11 Best Free Backup Software for Windows and Mac in 2024

11 Best Free Backup Software for Windows and Mac in 2024-feature image
April 17, 2024 11 Min read

Summary: Let’s take a look at the best free backup software for Windows and Mac. We make it effortless to safeguard your important data by showcasing the most reliable and user-friendly tools out there. No matter if you’re a professional in the corporate world or simply a home user, our extensive list will assist you in discovering the ideal backup solution.

In today’s digital age, where our lives are increasingly dependent on technology, the importance of backing up our valuable data cannot be overstated. Whether it’s personal documents and photos or critical business files, any unexpected loss can lead to devastating consequences.

Fortunately, there is a wide array of free backup software available for both Windows and Mac users that can help safeguard our information and provide peace of mind.

Let’s explore the best free backup software options for Windows and Mac online. These tools offer a range of features to ensure your data is securely backed up and easily recoverable in case of any mishap or disaster.




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₹ 1800.00 excl. GST

What Is the Use of Backup Software?

Backup software is a tool that allows users to create copies of their important data and store them securely. It is necessary in case of any unforeseen events like hardware failure, accidental deletion, or even natural disasters.

With the advent of free online backup software, protecting your valuable files has become easier than ever.

The primary purpose of backup software is to provide peace of mind by ensuring that your data remains safe and accessible at all times.


Keka HR


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₹ 6999.00 excl. GST

11 Best Free Backup Software for Windows and Mac in 2024

Whether you’re a Windows user or a Mac enthusiast, having reliable backup software at your disposal is crucial to ensure the safety and security of your valuable files. Luckily, there’s no shortage of free backup software options available. Let’s look at them:

  • pCloud: Best for Large Files

Pcloud free data backup tool



Starting Price

$ 49.99      

pCloud is a highly secure cloud storage platform that ensures your data is encrypted and can be accessed on any device. It offers unbeatable security and allows you to collaborate with your friends on files, as well as send and receive them. Additionally, pCloud also offers features such as remote upload, auto syncing, and more.

Features of pCloud

  1. Multi-layer data protection
  2. Syncs your files for easy uploading
  3. Built-in media viewers
  4. Easy team collaboration

Pros and Cons of pCloud


  • Easily backs up data from Google Drive, OneDrive Facebook, etc.
  • With file management capabilities, you can easily preview and version your documents
  • Automatic upload of your camera roll


  • Many features are not available in free version
  • Up to 10 GB of storage space for free version

Platform: Supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: pCloud paid plan starts at $4.99 per year.

  • Internxt: Value for Money

Internxt tool for free data backup

Internxt is a cloud storage service that prioritizes user control over their data. It is fully encrypted, open-source, and ensures modern, ethical, and enhanced security for cloud backups. The service guarantees the utmost safety and privacy by encrypting all files and distributing them across Internxt’s decentralized network.




Starting Price

€ 1.49  

Features of Internxt

  1. Offers Internxt Drive to store your data
  2. Supports AES-256 encryption
  3. Frictionless workflows to boost productivity
  4. Shared links for backups

Pros and Cons of Internxt


  • Has a simple, well-designed, and easy to use interface
  • Lightning-fast uploads and downloads


  • Lacks collaboration features
  • No file versioning feature

Platform: Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS devices.

Free Trial: Yes, with 10gb of free storage

Pricing: Internxt paid plan starts at $0.99 per month or $10.68 per year.

  • Google Backup and Sync: Best for Mobile and Basic Backup Needs

Google Backup and Sync Best for mobile and basic backup needs

Google Backup and Sync seamlessly synchronize files with Google Drive for easy cloud access. With its intuitive interface, it ensures quick backups of large files. You can access your files from anywhere using your smartphone.

Features of Google Backup and Sync

  1. In-built malware and spam protection
  2. Easy collaboration and integration
  3. Inbuilt Google Search feature

Pros and Cons of Google Backup and Sync

  • Easy cloud backup
  • Syncs with G Suite apps
  • Access back files on your smartphone
  • Runs only with internet connection
  • It has daily upload limit of 750 GB

Platform: Windows and macOS

Free Trial: Yes, with 15GB of storage

Pricing: Paid plan starts at $12 monthly with 2TB data storage.

  • Cobian Backup: Best for FTP Backups

Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup is a free software tool that is both powerful and versatile. It is designed to make data backup easy and efficient. With its advanced features, users can securely back up their files and folders in different locations, such as FTP and network systems.

Cobian Backup ensures secure data protection with its strong encryption and support for incremental and differential backups.

