Top 5 Swing Trading Apps in India in 2023

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Investing is not an easy game. You need to invest for a longer duration to make big profits in the stock market.

Intraday might seem fascinating, where you can buy and sell stocks in one single day, but swing trading is the one that will take you the long way. It allows you to take time to analyze the market and make trading decisions in a relaxed state while offering you the opportunity to make short- and medium-term profits.

Successful swing traders mostly make their trading decisions based on technical analysis. This is where swing trading apps come into play. It can help them with identifying market opportunities, trends and can be used to gain technical and fundamental analysis knowledge. In brief, it can help traders decide when to hold or sell an investment position.

So, let’s understand what swing trading is and how to get started with some of the best swing trading apps in India.

What is Swing Trading?

What is Swing Trading

Swing trading is where traders invest and hold on to a stock for some time ranging from a few days to several months. Traders generally look for trading opportunities where they can buy stocks when the prices are low and hold on to them till the price swings and rises, and they make a good gain out of it.

The main objective behind swing trading is to make short term and mid-term profits from a stock or any other financial asset over some time. Traders make the most of their technical and fundamental analysis abilities to determine the price patterns and trends. It is one of the popular styles of active trading that traders practice with the help of swing trading apps. Such apps help in identifying market opportunities, receiving personalized advisory on stock ideas, among other things.

More about Swing Trading

  • In swing trading, traders can even hold a stock over a night, for two days, or for several weeks, until they find the right trading opportunity.
  • Traders might invest in quick moving stocks or a steady stock, but eventually they are just waiting to capture a potential profitable price.
  • To determine the right trading time, traders use technical analysis, latest news, charts, and their trading experience.

5 Best Apps for Swing Trading

To make profits in swing trading, you need to have the right swing trading app for Android and iOS. Let’s have a look at the top 5 ones available on Play Store and App Store.

Swing Trading AppGoogle Play Store RatingApp Store Rating
Angel One3.9/53.6/5
Upstox Pro4.4/54.5/5
ICICI Direct4.9/53.7/5
5Paisa App4.2/54.2/5
  • Angel One App: For Single-Window Trading Experience

Angel One App

Angel One app that was popularly known as the Angel Broking app is an all-in-one stock market app with live market updates, stock advisory, charting tools, 5000+ stocks, and more. Another unique feature of this app is that it generates stock ideas for you with the help of ARQ technology that uses a rule-based investment engine.

Features of Angel One App

  • Personalized trading with Smart API
  • Access to real time analysis reports of Share Market
  • Receive personalized advisory on stock ideas with a rule-based investment engine
  • Quickly apply for IPO within just three clicks
  • Receive notifications for payment updates
  • 0% interest on MTF, Margin Trade Facility for your first 30 days of investing and trading

Platforms Available: Android, iOS
Pricing: Angel One takes zero charges on any stock investments. However, traders need to pay an amount of ₹20 or 0.25% interest, whichever is lower for every order for Intraday, commodities, F&O, and currencies.

  • Upstox Pro App: Best for Understanding Stock Market Trends

Upstox Pro App

Upstox instant investing solution is for mobile traders. It makes swing trading simple with instant notifications about your recent trading activity, trading even on a slow internet connection, pre-made option strategies, instant 15-minute withdrawals, and more. Traders can view LIVE market data from different markets like NSE, MCX, and BSE.

Features of Upstox Pro App

  • Predict the market movements with in-built options trading strategies
  • Access a payoff graph to easily understand how much money you have earned
  • Access powerful Upstox charts to identify market trends
  • Receive price alerts for your stocks
  • View TradingView charts with 20+ drawing tools and 100+ indicators

Platforms Available: Android, iOS

Pricing: Upstox swing trader India charges ₹0 as commission for investing in IPO, mutual fund Demat account opening, or maintenance charges. Although, traders are charged ₹20 for brokerage on any F&O, equity, currency, or commodity orders.

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  • Sharekhan App: Best for Smart Trading

Sharekhan App

The Sharekhan app offers complete benefits of a stock brokering app like advanced measurement tools, portfolio customization, a shortcut bar to monitor investments, watchlists, etc. This user-friendly app for swing trading allows you to view prices from NIFTY, Sensex, and other international markets.

