Top 17 Nifty Buy Sell Signal Software for Indian Stock Market

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December 14, 2022 21 Min read

New traders often find themselves confused as to what stocks to invest in and when to buy or sell them. As a result they encounter more losses than profit. By using a buy sell signal software, even new traders can aim to rake in good money.

What is a Buy Sell Signal Software?

A buy sell signal software is a tool used in the stock market and provides a mix of buy and sell signals. The buy signal represents an event which prompts an investor to buy a particular stock.

Similarly, free auto buy sell signal live chart represents an event which persuades the investor to sell a stock. The software monitors these signals and continues to alert the investor about when to purchase or invest in a stock and when to sell it.

How to Find Best Software for Nifty Live Chart with Buy Sell Signals

While there are several points to consider while researching for a technical analysis software with buy sell signals, we have listed some of the most important considerations below:

  1. Generate proper buy and sell signal indicators

The software must send proper buy and sell signal indicators to the investor so that he/she doesn’t miss out on any stock trading opportunity. One such popular name is buy and sell signal indicator MT4, which sends signals when you move between timeframes.

  1. Give appropriate exit

The best buy sell signal software should provide the appropriate exit which can be in two ways: either Target or Stop Loss.

  1. Minimize losses

For a buy sell signal software to be considered good, the risk to reward ratio should be 1:2. The best buy sell signal software will minimize the losses in case of a wrong trade and maximize your profit. Such a feature can be achieved by selecting a free buy sell signal software that denotes trailing stop loss.

  1. User friendly

The software should not be too complex so that even a person new to the world of stock trading can easily understand its working.

  1. Update itself regularly

Choose buy sell signal software which is updated with new features from time to time, keeping the investor abreast of new developments in the stock market.

  1. Have a filtering system

A filtering system makes sure that traders receive buy sell signals with higher accuracy which maximizes their profit

  1. Support noise less trading

The best auto buy sell signal live chart software should ensure noiseless trading and do away with false signals. It’s important to get a clearer picture of the stock market trends.

  1. Use higher number of indicators

The more the no. of indicators a buy sell signal software will possess, the more suited it would be to gauge the oscillations in the market and maximize profits for the traders.

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17 Best Auto Buy Sell Signal Software for Day Trading in India 2022

Let’s explore the features and pricing of the best buy sell signal software. Here is a complete buy sell signal software list for stock market trading.

  • AmiSignals

AmiSignals buy sell signal software provides advanced technical analysis for profitable stock market trading. It provides accurate buy & sells alerts along with entry and exit levels for NIFTY, NSE, MCX and more.

Other features of AmiSignals include four level filtering and fake call detection. In addition, traders can identify reversal lines and key market trends with 1005 accuracy.

AmiSignals software provides smart indicators along with target levels. Therefore, AmiSignals is an ideal solution for beginners in the stock market trading, who can benefit from its real-time, accurate data service.

Key Features of AmiSignals Trading Software

  • Popup and Sound Alert: You will get sound alerts to buy and sell signals instantly to identify the trading range. It also helps identify trading opportunities.

  • Fake Call Detection: It helps identify key market trends and provides reversal lines with accurate resistance points. The software also helps identify price channel points.

  • Four Level Filtering: Provides accurate buy sell signals with filters like expert trade finder and the histogram for MACD.

  • Smart Indicators: Advanced, pre-tested indicators with apt target levels and analyzed indicators.

  • High Accuracy: Both beginners and professional traders can benefit from AmiSignals and its accurate buying and selling alerts.

  • RichLive Trade

RichLive Trade software is best used  for performing technical analysis and charting of stock markets. The buy sell signal software designed specifically for Indian market can thus be used by traders for analyzing stock, currency and commodity markets.

In case you are looking for a package that provides for profitable trading then opt for RichLiveTrade advanced technical signal software.

Use the software’s inbuilt technical indicators for analyzing the stock market and changing your profit ratio. There is something more that you can expect with the software.

The team of RichLive provides support through its team of experienced trainers to help traders and investors understand as well as analyze the stock market.

Key Features of RichLiveTrade Software

  • High Accuracy: The buy sell signal software provides future predictions based on past performances of a stock for more accuracy.

  • Advanced Level filters: Advanced filtering system to help traders pick more than ninety-five percent accurate buy sell signals with hundred percent protected capital.

  • Works for All Global markets: RichLive technical Analysis software built by professional traders with years of experience in trading. Therefore you will find support for FOREX, All Global Indices, MCX(India), NSE (India) and COMEX (USA) markets.

