10 Best Free Statistical Software for Data Analysis

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You may not like to admit it but running a business, on most occasions, is quite close to shooting an arrow in the dark. And this is problematic on several levels.

As a business owner, you would like far more control over the daily processes of your business. This can only happen when you start making use of free statistical software to understand your business data.

What is Statistical Software?

As the name suggests, statistical software is a tool for the statistical analysis of raw data. Other than statistical analysis, this software can also be used for the interpretation and intuitive presentation of data.

In other words, a business owner can use statistical analysis software to discover customer trends and behaviours.

Types of Statistical Analysis Software

The best statistical analysis software should be able to conduct the following statistical tests-

  • Co-Relational– It measures how strongly two variables are related to each other. A value of +1 indicates a strong association. As the value of the variable goes towards 0, it indicates a weaker association. Includes Pearson and Chi-Square tests
  • Non-Parametric– It uses a non-parametric test when the data does not have a normal distribution. Includes Wilcoxon Rank-Sum and Wilcoxon Sign Rank test
  • Regression– It consists of several tests for determining the relationship between a dependent variable and one and more independent variables. Simple and multiple tests
  • Comparison of Means– In this statistical test, you can compare the means of two or more samples or populations with the help of Paired & Independent T-tests.

Features of the Best Statistical Software

Some of the key features of statistical analysis software are:

  • One Way Variance Analysis: To analyze the difference between the means of multiple independent groups.
  • Breakdown Analysis: Used for cost analysis and cost reduction strategies.
  • Cross Tabulation: It includes nominal & ordinal analysis.
  • Descriptive Analysis: With the help of mean, variance, and standard deviation
  • Frequency Analysis: Includes bar chart, percentile table, Pareto chart, pie chart, and more.
  • Analyse Frequency of Multiple Responses: This also includes cross-tabulation analysis.
  • Partial & Complete Correlation Matrix: Includes matrix-like cross-product deviation and covariance.
  • Multiple Regression Analysis: With the help of five different regression methods.
  • Time Series Analysis: Includes techniques like smoothing techniques, control bars, and data transformation.
  • Reliability Analysis: Provides statistics for item total, inter-item, and a single item.
  • Factor Analysis: It’s based on Q-type factor and principle components analysis.
  • Classical Item Analysis: Based on multiple-choice questionnaires.
  • Bootstrap Resampling: It includes multiple estimators like 21 multivariate and 7 univariate.

What is the need for free statistical analysis software?

The amount of data businesses deal with is growing exponentially, making it impossible to make sense of it through manual procedures. This is where the best free statistical software comes in handy.

Statistical software analyses the data and reflects the pain points. It also helps you recognise the trend in customer behaviour when they interact with your business.

  • Statistical analysis software makes it easy to import and export information between databases and excel sheets.
  • Statistical software can produce intuitive reports.
  • Statistical software for students and professionals can segregate the information in a tabular format.
  • With the best software for statistical analysis, even a novice can easily make data entries.

How to use free statistical software after download?

We mention some of the important points you must keep in mind after download-

  • The free statistical tools for data analysis can read data directly from an excel sheet. You can even enter the data manually into the software or use specialized data entry software.
  • The free statistical software for data analysis uses powerful algorithms to manipulate data and then find out a common pattern that can be used for making profitable business decisions.

List of Free Open-Source Statistical Software

  • IBM SPSS Statistics

Best Statistical Package for Agricultural Research

IBM SPSS free statistical analysis software

The IBM SPSS statistical analysis software used to exist as an independent entity until it was acquired by IBM. After that, the graphical user interface has improved manifolds and even the statistical tools have become sophisticated.

IBM SPSS statistics find use not only in businesses globally but also across universities, individual students, and even researchers.

