Finding a Job During Lockdown? Try These Steps for Fast Job Search

Finding a Job During Lockdown? Try These Steps for Fast Job Search-feature image
August 29, 2022 7 Min read

If work from home has become one of the most search terms on Google during the lockdown, so has the lay-offs and salary cuts. Not just the morale of start-ups is down, but even big enterprises are finding it hard to meet the salaries of their employees and contractual workers during these difficult times.

On the positive side, these are certain jobs which are more in demand now than ever. If you are finding a job as a data analyst, software developer, UI/UX designer, online educator, you must have noticed a surge in demand!

Job Hunting? Skills in Demand During the Lockdown

  1. Python – Coding
  2. Cybersecurity Certifications
  3. Node.js – Software Development
  4. Cognitive Flexibility
  5. After Affects – Design
  6. SQL – Coding
  7. Service Orientation – Operations
  8. Emotional Intelligence – Leadership Roles
  9. UI/UX – Design & Creativity
  10. Critical Thinking – Project management
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The post Coronavirus world would not be the same, as it was before. With gig economy taking the centre stage, there will be more demand for people with skills like leadership, people management, judgement and decision-making.

Further, with organizations transforming digitally in this demanding time, professionals with the digital and coding skills will get better opportunities while finding a job. Another emerging field is of data analysts who can help businesses understand the shifting customer demands and make changes in the days to come.

Finding a Job Without Prior Experience? Apply for These Positions

Fast job search

For those who are finding a job during lockdown, there are many sectors which require more support staff than before. So, if you are looking for a job to stabilise your income or earn extra money, you can find a job in these sectors:

Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector is in huge demand for the staff to deal with an increasing number of COVID-19 patients. You can join there as a safety manager, admin staff, support executive, etc.

Tech Companies

Tech companies are playing a critical role in helping businesses transform digitally. And, to continue with the increasing demand for tech solutions, such companies need remote employees like community managers, tele sellers, content writers, data entry staff, and more.

Online Educators

Distance learning has taken the new form of online education. If you hold expertise in any core subject or any other activities like instrument playing, dancing, yoga, etc. you can start your own class as an online educator or trainer.

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7 Tips to Get Successful with Fast Job Search in These Difficult Times

It’s time to go beyond your limits and make the most of the opportunities available in the job world. The sooner you adapt to change, the better you can perform during interviews an in your new job role and also find some simple business ideas during lockdown.

  • Connect with People Through Online Communities

Online communities are making it possible to socialize even when you are homebound. LinkedIn is one such medium where you can leverage your existing connections and make new contacts. Networking on LinkedIn is not just about updating your profile and sending a few ‘Connect’ requests. Try to be more active in terms of participating in discussion, sharing your views and content.

  1. Engage in related online discussions
  2. Share content to affirm your ideas
  3. Make new formal connections
  4. Connect with social groups too, as it will help you unwind
  • Get More Comfortable with Interviews Over Phone or Video Call

If you are not quite comfortable taking up interview calls over the video, it’s advised to practice beforehand. Your resume and job skills may sound convincing but if you don’t sound confident during the interview, you might lose an opportunity.

  1. Find the perfect spot for interview in your house
  2. Ensure that you have an uninterrupted internet connectivity
  3. Practice your conversations over video calls with your friends
  4. Set up a formal voice note, so that you don’t miss out on any interview call
  5. Check your system’s audio and video setups before any online interview
  6. Don’t overdo but dress up professionally.
  • Update Your CV As Per the Current Job Demand

The global pandemic situation has resulted in a change in demand in the job market. Skills which were valued earlier may seem insignificant now. Stay updated with the current job skills for your profile and update your resume.

  1. Join online courses during lockdown
  2. Apply for internships to get started
  3. Take up freelancing projects to gain practical knowledge
  4. Ask for recommendations from your professional contacts
  • Stay in Touch with the Best Recruiters

Recruiters will help find new job opportunities in the market. So, don’t forget to network with recruiters in your field. They can also suggest ways to make your resume more suitable for a specific profile.

  1. Connect with recruiters on LinkedIn
  2. Share your CV with them along with a brief about your job skills
  3. Be more open for temporary opportunities that can help gain experience while earning the extra income.
  4. Remember that location is not a barrier anymore, you can apply for a suitable job in any part of the world and work online.
  • Be Open-Minded about Starting a Job remotely

Working remotely may not be your style, but the time demands you to be open-minded about such roles. Post the lockdown, offices are not going to be the same, with employees coming back in a phased manner. Prepare yourself for a role that demands you to collaborate with your new team members and supervisors remotely.

  1. Get hands-on with online collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc.
  2. Work on your email conversation skills
  3. Mention your availability for remote onboarding in this time of COVID-19.
  • Follow Up on Your Job Application Status

If you don’t get timely response from any recruiter or a company, don’t lose hope. Try following-up with them through a lighter email where you emphasize on the fact that you are approachable for the new opportunity. Don’t be too hard on yourself or on the employer, as it might work adversely.

  1. Keep your introduction crisp and light
  2. Adopt a quirky style of writing
  3. Sound more relatable through a casual language
  • If You Feel Frustrated Sometimes, Let Loose

At the end, what matters the most is that you take care of yourself. It’s a difficult time not just in terms of job losses or economy slowdown, but people are also dealing with the ongoing COVID scare.

  1. Adopt social distancing measures
  2. Eat health to improve your immune system
  3. Exercise daily to stay fit and positive
  4. Connect more with your friends and family for emotional support
  5. Most importantly, keep trying even if you fail.

Go, get a head start over others! Follow these tips to come out as a winner in finding a job.

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