Top 7 Dealership Management Software Companies in India

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August 18, 2022 8 Min read

Have you been using different systems for each of your multiple car dealership showrooms instead of a standardized one? Well, perhaps it’s time to switch to another dealership management software which facilitates centralised management.

In addition to this, it will help you render quicker and more reliable services by automating & integrating various functions of your business.

Popular Dealer Management Software Modules

Dealer management system software provides many important modules that helps with collection management, profit & loss calculation, automatic tax calculation and reporting. There are many other modules of car dealer software for marketing automation, CRM services and car showroom management.

dealership management software

Let’s find out the modules auto dealership management software:

  • Sales Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Account Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Report Management
  • Car Lot Management
  • Document Management & Scanning

7 Best Auto Dealership Management Software List:

Look at these seven automobile dealership software solutions to streamline your dealership business. To get a fully integrated dealership management software that will streamline your dealership business, read further:

To get a fully integrated dealership management software that will streamline your dealership business, read further:

  • eMsys Autonet

eMsys Autonet serves the automobile industry by offering an upgraded automobile dealership management software. It helps dealership owners get a deep insight of their business and broaden their professional horizons.

eMsys is a flexible and scalable system, promoting automation and integration of various processes. In addition to it, it allows integration with third-party software smoothly.

Pros of eMsys Autonet:

  • Dealership management software can manage all sales operations from one centralised platform.
  • All details related to vehicles in the inventory, on hold, PDI, allotted, display, location and branch wise distribution is present in the software. 
  • The dealership management software keeps record of every service activity and workforce involved in delivery. It also controls the quality of services.
  • Generate service bills effortlessly. Track the status of service orders real-time.
  • Sales module is integrated with the inventory system to track every item.
  • The marketing module helps in defining deals and offers and other campaigns ensure business profitability.

Cons of eMsys Autonet

  • It is not a web-based application
  • It can’t be used in Ubuntu and MacOS
  • It does not have a mobile application.

Pricing: The price of this eMsys Autonet auto dealership management software starts at around ₹1065.

  • AutoBooom

AutoBooom is a dealership management software system which helps in automobile sale and service management. It has some interesting modules, which can help you in managing both the showroom and workshop with ease.

Pros of AutoBooom:

  • Barcode module allows code scanning while parts are issued.
  • SMS module is another important feature that lets both workshop owners send bulk SMS to their customers for servicing reminders.
  • Accounting, inventory and finances are taken care of by AutoBooom dealership management software online.
  • Stock reports, sales report, and purchase reports can also be generated with AutoBooom auto dealership management software

Cons of AutoBooom:

  • It is not available for MacOS and Ubuntu.
  • The downtime increases with time.
  • It is not a web-based platform.

Pricing: Get AutoBooom car dealership management software starting at Rs. 22000.

  • Cogxim

Cogxim DMS is a complete accounting and inventory management software for showroom and workshops. It is a dealership management system with a lot of useful features. At the time of issuing material, it defines those parts that are taxable.

It not only helps you prepare the bill but define it under cash or credit. ‘Free service coupon submission’ and ‘warranty submission’ can also be done easily. Its clientele includes some big brands such as Hero, Honda, Mahindra 2 Wheelers, TVS, Hyundai, etc.

Pros of Cogxim:

  • Cogxim Autogenius automobile management software can send alert on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or general or insurances reminder.
  • This car dealership management software can provide information about vehicles like vehicle sale direct, vehicle history card and stock or sale report.
  • Cogxim Autogenius dealer management system India helps you to manage stock transfer, material management, stock report, stock ledger, and barcode management.
  • This online dealer management system allows only the authorised users to access confidential and sensitive information.   

Cons of Cogxim:

  • It does not have a mobile app.
  • It can’t be used in Mac OS.
  • It can’t work without internet connection.

Pricing: Cogxim Autogenius online dealer management system is available at Rs. 6500 for the lifetime.