Open-Source Statistical Analysis Software – No

Free Version of IBM SPSS Best Statistical Software – Free Trial

Premium Pricing– Starts from ₹5083.26

Best Features of IBM SPSS Free Statistical Analysis Software

  • Bootstrapping and analysis of data in clusters
  • Intuitive presentation of data in the form of graphs and charts.
  • Non-parametric tests and one way ANOVA
  • IBM SPSS provides extensive support for R/Python
  • RStudio

Best free statistical software for students

This best software for statistical analysis provides an exclusive development environment for R and Python. It also supports direct code execution, seeing the history of data analysis, debugging as well as workspace management.

Open-Source Free Statistical Software Download– Yes

Free Version of RStudio Best Software for Statistical Analysis – Yes

Premium Pricing of RStudio Statistical Software– Starts from ₹72534.70

Best Features of RStudio Free Statistical Software Online

  • Publish and distribute data products across your organisation.
  • Increased reproducibility leads to decreased time in troubleshooting.
  • Enhanced scalability.
  • Easy control of R Packages.
  • OriginPro

Best statistical software for teachers

OriginPro free statistical software online is used not only by businesses but also by students, researchers, and scientists.

It is considered a friendly tool for beginners as they can opt for advanced customization as and when they become familiar with the application.

Best Open Source Free Statistical Software – No

Free Version of OriginPro Best Free Statistical Analysis Software– Free trial available.

Premium Pricing– For detailed plans, please visit the official website.

Best Features of OriginPro Free Statistical Tools for Data Analysis

  • Automatic data updates in case of parameter change.
  • Creation of template for repetitive tasks for easy conduct of the batch process.
  • Compatibility with applications such as MATLAB and LabVIEW.
  • Advance tools for peak fitting, surface fitting, signal processing, and more.
  • TIMi Suite

Best free statistical analysis tools for data analysis

open source statistical software

TIMi Suite is a popular name in the field of predictive analytics. The software gives you the ability to manipulate large datasets, compute even complex KPIs and create robust predictive models even if you don’t have much analytics knowledge.

Open-Source Free Statistical Software PDF Version– No

Free Version of TIMi– Yes

Premium Pricing: It’s free software.

Best Features of TIMi Free Statistical Tools for Data Analysis

  • Updates of customer view models in real-time with its powerful analytical engine. This way you can even track small changes in customer behavior.
  • Dedicated community forums and training sessions to get you used to the software.
  • You can upskill your services in a matter of seconds by seeing the interaction history of each customer.
  • Customizable dashboards and reports that can update themselves automatically.

Premium Pricing of TIMi Statistical Analysis Software- Available free of cost.

  • The Statistical Lab

Best free statistical software for medical research

The Statistical Lab aims to not only carry out analysis of large streams of data. It is also capable of educating your employees in basic and advanced statistical concepts.

The free statistical software for data analysis can connect and display data frames, frequency tables, matrices, etc.

Open-Source Free Statistical Software for Data Analysis– No

Free Version of The Statistical Lab Best Statistical Software– Yes

Premium Pricing: It’s a free statistical analysis software.

Best Features of The Statistical Software Free Statistical Analysis Software for Mac

  • You can run multiple simulations and calculations at the same time.
  • The software can easily extract data from excel files of ASCII files.
  • With its connector tool, you can conduct a detailed analysis of complex procedures.
  • It provides an R- Graph wizard with which you can easily plot histograms, box plots, and scatter plots.
  • Develve

Best free statistical software for small businesses

statistical package for agricultural research software free download | Develve

Develve is a powerful free statistical software for medical research as it is capable of performing high-speed data interpretation. It also has specialized features such as Response Surface Methodology which enables it to minimize fake assumptions.

Open-Source Statistical Software– No

Free Version of Develve Best Statistical Software– Yes

Premium Pricing of Develve Statistical Analysis Software– Starts from ₹6601.94.

Best Features of Develve Free Statistical Analysis Software

  • Suitable for calculation of mean, median, and sample counting.
  • Capable of conducting t-test, Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test.
  • You can use advanced statistical tools such as regression and multiple linear regression.
  • Develve is capable of generating distribution and proportion calculations.
  • DataMelt

Best statistical software for data interpretation

DataMelt is perfect for organisations to conduct data interpretation, data visualization, and mathematical computation. DataMelt functions well not only with Java packages but also with Ruby, Groovy, and Python.