  • Advance Software Personal Training: Having more than fifteen years of experience in Indian market, forex market and global market, the team of experts and professionals trains its customers to help them build up their money.

  • Jackpot Call Facility: Call facility is designed to ensure that customers trade fearlessly by giving them accurate jackpot trades on the basis of fundamental, technical and numerological strategies.

  • Free Future Updates: Upgrading is a necessity these days for as demand and market behaviour is constantly changing. Update are regular and free to give all its end users a robust software functionality.

  • 24/7 Dedicated Expert Support for Lifetime: Support is our first priority and we ensure that anytime a customer requires help, it is available to them 24/7 forever.

  • Money Making Trading Course: Money why a person decides to get into trading. However many fail because if lack of knowledge on money management. Our money making trading course trains everyone with risk management and money making strategies.

  • Cross platform support: Our software can be accessed on all platforms like Android Mobile,Tab, IOS, and Windows desktop for ease in the trading.

  • Scaling strategy: Scaling strategy designed for those who do not wish to invest much time in trading.

  • Secret strategy scanner: This scanner helps trader find out the best trade available in first fifteen minutes itself after the market starts. Trader can get in and exit the trade within half and hour earning good profits.


  • INR 7,656/- for Trial Basic Start Up 6 Months Package
  • INR 16,656/- for Advance Exclusive Three Years Validity Package
  • INR 26,736/- for Full Ultimate Premium Advance Pro Lifetime Package
  • INR 600/- for Real Time Data Cost per Month Renewal for one Segment

  • ECG Trade

ECG Trade is a Nifty buy and sell signal software for those dealing in the NSE Indian share market, commodity market, currency market and Futures. Its easy chart guide also predicts the stop loss value to reduce the risk and increase profits.

You can create both short term and long-term trading portfolio along with fool-proof intraday trading strategy and indicators. Other important highlights of the software are its standard indicator, backfill data and forecasts.

Features of ECG Trade

  • Manage Equity for shares and cash market

  • Helps stay updated about the latest stock exchange trends

  • Provides the stock future options along with real-time updates for Nifty F&O

  • Commodity and currency backfill

  • Adopts tick by tick method to provide faster data about the Indian stock market

  • Data is updated in seconds and highlighted in the one-minute format.

ECG Trade Buy and Sell Software Pricing:

Plans Pricing
Yearly Plan Rs 12000 per user
Equity Rs 1200/month
Currency Rs 1200/month
Real-Time NSE F&O Rs 1200/month

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  • Techno Trade

Techno Trade is an intraday buy sell signal software with in-depth technical analysis. Techno Trade buy sell signal software for Indian stock market has smart indicators with accuracy more than 95 percent in commodity and equity segments.

Techno Trade software provides four levels call filtering along with market trend and fake call detection. It’s low risk and higher profit ration for different stock options is quite useful for beginners.

Features of Techno Trade Buy Sell Signal Software

  • Smart Indicators: 100 percent accurate buy sell indicators for intraday trading.

  • High Accuracy: It provides accurate buy sell signals with low risk, high reward ratio.

  • Maximum Returns: It provides accurate buy sell signals with low risk, high reward ratio.

  • Easy to Use: This buy sell signal is quite easy to use with no training required.

  • Masterswift 2.0

Make critical trading decisions using Masterswift stock trading software‘s built-in charting tools and technical indicators. Trusted by professionals such as investors, traders and bankers, the software gives access to data of different types such as historical, fundamental and market.

The buy sell signal software for efficient trade execution supports interactive dividends, earnings and splits along with detailed charts highlighting the key financial data.

You are further free to use options such as financial data charts and dividend adjustment charts for better analysis of pricing patterns and stock prices.

Key Features of Masterswift Stock Trading Software

  • Back Testing: Back testing is used for testing trading strategies against the available historical data for effective risk management.

  • Pattern Recognition: This feature analyzes data patterns within trade charts to understand the prevailing market trends.

  • Integration Support: Masterswift integrates with third party platforms such as Excel, .Net, Python and Java for semi-automated online trade strategies.

  • Trade Signals: End users can expect support from expert advisors for some real-time trading signals.

  • Advanced Charting: Several different types of charts and built-in indicators for trading directly using single click option.

  • Scanners: Scanners for doing online stock trades for the best trading ideas.

  • Historical Data: Historical data of the past years to make wise stock selling and buying decisions.

Pricing: There are two price plans available for new users and professional traders. Their pricing details are mentioned below. 

