How to Hire & Retain Millennial Employees?

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February 2, 2023 Reviewed By : Megha Sharma .5 Min read

With the changing shape of the modern workplace, accepted trends and practices are bound to get a waiver. Practices of the past no longer apply, and HR professionals need to be prepared for the changing policies. Else, they will miss out on acquiring and retaining crucial talent!

Today’s employees are less likely to tolerate strict hierarchies and the lack of flexibility in their work environment. Additionally, in most cases, the Gen Y & Gen Z workforce look for unconventional career paths. Born-digital companies, even though many of them are still in their infancy, are preferred by them. In such companies with a digital heart, technology is seldom an obstacle to fulfilling their unconventional career goals.

So, traditional companies have lost the battle to born-digital companies already? Not really!

By adopting the current mindset and investing in technologies, even traditional companies can transform and adjust quickly. We have mentioned some of the tricks to be adopted by such companies to rise and shine.

Flexibility in the Workplace Matters

According to a study by Ernst & Young, today’s workforce is facing greater difficulties in managing their work responsibilities along with their personal and family life. This has resulted in workplace flexibility becoming the major focus for the today’s workforce – especially millennials. With 78 percent of millennials consisting of dual-career couples, work-life balance becomes one of the top considerations for accepting a job offer. As they need to take time off and spend quality time with their children.

Workplace flexibility is no longer a perk, but a necessity. And, 66 percent of millennial resignations happen because of the lack of work flexibility affirms this statement. Organizations must find ways to accommodate this need if they don’t want to settle down with the mediocre talent.

Try introducing remote employment opportunities, as it can help millennials gravitate towards your organization. While working from home, millennial get flexible work hours with enough time at their disposal to balance their lifestyles.

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Make a Blended Workforce Work for You

Today’s workplace consists of an increasingly large number of gig economy workers. Do you know? Approximately 150 million workers in Western Europe and North America have abandoned the stable confines of a traditional workplace to work independently as contractors.

Most of the gig workers claim that contractual projects provide them the flexibility to deal with their personal and social commitments while making more money than their corporate counterparts.

Along with gig economy workers, the blended workforce includes contractors, freelancers and part-time employees. And, modern-day organizations need to open their door and be more proactive in integrating them smoothly in the existing set-up. Create a productive work environment where the feedback and initiatives of even temporary workers are welcomed. Irrespective of their work location, they should feel as an integral part of your company.

Adopt Technology-Based Strategies

Aligning your strategies with the interests of your temporary workers is important. At the same time, you also need to provide your employees the access to right technology. Today’s generation is digital at heart. Make your organization the ideal work destination for it by adopting technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & IoT. By investing in adaptive intelligence, companies can get recommendations for candidates who are apt for a job and find the right talent.

Another technology innovation that is revolutionizing the way modern-day organizations hire employees and ensure complete engagement is HR management software. Take for instance, Focus Infosoft’s Cilfi-HRM, which is backed by artificial intelligence to analyse actions taken by millennial employees and come up with auto suggestions to improve their productivity. HR management solutions are equipped to recommend certain roles to employees and predict whether they need any training to improve. AI-driven HR management solutions can also predict whether an employee can be a top performer or not.

Another technology that is assisting in human resource management is chatbot. Enabled by machine learning, chatbots provide support to HR managers in areas like recruitment, training and answering employee queries. It also assists in sending out announcements to employees and streamlining internal communication.

Manage Your Employees’ Overall Experience

There are websites like Glassdoor & PayScale where employees can rate their employers on the basis of benefits, pay and organizational culture. And not just these platforms, employees can also turn to social media pages of any company to share their work experience.

Like consumers, the experience of employees matters too. This creates the need for HR managers and corporate leaders to be proactive in creating a conducive work environment for their current staff and even potential candidates.

The first step to creating a conducive millennial work environment is giving positive reinforcement to employees and appreciating them for their contribution to the business success. Another strategy to ensure positive employee experience is creating opportunities for them to advance. Opportunities for career growth within an organization encourages positivity and reduces the turnover.

Wrapping Up

You must ensure that the organizational culture is conducive without any gap between what you convey and what you do. Communicate a positive work philosophy which helps in attracting more talents.

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