20 Best Free Data Recovery Software for Windows, Mac & Android

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May 24, 2023 16 Min read

Storing data, be it basic or complex, is done digitally nowadays. Take the example of notes. When you want to remember something, you open your smartphone and write down crucial information in the app. This does away with the need to search for paper and pen wherever you are.

With the popularity of digital storage, loss of information has also become highly common. While storage devices are generally reliable, reasons such as manual errors, power outages, compromised software, natural disasters, and hardware failures can cause data loss.

Thanks to data recovery software, you can retrieve lost data from a disk, flash drive, hard drive or any other device easily. If you are looking for software to recover deleted files or those lost due to other unforeseen reasons, you are at the right place.

Here, we list of the most reliable data recovery options that you can use and avoid all the stress that comes with losing crucial data. All the options listed in this best data recovery software blog have a free version. 

Is it Safe to Use Free Data Recovery Software?

It is completely safe to use free but genuine data recovery software. A reliable free data recovery software will never harm your system, breach your data privacy, or add spyware to your device.

However, any free software to recover deleted files that is downloaded from a malicious link or website can compromise your entire system, mostly through malware. It can populate your system with ad pop-ups, subscribe to unsolicited mailing lists, and more. So, you must avoid fake downloads or free options for online data recovery.

20 Best Free Data Recovery Software for File Recovery in 2022

Some of the best recovery software for PC and other devices are:

Data Recovery SoftwareCompatible PlatformsPricing
Disk Drill Data RecoveryWindows & Mac500MB free, paid version starts at INR 4010.82
EaseUS Data Recovery WizardWindows & Mac500GB + 1.5GB on social media sharing, paid version starts at INR INR 5331.03/ month after free trial
Recuva SoftwareWindows & AndroidFree version, paid version starts at INR 584.75/ PC/ year
TestDisk Data RecoveryWindows, Mac, LinuxFree and open source
Minitool Power Data RecoveryWindows & Mac (Stellar)1GB free, paid version starts at INR 5256.39/ month/ PC
Puran File RecoveryWindowsFree
Wise Data RecoveryWindows & Mac2GB free on techjockey.com, paid version starts at INR 4566.97/ PC/ year. 
FreeUndeleteWindowsFree version, paid version starts at INR 5260.01
iCare Data RecoveryWindowsFree version, paid version starts at INR 5334.75/ year/ PC after 1 GB free
Windows File RecoveryWindowsFree
CD Recovery ToolboxWindowsFree
iBeesoftWindows & Mac2GB free, paid version starts at INR 4574.45/ PC/ year
PhotoRecWindows, Mac, LinuxFree and open source
Stellar Data RecoveryWindows & Mac1GB free, paid version starts at INR 2,999/ 30 days
Advanced Disk RecoveryWindowsFree download, paid version starts at INR 4600
RecoveritWindows & Mac100MB free, paid version starts at INR 5342.58/ year
iBoysoftWindows & Mac1GB free, paid version starts at INR 5338.03/ PC/ year
Glarysoft File RecoveryWindowsFree version, INR 1520.36/ PC 
Bplan Data RecoveryWindowsFree
SoftPerfect File RecoveryWindowsFree
  • Disk Drill Data Recovery

Disk Drill Data Recovery software is one of the best data recovery software for PC, Mac, or mobile data recovery from both external drives and system disks.

It can even recover data like videos and images from existing backups when files have been permanently deleted and overwritten with new information. Users can create image files in formats like ISO and DMG and conduct search in a clone to avoid risking the original source.


  • Supports recovery of 200+ file types
  • Requires no expert skills
  • In-built app tutorials
  • iOS & Android recovery with Mac version
  • Recovery vault for data protection


  • Lack of phone support
  • Does not allow simultaneous recovery activations in free version

Pricing: It has a free basic version for up to 500MB of recovery. The pro version starts at INR 4010.82 and Enterprise version costs INR 45739.53. The company has also launched a 2-for-1 deal in which it offers a free Mac version with the purchase of Windows version.

