in the form of waveforms Supports presentation of audio files in the form of waveforms
Customer support Customer service is available through email, tickets, training Customer service is available through email only Customer service is available through email only
Languages VSDC supports multiple languages such as English, German, Japanese, French, Russian etc. OpenShot is for those who prefer English. Shotcut supports English only.
Key Feature Editing of graphic objects and blending modes for colour correction 3D animations and title editor Multi-level history and chroma key effect.
Limitation with the free version VSDC lacks chroma key tool and motion tracking OpenShot takes a large amount of time to export edited videos. Shotcut crashes on Windows systems at times

OpenShot Vs Shotcut Vs VSDC Free Video Editor: Our Verdict

If you are looking for online video editing tool that work on different operating systems, we suggest you opt for OpenShot or Shotcut.

If you are a freelance editor or a beginner, VSDC video editor is the best bet for you as the other two are meant for a more professional purpose.

VSDC free video editor also offers enhanced customer support, a thing that OpenShot software and Shotcut video editor lack. So here you go with the detailed analysis of three of the best online video editing tools. Choose the one satisfying your needs and create unique creative video edits.

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