10 Best Free & Paid Contactless Attendance System in 2023

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January 19, 2023 Reviewed By : Megha Sharma .16 Min read

During the coronavirus pandemic, contactless attendance systems are a crucial factor to ensure a healthy and disease-free working environment.

In the past six months, a lot has changed regarding our personal and professional behaviour due to the ongoing pandemic. Specially the way employees function in their workspace has altered with social distancing and sanitization becoming the rules etched in stone.

The easiest way for coronavirus to spread is when a person touches a surface contaminated by an infected person. This means that offices around the country must let go of their fingerprint attendance machine.

Why is Attendance Punching Machine a Thing of The Past?

Attendance punching machine works when you press your finger against the scanner and it compares your fingerprint to the stored database to find a match. This is perhaps the biggest drawback of using an attendance punching system in the current scenario.

If a coronavirus infected person sneezes into their hand and then touches the biometric, the virus would be transferred to the scanner’s surface.

Estimates conclude that coronavirus stays on a surface for several hours. Therefore, all employees touching that infected scanner would run the risk of contracting the disease.

This is the reason state governments and private organisations such as google, Paytm and Dell are pressing for contactless attendance system. This is perhaps the biggest drawback of using an attendance punching system in the current scenario.

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Latest Technologies to Ensure Contactless Attendance System for Employees

There are several non contact attendance systems available to ensure that employees can mark their presence without physically coming in contact with any device or person. These are as follows:

  1. Facial recognition attendance system

This is a no touch attendance system in which the face of the employee is scanned to mark their attendance. By using such a non-contact facial recognition authentication system, admins can conduct facial scans and monitor the in and out time of employees and visitors.

  1. RFID based attendance system

In the RFID attendance system, RFID tags are used for identifying people. Each person is given a unique RFID tag and when they press their tag against the scanner, it compares the data on the tag with the database and automatically marks the person’s attendance. There is no need of any physical intervention with RFID attendance system.

  1. GPS based attendance system

In such an attendance system, the presence of an employee is marked on the basis of their location. This type of employee contactless attendance system makes use of GPS coordinates of the employee’s mobile device to ascertain whether an employee is present in the office or not.

Such an attendance system is also suitable for employees who are working from locations other than the office such as client sites.

  1. Iris Based Aadhaar Biometric Attendance

Iris based Aadhaar enables Biometric Attendance system has been developed by the government of India to record attendance of government employees. This Aadhar attendance system marks the presence of an employee by authenticating their Aadhar number. These Aadhar biometric attendance systems are installed across offices of central and state ministries and offer accurate and easy attendance management for government employees.

10 Best Contactless Attendance Systems in India for Covid 19

In the last few months, there has been a surge in the demand for employee contactless attendance systems. Here we present the top 9 touchless attendance systems which provide a safe method for employees to mark their presence.

  1. Incubsence

USP: Access cards on mobile phones for a touchless and contactless attendance system.

• Priced at around ₹ 41,298
• Tracking meeting rooms
• Checking history of employee transportation
• Automated sign-in for logging in entries

Incubsence touchless attendance systems have been developed and manufactured in India for providing no-touch attendance management.

Employees and visitors can download Incubsence mobile application and then tap their phones on the Incubsence employee attendance device installed at entry points for a touchless check-in.

rfid attendance system

Currently Incubsence no-touch attendance systems are being used by leading companies across the world such as Bosch, Brentagg, Canara HSBC and much more. The software functions well as an efficient employee attendance device.

Incubsence Employee Contactless Attendance System Features

  • Easy to use

This contactless access control system has an interactive interface, making it easy to use even for first time users.

  • Scratch Resistant design

Incubsence non contact attendance system has a scratch resistant surface and is also splash proof.

  • Compact design

This non-contact biometric attendance system has a compact body which makes it easier to install. Moreover, it consumes less power thus ascertaining its efficiency.

  • Mobile application

Incubsence contactless attendance system in India has an IncubXSSwagat app which facilitates easy sign in and sign out of employees as well as vendors and visitors.

  • Improved Admin controls

Incubsense, through Incubsense Shakti, provides better controls to Admins such as customizable dashboards and export of attendance records to readable formats such as PDF, DOC, Excel etc.

