Why is Attendance Management Software the Best Buddy of HR Professionals?

Why is Attendance Management Software the Best Buddy of HR Professionals?-feature image
February 2, 2023 Reviewed By : Megha Sharma .3 Min read

Companies lose a significant slice of their revenue annually because of payroll inefficiencies. Around 5 percent of their revenue is lost because of the gap in employee workforce administration. Tasks related to managing the workforce often get neglected amid other critical HR tasks. As a result, there are frequent errors in tracking employee absence and processing payroll accurately. 

Unplanned leaves impact a company’s bottom line significantly, making it even more important to automate your workforce management tasks.

An overtly increasing number of businesses are now riding high on automated solutions for attendance management.

Why Choose Attendance Management Software?

Here’re the other benefits of adopting attendance management software apart from ensuring better workplace discipline.

  • Improved Accuracy in Payroll Processing

With automated time and attendance management, HR professionals can have accurate records of every employee. This is especially useful at the time of payroll processing, with paid offs and LOP (Loss of Pay) clearly marked on the calendar.

Those costly errors can be prevented which pop up while managing data manually. Attendance management software is the solution to all possible challenges in issuing error-free pay cheque.

  • Managing Flexible Work-Hours No More A Hassle

In today’s global business ecosystem, there are chances that your employees are working from remote locations or home. Further, if you have multiple office across different geographies, it would be difficult for you to track work hours of every employee.

Here comes the benefit of attendance management software, which allows employees to report in and out even from their current work location using a smartphone.

  • Hassle-Free Shift and Schedule Management

If your employees get to work in multiple shifts, keeping track of their in-time and out-time can be cumbersome. As you have to focus on core HR competencies like performance management process and employee engagement strategies, why you are still wasting your time on managing schedules manually?

Switch to the best attendance management system to create and manage work schedules automatically and keep tabs on employee attendance in different shifts.

  • Detailed Access to MIS Reports on The Go

A few years back, most of the offices were using ‘Attendance’ register for employees to mention their sign in and sign out time. This arrangement was based on trust, assuming that every employee was entering correct attendance details. However, this proved detrimental for the organizational productivity in the long run. Employees came up with hundreds of ways to fool the manual structure.

All these challenges in tracking employee attendance and ensuring workforce discipline can be resolved with attendance management software.

The software can be coupled with a biometric device or machine to ensure transparency in terms of employee attendance and leaves taken. Further, detailed MIS reports can be generated for employees across departments to make payroll processing smoother.

Quick Recap of the Benefits of Attendance Management System

  • Centralized Time-Attendance Management of Multiple Locations
  • Time-Attendance System for Real-time Monitoring
  • User-wise Attendance Marking and Processing
  • Manage Multiple Shifts and Overnight Shift Effectively
  • Instant Notifications on Exceptions
  • Live Attendance Tracking for Immediate Correction
  • Schedule Reports for Convenience
  • Generate Customized Reports for Next Action
  • Accurate and Timely Salary Data for Payroll
  • Restructures traditional school attendance management systems

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