10 Best Online Subtitle Translator Tools for Android, PC & Mac

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Video creation and editing require significant effort. Whether the videos are created for teaching on websites, promoting a product, training employees, or posting on social media platforms, the aim of the creator is to ensure high engagement. This is where subtitles come in.

No matter what the native language of your target audience is, you can get your point across through subtitles in their desired language. By increasing accessibility for a diverse audience, subtitles help in improving SEO rankings. Viewers and listeners can also consume content from different parts of the world by translating the subtitles to their native language on their own.

Even if you know the language, manually translating subtitles can be time consuming. Hiring subtitle translators can be expensive. Transcription tools can convert speech to text but only in the originally spoken language.

Subtitle translator tools can save time and help in ensuring global content accessibility by translating subtitles from one language to another. This blog discusses some of the best subtitle translator software that can be used by content creators and audience to convert subtitles available in one language to another.

Subtitle Translator Overview

A subtitle translator translates the written text subtitles generated from a given video or audio content to another language as per the user’s requirements.

For videos, online subtitle translator app allows users to upload the transcribed text and convert it to another language for embedding it in the finally uploaded video. If you have audio content such as podcasts, you can generate translated subtitles and use them to create videos.

An automatic app can also be used when you want all language movies download to be accessible. This way, you can watch English movies with subtitles app to understand the content without the dubbed version.

How to Translate and Edit Subtitles Online?

You can use subtitle translator apps to translate and edit subtitles. Some of the translator apps are based on Google Translate or Microsoft translator. Other tools may use custom artificial intelligence (AI). If you are programmer, you can use command line tools also.

If you want to know how to translate subtitle language, the common steps in online tools are:

  • Upload your subtitle file in the online subtitle translator app. Some apps also allow users to upload audio or video first for auto transcription to generate a subtitle file.
  • Select the original language of subtitles and the language that you want the translation in.
  • Choose Translate option.
  • The translation process will continue depending on the file size and tool used.
  • You can manually edit the file if some corrections are required. Some apps also provide text styling options.
  • Save, export, download, or share the file depending on the options available.

If you embed the subtitles in a video and want to watch it on mobile, you can use a subtitle player for Android or iOS.

Best Online Subtitle Translator Apps for Android, PC & Mac

Web-based or online subtitle translator apps work on different systems like Android, PC and Mac without any installation requirements. Hence, there is no need to download subtitle apps on any device. Some of the best subtitle translator software tools to convert the subtitles from their original language to another are:

  • SubtitleBee

SubtitleBee is an AI-enabled tool for transcription and translation of video content. If there are any corrections required, you can edit the text. You can also customize the subtitle styles with different fonts and colors.

SubtitleBee auto subtitling tool can be used to translate YouTube video to English subtitles for videos in Indian languages. This subtitles translation tool allows you to delete the content from servers of this video subtitle translator whenever you want to ensure privacy.

SubtitleBee Features

  • Intuitive interface
  • Subtitles translate in Hindi, Bengali, and other 100+ languages
  • Download in formats like SRT, VTT, ASS, TXT, etc.
  • Sharing option

SubtitleBee Pros and Cons

Supports 120+ Languages
AI based audio transcription
Video import from URL
Doesn’t have the option to translate directly from subtitle file (SRT, ASS, SUB)

SubtitleBee Pricing: You can opt for Starter, Premium, or Business plan to get subtitle translation. Pricing starts at INR 650 per month.

  • VEED.io


VEED allows users to translate subtitles present in audio, video, or SRT files. If you do not have subtitles available, you can transcribe them in English before translation. You can also paste the URL link in the editor field or type the subtitles yourself. VEED subtitles allows you to edit subtitles and make the changes you want before the final download.

VEED.io Features

  • Translation in different languages like French and Portuguese
  • Auto transcription
  • Download files in VTT, SRT, or TXT format
  • Edit multiple subtitle language tracks at once

VEED.io Pros and Cons

Supports both video and subtitle file translation
Multiple language translate output
Great translation quality
No free version or trial
Slightly expensive

VEED.io Pricing: You can choose from Pro or Enterprise versions of this movie subtitle translator. Pricing of this language translator and video player starts at INR 599/ month/ user when billed annually.

  • Flixier Online Subtitle Translator

Flixier is an AI-powered tool for the generation and translation of subtitles for video content. You can easily generate synced subtitles for voiceover videos. It provides options to edit the text, colors, and fonts of your subtitles before saving them in your desired format.