Compatible Platforms: Windows & Mac

  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

free unlimited data recovery software

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard offers fast recovery from hidden, deleted, lost, and RAW partition with a simple three-step process. It has a Windows Explorer type interface and allows users to preview the files before recovery. You can also pause the recovery temporarily to resume later. It also offers free Android data recovery software called MobiSaver.

EaseUS Pros

  • Supports recovery of 1000+ file types
  • Search/ filter recoverable files
  • Import/export scan results
  • Available in 20+ languages

EaseUS Cons: Remote expert consultation and assistance not available in free version.

EaseUS Pricing: This free data recovery software enables up to 2GB data recovery (500GB default+ 1.5GB by sharing on social media) for both Windows and Mac devices. The paid versions come with a free trial. Monthly subscription starts at INR 5331.03 for Windows and INR 6855.18 for Mac.

Compatible Platforms: Data recovery software for Windows, Mac.

  • Recuva software for PC

Recuva is one of the best recovery software used by both beginners and professionals for data recovery from rewritable media like USB sticks, hard drives, memory cards, etc.

Recuva data recovery is a good choice for newly formatted or damaged drives. Business addition lists file-wise probability of successful recovery and image preview to help you decide better.

Recuva software Pros

  • Scans deleted file content for easy search
  • Snapshot for future data loss prevention
  • Industry & military standard techniques for file deletion
  • Deep scan for difficult to find files

Recuva software Cons: No support & automatic updates in free version.

Recuva software Pricing: Recuva software for PC has a free version. Premium subscription for home costs INR 584.75/ PC/ year.

Compatible Platforms: Free data recovery software for Android & Windows.

  • TestDisk Data Recovery

testdisk recover files

TestDisk Data Recovery is a command-line tool that is used by those with computer knowledge to recover lost partitions and make non-bootable disks bootable.

It is most useful when the cause is manual error or software malware. It is ideal software to recover deleted files if you know how to use it. It reads the deleted directory entry to recover the file if it has not been overwritten already.

TestDisk Data Recovery Pros

  • Wide filesystem support including FAT, NTFS, etc.
  • Portable, no installer required
  • Log file with all technical information necessary for recovery
  • Quick search for missing partitions

TestDisk Data Recovery Cons: Only suitable for people with technical know-how.

Pricing: It is one of the best data recovery software that is free and open source.

TestDisk Data Recovery Compatible Platforms: Data recovery software for Windows, Mac, Linux.

  • Minitool Power Data Recovery

Minitool Power Data Recovery is one of the best recovery software for PC that enables users to recover deleted files from HDD/SSD, USB drive, SD card, etc. You can also recover files lost due to disk failure, virus attack, system error, and other such causes.

Users have to follow a simple three step process of selecting the device for scanning, previewing the file results, and choosing the files you want to save.

Minitool Power Data Recovery Pros

  • Supports 100+ file types
  • Loads the result of previous scan
  • Rapid location specific recovery
  • 24×7 tech support

Minitool Power Data Recovery Cons

  • Cannot recover files on system crash in free version
  • Slow preview function

Minitool Power Data Recovery Pricing: You can download this file recovery software for free for 1GB data. Paid version starts at a price of INR 5256.39/ month/ PC with a one-month free upgrade for personal use.

You can also purchase an annual subscription or perpetual license. The pricing for Mac version (with Stellar) starts at INR 4578.04/ year.

Compatible Platforms: Windows, Mac (Stellar)

  • Puran File Recovery

puran file recovery

Puran File Recovery is an easy-to-use tool that helps in recovery of deleted and lost files from formatted drives, and so on. It allows multiple scan modes including quick scan, deep scan, and full scan.

You can save the recovered files with entire path structure. The search feature comes with wildcard support in this free deleted file recovery software.