Contactless Attendance System Pricing:

Incubsence contactless time attendance is priced at ₹ 41,298.

  1. Truein Touchless Attendance System

USP: Touchless face recognition for employees & visitors

• Standard, Premium & Enterprise Plans Available
• Geo-Fenced Attendance for Remote Employees
• Mobile-Based Attendance & No Hardware Required
• AI Powered Face Recognition

Ensure 100 percent accurate attendance tracking with AI-powered Truein attendance tracking system. This contactless attendance system further ensures automated attendance policies and reports to ease operations.

Truein is a hardware-free attendance system, which requires only a smartphone to track the attendance of your remote or roaming staff.

Moreover, facilities like factories and warehouses where workers come in shifts, Truein, sustainable and no contact attendance system helps track their attendance accurately with geo-fencing.

Truein Touchless Attendance System Features

  • 100% Face Recognition Accuracy

Even when your employees or visitors are wearing a mask or are standing in a low-light condition.

  • Mobile & Tablet Based Entry

It does not require any hardware and runs easily on Android & iOS devices.

  • AI Powered Face Scanning

Powerful face scanning features to detect people with ageing skin.

  • Enterprise-Grade Data Security

Truein contactless attendance system provides stringent security features and data recovery system.

Truein Contactless Attendance Tracking System Pricing: The price is available on request at Techjockey.

  1. Vizitor Contactless Attendance App

USP: Occupancy monitoring for managing employee attendance.

• Starts at ₹ 1000 per month
• Health screening forms for assessing health status
• Photo captures for better security
• e-Pass systems
• Badge printing and host notifications

In today’s time, your employees’ security in office matters as much as their productivity. Managing your employees’ attendance in a contactless manner is one of the requisites to ensure security. Visitor contactless attendance system uses QR codes for active occupancy monitoring.

Your employees just need to scan a QR code from the Vizitor app on their phone to check-in the office premises.

Vizitor Contactless System App Features

  • COVID Mode

This mode helps with effective health screening of your employees to know if they are coming from a contaminated zone.

  • Contact Tracing

This feature helps in detecting if any of your employees come in contact with a visitor having COVID symptoms. 

  • Accurate Time Tracing

With Vizitor’s web dashboard, you can track the accurate check-in and check-out time of your employees, while going completely contactless visitor management system.

  • Live Occupancy Monitoring

Vizitor app as an employee attendance device helps prevent overcrowding in your office by sending alerts based on live occupancy monitoring.

  • Customized Employee Check-In

You can customize the health tracking questionnaire as per your business requirements to have a better screening of your employees.

Vizitor Contactless Attendance System Pricing: Following three paid plans are available-

  • Starter Plan at ₹ 1000/month
  • Premium for ₹ 2000/month
  • Enterprise plan’s price available on request
  1. LeewayHertz

USP: Detailed reports regarding employee’s attendance at the end of each day.

• RTSP enabled camera for face capturing
• Data for each check-in/checkout stored
• Integration with payroll processes

Leewayhertz is the best attendance system in covid, records sign in/sign out information of employees by capturing their face id. LeewayHertz AI facial recognition system makes use of RTSP technology to capture facial scans and compares those to the database to mark the attendance of employees.

touchless attendance system

LeewayHertz Contactless Attendance System Features

  • Convenient to use

Personnel from HR can quickly add full name of employees along with their facial details and employee id

  • Enhanced Dashboard

This AI facial recognition system automatically updates check in and check out time of the employee on the basis of their face image. This information can be accessed by the admins through the dashboard.

  • Better integration

This no touch attendance system can be easily integrated with payroll and other services of the HR department.

  • Minimum hardware required

There is no need to install new or special cameras for this contactless attendance system in India. It works fine with the existing cameras working on RTSP technology.

  • Monitoring employees’ productivity

With this non contact attendance system working on AI facial recognition, employers can monitor the productivity of their employees based on the number of hours spent in the office.

Touchless Attendance System Price:

Pricing details of this employee attendance device can be obtained by generating a formal request on the company’s official website.

  1. E-Gatepass

USP: Quick Show feature for accessing details of every visitor.