For those who have just entered the market:

  • 20:20 Plan- The software charges INR 20 for every order executed under this plan. There are no charges to be paid for every fifth executed order.  
  • Standard Plan– This plan charges 0.30% brokerage for intra-day & delivery trades. 

For those with experience in the field:

  • My Plan– There is this third plan available along with above two. Under this, you get 25% off on your existing plan aside from free mobile and web trades for initial three months. 

  • Apana Wealth Trading Signal Software

Apana Wealth was founded in 2015 and since then have been providing expert consultation related to stock investment and financial trading. The automatic buy sell signal software was developed by certified and experienced personnel.

Currently this auto buy sell signal software has embedded more than 135 strategies with a plan to include more in the coming time.

Apana Wealth Trading Signal Software Features

  • High compatibility: The software provides signals for NSE, MCX, Futures, etc.

  • Real time reading: Provides traders with a real time analysis of the market with targets and stop loss.

  • Sophisticated software: Comes with a sound alert system for intraday and positional alerts.

  • Works for several markets: This buy sell signal is indigenously developed by Apana wealth and comes with their dedicated support service for markets such as BSE, MSE, NCE, MCX etc.

  • User friendly: The software has been developed especially for new players in active trading.

Pricing: INR 4000 – INR 90,000 depending on the service period. More details regarding the detailed pricing can be obtained from the official website.

  • TradeAction Nifty Buy Sell Signal Software

TradeAction is one of the leading names dealing with Nifty buy sell signal software. Their dedicated buy sell signal software is called TradeX. TradeX comes with a dedicated dashboard where traders can view market activities such as FII DII and FII FNO activity, live index watchlist and much more.

Features of TradeAction

  • High Accuracy: The software is based on technical indicators and provide accurate results for traders to buy or sell their stocks.

  • Better performance: Provides performance statistics of buy sell signals in the past one month. It also provides traders to see ranks of NSE stock charts with buy sell signals.

  • Multiple Market scanners: Provides traders with 360-degree view of the market.

  • EOD charts: These EOD charts provide traders several advanced technical indicators.

  • Better flexibility: TradeX provides a good risk-reward ratio and helps traders keep a tab on large or small changes in the market.


Signal type Price
Future INR 2000 (monthly)  
Commodity INR 2000 (monthly)  
Supertrend INR 500 (for TX and MX Supertrend individually)    

  • RGTS – 100% Accurate Buy Sell Signal Software

RGTS is an application using which traders can monitor Nifty live chart with buy sell signals. This is particularly useful for novice traders who want to develop their own trading style.

RGTS buy sell signal software sends alerts straight to the trader’s mobile phone so that they can appropriately respond in context of their stock and not miss out on an opportunity.

RGTS Software Features

  • Customized view of the market: Traders can choose the stock they want to add to their watch list.

  • Multiple tools: Real time Fibonacci Gann and pivot calculator are available to the trader.

  • Improved performance: The app provides auto technical and pivot levels.

  • All market related news in one place: The app provides traders all market and financial news in the last 24 hours from major Indian news channel.

  • Better control for the traders: Real time notifications are sent even during market hours.


Subscription duration Cost
1 month (demo) INR 5000
Lifetime INR 35000

  • Pro KiT Trading – Profit Making Buy Sell Signal Software

Free buy sell signal software

Pro KiT Trading is an automatic buy sell signal software for NSE, MCX, NCDEX, FOREX, COMEX etc. Traders can use it for different segments with more than 90 percent accuracy in buy and sell signals.

The software comes with a high-tech signal panel which shields traders from the sideways market, thus minimizing their loss.

Pro KiT Trading Features

  • Advanced makeup: This buy sell signal software comes loaded with features such as scanning exploration and alerts systems.

  • Enhanced functionality: Updates are done with one tick at a time with no latency.

  • Flexibility in time frames: Available time frames range from a minimum of one minute to the maximum of 24 hours.

  • Made to function in the sideway/volatile market: As the software gives off a designated number of signals in a day, so that the confusion is avoided in any market conditions. This significantly improves the profit loss success ratio.

  • Technically advanced software: The buy sell signal software is designed based on SMA, MA, RSI, STOCHASTIC, MACD, ZIGZAG technology.


Subscription plan Cost
1 month INR 7490
Lifetime INR 30,490

  • NLC Profit Pro – For NSE, MCX & Algo Trading

NLC Profit Pro’s intraday buy sell signal software is used for studying NSE stock charts with buy sell signals, Nifty options, BTST opinion, etc. It helps traders monitor the market in streaming format and works seamlessly on mobile platforms as well as web browsers.