Puran File Recovery Pros

  • 50+ formats/data patterns
  • Option of portable version
  • Custom list scan
  • Support for multiple languages including Hindi & Punjabi

Puran File Recovery Cons: Lack of an option to pause a scan.

Puran File Recovery Pricing: You can download this free recovery software from the official website.

Compatible Platforms: Free recovery software for Windows

  • Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery tool supports recovery of files lost due to system crash, update failure, accidental deletion, etc., from external drives, SD cards, local drives, smartphones, and other devices.

Once you select the drive, the scanning process begins automatically. You can preview the files and decide which files you want to recover. It also allows disk imaging of drives that have bad sectors to ensure safe recovery.

Wise Data Recovery Pros

  • Portable version, no installation needed
  • Drive health status monitoring
  • Support for 1000+ file types
  • Multilingual support, including Hindi and Bengali

Wise Data Recovery Cons: Repairing corrupt/distorted multimedia not available in free and starting premium versions.

Wise Data Recovery Pricing: This free deleted file recovery software is available at techjockey.com for free (up to 2GB recovery). Yearly subscription of Pro version starts at INR 4566.97/ PC.

Wise Data Recovery Compatible Platforms: Windows, MacOS

  • FreeUndelete

best free undelete software

FreeUndelete is one of the best recovery software and is used to scan drives and recover deleted files, unless the storage area in the disk has already been overwritten with new information.

You can set the search parameters like the type of the file for quickly finding the lost files. The recovered files can be stored in a new location in another drive.

FreeUndelete Pros

  • Easy to operate
  • File preview
  • Software log access
  • Restore files as complete folders

FreeUndelete Cons: No software updates in recent years.

FreeUndelete Pricing: You can download the free recovery software version from the official site. Paid version for businesses starts at INR 5260.01.

Compatible Platforms: Windows

  • iCare Data Recovery Free

iCare Data Recovery free version lets users recover files from USB, HDD, SD card, etc., be it due to deleted partitions, accidentally formatted drives or software crashes.

You can select the recovery mode and lost file location to start with file scanning. It can also serve as the best android recovery app. The paid version offers RAW/deleted drive recovery too.

iCare Data Recovery Pros

  • Save session
  • Supports 600+ file types
  • Portable version, no installation needed
  • File preview

iCare Data Recovery Cons

  • Slow scanning
  • No tech support in free version

Pricing: Its free version is among the best recovery software for PC. After 1GB free recovery, the paid version starts at INR 5334.75/ year/ PC for home.

Compatible Platforms: Windows

  • Windows File Recovery

Windows File Recovery

Windows File Recovery provides multiple recovery modes to users who have lost their data due to corruption, accidental file deletion, and other similar reasons from USB drive, hard drive, SSD, etc.

This command line recovery software for PC works with different file systems like FAS and exFAT. You can also use Windows Terminal and PowerShell with Admin access for recovery.

Windows File Recovery Pros

  • Works great with NTFS files
  • Search by file paths, keywords, file extensions, etc.
  • Signature mode for camera/SD card based recovery
  • Can save recovery operation log

Windows File Recovery Cons: Lack of graphical interface.

Windows File Recovery Pricing: This is free file recovery software.

Compatible Platforms: Windows

  • CD Recovery Toolbox

CD Recovery Toolbox is a tool that enables users to recover data lost due to corrupted or damaged optical disks like CDs, Blu-ray discs, and DVDs. Once you select the drive with the disk and the target directory for recovered file storage, this recovery software for PC starts recovering all relevant files.

CD Recovery Toolbox Pros

  • Intuitive interface
  • Data recovery process report
  • Can detect lack of free space
  • Support for recovering large files (4GB+)

CD Recovery Toolbox Cons: Not built for recovery from portable media drives and hard drives.

CD Recovery Toolbox Pricing: It is a free file recovery software to download and use.

Compatible Platforms: Windows

  • iBeesoft Data Recovery

ibeesoft data recovery

iBeesoft Data Recovery software allows users to restore files lost due to manual errors, virus attacks, drive formatting, and numerous other scenarios.