Features of Sharekhan App

  • Smart trading with live charts, tracker ball, more time frames, advanced chart studies, etc.
  • Comprehensive market view with an intuitive dashboard
  • Access Pattern Finder for new trading ideas
  • Refresh stock rates and graphs in real time
  • Learn stock market through Sharekhan Classroom

Platforms Available: Android, iOS

Pricing: Sharekhan charges brokerage of 0.02% and 0.10% as per the brokerage structure for 1st Leg, 2nd Leg, and next day for futures and options

  • ICICI Direct App: Best for Quick Fund Withdrawals

ICICI Direct App

ICICI Direct trading app comes with an interactive UI to make your trading experience simpler. Traders can get the latest stock market news, charts with 100+ indicators and an in-depth analysis for investment and trading ideas from its on-demand research desk. Users can also start investing within a few clicks and buy stocks with a single swipe.

Features of ICICI Direct App

  • Secured with fingerprint, face ID, and biometric based login
  • Conduct margin trading with low interest rates
  • Access your funds within just 5 minutes with e-ATM
  • Access Chart IQ, TradingView, and Intellect charts

Platforms Available: Android, iOS

Pricing: ICICI Direct app charges ₹0 brokerage for futures trading, ₹20 brokerage for intraday, options, commodities, and currencies.

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  • 5Paisa App: Best for Getting Investment Advice

5Paisa App

5Paisa app is a swing trading app suitable for both beginners and professional traders. The swing trading app also comes with a robo investment advisor which helps you in building a customized portfolio based on your risk limit. In addition to this, the trading app is backed by bank level security, 256 bit SSL encryption.

Features of 5Paisa App

  • Get stock suggestions from experts to create your own smart portfolio
  • Access research and fundamentals on more than 4000 stocks
  • Learn trading with in 5Paisa’s FinSchool step by step courses
  • Advanced suite of charting tools
  • Helps create an advanced options strategy with smart tools

Platforms Available: Android, iOS

Pricing: 5Paisa swing trading app charges ₹0 commission on your mutual fund investment and a flat ₹20 as brokerage charges per order.

Things to Look for in a Swing Trading App

  • Performance & Speed

    While trading you need to be quick, so make sure that your trading app offers good performance and speed. This means allowing you to check charts frequently, refresh for real time stock prices and updates, etc.

  • Trade Signals

    Trade Signals are the backbone for swing trading, they help you understand and determine when you should enter or exit the stock market. This is an important element in your technical analysis procedure.

  • Features & Usability

    Conduct an overall analysis of the features that your trading app offers. Some of the mandatory features that it should offer are charts, technical indicators, margin trading, trade signals, etc.

  • Personalized Charts

    Personalized charts allow you to integrate different trading indicators in one single chart. This ensures that you can check multiple parameters in one place and conduct your analysis based on that.

  • Stop Loss

    Stop loss makes sure that you incur a limited loss on your trade. With this feature, you can set a trigger, which will close an open position when it is met. By this you will not face any unexpected loss.


Swing trading is a great way to make profits in stock market, while increasing your trading knowledge. There are multiple swing trading apps that allow you to hold stocks for short and long terms, and anticipate the future of the stock. Traders can use the technical analysis tool of these apps to trade in different financial assets and markets

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  1.  What are the best swing trading apps?

    The best swing trading apps are Angel One app, ICICI Direct app, and Upstox. These apps offer great technical tools that help you determine the movement in prices. 

  2. Does swing trading really work?

    Yes, swing trading really works as it helps traders to make profits and buy or sell stocks based on technical analysis and chart understanding. With this, traders gain better knowledge of the stock movements.

  3. How does swing trading work?

    In swing trading, traders hold their stocks for a few days or several weeks and use technical analysis to determine where the stock will go. When the stock prices are low, they buy and wait for the prices to go up to sell and make a profit.

  4. Is swing trading safe?

    Yes, swing trading is completely safe when traders use trusted apps for swing trading such as 5Paisa app, Sharekhan app, and Angel One app. You just need to check that your app offers accuracy and security to facilitate safe trading.

  5. What is the best platform for swing trading?

    Some of the best platforms for swing trading are Upstox, 5Paisa app, and ICICI Direct app. They offer great charting tools and allow margin trading with zero to low interest rates.

  6. What are swing trading strategies?

    Swing strategy is about traders holding on to stalks for some small period to focus on smaller gains. In this strategy, the profit may be small, but it will be consistent.

  7. What are the best indicators for swing trading?

    The best indicators for swing trading are volume, moving averages, movement ease, stochastic, RSI (Relative Strength Index), and more.

  8. What is the difference between swing trading and intraday trading?

    In intraday trading, traders buy and sell stocks in one single day. Whereas in swing trading, traders hold on to stocks for more than a day or several weeks, waiting for the right trading opportunity.

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