Handling Customer Complaints: 10 Best Complaint Management Software in 2023

Handling Customer Complaints: 10 Best Complaint Management Software in 2023-feature image
January 19, 2023 11 Min read

Listening to your customers and get inputs you can act on! This will not just help win your existing customers’ heart but also help attract the new ones.

A complaint management software helps in assigning and resolving common concerns before they start to impact your customer retention rate.

Customer complaint management systems perform the dual function of managing customer complaints as well as improving employees’ productivity. Most online customer complaint systems offer a single interface for receiving complaints, tracking and resolving them as well as minimizing the possibility of such complaints arising again in the future.

Must-Have Online Complaint Management System Features

Complaint management software assesses helps analyse and respond to custumer issues to improve/retain brand image. Some of the key features of this platform are:

  • Monitoring services

It is important that services so provided be monitored to ensure customer satisfaction as well as the workforce’s diligence and productivity.

  • AMC / Warranty

Appropriate colour coding is to be used for highlighting warranty or AMC (annual maintenance contract) of different products. This ensures proper record maintenance and tracking.

  • Complaint’s priority

You need to prioritise complaints based on their severity- high, medium or low. CRM complaint software prioritises these for smooth resolution and effective implementation strategies.

  • Reporting

This is a mandatory function of complaints management software. Neat and detailed reports are prepared for auditing purposes as well as creating knowledge base that could be time and again utilised fur problem solving.

10 Best Complaint Management Software in 2023

Software for handling consumer complaints, prioritizes, records and streamlines the entire complaint management practice chain. The best available complaint management software for 2023 are:

  • Zendesk

Online complaint management system

Create reliable solutions through Zendesk complaint management software and handle consumer complaints with ease. Designed for in office as well as remote teams, Zendesk’s online complaint management system helps in easy flow of conversations and information through internal help desk solutions.

Key features of Zendesk:

  • Ticketing system

Automated workflows through automated ticketing system for quick retrieval and storage of information.

  • Multichannel

Multichannel support through emails, web, social media channels, online chats and other forums.

  • Multiple platform support

Support for multiple platforms such as Android and iOS mobile devices.

  • Community forums

Community forums to enable easy knowledge sharing processes and query resolution.

  • Reporting and analytics

Powerful reporting and analytics for understanding customer complaints and providing concrete solutions.

Pricing: The price of Zendesk complaint management software starts at around ₹400 per user per month.

Free Demo: Yes, get free demo.

  • Freshdesk

Customer complaint management system

Freshdesk is a CRM complaint system used by enterprises for managing customer information through feedback and reports. The easy to use customer complaint management system can be used on varied browsers thus saving a user from hassle of complicated browser installations.

Key features of Freshdesk:

  • Ticket history

Customers can access ticket history and status while at the same time attaching ratings over user experience.

  • Solutions section

You can take advantage of the solutions section for generating coordinated responses to each customer’s query.

  • Customer portal

A friendly customer portal serves as a blessing as here customers can enter and register issues/complaints. 

  • Leaderboard and gamification

Leaderboard and gamification options help undertake satisfaction surveys, develop multi brand support and create scenario automations.

Pricing: Freshdesk help desk software is available for ₹1399/month. You are free to get in touch with us for more details regarding the price.

Free Demo: Yes, get free demo.

  • Zoho Desk

CRM complaint

Zoho Desk customer feedback management software is designed for customers, managers and agents alike. It helps solve customer’s queries, enables managers to take correct decisions and empowers agents to be more productive through a streamlined and automated customer complaint handling procedure. 

Key features of Zoho Desk:

  • Ticket management

Smart and contextual benefit of ticket management process of this complaint management software helps handle customer complaints diligently.

  • Embeddable self service

ASAP plugin for embedding customer service into any website or application and managing customer complaints from all possible channel through a single platform.

  • Knowledge base

It helps create a knowledge base that is nothing but a detailed response to frequently asked questions by your customers.