It is one of the best data recovery software to repair corrupted images and videos. Not just SSD/ HDD, you can also recover data from drone cameras, camcorders, USB flash drives, and over a thousand other storage devices.

iBeesoft Data Recovery Pros

  • Support for 1000+ file types
  • Preview option for text files & images
  • Export scan status
  • Support for 20+ languages

iBeesoft Data Recovery Cons: Recovery process can be slow at times.

iBeesoft Data Recovery Pricing: It has a free version for up to 2GB recovery. Yearly subscription starts at INR 4574.45/ PC for personal use.

Compatible Platforms: Windows, Mac.

  • PhotoRec

PhotoRec is a free data recovery software for image and file recovery from CD-ROMs, hard disks, digital camera, and the like when the file system is damaged or reformatted.

It is important for the software to recognize file extension for recovery procedure to begin. You can easily locate the desired files by using an extension-based sorting script.

PhotoRec Pros

  • Custom signature creation for lesser-known files
  • Support for 480 file extensions
  • Data recovery confirmation
  • Duplicate file removal

PhotoRec Cons: Text-based user interface.

PhotoRec Pricing: It is free and open source data recovery software.

Compatible Platforms: Free data recovery software for Mac, Windows, Linux.

  • Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery enables the retrieval of files lost due to crashed system, bad drive sectors, formatted partitions, emptied trash, etc. During scan and recovery, all new media get added to the display automatically with refresh feature. The paid versions also ensure hard drive health monitoring, CD/DVD recovery, batch photo/video repairing, and more. 

Stellar Data Recovery Pros

  • Customizable search 
  • Preview before save 
  • BitLocker data recovery 
  • Support for 300+ file types 

Stellar Data Recovery Cons: File recovery for lost partition not available in free version.

Stellar Data Recovery Pricing: You can recover 1GB data for free. Paid version starts at INR 2,999/ 30 days for individuals.

Compatible Platforms: Windows, Mac.

  • Advanced Disk Recovery

Advanced Disk Recovery gives users the option to perform quick or deep scans to restore data which is lost from their storage location in partitions, hard drives, CD/DVDs, and removable drives.

The loss can be a result of system crash, accidental deletion, and other similar factors. For large files, you can pause the recovery session in between and resume it later.

Advanced Disk Recovery Pros

  • Review before recovery
  • Auto-backup
  • Scan filters with parameters like size, time, date, etc.
  • Speed optimization for scanning

Advanced Disk Recovery Cons: Preview not in the evaluation option.

Advanced Disk Recovery Pricing: You can download it for free. It is priced at INR 4600 for further use.

Compatible Platforms: Windows

  • Recoverit Free

recoverit wondershare

Recoverit allows users to easily recover corrupted images and videos from floppy disks, video players, SSD, hard drive, music players, and many more. You get both quick and advanced repair modes for video recovery.

A newbie wizard is available to guide beginners through the recovery process if they get stuck with this free data recovery software.

Recoverit Pros

  • Low memory usage
  • Support for 1000+ file formats
  • File-type based filter
  • Preview before recovery

Recoverit Cons: Batch file repairs not in free version.

Recoverit Pricing: Free version has a recovery limit of 100MB data. After a free trial, the paid version starts at INR 5342.58/ year.

Compatible Platforms: Windows, Mac.

  • iBoysoft

iBoysoft recovery tool is an easy-to-use option for both beginners and professionals that comes with advanced scanning algorithms for data restoration.

This is one of the best data recovery software that offers different recovery modules to users for them to select the one they need before the scanning process begins. You can recover files from SD cards, digital cameras, SSDs, hard drives, memory cards, etc.

iBoysoft Pros

  • Support for 1000+ file formats
  • BitLocker Data Recovery
  • Pre-recovery filters like extension and name
  • Save/ load scan session

iBoysoft Cons: Lack of portable options.

iBoysoft Pricing: You can recover up to 1GB data for free. Paid version starts at INR 5338.03/ PC/ year.