Open Source Statistical Software– No

Free Version of DataMelt Free Statistical Software Download– Yes

Premium Pricing – It’s completely free.

Best Features of DataMelt

  • DataMelt can even be utilised for analysing Big data.
  • Functions equally well on systems with different programming languages.
  • Creates high-quality vector graphics in SVG, EPS, and PDF format.
  • Highly portable.
  • SciPy

Best statistical software for a visual representation of mathematics and sciences

SciPy analysis solution

SciPy best free statistical analysis software is a python-based ecosystem that provides data interpretation and visualisation capability for scientific, mathematical, and engineering fields. SciPy comes loaded with a Matplotlib package that is useful for quickly plotting 2-D plots.

Open Source Statistical Analysis– Yes

Free Version of SciPy Free Statistical Tool for Data Analysis– Yes

Premium Pricing: This statistical analysis tool is available free of cost.

Best Features of SciPy Free Statistical Software for Students

  • A dedicated community where beginners can avail support and added functionalities.
  • You can use NumPy, useful for numerical computation, defining matrices, and possible operations.
  • It also has a panda package which is useful for creating high-performing data structures.
  • SciPy also has a module called scikit-learn which is based on machine learning.
  • Zelig

Best statistical tool for researchers

Zelig is one of the most potent tools for utilizing statistical concepts for intuitive visualization of data. Zelig free statistical software for students uses R from a number of researchers. This is the reason it is referred to as everyone’s statistical software.

Open Source Best Free Statistical Analysis Software- Yes

Free Version of Zelig Free Statistical Software Download – Yes

Premium Pricing- It’s a completely free statistical program.

Best Features of Zelig Statistical Package for Agricultural Research Software Free Download

  • It can work with a lot of methods such as bayesian, non-bayesian, non-parametric, etc.
  • Zelig is useful for the analysis of complex coefficients.
  • Once you have downloaded Zelig, you can start using the software in just 10 minutes.
  • Automated graphical and numerical summaries for different models.
  • OpenStat

Best statistical tool for mathematicians

OpenStat analysis tool

OpenStat can be used effectively by students, researchers, teachers, and businesses. The software offers a number of options when it comes to saving and opening data files.

Open-Source Statistical Software– No

Free Version of OpenStat– Yes

Premium Price– This is available free of cost.

Best Features of OpenStat Statistical Package

  • The user can define different sorts of data defined in the variable such as floating-point, integer, string, etc.
  • It also provides an Edit menu which has several tools for quickly modifying data in the grid.
  • OpenStat makes use of an analyses menu in which each option has a graphical output.
  • OpenStat can be used to simulate several tests, theoretical distributions, and so on.

Free Statistical Software for Students

  1. Develve– Useful for avoiding fake calculations.
  2. OriginPro- Provides advanced customization options.
  3. TIMi Suite– Provision of manipulating datasets and KPIs.

Free Statistical Software for Medical Research

  1. RStudio- Provides an exclusive development based on R and Python.
  2. IBM SPSS Statistics- Engaging representation of data in the form of graphs and charts.
  3. DataMelt- Works with java packages, ruby, groovy, and python.

Free Statistical Software for Data Analysis

  1. Zelig– Works equally well with bayesian and non-bayesian methods.
  2. The Statistical Lab– Useful for teaching your employees basic and advanced statistical concepts.
  3. Scipy- It is capable of plotting 2-D plots.

Free Statistical Software for Mac

  1. OpenStat- Multiple options for saving and opening files.
  2. Zelig- Works equally well with bayesian and non-bayesian methods.
  3. TIMi Suite- Provision of manipulating datasets and KPIs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the best software for statistical analysis?

    Zelig, The Statistical Lab, and Spicy.

  2. What is the easiest statistical software to use?

    OpenStat, Zelig, and TIMi Suite.

  3. What is the best free statistical software?

    Develve, OriginPro, and TIMi SUite.

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