How to Choose Best Help Desk Software: 11 Best Ticket Systems of 2023

How to Choose Best Help Desk Software: 11 Best Ticket Systems of 2023-feature image
May 22, 2023 7 Min read

Customer service is important for any business. Why?

  • It helps increase customer loyalty
  • Increases the chance of recurring customers
  • Helps increase the spend value of customers
  • Your customers become your brand ambassadors.

The only way you can serve you customers better is by systemizing the help desk.

Now, you might have another question – how to systemize your customer service process? The answer to it is automation. It will help your business reach great heights by creating happy customers, which in turn will help you get more opportunities. Deploying a good and robust helpdesk ticketing tools in your company will help improve your customer service significantly.

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What is Help Desk Software?

With help desk software, you can keep track of your customers’ requests and resolve all customer-related issues on time. It’s an ideal tool for customer service teams to provide omnichannel support to your business stakeholders.

Factors to Choose the Best Help Desk Software

Which help desk software is ideal for your company? With different helpdesk ticketing system available in the market, getting confused is obvious. So, to help you choose the best one that would meet your business requirement, here is a list of things that you should consider.

  • Know your budget: You will find help desk solutions starting from Rs. 720 per month and going up to Rs. 1 lakh annually. It is not that the more you pay the better you get. However, having a budget in mind will help you get your hands on the software that will best suit your business needs. Therefore, knowing your budget is important to prevent overspending or buying a service desk software that isn’t helpful for your business.
  • Make a checklist of features you need: Service desk software has the power to make or break a firm. This tool not only helps in managing the ticketing system but also helps track the workflow and other aspects of the business. Without having the features that are important for your business, you will not be able to serve your customers. To make the best choice, making a checklist of the features that you need will help you choose the ideal software.
  • Do not miss out on the security aspect: In most cases, particularly the helpdesk ticketing system passes clients’ data back and forth. This data usually contains addresses, names, passwords, and other confidential information that not just you even you customers would not want anyone outside your company to know. Therefore, ensuring the tool you select is secured is important. Consider SSL or some form of encryption is vital.
  • Ensure it has ticket management feature: You might be of the perception that every help desk tool is can manage the ticketing system. You might be thinking that assigning, re-assigning, escalating, resending, closing, cancelling etc., all these capabilities will be included in every system. However, that isn’t the case. Some helpdesk systems offer more while others don’t. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the help desk software you are buying has everything in it or choose the one that will work for you better.
  • Make sure it has a user-friendly interface: When you choose a help desk system, it is important you buy one that has an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. Having an easy-to-use interface will let your employees understand and encourage them to use the software more. Whereas, a help desk software that has a complex interface will make their life more difficult and it will also consume a lot of time to understand it.

Here you go! These are some of the important aspects that you need to consider when you decide on buying a helpdesk ticketing system for your business.

11 Best Help Desk Software of 2023

Let’s look at some of the best options:

  1. Freshdesk Helpdesk System ₹ 1399 per month
  2. Zendesk Ticketing System SoftwareAround ₹ 374 per agent per month paid annually
  3. Bitrix 24 Support Ticketing SystemAround ₹ 1425 for two users per month
  4. ManageEngine Helpdesk Tool – ₹ 61425 per year
  5. Zoho Desk Ticket Management System ₹ 900 per month
  6. LiveAgent Helpdesk Ticketing System₹ 1050 per user
  7. SOTI Assist IT Ticketing System – Price available on request
  8. LiveZilla Service Desk Software₹ 15,600.00 for the lifetime
  9. Richpanel Ticket System: ₹ 3500 per user per month
  10. Vision Helpdesk Tool – Around ₹ 900 per user per month
  11. Track It – IT Help Desk SoftwareAvailable on request
  • Freshdesk Helpdesk System

Freshdesk customer service software makes ticketing easy by prioritizing and categorizing tickets. This helps assign tickets to the best available agent for quick resolution. You can also create pre-formatted replies to provide instant responses to common queries. Managing support processes across different social media platforms is another USP of Freshdesk help desk software.

Pricing: ₹ 1399 per month

  • Zendesk Ticketing System Software

Zendesk Ticketing System helps manage customer complaints in a systematic manner and provides multi-channel support. At the same time, its tracking and analytics features help track responses to service requests by customers, response time and the quotient of customer satisfaction. With Zendesk pre-set message triggers and automation tools, you can increase your service team’s response time significantly.

Pricing: Around ₹ 374 per agent per month paid annually

  • Bitrix 24 Support Ticketing System

With Bitrix24, you get multiple communication channels to interact with your customers via group chats, workgroups and calendar. It helps prioritize all your customer queries and ensure timely resolution with the best project management techniques like Kanban, Gantt, etc.

Integration of Bitrix24 help desk software with your existing CRM system will further help serve your customers better and achieve higher conversions.

Pricing: Around ₹ 1425 for two users per month

  • ManageEngine Helpdesk Tool

ManageEngine helps create criteria-based actions by dividing common requests from customers into different categories. Based on the category of a customer request, it is assigned automatically to the support staff.

At every step of the ticket journey, this helpdesk ticket system sends smart notifications to keep customers aware of their query status. Even email requests are automatically routed to the best available agents with this popular email ticketing system.

Pricing: ₹ 61425 per year

  • Zoho Desk Ticket Management System

With Zoho Desk helpdesk software, you can be available for your customers across any platform they choose. It allows managing customer queries for multiple brands by creating distinct self-service portals for each. Along with live chat, you can handle customer queries across social media, telephony and email platforms.

Pricing: ₹ 900 per month

  • LiveAgent Helpdesk Ticketing System

LiveAgent is one of the best help desk software for live chat and ticketing automation. Your service reps can focus more on customer requests through any platform – chat, call, social media or email.

It splits and merges tickets from all channels to a single platform and ensures automated ticket routing. Canned messages and pre-set templates further help create a self-service platform for common queries.

Pricing: ₹ 1050 per user

  • SOTI Assist IT Ticketing System

It’s a ‘purpose-built’ help desk ticketing system to resolve app issues and assess errors in mobile devices remotely. This results in an increased productivity of your help desk team.

This IT help desk software also provides multi-platform support. The unified self-service portal further makes it easier for your remote teams to get quick resolution for mobile device errors.

Pricing: Available on request

  • LiveZilla Service Desk Software

LiveZilla is a popular customer support software that also helps with website visitors’ monitoring. LiveZilla ticket system can be easily integrated with emails and social media platforms to receive messages from customers instantly. This help desk software ensures high data security, as it runs on dedicated servers and allows you to keep your website details with you only.

Pricing: ₹ 15,600.00 for the lifetime

  • Richpanel Ticket System

Richpanel help desk software provides live chat & messaging features to reduce the number of tickets you receive daily. It ensures that timely support is provided to the customers to reduce their queries. You can also integrate your eCommerce orders to ensure hassle-free shopping experience for customers.

Pricing: ₹ 3500 per user per month

  • Vision Helpdesk Tool

Vision Helpdesk software can be your go-to platform for interaction tracking, multi-channel communication and email integration. Along with faster ticket management, it also supports knowledge base management to address repetitive queries.

Pricing: Around ₹ 900 per user per month

  • Track It – IT Help Desk Software

It helps in tracking It hardware and software purchase in terms of the items ordered, vendors used, quantity of items, their part number and serial number, etc.

Pricing: Available on request

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