Compatible Platforms: Windows, Mac.

  • Glarysoft File Recovery

glarysoft disk speedup

Glarysoft File Recovery allows restoration of data lost due to crashes, accidental deletion, viruses, and more. It has a user-friendly interface and allows partition-based scanning to recover files whose location is not known. You can also recover encrypted, compressed, or fragmented files on NTFS (New Technology File System).

Glarysoft File Recovery Pros

  • Preview option
  • Automatic sorting based on file size, name, date, etc.
  • Scan pause option
  • Analyze recovery possibilities

Glarysoft File Recovery Cons: Lack of portable version.

Glarysoft File Recovery Pricing: There is a free version of this data recovery software. Pricing for pro version starts at INR 1520.36 for single use on one PC.

Compatible Platforms: Windows

  • Bplan Data Recovery

Bplan Data Recovery software offers multiple recovery modes like deep recovery, format recovery, and partition recovery to quickly recover different types of files.

Deep recovery can even restore data that is not possible in other recovery modes by bypassing the filesystem. This recovery file software for PC works for SD cards, USB flash drive, memory cards, external hard disks, etc.

Bplan Data Recovery Software Pros

  • Easy to operate
  • Support for 1000+ file formats
  • Preview search
  • Scan result export

Bplan Data Recovery Software Cons: Interface could be better developed.

Bplan Data Recovery software Pricing: It is available as free data recovery software.

Compatible Platforms: Windows

  • SoftPerfect File Recovery

softperfect file recovery

SoftPerfect File Recovery tool allows users to restore accidentally deleted files from SD cards, USB flash drives, hard disks, and other such storage devices.

Once you install this recovery file software for PC in a separate location, you can store the retrieved data there without worrying about data loss again.

SoftPerfect File Recovery Pros

  • Portable version requires no installation
  • Search by file extension and name
  • Batch restoration
  • Easy to operate

SoftPerfect File Recovery Cons: Does not support CD/ DVD drive-based recovery.

Pricing: It is available as free data recovery software.

Compatible Platforms: Windows

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There are several software options for data recovery for different types of storage devices and file types. The best part is that you can try them for free. Even if you are not a computer expert, there are many options with a graphical user interface that can guide you step-by-step.

You can choose from any of the options listed in this blog to get started with your recovery process. If you want online data recovery free, you can go to sites like datarecovery.com or recovermyfiles.com.


  1. What is the best free unlimited data recovery software?

    Some of the best free unlimited data recovery software are Test Disk Data Recovery, Windows File Recovery, and PhotoRec.

  2. What is the best free data recovery software for android?

    The best free data recovery software options for Android include EaseUS, MiniTool Recovery, and Disk Drill Data Recovery software.

  3. What is the best free data recovery software for windows 7?

    The best free data recovery software options for Windows 7 are GlarySoft File Recovery, Recuva, and FreeUndelete.

  4. How does data recovery software work?

    Data recovery software uses scanning algorithms to find files based on the pre-set parameters that have been set by users. The relevant files with severed logical links due to lost metadata that are physically still present and have not been overwritten are displayed to the user. User chooses the desired file and saves it post recovery.

  5. How can I recover my data for free?

    You can use a data recovery software option compatible with your operating system and one that supports the recovery of the type of file from the kind of storage device you want. Examples include iBeeSoft Data Recovery, Stellar Data Recovery, and Wise Data Recovery.

  6. How do I recover permanently deleted files?

    Many data recovery software enable restoration of the permanently deleted files from Recycle Bin. Options to choose from include Recoverit and Disk Drill.

  7. Does data recovery software really work?

    Yes, a genuine data recovery software will work to recover the type of data it is built for, given that the content has not been overwritten in the storage area.

  8. Is data recovery software safe?

    Yes, given that you select a trustworthy recovery software. Any unknown developer or outdated app might infect your system and result in complete loss of your data.

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