  • Work modes

Work modes for organising open tickets to ensure productivity on part of agents who take up the most apt ticket as per their expertise.

Pricing: Zoho Desk is available at a price of ₹900 per month and you can reach out to us for more price updates.

Free Demo: Yes, get free demo.

  • InstaBug

Customer feedback management software

InstaBug is used for resolving customer complaints through intuitive tools such as complaint feedback forms, contextual mobile surveys and in-app chats. The customer complaint handling procedure also fixes bugs through network reports and crash logs.

Key features of InstaBug:

  • Debug and monitor

Debug and monitor bugs to fix issues and ensure stability of the computing system.

  • Iterate

You can use this customer complaint management system for collecting feedback and validating ideas.

  • Engage

It also helps engage the audience through reviews and real-time in-app feedback.

  • Surveys

The software helps conduct in-app surveys to analyse the expectations of your customers.

Pricing: ₹6264 is the monthly price for handling customer complaints through InstaBug complaint management software. More details can be accessed by contacting the software’s official website.

Free Demo: Yes, get free demo.

  • LiveAgent

Handling guest complaints

LiveAgent complaint management software is a help desk software that helps companies stay ahead of the competition through orderly ticket systems. Streamline customer handling along with automated workflows and advanced live chat technology make it a great CRM complaint software. You can use it for handling guest complaints as well as resolving them in real time.

Key features of LiveAgent:

  • Time Rules

Time Rules feature to help manage customer complaints within a specific time frame than extending it for long. 

  • Automated ticketing distribution

You can define chats, total number of tickets, phone calls, etc. through an automated ticketing system.

  • Universal inbox

Universal inbox is used for live viewing of data at any place, any time.

  • Contact Forms

It allows putting a contact form on your website, so that you can connect with customers directly.

  • Live Chat

Through live chat, you can provide immediate answer to customer queries.

Pricing: ₹1050 is the monthly payment required for using LiveAgent complaint management software.

Free Demo: Yes, get free demo.

  • Preferred Patron

Preferred Patron is used by businesses big and small for CRM complaint management procedures. The software ensures omnichannel communication and API integration to offer customer-oriented services to businesses. Advanced marketing manager and visual dashboard are some of the other core benefits offered by the platform.

Key features of Preferred Patron:

  • Marketing portal

Intuitive marketing tools for managing promotion activities, emails and SMS services.

  • Customer facing tablet

Enhanced customer engagement through visit based tracking system.

  • Proximity check-ins

Card storage, in-app redemptions and real time interactive processes to improve customer retention.

  • Branded cards

It helps maximise the reach of any business through communication tools such as branded cards.

Pricing: Use the customer feedback management software at a monthly price of ₹9705. More details can be acquired by contacting the official website.

Free Demo: Yes, get free demo.

  • i-Sight

Manage customer complaints

Manage well the customer feedback through diligent investigations with the help of i-Sight online complaint management system. The software integrates easily with the existing systems to save you from the hassle of reinstallations. All interactions with your customers can be recorded for spotting the trend and monitoring the risk.

Key features of i-Sight:

  • Report

Centralised data storage system ensures robust data reporting and analysis.

  • Smart workflows

i-Sight customer feedback management software records data of every action taken to streamline workflows.

  • Hotline

Maintain an ethics hotline for uncovering problems and finding a solution to resolve them quickly.

  • Tracking

Conduct audit trails for tracking each case history.

Pricing: You can get the complaint management software price from the official website.

Free Demo: Yes, get free demo.

  • NABD System

Customer complaint handling procedure

NABD System is a help desk software that comes embedded with a workflow engine to deliver faster customer service across varied channels such as emails, social media, chatting, mobile, etc. This complaint management software also helps with omnichannel complaint management for managing service requests in real-time. 

Key features of NABD System:

  • Filtering

It filters out the noise automatically so that you can identify the right content across different communication channels.