  • RAMP

RAMP is both, a web based and an on-premise car workshop management software. It has been specially designed to meet the growing demands of automotive repairs.

This auto repair shop software cuts down on admin time and lets you focus on car services. Booking diary, CRM, vendor management, inventory management are some of its other important features.

RAMP’s installation is easy and it provides automatic backup. Further, you can generate multiple reports on as the basis of category, products, vendor, date, and more.

Pros of RAMP:

  • The installation of this dealer management system India is very easy.
  • Automatic backup is provided by this auto dealership management software.
  • Multiple reports can be generated on the basis of products, categories, date of purchase, vendors and much more.
  • Details about stock in, stock out, stock reports, categorical reports and purchase reports can be generated.
  • Get alerts and notifications on low inventory with this dealership management software online.
  • This dealership management software can be integrated with other parties as well.

Cons of RAMP:

  • It requires an active internet connection
  • This software cannot be used in Ubuntu OS.

Pricing: The price of this online dealership management software starts at Rs. 1500/month.

  • Axpert DMS

It is a cloud-based automobile ERP software, which is mainly suitable for dealers with wide networks and multiple showrooms. Axpert facilitates centralized management.

It helps dealers in automating major functions including pre-sales inquiries, sales, parts’ procurement, costing, report generation, analytics, etc.

Pros of Axpert:

  • You can track enquiries and schedule test drives as a part of pre-sales with this software.
  • Data related to the sale of finished products, warranties, sales returns, schemes, etc. can also obtained with this car dealership management software.
  • Reports and analytics related to procurement, sales and stock can be generated with the best dealership management software.
  • Services like tracking, job origination and costing can be handled.
  • Graphical data and online dashboard helps to take better decisions.

Con of Axpert:

  • The software interface can be improved.
  • The system sometime gets slower with time.

Pricing: Get the price quote for this car dealership management software here.

  • MargERP 9+

Marg ERP 9+ is a full-fledged accounting and inventory software. It is fit not only for a dealership manager but anyone seeking help with functions like accounting, taxation, sales, challan management, report & analysis, etc. It is easy to use, flexible, customizable, and lets you take 100% control of your dealership business.

Pros of MargERP 9+:

  • Create master data and share it with various branches. Share details like pricing policies, item wise pricing, taxation policies and discount policies.
  • Get comprehensive reports related to stocks, sales and bills.
  • Users can download and upload invoices in the dealership management software for invoice corrections.
  • Multiple branches can be managed from one place and branch wise performance reports can also be created to keep track of the operations.
  • The billing and invoicing module can track the number of invoices, sales amount, margins, etc.

Cons of MargERP 9+ Dealer Management System

  • It works in only one operating system, i.e. Windows
  • This software cannot be used offline.
  • The option of mobile app could have increased the efficiency of the software.

Pricing: The basic plan of MargERP 9+ dealer management system starts at Rs. 8100

  • TruckSuvidha

TruckSuvidha online dealership management is a leading platform which connects truck drivers, transporters, and customers. It helps in making material transportation easier, quicker and efficient. It improves the productivity by reducing the time spent in searching for loads or trucks. It helps every connected entity to enhance profitability in their own business.

Pros of TruckSuvidha:

  • Productivity is improved with this software as less time is spent to search for trucks and loads.
  • Enhance profitability of every area of a business with this dealership management software.
  • This online dealer management system also has an mobile application for Android.
  • Third party integrations are possible like, it can be integrated with applications like distance calculator.
  • The users can locate transporters, send emails and SMS, review transporters and give ratings as well.

Cons of TruckSuvidha:

  • The user interface needs improvement.
  • The system downtime increases with time.

Price: Get the quote of TruckSuvidha dealer management system here.

Don’t you think, with such features and utility, dealership management software is worth a try? It’s time to increase your dealership efficiency with proper customer handling, inventory management, and reduced paperwork.

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