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March 21, 2023 8 Min read

Construction project management software is deployed for organizing multiple processes related to any plan or project. Construction Project Software helps plan, build & reports for different construction development sectors. All these are done keeping in view the budget and schedule of a project.

What is Construction Project Management Software?

Construction Project Management Software is a tool which is used by professionals to simplify the process of construction planning.

Construction management tools offer engineering estimates & capital maintenance for handling construction projects, small or complex.

Construction management system is used for defining categories/jobs, tracking itemized costs, and auto-generating financial reports.

Construction project management software supports GIS/ESRI mapping, data warehouses, budget & risk analysis for smoother project development processes. Many Construction ERP Software includes construction project management as a key feature.

Features of Construction Project Management Software

Features of Best Construction Project Management Software Infographics

The software for construction helps with tracking project’s progress & monitoring offsite teams.

  • Automated accounting– Construction management systems automate functions for accounts payables/receivables, payroll & work order entries.
  • Job costing- Construction management software for builders and contractors helps define the cost related to employees, production manager, contractor & supervisor.
  • Service management- The best construction management software is used for handling production schedules, work orders & asset allocation.
  • Project delivery lifecycle- Construction project management tools can be used for rescheduling timelines, managing resources & updating schedules. 
  • Workload automation- It is best for laying out project timelines, balancing workload across multiple channels. It also helps predict equipment/labour interdependency.
  • Reporting- Construction project management software India offers analytics for data summaries, evaluating the project’s status & presenting architectural services cost of project.
  • Inventory management- Construction software is trusted for finding lost inventories, tracking assets on a job site, and performing the inventory audit.

Types of Construction Projects in Industry

The field of construction is based on two sectors. Based on the varied construction sectors, there are the following types of construction projects. All these sectors need construction management software for handling different processes from beginning to end.

  • Institutional and commercial sector
  • Engineering construction
  • Heavy industrial construction
  • Residential home renovation and building

Stages of Construction Project Management

Construction management software for builders and contractors lets you visualize project schedules and plans. Here is how you can do this in different stages:

Stages of Construction Project Management
  • Design

    Designing different construction projects require a clear concept in the form of objectives and goals. There should be a schematic design outlining the elevations, floorplans, colors, and materials.

  • Preconstruction

    Preconstruction stage begins when the bid for design has been finalized. The second important step here would be assigning a project lead or manager to the construction project.

    Now you have to find a contract administrator for helping the project manager. Contract administrators and superintendents keep track of equipment, materials, deliveries and such construction activities.

  • Procurement

    Everything is planned already. This stage would thus involve procuring equipment and materials. In short, this stage requires working on different purchase orders.

  • Construction

    The construction stage is meant for managing quality control, site access, and working hours. The construction stage is thus about preparing detailed work orders and scheduling different payments.

How to Use Construction Project Management Software?

Construction project management tools can be used to meet the complex challenges that you might face during the construction phase of a project.

To overcome construction project management challenges and reach the best results, you can use the best construction management systems for:

  • Centralizing communication & optimizing workflows
  • Streamlining the planning process
  • Auto- assignment for task management
  • Gantt charts for efficient resource management
  • Custom dashboards
  • Workforce scheduling.

Offline vs. Online Construction Project Management Software

Offline & online construction management tools are ideal for balancing the resources and managing a project’s performance. Here is an offline vs online construction project management software comparison:

Offline Construction Project Management SoftwareOnline Construction Project Management Software
Only one member can access the software at a time.Teams can collaborate on construction project plan simultaneously.
Documentation management is not possible.A central repository of documents can be created.
Cannot view the status of every member of a project team.Team status is available and coordinate accordingly.

List of 10 Best Construction Project Management Software in 2022

The software supports specific tools for workflow & document management. Here is a construction project management software list.

  • GanttPro

best construction software

Construction management system for handling projects

GanttPro is ideal for effective project management. GanttPro helps in splitting different projects into tasks/subtasks before scheduling them using dependencies. GanttPro is best for tracking project progress, assigning tasks, and setting user roles.

Features of GanttPro Construction Management Tool

  • Custom settings & time management
  • Resources and team management
  • Budget tracking
  • Grid views
  • Portfolio & board views
  • Autodesk BIM 360

Construction management tool for construction projects

software for construction project management

BIM 360 is ideally deployed for managing project budgets using parameters like safety rules and industry standards. The software for construction project management is best for enhancing communications and implementing workable schedules.

