How Can XDR Security Help Prevent Ransomware Attacks

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In 2020, ransomware attacks cost businesses about £365 million in the United Kingdom and made it the second most targeted country in the world. Since then, these numbers have been increasing significantly. The primary reason behind it is the changing working practices, like remote and hybrid working models.

It has become quite difficult for businesses to implement cyber security measures in a hybrid working model where businesses have to implement both networking control and system-based control.

At the same time, ransomware attacks have become more difficult to detect and resolve with traditional security software. This is because the traditional password protection authentication or endpoint protection through antivirus signatures are not enough anymore.

So, modern workspaces need modern security solutions, like a trusted XDR, Extended Detection & Response solution by SentinelOne. Here, we are talking about Singularity XDR, which detects attacks and responds to them with multiple security layers.

An Overview of Singularity XDR

Singularity XDR provides robust analytics, complete enterprise visibility, automated response, etc., that protects businesses against ransomware attacks, long before there is any major harm. It protects complete enterprise surfaces with cross-platform visibility for cloud, endpoint, and identity.

How Does SentinelOne XDR Work Against Ransomware

How Does SentinelOne XDR Work Against Ransomware

SentinelOne has built the AI-powered Singularity XDR solution to ensure high standards of cybersecurity for enterprises. It aims to detect and resolve ransomware attacks with great accuracy and speed. Singularity XDR empowers businesses with smarter workflows, richer data, an annalistic mindset, and other powerful tools to deal with ransomware attacks.

Its technology ensures to see and identify attacks that have harmed the security, or even the ones that are in progress. Further, it protects and automatically resolves issues regarding security and performance in the entire ecosystem.

Let’s have a look at Singularity XDR’s five-step approach to protect businesses from ransomware attacks.

  • Ingest

    Singularity is the one and only platform that brings together native cloud, endpoint, and identity telemetry. It is an easy and cost-effective solution to ingest security data through any source. Moreover, it also empowers analysts with complete visibility and actionability on their entire enterprise data. Singularity XDR solution also offers flexibility to weave in data from any third party within a single data lake.

  • Correlate

    SentinelOne uses its patented storyline technology to automatically correlate the relevant events in the entire ecosystem. It monitors, tracks, and contextualizes these events to prevent malicious attacks in real time. This practice provides actionable insights at all levels to analysts and ensures that they don’t need to do manual analysis anymore.

  • Analyze

    Another technology by SentinelOne, Singularity Skylight enables XDR to observe, hunt down, analyze, and take action on data from any source including third-party clouds, endpoints, IoT devices, containers, and more. All this is done by collecting the data from third parties using the hunting and investigative workflows that are native to Singularity XDR. This allows users to access a brand-new level of actionability and observability, with minimal friction.

  • Automate

    Users can automate operations using the Singularity Storyline Active Response (STAR). It enables complete customization detection logic, which is easy to use, yet powerful. In addition to this, this technology also complements SentinelOne’s in-house behavioral and static AI protection.

    Users can deploy STAR technology to a subset or an entire fleet to trigger response actions of threat mitigation when the required conditions are met in real-time. This eliminates the manual pressure on the SOC teams.

  • Resolve

    Singularity XDR speeds up threat recovery by eliminating the need for any manual intervention required in resolving attacked users and workloads. Users can take quick action to reverse any unauthorized changes that might have happened due to any malicious activity or attack. All this can be done with automatic rollback or remediation or just one click, without any human-driven script or complication.

    With SentinelOne’s Singularity, users can protect every surface including Cloud, Endpoint, and Identity. Let’s understand the role of Singularity in all these surfaces.

Singularity For Cloud

There’s not even a day when the data is not scanned, Singularity for cloud ensures that there is continuous detection of malware. It keeps servers, VMs, Kubernetes, and containers secure across all data centers and multi-cloud surfaces. XDR Singularity detects, investigates, responds, and prevents threats in cloud infrastructure in real time, without compromising performance.

Singularity For Endpoint

Singularity for Endpoint provides one platform for enterprise-level detection, prevention, and response to malicious attacks from endpoints to servers to devices. For attackers, endpoints are one of the major targets.

So, SentinelOne ensures that they are first in the line of defense. XDR is in an ongoing process of identifying network-connected and unmanaged endpoints. And whenever something is found, an immediate response is given, reducing the time of investigation.

Singularity For Identity

Singularity for Identity provides real time and proactive defense for users’ infrastructural attack surface. It even detects and responds to attacks that are in progress to minimize identity risk. Identity is a function that directly impacts the scalability of any business, which also makes it the prime area for ransomware attacks. With XDR, users can now secure the identity layers with a holistic approach. Moreover, it also builds resilience toward repetitive attacks with its intelligence and insights.


Businesses need modern cyber security technologies like XDR to fight current ransomware attacks. It identifies attacks in real time, analyses them, and responds to them to ensure complete cybersecurity in the entire business ecosystem. In fact, businesses can prevent ransomware attacks with the XDR technology with quick detection of in-progress attacks. This keeps businesses one step ahead of the attackers and makes sure that is are prepared and equipped to handle any type of malicious attack.

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