Different Types of Commvault Backup Solutions To Secure Data

Different Types of Commvault Backup Solutions To Secure Data-feature image
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Commvault offers different backup and recovery solutions that ensure data availability of your workloads on on-premises and cloud environments.

Now you no longer need to invest in expensive data loss scenarios, missing recovery SLAs, segregated data silos, and inefficient scaling. No matter, wherever your business data resides, one data backup, Commvault can protect it all.

Commvault backup services ensure that your business can easily return to its normal functioning even after facing a major data loss through Commvault’s right planning, support, and implementation.

Let’s understand what data recovery and backup types are offered by Commvault Metallic, what platforms and applications they support, and why your business should choose them.

Types of Backup Solutions in Commvault

  1. Metallic® VM & Kubernetes Backup

This is a BaaS solution created for businesses that have a hybrid cloud environment. This is a cloud native solution that supports container data and VM, while offering total protection, recovery, and backup for your workloads on both on- premises and the cloud.

Why Choose Metallic® VM & Kubernetes Backup?

  • Offers unmatched flexibility to provide backup, protection, and recovery for your virtualized data, covering all the deployments from cloud native to on premises
  • Facilitates hassle free management of all deployments, be it, on premises, hybrid, or cloud from a centralized intuitive interface
  • Recommends some of the best practice actions to ensure that you have no doubt about your data protection whatsoever
  • Provides ultimate security with at- rest & in- flight encryption, GDPR compliance, SAML authentication, unparalleled protection against ransomware
  • Backup of applications and snapshots for optimum performance
  • Provides ransomware protection with air gapped copies and anomaly detection

Supported Applications & Platforms by Metallic® VM & Kubernetes Backup

  • Hypervisors: Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware
  • Cloud: Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Azure VMware Solution, VMware Cloud on AWS, Amazon EC2
  • Kubernetes: RedHat OpenShift, Azure Kubernetes Service, VMware Tanzu, etc.
  • On-Premises Storage: Commvault Distributed Storage, NetApp E-Series, Hitachi – HNAS, VSP, HCP, etc.

Pricing for Metallic® VM & Kubernetes Backup: ₹6838.69 per VMs, 10 pack/ month onwards

  1. Metallic® Endpoint Backup

This type of backup covers all of the businesses’ bases with endpoint protection. Moreover, it also offers unlimited & scalable storage, and flexible & granular restore to protect your data. This enables you to be prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.

Why Choose Metallic® Endpoint Backup?

  • Identify unusual file access patterns with periodic document encryption, back data isolation, remote wipe, anomaly detection, and more
  • Facilitate rapid data recovery with metadata search, granular, and point in time restores
  • Employees can access self service tools to search & restore files by themselves to reduce the burden and dependency on IT teams
  • Enables you to create a silent backup of data from your desktop or laptop without affecting user productivity
  • Receive alerts and reports regarding the health of your backups
  • Ensure your laptop data security with geo location, secure erase, encryption, and other functions.

Supported Applications & Platforms by Metallic® Endpoint Backup

  • Operating Systems: Windows, macOS, Linus, Ubuntu

Pricing for Metallic® Endpoint Backup: Price On Request

  1. Metallic® Database Backup

Metallic® Database Backup

The Metallic® Database Backup protects your database across multi- cloud environments from ransomware and other related threats. It comes with integration capabilities for native tools and allows users to experience hassle free management and control through self service options.

Why Choose Metallic® Database Backup?

  • Offers flexible storage options that help in speedy recovery and ensure that you are covered from every angle
  • Complete protection for structured data, irrespective of whether it is running on cloud or on- premises
  • Write active backup copies on on-premises and secondary copies on cloud

Supported Applications & Platforms by Metallic® Database Backup

  • Enterprise Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle RAC, SAP HANA, etc.
  • On-Premises Storage: Pure Storage Flash Array, Commvault Hyperscale X, Commvault Distributed Storage, Commvault Backup and more
  • Cloud Native Databases: Azure Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Oracle Database Cloud Services, and more

Pricing for Metallic® Database Backup: ₹6838.69 per TB/ month onwards

  1. Metallic® Salesforce Backup

Metallic® Office 365 Backup enables users to create automated and hassle free backups of their Salesforce data. It provides comprehensive coverage of Salesforce data that includes files, content, custom objects, seed data, hierarchal relationships, and more.