You can also collaborate with your team members before publishing the final content. It is ideal for translating YouTube videos to English subtitles.

Flixier Features

  • Auto subtitle transcription
  • Subtitles translate in Hindi, Urdu, and 70+ languages
  • Save in TXT, SUB, SRT, or VTT format
  • Google Fonts Integration

Flixier Pros and Cons

Allows manual adjustment
Generates and translates subtitle for video
Supports 30+ Languages including Hindi
Users can only embed the translated subtitle in video

Flixier Pricing: You can translate subtitles for 10 minutes/ month without any cost. Pricing starts at INR 1,131.56 per editor per month.

  • Subly

Subly subtitles

Subly automatic subtitle translator generates captions and translates them to the required languages for both audio and video content. You can change color, font, position, and text of the subtitles in this subtitle app.

Subly subtitles app also allows you to convert audio files to videos by adding images and branding them. This is one of the best subtitle translation software and translations can be used for employee training, social media posting, ads, etc.

Subly Features

  • Translation in 67+ languages
  • Bulk files upload
  • Save styles as templates for reuse
  • Export in VRT, SRT, TXT format

Subly Pros and Cons

Generate and translate subtitle from video/audio
Bulk Upload from URL 
Expansive compared to other translators

Subly Pricing: You get a 7-day free trial of this movie subtitle translator. You can opt for the Premium or Business plan to get automatic subtitle translation. Pricing starts at INR 2355.76/ month.

  • DeskDub

DeskDub AI-enabled tool transcribes the audio or video that you upload and lets you translate the text in different languages. This is one of the best subtitle translation software for uploading video and audio formats like mov, mp4, avi, and mkv, and mp3. You can review and edit the translation before downloading subtitles.

DeskDub Features

  • Simple interface
  • Translation in 50+ languages like German and French
  • Download in hardsub (MP4), MKV or SRT format
  • Restricted content access for security

DeskDub Pros and Cons

Generate and translate subtitle from video/audio
Bulk Upload from URL
Expensive compared to other translators

DeskDub Pricing: The auto subtitling service is priced at about INR 18.94/ minute.

  • Moovly

moovly app

Moovly is an AI-powered video creation and subtitling platform. It allows users to generate automatic subtitles and translate them into the language of their choice. The tool also provides font and background color options to make the text more appealing.

You can create multiple subtitle tracks in different languages and use them for individual videos. The text-to-speech option in this subtitle app works great for voiceovers in videos.

Moovly Features

  • Translate in 100+ languages
  • Automatic transcription in 30+ languages
  • Google Translate integration
  • Export CSV, SRT, or XLIFF format

Moovly Pros and Cons

Google supported translation
Quick AI based transcription and translation
Inbuilt Subtitle embedding option 
No option to upload and convert subtitle outside video editor
Slightly Complex user interface

Moovly Pricing: You can opt for Max, EduMax or Enterprise version of this language translator and video player. Pricing starts at INR 1574.15 per month when billed annually for EduMax plan.

  • Nova AI

Nova AI provides automatic transcription and translation services for both audio and video content. The content is analysed to provide high accuracy in translation and is useful for repurposing. You can easily navigate through the translated text in the subtitles panel and edit it as per your need.

Nova AI Features

  • Intuitive interface
  • Translation in 40+ languages including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil
  • Download in .TXT/ .SRT format
  • File sharing option

Nova AI Pros and Cons

97% accurate translation
Translate from any language to 65+ languages
Quick edit and subtitle sync feature 
The free plan allows a maximum 30 min subtitle translation

Nova AI Pricing: You can sign up for its free plan with limited features. Pricing for the Basic paid plan starts at INR 757.91/ month.

  • Type Studio

Type Studio Online Subtitle Translator

Type Studio tool enables users to translate video subtitles by dragging and dropping videos online. Once you select the language of video recording, you can generate subtitles in different available languages.

It helps edit the text if you need to make changes. You can save or download the rendered videos too. This subtitle translator tool allows you to post the translated text on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Type Studio Features

  • Translation in 30+ languages including Bengali and Korean
  • Video to Article feature for multiple translations in blog videos
  • Download in SRT/ VTT format
  • Mobile support

Type Studio Pros and Cons

Quick and accurate translation
Multiple import and export formats
No free trial for premium version
Doesn’t support video embedded subtitle translation

Type Studio Pricing: Sign up is free. You must opt for Pro or Team plan to get subtitle translation feature. Pricing starts at INR 1519.53 per month.