Features of Cobian Backup

  1. Automates backup and restore process
  2. Offers built-in file compressors
  3. Backs up data on hard drive or in the cloud

Pros and Cons of Cobian Backup

  • Strong encryption
  • Free for both commercial and personal uses
  • Backup at multiple locations like cloud, local, hard disks, at the same time
  • Only available on Windows

Supported Platforms: Windows

Free Trial: N/A

Pricing: ConianSoft is a freeware software.

  • MiniTool ShadowMaker: Best for Disk and System Backup

MiniTool ShadowMaker free backup software

MiniTool ShadowMaker is the perfect solution for protecting your data. This software allows you to easily create secure backups for PCs, workstations, and servers. You can confidently schedule automatic system backups and effortlessly restore data whenever necessary.

Features of MiniTool Shadowmaker

  1. Threat protection against malware
  2. Automatic file syncing
  3. Supports file synchronization and incremental backups
  4. Offers Disc cloning for more backup security

Pros and Cons of MiniTool Shadowmaker

  • Sets automatic backup with easy backup scheduling
  • With this tool, you can encrypt backup images
  • Beginners finds this tool a little complicated

Platform: Windows

Free Trial: N/A

Pricing: MiniTool ShadowMaker will cost you around $210

  • IBackup: Best for Cloud and Server Backup

iBackup Free Tool for Backup

IBackup offers a range of backup options, such as open file, system state, and running servers, to ensure the safety of your important data.

The user-friendly web Interface of IBackup efficiently handles files and enables data sharing. It also provides secure local backups, supports major servers, offers automatic scheduling, data compression, and encryption.

Features of IBackup

  1. Unlimited device backup to a single account
  2. Compatibility with MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, Hyper-V, MS SharePoint Server, and Oracle Server
  3. Automated scheduling, data compression, and encryption for effortless management
  4. Supports file versioning for easy data recovery

Pros and Cons of IBackup

  • Files securely protected with 256-bit AES encryption
  • Available on Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Supports multiple languages
  • No free personal data storage option, only paid option available
  • Does not support online streaming

Platform: Windows and MacOS

Free Trial: N/A

Pricing: Starts at $9.95 per month.

  • EaseUS Todo: Best for System and File Cloning

easeus todo backup dashboard

EaseUS Todo backup software is easy to use and has many important features. It can quickly and easily backup and restore your operating system and device data using offline or cloud storage. It also offers bootable backups and flexible scheduling options to ensure peace of mind when it comes to protecting your critical data.

Features of EaseUS Todo

  1. You can choose between local and cloud backup
  2. Backup scheduling option
  3. Offers both incremental and differential backup
  4. Offers disk partition

Pros and Cons of EaseUS ToDo

  • Single-click backup and restore option
  • Outlook and Gmail backups available
  • Annoying ads in free version
  • Customer support can get better

Platform: Mac and Windows

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: EaseUs Todo will cost you around $40

  • FBackup: Best for Professional Backups

FBackup Tool

FBackup offers various features for creating multiple backup files, saving different versions, etc. You can choose to back up your data on network drives or Google Drive to ensure its security.

Whether you need local or network backup, mirror backup, or online backup, this free software is suitable for both commercial and noncommercial purposes.

Features of FBackup

  1. Offers plugins for game saves, email data backup, etc.
  2. Supports ZIP64
  3. Offers Mirror and Online backups
  4. It can detect and protects against ransomware

Pros and Cons of FBackup

  • Easily backup your data on Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Automatic backup scheduling
  • Offers multiple backup destinations like Cloud, Disc, Hard Drive, etc.
  • Lacks support for system restore
  • No cloning disc support

Platform: Windows

Free Trial: N/A

Price: It’s a free backup software

  • Windows Backup and Restore: Best for Creating System Images on Windows

Windows Backup and Restore

Back & Restore is an ideal free option for securing your files on Windows. This program allows you to easily make backups of crucial files and folders, guaranteeing their safety. Moreover, you can generate system images, ensuring smooth restoration of your whole system.

Features of Windows Backup and Restore

  1. Offers system image creation
  2. Supports both file and folder backup
  3. Offers enterprise-level security

Pros and Cons of Windows Backup and Restore

  • Efficient and reliable backup
  • Lightweight software
  • Only works with Windows OS

Supported Platform: Windows

Free Trial: N/A

Pricing: It’s a free backup software

  • ManageEngine Recovery Manager Plus: Best for Advanced and Automated Backups

Recovery Manager Plus

ManageEngine’s Recovery Manager Plus simplifies the process of scheduling backups for Office 365, AD, and Exchange systems. It guarantees that the most up-to-date data versions are automatically and incrementally backed up.

Additionally, users can set the retention period to automatically delete outdated backups. Furthermore, non-admin users can be given backup permissions, and the restoration process allows for previewing before finalizing the restoration.

