B2B Lead Generation Strategies During the Lockdown Uncertainties

B2B Lead Generation Strategies During the Lockdown Uncertainties-feature image
August 11, 2022 5 Min read

During the lockdown, B2B marketers have evolved and are adopting new online marketing strategies. These unusual times demand innovative ideas from marketers. They just can’t afford to hit the pause button when the sales pipeline depends entirely on the online B2B lead generation output.

B2B marketers have always relied on the live events to fuel up their sales pipeline. But the global pandemic has changed the entire marketing landscape. Today, businesses need to adopt a seismic shift in approach to stay in touch with their potential customers and generate B2B leads.

Latest 10 B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2020 in Lockdown

  • Restructure Your Offerings

The lockdown has transformed your customers’ needs significantly. Accordingly, you need to reshuffle your product offerings and fulfil the demand of your customers effectively. If earlier, you were offering on-premise software by providing free trial at their location, now you must move to cloud-based solutions and provide online trial. If required, try to change your range of products slightly with the shifting market demand to generate B2B sales leads. 

  • Re-Create Live Events Online

Trade shows, conferences and events are the inevitable part of any B2B lead generation strategies. However, the scope of any such events happening in the near future seems bleak.

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Fortunately, tools and technologies are at your disposal to organize and attend such business events online. From virtual workshops to online vents and sessions, you can try different options to connect with the interested buyers.

  • Work on Opportunities That are Already in Pipeline

Apart from B2B lead generation services, it’s time to work closely with your sales team and understand their requirements to close a deal that is already in the pipeline. Support them with product tutorials and online marketing collaterals to drive valuable revenue for your company in these difficult times.

  • Think Beyond Google Ads & PPC Campaigns

Google ads and PPC campaigns have become the core channels for generating leads in today’s time. However, as a smart B2B marketer, you need to look for other channels to reach a wider audience.

For instance, YouTube ads can help increase your reach as most of your potential customers are streaming online videos more than ever. LinkedIn B2B lead generation is another powerful channel to generate qualified leads through granular targeting.

Adopting LinkedIn for leads is based on building online networks and running ad campaigns. You can also share your industry-related stories and tips for your customers on LinkedIn to build a stronger customer base there.

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  • Rearrange Your Marketing Budget

Rather than cutting your marketing budget, you need to re-align it in the right direction. Companies during the lockdown are decreasing their marketing budget by assuming that there are not enough customers. This short-sighted approach can impact your business’ market share. With a specific budget, you can continue with relationship-based marketing strategies and B2B demand generation activities in the long term.

  • Connect with Your Business Accounts Personally

You can make the most of the homebound time by connecting with your business accounts through phone calls or video chats. Connecting with your business accounts is important to understand their upcoming business plans and how you can contribute to their growth. Accordingly, you can offer them personalized services and grow stronger together.

  • Personalize Your Email Communications

Don’t make your email communications all about your offerings. Try to keep it more informational and target oriented. Categorise your database into different categories and their current stage in the marketing funnel. Accordingly, try to share targeted content with them that reflects your brand value convincingly.

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  • Bid on Keywords That Are in Your Budget

Many B2B businesses have cut down their AdWords spend. Keywords, which were selling like hot cake a few months back are now likely to be available at a much lower price. It’s time to bid on those keywords now and maximize the chances of conversion.

  • Create Online Marketing Materials

Create marketing materials that are relevant to your customers. Online materials like whitepapers, e-books and resource directories will not just help generate leads through website visitors but also help in strengthening your brand position as a though leader.

For instance, Techjockey has created an online handbook of the best software resources to help businesses grow during the times of COVID-19. And the team is working on similar marketing materials to educate the target customers and serve their needs efficiently by this simple business ideas during lockdown.

  • Sound More Compassionate Than Ever

COVID Lockdown is a difficult time for everyone. It’s important to be more compassionate towards your business customers than ever. As they might be pressed for resources and revenue in these difficult times. Being considerate about their challenges will help serve their needs better.

Wrapping Up

Along with B2B lead generation and nurturing, businesses can also focus on other important aspects like finding the decision makers across different domains. You can also put your online marketing resources at the task of analysing and predicting the demand curve, as now they have more time to strategize and implement.

Written by Kalpana Arya

Kalpana’s tech writing journey began in 2017 with Techjockey, and she truly belongs here! If she was not a technical content writer, she would have been a coder. Technical writing, especially for business software, is her passion, and she enjoys every bit of it. From addressing the pain... Read more

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