  • Routing engine

Routing engine based on intelligent knowledge base technology for efficient complaint resolution practices.

  • Metrics

Availability of multiple metrics for measuring customer satisfaction, progress and ROA (return on action).

  • Case management

It provides an integrated business process management engine for defining workflows and lifecycle.

  • Productivity tools

Inbuilt productivity tools that are available in the form of reminders, to do lists, calendars, correspondences and templates.

Pricing: There is free version available on trial basis as well as several other premium plans on monthly basis. You can contact the official website to get more details.

Free Demo: Yes, get free demo.

  • QuickTapSurvey

QuickTapSurvey complaint management software solution helps resolve customer issues by collecting data through mobile surveys and forms. It is also used by companies for not only generating leads but also for collecting the customer feedback through surveys and mobile forms. 

Key features of QuickTapSurvey:

  • Role based access control

This feature is used for providing role-based access to survey results received from the customers.

  • Scalable

Centralised data base management mechanism irrespective of the number of devices that you are using.

  • Remote survey management

Manage surveys through mobile forms to analyse customer expectations anytime and from anywhere.

  • Unlimited data collection

Whether you operate offline or online, you can collect data through unlimited surveys and responses.

  • Custom keyboards

Shortcuts and custom keyboards help with easy, quick and effective data entry.

Pricing: The price of QuickTapSurvey starts at ₹1330 per user per month.

Free Demo: Yes, get free demo.

  • BirdEye

Resolving customer complaints

BirdEye complaint management software helps with reputation management, customer service improvement and review marketing services to businesses and organisations. The platform helps customers get in touch with leads through messaging and live chatting options. Businesses primarily depend on the software for generating positive customer reviews.

Key features of BirdEye:

  • Review monitoring

Review monitoring for putting on right pedestal the complaint resolution system.

  • Business insights

Get some deep business insights and competitor analysis through this CRM complaint management software. 

  • Customer acquisition

Generate more revenue, positive customer reviews and individual ratings through BirdEye customer management feedback software.

  • Multiple integration

Multiple integration to help save you from the hassle of downloading add-ons and extra plugins.

Pricing: All price related details are available on the official website on request.

Free Demo: Yes, get free demo.

What Should Be Your Strategy for Handling Customer Complaints

A consumer is an indispensable part of the entire business chain. It is quite common for dissatisfaction to arise at your customers’ end regarding a product or service. Now it is your responsibility to resolve the queries before a customer decides to never come back to your brand again.

The following are effective strategies that could be deployed for handling consumer complaints:

  • Seek insights

A customer’s complaint may offer valuable insight regarding improvement of a specific good or service. It is therefore essential that you as a company seek relevant insights about customer complaints. Take a deliberate step towards taking such issues at a more practical level and think of innovative ways for improving the quality of a product or service.

  • Organise complaints

Complaints that you receive on a regular basis needs to be addressed on priority. For instance, complaints regarding frequent downtime of your electronic product needs to be taken seriously. You need to understand and resolve the problem before you lose out on your brand’s reputation.

  • Supportive questioning

Suppose you ask your customer “how else we can help you?”. This is supportive questioning that gives a consumer a sense of reliability towards a brand. You need to prepare a list of such supportive questions to earn the trust of a customer. This can be a part of your post-sales strategy where you keep asking your customers about their experience with your offerings at a regular basis.

  • Respond Promptly

One of the biggest reasons for losing out on your customers in not responding promptly to their concerns. Even if you don’t have a solution to offer at the time, you can at least acknowledge and accept your mistake and assure that you will come back with a solution soon.

  • Get the Best Tools for Handling Customer Complaints

With an online complaint management system, it will be easy for you to manage an increasing number of customer complaints.


One of the important steps to enhancing your brand image is maintaining good customer relations. So don’t wait much and pick a complaint management software that would help your business manage complaints in a more orderly and efficient manner.

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