Features of NLC Profiit Pro Software

  • Enhanced alerts: Regular SMS updates related to market are sent to the trader’s mobile phone.

  • Streamlined cost: The live data shown in feed comes at no additional cost.

  • Definite strategy for profit: Fixed number of signals daily and trailing stoploss.

  • Flexibility: The software can be easily used across mobile, computers, laptops, tablets etc.

  • Availability of real time information: The chart denoting stock behaviour updates the stock market trend every few seconds so that traders don’t miss out on an opportunity to buy or sell their stock.


  1. For Future Package
Package type Duration Cost
Future chart basic package 1 month 6 months 1 year INR 1000 INR 9000 INR 15000
Future chart with super profit (free SMS) Month INR 3000
  1. MCX Commodity
Package type Duration Cost
Commodity chart basic package month INR 1000
Commodity chart with super profit (free SMS) 1    month       INR 3000
  1. NIFTY options
Package type Duration Cost
Nifty option login only month INR 1000
Nifty option (with SMS) month INR 2000
  1. Currency
Package type Duration Cost
Currency chart (login and see) 1 month   INR 500  
Currency chart (with SMS) 1 month   INR 1000  
  1. Positional
Package type Duration Cost
BTST short term 1 month   INR 1000  
STI charts 1 month   INR 1000  

  • TradeV – Automatic Buy Sell Signal Software

TradeV is an automatic buy sell signal software designed for traders to buy and sell in Nifty, Currency, Sensex, MCX in real time. For most segments, predictions are done basis the past 1-3 days. For equities, this time period is 4-6 days.

This technical analysis software with buy sell signal is developed by professionals and offers traders all information about their investments as well about the market in one place.

Features of TradeV Software

  • Intelligent software: The buy sell signal software gives future predictions basis the past performance of a stock.

  • User friendly: TradeV’s interactive user interface improves the overall user experience

  • Flexibility to traders: This auto buy sell signal software offers traders the access to all the markets such as NSE, MSE, NSE IFSC etc.

  • Alerts: Traders get real time alerts regarding fluctuation in the market and opportunities to buy/sell their stock

  • Support services: TradeV offers a message center which the trader can contact in case any stock trading support is required.


Package type Price
TradeV Currency INR 9000 (for 6 months)
TradeV Equity INR 10000 (for 3 months)
TradeV Metal INR 10000 (for 6 months)
TradeV Stock Future INR 18000 (for 6 months)
Premium Package INR 18000 (for 3 months)
TradeV Index INR 18000 (for 6 months)

  • Skynet Trade – For NSE, Futures, MCX, Nifty, Bank Nifty

Skynet Trade buy sell signal software

Skynet Trade’s buy sell signal software can be used by traders who have invested in Indian as well as international stocks. Skynet Trade can be used to monitor changes across the global stock market and provides real time alert to traders whether to buy/ sell or ignore an opportunity.

Currently Skynet’s trading system makes use of 20+ indicators to provide near accurate results.

Skynet Trade Features

  • Non-repaintable signals: This software never repaints signals unlike some of the other trading software

  • No Noise trading system: Skynet Trade never generates a signal corresponding to sideways market

  • Advanced filters: This helps the trader to select the right stock to buy/sell

  • Two level targets: This buy sell software provides 2 level of targets with one stop loss

  • Compatible for Algo trading: Skynet trade software generates buy/sell signals for all kinds of trading tools.


Package type Duration Cost
Platinum Monthly renewal One-time setup cost- INR 9999

Monthly renewal- INR 2499

  • Investar – Live Buy Sell Signal Software

Investar live software is a robust tool for traders which helps them with a fundamental as well as technical analysis of the stock market. Investar provides traders with multiple time frames ranging from as small as one minute to as large as a week to select the appropriate buy/sell signals according to their own need.

Features of Investar

  • Enhanced user experience: Software provides AI powered support and resistance and supply to traders

  • Reminders: Regular reminders are sent to trader’s mobile/desktop

  • Intraday and daily chart: Traders can obtain real time intraday and daily chart in their feed

  • Sync with devices: Traders can sync their watchlist with app installed on personal devices

  • Portfolio manager: Investar provides a powerful portfolio manager with the option of importing it without hassles


  1. Investor Basic – INR 3950
  2. Investor Standard – INR 7950

  • AmiTrader – Intraday Buy Sell Signal Software

AmiTrader’s free auto buy sell signal live chart provides bank nifty live charts with buy sell signals to the traders.  In addition to this, it also provides NSE stock charts with sell signals. AmiTrader is one of the most suitable software for Intraday or BTST/STBT trading.