Features of ManageEngine Recovery Manager Plus

  1. Supports incremental backups
  2. Offers file compression and encryption
  3. Ransomware detection and protection
  4. Easy deployment of the software

Pros and Cons of ManageEngine Recovery Manager Plus

  • You can export files in .pst format
  • Automated backup features
  • N/A

Supported Platform: Windows and MacOS

Free Trial: N/A

Pricing: Available on request

  • Paragon Backup & Recovery: Best for Disk Backups

Paragon Backup & Recovery

Paragon Backup & Recovery is a comprehensive data management toolkit designed to make backups and recovery easy and secure. It allows you to back up your entire computer or choose specific files and folders effortlessly.

You can also schedule backups and let the software take care of the rest. Additionally, it offers CD or USB-based recovery to retrieve your data.

Features of Paragon Backup & Recovery

  1. Performs both sector and file-level backups
  2. Corrupted file or malware detection
  3. Supports disk partition
  4. Wizard-based setup

Pros and Cons of Paragon Backup & Recovery

  • Schedules your backups
  • Offers both manual and automatic backups
  • No cloud storage

Supported Platforms: Windows and macOS

Free Trial: 30-day free trial

Pricing: Paid plan starts at $99 per year.

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Comparison Table for Testing

ToolsTesting Tool Best For Each IndustryPricingRatingUpdated PricingUpdated Pricing
SeleniumIndustry-standard for web application testingOpen-source platform4.4Open-source platformOpen-source platform
AppiumMobile application automationOpen-source platform4Open-source platformOpen-source platform
Katalon StudioUser-friendly integrated test automation solutionStarts from $208/month4.2Starts from $208/monthStarts from $208/month
TestCompletePowerful and feature-rich automated testing tool.Starts from $1940/month4.1Starts from $1940/monthStarts from $1940/month
CucumberDriven Development (BDD)Starts at $32/month5Starts at $32/monthStarts at $32/month
RanorexEfficient and effective desktop and mobile automationAvailable on request3Available on requestAvailable on request
MicroFocusEnterprise-level testing tool with comprehensive featuresAvailable on request4.7Available on requestAvailable on request
Tricentis ToscaAccelerate testing across the entire software development lifecycleAvailable on request3.9Available on requestAvailable on request
Robot FrameworkOpen-source, flexible, and extensible test automationFree to use4Free to useFree to use
WatirSimple and lightweight Ruby library for web automationAvailable on request4Available on requestAvailable on request
Test StudioIntuitive and efficient for automated testingStarts at $24994.8Starts at $2499Starts at $2499
LambdaTestCloud-based cross-browser testing platformStarts at $19/month4.9Starts at $19/monthStarts at $19/month
SoapUIComprehensive API testing tool for REST and SOAPAvailable on request4.3Available on requestStarts at $19/month
ApplitoolsAI-powered visual testing and monitoring platformAvailable on request4.2Available on requestStarts at $19/month
PerfectoCloud-based testing for web and mobile appsStarts at $99/month4Starts at $99/monthStarts at $19/month
CypressEnd-to-end testing made easyStarts from $75/month5Starts from $75/monthStarts at $19/month

Conclusion: Which is the Best Free Backup Software to Use

After comparing different backup options and software tools, you can now decide on the most suitable choice that fulfills your requirements. For those seeking simple and effective backup and restore software, options like Cobian Backup, Google Backup and Sync, and Windows Backup and Restore tools are available.

On the other hand, businesses should opt for software systems with advanced backup features such as Internxt, IBackup, MiniTool Shadowmaker and Paragon Backup & Recovery. FBackup is also an excellent application that caters to both individuals and businesses, and it is free to use.

FAQs Related to Free Backup Software

  1. Which is the best free backup software?

    Determining the best free backup software depends on individual needs and preferences. You can look for options like EaseUS Todo Backup, Paragon Backup and Recovery, FBackup, and Cobian Backup to find the one that suits your backup requirements.

  2. Which is the best free backup software for mac?

    Currently, there’s no free backup software for Mac users. However, you can use Time Machine as a reliable built-in backup solution.

  3. Which is the best free backup software for windows?

    FBackup, Cobian Backup, Windows Backup and Restore are some of the best backup software for Windows. These tools are absolutely free and help you to create backups with ease.

  4. Which is the best free backup software to external hard drives?

    EaseUS Todo Backup Free and Cobian Backup are excellent options for backing up data to external hard drives because they offer user-friendly interfaces, essential features, and reliable performance without any cost.

  5. What is the best free system backup software?

    FBackup and MiniTool ShadowMaker are considered the best free system backup software due to their user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, reliable performance, and efficient backup capabilities. They offer reliable protection for critical data and system files.

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