Best Free Online Subtitle Translators

Here are some completely free online captions translators

  • Subtitles Translator

Subtitles Translator is one of the best free translator online websites that lets users translate texts in different subtitle files into as many as 10 languages at once.

If you do not have a subtitle file, you can create subtitles for any video in the language you know and then upload it for translation. You can edit the text, start time, and end time in the translated file. You can also convert the subtitle file from its existing format to another with this online subtitle translator.

Subtitles Translator Features

  • Translation in 80+ languages
  • Support for 6 file formats (srt, stl, vtt, ass, sub, sbv)
  • Bulk upload & translation (up to 20 files/ 1MB)
  • Review files before translation

Subtitles Translator Pros and Cons

Supports all major languages
Translate up to 20 subtitle files
Subtitle converter and editor
Multiple language translator 
Supports maximum file size up to 1 MB
Doesn’t support video embedded subtitle translation

Subtitles Translator Pricing: This online subtitle translator is free. You can use it to translate videos to English subtitles for free.

  • Translate Subtitles

subtitle translator app

Translate Subtitles is one of the best free translator online websites that uses Google Translate for translating subtitles from one language to another. You can edit several subtitles simultaneously and save them for further editing later. After final editing, you have the option to convert the file to the desired format for downloading.

Translate Subtitles Features

  • Translation in multiple languages including Bengali, Chinese, Arabic
  • Supports 6 file formats (srt, stl, vtt, ass, sub, sbv)
  • Bulk upload & translation (up to 20 files/ 1MB)
  • File sharing option

Translate Subtitles Pros and Cons

Directly Translate subtitle files with drag and drop
Batch translation
Inbuilt Editor
Convert translated files into multiple formats
Doesn’t translate video embedded subtitles

Translate Subtitles Pricing: This online subtitle translator is available for free to translate videos to English subtitles.


Subtitle translator that provides reliable automatic translation and manual editing option in the language you want. Depending on the nature of your work, you can opt for free or paid plans. Both options work great for all language movies download.

The subtitle translation tools mentioned here are available online and there is no need to download them. For mobile devices, you can install subtitle player for android or iOS to view the translated text.


  1. How can I translate subtitles online?

    You can use an online subtitle translation and editing tool like Veed, TypeStudio, or Subly.

  2. How can I translate subtitles to a movie?

    You can use a site like Subscene or Translate Subtitles to upload the text file and choose the language you want the subtitles for the movie in.

  3. What is the easiest way to translate subtitles?

    The easiest and fastest way to translate subtitles is by using automatic translation tools like Flixier, Subtitles Translator, or SubtitleBee.

  4. How do you translate subtitles on Google?

    There is no Google subtitle translator for videos directly. Many websites like Moovly and Translate Subtitles work on Google Translate. While Google Translator Toolkit is no longer available, you can combine Google’s speech to text API and translation API to create a Google subtitle translator tool.

  5. Can you translate an SRT file?

    Yes, most automatic subtitle translation tools accept SRT file format and allow download in SRT format too.

  6. How do I auto translate a video?

    You can use platforms like Moovly, Nova AI, and DeskDub to auto translate a video in the supported languages.

  7. Is there an app that can translate videos?

    Yes, there are apps like Veed and zTranslate that can be used to translate videos.

  8. Can Google translate videos?

    You can translate text displayed during videos in real time using Google Translate. You can use Google Translate based subtitle translators like Moovly for videos post transcription process.

  9. How do you translate a foreign video?

    First, get video subtitles in a foreign language from the creator or transcription tools. Then, upload the subtitles to an auto translation tool and choose the language you understand to start the translation process.

  10. How to translate your subtitles online into different languages?

    There are several online platforms like Translate Subtitles and Type Studio that you can use for translating your subtitles into different languages. There is no need to download subtitle app.

  11. What is the best free online subtitle translator?

    The best free online subtitle translator options are Translate Subtitles, Gnome Subtitles and Flixier.

  12. What is the best software for movie & video subtitle translation?

    The choice of the best software will depend on the language and accuracy level you want, within your budget range. Some options include DeskDub, Subly, SubtitleBee.

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