Features of AmiTrader Auto Buy Sell Signal Software

  • Accurate buy sell signals: The free software provides a higher degree of accuracy as compared to other software

  • Voice and text alert: Both signals are generated for every potential opportunity

  • No requirement of constant monitoring: Charts need not be watched continuously, as observations can be done by just logging

  • Includes multiple scripts: Currently AmiTrader works on more than 87 scripts including Nifty future, bank Nifty future, stock future etc.

  • Maximized profits: The free auto buy sell signal live chart provides clear entry with stop loss and targets.

Pricing: AmiTrader’s app is available on Play Store and can be downloaded free of cost.

  • Buysellsignal Software with Accurate Results

Buysellsignal software works across different segments such as MCX, NCDEX, Currency, etc. This intraday buy sell signal software uses artificial intelligence to set parameters for scripts used in trading.

Buysellsignal software is also useful for people who have no prior trading experience to earn stock trading income.

Features of Buysellsignal Software

  • Formula based strategies: These strategies help to prevent traders from sideways market

  • Intraday charts: Mechanized and automated charts for best gains

  • Sureshot signals: Daily only 1-2 signals are generated with surety of maximum profits

  • Use of AI: Artificial intelligence can be used for all segments such as Nifty, MCX, Currency etc.

  • Exceptional user experience: A dedicated support team is available to guide traders in case of a grievance.


Package name Duration Cost
Startup trail pack 1 month INR 5000
Premium pack Lifetime INR 30235

  • Biglivetrade Stock Trading Software

Bank Nifty live chart with buy sell signals

Biglivetrade is a best technical analysis software with buy sell signal which works suitably well on NSE, BSE, MCX, SGX and forex market. This leading stock trading software is user friendly and can be used for trading segments without being a stock expert.

Biglivetrade Stock Trading Features

  • Daily alert: To keep you updated of changes in the stock market and whether you should buy or sell a given stock.

  • Advance filtration: Ensures that the data received by the trader is more than 95% accurate.

  • Global market support: Including MT4 and AMI broker trading platform.

  • Smart indicators: Based on the past performance of a stock, indicators of this solution predict the future performance.

  • Regular updates: Free of cost updates are made available to the trader which keeps the software robust.


  1. INR 3000 for one-month subscription plan
  2. INR 8999 for lifetime subscription plan

  • X-STOX META 2.0

X-STOX Meta 2.0 is an automatic buy sell signal software, which provides the trailing stop loss for future, commodity, equity cash and currency. It is quite a popular tool among brokers, sub-brokers and advisors.

X-STOX Meta 2.0 makes it simpler to understand even the most complex trading indicators like MACD, RSI etc. Moreover, both short-term and long-term intraday trading become easy with this buy and sell signal software.

Key Features of X-STOX Meta 2.0

  • Fake Call Detection: Fake calls are detected accurately to ensure that you get the right calls for stock buying and selling.

  • Smart Indicators & Strategies: Smart indicators to detect the market trend and suggest the best strategies to make profits.

  • Multi Segment: Sends buy & sell alerts for NSE, MCX, NIFTY and more.

  • High Accuracy: Provides accurate buy & sell reports with market trend analysis.

  • Easy to Use: Even those new to stock market trading can benefit from the simplified buy & sell alerts.


The best buy sell signal software is helpful for traders new to the stock market world. At the same time, free auto buy sell signal live chart also benefits professional and experienced traders to maximise their profit.

Although no free buy sell signal software can guarantee 100% accuracy, the ones which we have listed above provide a high accuracy between 90-95% and are compliant with most of the trading platforms across the world, thus can aid you to earn maximized profits.


  1. Which is the 100% accurate buy sell signal software?

    Popular stock market software like AmiSignals, Autobuysellsignal software, and ECG Trade provides accurate buy sell signals to help traders understand when to buy or liquidate a contract.

  2. Are there any free automatic buy sell signal software?

    AmiTrader, NLC profit pro, Rocket Jet, etc. Provides accurate buy and sell signals for free with smart alerts.

  3. What is the best software for a buy sell signal?

    Here’s the most trusted buy sell signal software in India are AmiSignals, RichLive Trade, ECG Trade, Techno Trade, TradeAction, NLC Profit Pro and Biglivetrade.

  4. Which is the cheapest buy sell signal software?

    You can start trading at a price as low as 17k per month with AmiSignals buy sell signal software. Check for the pricing of other popular yet affordable stock trading solutions at

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