BIM 360 can also be used for tracking construction, quality assurance, and performance indicators.

Features of BIM 360 Software:

  • Work sharing & design collaboration tool
  • RFI management & submittals
  • Document distribution and control
  • Field verification and layout
  • Quality checklists and punch lists
  • AccuLynx

Construction management software for builders and contractors

AccuLynx is a comprehensive communication tool trusted for project & bid management as well as building customer relationships.

This web-based construction management software is widely used by roofing companies to boost productivity and generate more opportunities.  

Features of AccuLynx Web-Based Construction Management Software:

  • Lead API
  • Customer portal
  • Material ordering
  • Live activity feeds
  • Mortgage check tracking
  • Procore

construction project management software for small business

Best construction software for small businesses

Procore offers a unified platform for building quality projects and managing the risks associated with them. The best software for construction project management has an impressive mobility team module to connect people remotely. Procore construction management software can further be used for managing construction financials.

Features of Procore Best Software for Construction Project Management:

  • Project financials & invoice management
  • Accounting integrations
  • Tender management
  • Design coordination
  • Project management
  • CoConstruct

Top construction management software for managing timesheets

construction project management tools

CoConstruct supports modules for handling client communication, activity planning, and scheduling. The cloud-based construction management software is highly customizable and supports single-entry estimating. CoConstruct can also be used to manage & track leads as well as coordinate the different schedules.

Features of CoConstruct Cloud-based Construction Management Software:

  • Single entry estimating
  • Tracking jobsite progress & activity
  • Sharing photos and files
  • Simplified timesheet management
  • Forecasting project costs
  • Purchase orders management & client invoicing
  • Buildertrend

Best software for construction project management with multiple financial tools

Builder Trend Software

Buildertrend is most trusted for optimizing communications between vendors, customers, and subcontractors. The construction project management software for small business & large ones further lets you prepare daily reports and develop punch lists.

Buildertrend’s inbuilt pre-sale tools can be further used for handling proposals and quick bids.

Features of Buildertrend Construction Management System:

  • Unique customer logins
  • Electronic client signatures
  • Reviews and surveys
  • Organizing emails & messages
  • Financial tools for project management

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  • Knowify

Construction project management software for small business

construction project management software comparison

Knowify construction management tool is most suited for tracking construction projects. The residential construction project system is deployed for calculating material and labor costs in real-time.

Knowify is also used as a task manager and job costing tool for managing warranties and estimating the bids.

Features of Knowify Residential Construction Management Software:

  • Streamlined quotation
  • Custom templates
  • Lead management
  • Time tracking
  • Profitability & reporting
  • Gantt charts
  • Subcontractor management
  • ProContractor

Residential construction project management software for all project types


ProContractor project accounting software is a comprehensive solution for looking after the critical financial aspects of a construction project. The construction management system handles the entire project lifecycle starting from bidding to project completion.

Features of ProContractor Construction Management System:

  • Submittal management
  • Selection sheets
  • Document & subcontractor management
  • Job costing
  • Bid management.
  • Plangrid

Construction management software with various inbuilt markup tools

web based construction management software

Plangrid construction management software for builders and contractors makes it easy to annotate results and communicate information across different channels in real-time.

The construction management software for builders and contractors supports markup tools using which you can attach notes to photos taken from the field. Further, Plangrid provides specs and RFIs to generate build drawings.

Features of Plangrid Construction Management Software:

  • Field collaboration
  • Design collaboration & authoring
  • Quality & safety management
  • Facilities management
  • Project closeout
  • Projectmates

Construction management software for builders and contractors


Projectmates is an advanced construction management tool trusted for ensuring data security and managing the construction workflows.

Construction project management tools additionally support bid management, program reporting, and document storage. Projectmates also help manage daily reports, discussions, and punch lists.   

Features of Projectmates Construction Management Software:

  • Construction workflow management
  • Cost and schedule management
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Capital project planning
  • Document management


  1. What is the best project management software for construction?

    Viewpoint Team, Stack, Corecon, Wrike, and Aconex.

  2. What is the best software for a small construction business?

    eSub, Buildtools, Fieldwire, Taktivesoft, and Hygger.

  3. What software is used in construction management?

    Real Builder, Astral, WorkflowMax, and Knowify.

  4. What software do home builders use for management?

    Home builders popularly use paid or open-source construction management software. These tools support advanced analytics for managing the billing and cash flows.

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