• SMS alerts to concerned people every time there is a new visitor
• Easy access to visitor’s data even at later dates
• Gate passes that also capture photos of visitors

E-Gatepass is a touch free attendance system developed for touchless check in and checkout by employees. This facial scan based touchless attendance system keeps a record of the check in and check out time of all employees as well visitors and sends alerts to the admins in case of any discrepancy.

Contactless access control

E-Gatepass Touchless Attendance System Features

  • Easy operability

This no touch attendance system can be easily used by first timers. It works equally well on the internet as it does on the company’s LAN.

  • Pre-registration of visitors

Using this non-contact biometric attendance system, users can enter details of a visitor before their arrival, thus saving time required for verification

  • Highly secure

This non contact attendance system is efficient at preventing unauthorized access and can be used by large corporations as well as small businesses.

  • Enhanced attendance management

This contactless access control system helps the HR department in maintaining employee attendance records. It also allows export of attendance reports in different formats such as PDF, Doc, Excel etc.

  • Improved functionality for employees

Employees can check their attendance by signing on to E-Gatepass web portal. Through that portal they can also send leave applications to their supervisors.

Attendance Monitoring System Pricing: E-Gatepass attendance system demo and pricing details available on Techjockey.com.

  1. Facetek

USP: Scanning biometric features for better surveillance.

• Face recognition for managing access controls
• Rapid authentication mechanism
• Login control systems

Facetek touchless attendance monitoring system is a cloud based contactless attendance system solution in India. Since it is cloud based, all the data regarding employee attendance is safely stored and there is minimum risk of breach.

Facetek touchless attendance software mark the employee attendance either through facial scan or through their mobile phones to specify their location.

Facetek Touch Free Attendance System Features

  • Secure access

This facial recognition authentication attendance system provides secure access to employees as it makes use of Microsoft service for face hosting and recognition.

  • Remote marking of attendance

Employees working from home or from client location can mark their attendance remotely by using Facetek mobile application.

  • Efficient performance

Facetek AI facial recognition system has better performance as compared to other attendance management systems due to its high FRR (False rejection rate) and low FAR (False acceptance rate).

  • Live detection

This contactless time attendance system can easily identify the difference between the picture of a person and a real person due to its live detection feature. This ensures that no unauthorized person can gain access.

  • 3D liveness detection

This no touch attendance system compares an employee’s 3D face map to their registered image at the time of authentication. If the two don’t match, then access is not granted.

  • Brick wall feature

Brick wall feature of this facial scan attendance system is useful for preventing access to people who might look similar to real employees as well as blocking bots or hackers from bypassing authentication.

Attendance Monitoring System Pricing: Facetek attendance system demo and pricing details of this contactless time attendance system is available on Techjockey.com

  1. Iris Touchless Attendance System

USP: Surface mounts for higher security.

• Available at a starting price of ₹ 925
• Configurable touchscreen
• RFID technology
• Enrollment at terminals for quick access

Iris touchless attendance system allows employees and visitors to mark their presence without touching any device or coming in contact with any personnel.

Iris touch free attendance system works on face recognition technology and makes use of access point function to grant access on the basis of face id. This attendance system can even be used by colleges and residential gated communities.

Iris Touchless Attendance System Features

  • Integration with visitor management system

This attendance monitoring system can be easily integrated with VMS to allow access to visitors through QR code scanning

  • Temperature monitoring

Iris touch free attendance system provides a free IR temperature reading gun to monitor the temperature of incoming employees. People with high temperature are not allowed access.

  • Mobile application

This no-touch attendance system comes with a dedicated mobile application using which employees can easily check in and check out.

  • Easy to use

This facial scan attendance system comes with an easy to use interactive interface for the first timers.

  • Seamless setup

The employee attendance device can be used soon after the set up to provide access services for upto 10 employees.

Contactless Time Attendance System Price:

Starting price of Iris touchless attendance system is ₹925 on Techjockey.com. Second plan offering features such as temperature gun, tablet PC support and touchless access point is available for ₹ 19999.

  1. Trakom Touchless Attendance System for Schools

USP: Real-time tracking of school buses using GPS system for enhanced security.