Why Choose Metallic® Salesforce Backup?

  • Accelerate user productivity by managing all the functions from one interface like restoring records, protecting multiple production orgs, populating sandbox environments, etc.
  • Safeguard data from corruption, deletion, cumbersome exports, manual attacks, lengthy windows refreshes, etc.
  • No limitations for recycle bins for long term data retention
  • Facilitates automated daily data backups without any manual user intervention
  • Offers unlimited storage with lightweight SaaS delivery

Supported Applications, Editions & Environments by Metallic® Salesforce Backup

  • Applications: Sales, Health, Service, and Financial Cloud
  • Editions: Lightning Performance, Developer, Unlimited & Enterprise
  • Environments: Production and Sandbox

Pricing for Metallic® Salesforce Backup: Price On Request

  1. Metallic® Office 365 Backup

Metallic® Office 365 Backup provides comprehensive protection to your OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange Online, and Teams applications. It helps in safeguarding your business data from ransomware attacks, corruption, and deletion.

Why Choose Metallic® Office 365 Backup?

  • Allows users to create unlimited backups with unlimited retention and Azure storage
  • Enables you to quickly recover from data attacks and easily locate active and deleted data
  • Offers multi- layered security with zero trust access controls, stringent security protocols, and virtual air- gapped backup copies.
  • Allows you to create automated backups on a daily basis

Supported Applications & Platforms Metallic® Office 365 Backup

  • Applications: Office 365 SharePoint, Office 365 Exchange Online, and Office 365 OneDrive
  • Storage: Microsoft Azure Blob

Pricing for Metallic® Office 365 Backup: Price On Request

  1. Metallic® Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Metallic® Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commvault Backup

Metallic® Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to enjoy complete control over how you recover and find your CRM data. Users can easily restore data to new and original locations or even go back to specific versions and points-in-time.

Why Choose Metallic® Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365?

  • Multiple data recovery options that include point-in-time, direct-to-protection, and item-level recovery options
  • Unlimited in- built retention and Azure storage
  • Creates automated backups without any user intervention on a daily basis

Supported Applications & Platforms by Metallic® Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Applications: Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, and Field Service CRM
  • Storage Options: Microsoft Azure Blob – Hot, Archive, and Cool Storage
  • Environments: Sandbox and Production

Pricing for Metallic® Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365: ₹213 per user, per month onwards

  1. Metallic® File & Object Backup

Metallic® File & Object Backup

Metallic® File & Object Backup is a simple yet powerful backup for enterprises. It comes with an unmatched flexibility that will rightly suit your growing unstructured data requirements and a shrinking budget.

Why Choose Metallic® File & Object Backup

  • Allows users to access role- based controls along with SAML and SSO authentication
  • Provides protection to all the data on on-premises file servers to storage on cloud native platform
  • Enjoy the best combination of BaaS along with hybrid cloud storage
  • Protects against ransomware using air gapped copies and anomaly detection

Supported Applications & Platforms by Metallic® File & Object Backup

  • File Systems: Linux/ UNIX, Microsoft Windows Server
  • Object Storage: Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, OCI Object Storage
  • On-Premises Storage: Pure Storage FlashArray, Commvault Distributed Storage, Dell EMC – DataDomain, Isilon, and more

Pricing for Metallic® File & Object Backup: ₹3461.18 per TB, per month onwards

  1. Metallic® Active Directory Backup

Metallic® Active Directory Backup provides identity & access management protection with a Metallic subscription. It also offers flexible recovery options that allow users to recover damaged, misconfigured attributes, and missing data.

Why Choose Metallic® Active Directory Backup?

  • Turn- key protection offers dedicated coverage to AD attributes and objects that include group policy objects, OUs, app registrations, groups, users, and more.
  • Recover data with full fidelity and granular recovery options
  • Receive real time insights into abnormal behavior, at- risk datasets, and other suspicious events
  • Complete hassle-free maintenance required for SaaS deployment

Supported Applications & Platforms by Metallic® Active Directory Backup

  • Active Directory: Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Active Directory
  • Storage Targets: Azure Blob Storage, Amazon S3, Oracle Cloud Storage (OCI), NetApp E Series, HPE – VSP, HNAS, HCP, ad more

Pricing for Metallic® Active Directory Backup: Price On Request

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