When You Sell a Car, You’re Selling a Dream

When You Sell a Car, You’re Selling a Dream-feature image
February 3, 2023 5 Min read

Car dealerships have the unique task of handling a smaller inventory having massive value. Unlike the movies, buying a car at a dealership isn’t as quick and easy. And, it’s so much tougher for the salespeople handling a purchase because of all the work to be done.

The salesperson at a car dealership probably doesn’t realise this but they are doing a very important job. When a prospective client walks into your showroom, you’re not just selling a car, you’re selling them a dream.

That’s right, a dream.

When a customer comes, you must have surely seen the bewilderment in their eyes. A customer has to choose the perfect car that they’ll use for the next few years. For most people in India, buying a car is a luxury. That’s why a salesperson has to help a customer make a choice that is beneficial them and the dealership.

Making the sale to a customer isn’t that easy. Customers explore their options across dealerships and do their research before landing at your doorstep. As a salesperson, it’s your job to make the customer believe that purchasing a car here is their best bet. A dealership management software can assist you in making the purchase process for customers smoother resulting in better returns.

Understand the Customers Needs

Most customers look at buying a car as a sizeable investment that they will use for a long time. As a salesperson, it is easy to try and pitch the car that your dealership wants to sell. But that could potentially end up isolating the customer because of them feeling like their opinion is less valued.

If you know what your customer’s requirements are and go about a sale pitch accordingly, they are more likely to respond positively to your suggestions and you end up with the commission. That’s a win-win for both!

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Build a Rapport

When you talk to your customers and listen to their queries and requirements, you essentially build rapport. Having an animated conversation with your customer is more likely to get them to open up. When your customer feels comfortable with you to share their terms and conditions without judgment, they will be more inclined to value your input and purchase a car from your dealership.

Up Your Value Instead of Reducing Others

A common mistake that car dealerships tend to make, while negotiating with the customer, is to talk down other dealerships. Here’s the thing, that doesn’t work. Your customer is already cagey about making a big purchase.

When you speak badly about your competition, they are more likely to reach out to them to find out what are the problems with your dealership. That means, you have driven your customer straight into the competition’s hand. Instead of speaking lowly of others, increase your own value.

Tell the customers all the reasons why your dealership is the best bet and what kind of lifetime service they will get if they purchase from you. Let them talk to some of your other happy clients and get their feedback. This will only increase their likelihood of going ahead with the deal and for you to have a sale in your hand.

Make Buying Easy

Nothing sours the purchasing experience for a customer than having to run back and forth with constant follow-ups. Any car dealership should ensure that once a deal has been struck, there’s minimum disturbance for the customer and a steady streamlined process is in place for quick deployment.

Using a dealership management software like Autobooom would really sharpen the edges and make dealership management a lot easier. Autobooom is a GST compliant Dealership Management Software (DMS) with the ability to make interest calculations for loans, enquiry management, vehicle registration system and sale report, among others.

Basically, all the features that ensure your customers walk out of a store with a smiling face and a happy heart.

Get Their Feedback

Once the purchase is done, don’t dust off your hands and go, “finish with that”. Getting your customer’s feedback after the sale solves two purposes. Firstly, it shows the customer that you care about their feedback and are willing to ease their concerns.

Secondly and subsequently, when they feel this level of value, where their feedback is welcomed, they will be more likely to recommend your dealership to their friends and colleagues. When you do reach out for feedback, try keeping a personal touch to it.

Getting an email feedback is easy but if you make the effort to call them or meet them in person, the value quotient shoots up.

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Keep in Touch

Post getting their feedback, keep in touch with your customers at regular intervals. Reaching out to them once in a quarter or in 6 months makes a repeat purchasemore likely and it is also a great way to understand what concerns they have regarding the cars they purchased. This in turn will inform you of the pros and cons of the car and help you in making a better sale.

There’s a lot more to sales than just tips. Every customer is different but using the pointers above, you can meander through any kind of customer and get the coveted “sold!” sign.

Written by Surjodeep Bose

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