• Available at a starting price of ₹45
• Imprint system for maintaining timesheets and schedules
• Detailed analytics for strict monitoring
• Tracking metrics for all tracking devices

Trakom is a rfid attendance system developed for maintaining attendance records in schools. It is a GPS enabled touch free attendance system. Using Trakom mobile attendance system, parents can keep a real time tab on the location of their child. It also facilitates sending alerts to the admin to ensure that children are safe.

Non-contact biometric attendance

Trakom Remote Attendance System Features

  • Activity monitoring in buses

Parents can monitor the activity of their child even in the bus and see the estimated time of their arrival due to the GPS tracking feature of this touchless attendance software. Bus drivers can send an alert using the bus tracking feature of this software.

  • Multiple device access

Trakom touch free attendance system provides ease of access as it can be accessed by parents from multiple devices.

  • Mobile app

Trakom no-touch attendance system has a dedicated mobile app which is compatible with android and iOS devices.

  • Advanced route planner

School admins can pre-set the bus route, set pickup and drop points for each child and get alerts in case the bus takes an unplanned route through this contactless attendance system.

  • Seamless attendance

Trakom attendance system makes use of RFID technology to mark student’s attendance. It also allows parents and teachers to monitor these attendance records to know about a student’s whereabouts.

Remote Attendance System Pricing:

Starting price of Trakom contactless software is ₹45 per student at Techjockey. The following are the plans offered by Trakom RFID attendance system.

  • Trakom GPS – ₹ 55
  • Trakom GPS & RFID – ₹ 65
  • Trakom RFID Attendance in School Premises – ₹ 45
  • Trakom Facial Recognition Attendance in School Premises – ₹ 45
  1. CheckTime

USP: Geo attendance management for managing remote employee’s work hours.

• Integration with payroll management processes
• Shift management for saving time
• Detailed attendance reports for improving employee productivity

CheckTime is a facial recognition attendance system which helps HR and CRM teams in enabling touchless check. CheckTime has a centralized database which stores attendance records across locations of an organisation.

CheckTime is one of the best attendance system in covid as it has a high false recognition rate and low false acceptance rate.

AI facial recognition

CheckTime Attendance System Features

  • Integration with payroll services

CheckTime attendance management software can be integrated with payroll services to calculate an employee’s monthly wage, leaves taken, overtime, etc.

  • Safe and quick check in

This no touch attendance system ensures quick and safe check in as employees don’t have to physically touch any device or scanner.

  • No need of hardcopies of attendance records

With the CheckTime biometric facial recognition system, there is no need to use paper to print attendance records as they are automatically stored on the central database.

  • Remote monitoring

Through the CheckTime facial scan system, human resources department can remotely view attendance of an employee.

  • Prevents time theft

CheckTime contactless access control system promotes correct marking of attendance by each employee, avoiding unethical practises such as buddy punching, etc.

Contactless Time Attendance Pricing:

Pricing details of CheckTime touchless attendance system can be obtained on request or by visiting the official website.

  1. Zerone Microsystems

USP: Detailed attendance records for managing absenteeism.

• QR and FRT attendance technology
• Recognizing digitally both faces and images
• Maintaining details for recurring visits
• Visitor demographics for analyzing behavior

Zerone Microsystems provides robust contactless attendance management via touchless swipe between devices for safe check-in.

This remote attendance system is customizable as per each company’s need and can be applied across several locations of the same organization.

Zerone Microsystems Attendance System Features

  • Integration with visitor management system

This no touch attendance system can be easily integrated with visitor management systems to record entry and exit time of visitors as well, in addition to employees.

  • Instant check in

This contactless attendance system in India facilitates instant check in via a contactless swipe between two mobile devices. The same can be done through tablets too.

  • Real time facial detection and thermal detection

The touchless attendance system provides features such as facial detection for robust check in as well as thermal detection so as to detect whether an employee entering the facility has a fever or not.

  • Automation

This remote attendance system facilitates end to end automation of employee and visitor check in process.

  • Easy installation

Zerone contactless attendance system can be set up without any hassles and can be used within few hours after installation is complete

Contactless Attendance System Price:

Pricing and attendance system demo details can be obtained on Techjockey.


Contactless attendance systems are going to become the norm in the coming future. Their USP is that they are as suitable for small businesses as they are for large companies. Choose the best one from the list above to provide your employees a secure environment to work in.

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