Best Fitness Center & Gym Management Softwares for Gym Booking, Billing and Scheduling

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May 19, 2023 19 Min read

Fitness is one of those few industries that are never supposed to decline. Getting a gym membership on New Year’s is an ever-growing trend for decades.  

A gym or fitness centre is extremely profitable when managed successfully. But managing a gym is not easy due to the number of processes and tasks involved.

However, with a Gym Management system, owners and trainees can efficiently handle all the operations of the Gym or any fitness centre. It is important that gym owners choose the right Gym software that fits their needs. We have listed the 18 best Gym management software along with everything you need to know about Gym and fitness management software.

Managing a gym is tedious, especially when it’s done manually. Administrative tasks consume a significant amount of time, leaving little scope for lead nurturing and strategy building.

What is Gym Management? 

Gym management is the process of overseeing the day-to-day operations of a gym. This includes tasks such as overseeing staff, maintaining records, handling finances and ensuring that members are satisfied with their experience.  

Gym management includes but is not limited to the following task 

  • Staff management: This includes overseeing employee schedules, training staff, and ensuring that all employees are up to date on safety procedures.  
  • Member management: This includes maintaining records of members, tracking their progress, and sending out reminders for appointments or classes.  
  • Financial management: Handling budgets, paying bills, and estimating future expenses.  
  • Operations management: This includes ensuring that all equipment is in working order, arranging for repairs when necessary, and overseeing the cleaning schedule. 

How to Successfully Manage a Fitness Center or Gym 

Running a fitness business can be extremely rewarding, but it also requires hard work. There are a few key things to remember to be successful 

  • Know your target market: It’s essential to know who your target market is and what they want. This will help you design the right programs and services for your clients. 
  • Make Long term investments: To be successful in the fitness industry, it’s essential to make long-term investments for your Gym. Purchasing quality equipment and investment in venue, interiors, and marketing is crucial for long term growth and higher ROI 
  • Create a strong brand: A strong brand will help your Gym stand out from the competition. It’s essential to create a logo, tagline, and overall aesthetic that represents your Gym well.  
  • Offer excellent Customer Service: Customer service is vital in the fitness industry. Make sure you have friendly and helpful trainers and are always willing to go the extra mile for members.  
  • Stay Organized: This includes maintaining accurate records, managing your finances, and scheduling appointments. Systemization is essential to keep your Gym running smoothly. 

What is Gym Management Software?

Thanks to the changes in technology, managing tasks at your gym are much easier now. One of the most useful automation tools for fitness club owners is a gym management system.

This software centralizes and streamlines tasks at a fitness studio to help gym staff analyze the power of analytics and work with multi-channel support.

Gym Management Systems and Tools

Gym management software is an online platform, which helps manage membership bookings, payments, class schedules, etc. It provides a self-service kiosk through which you can track the attendance of employees, plan their diet and schedule and keep them updated through SMS & emails.

Every gym has its own set of priorities. While some emphasise on a CRM and feedback process others are keen on optimizing their training sessions. The first step toward getting the best fitness & gym management software for your business is exploring the pros and cons of every option that is mentioned below.

List of 18 Gym Management Software for Check-In & Membership

Let’s have a quick go-through of some of the best gym management system available in India.

  • YDL Gym and Club Management Software

YDL Gym Management Software

YDL Online gym management software is useful for creating your gym’s branded mobile application. Trainers and clients can check themselves in from the app itself.

It also enables you to take virtual lessons from your trainer. The trainer can easily add your workout and diet plan for the day, week and month.

Features of YDL Gym Management Software

  • Payment of subscription fees from the app itself.
  • Centralised web dashboard to manage all your business processes.
  • High quality live streaming of workout sessions.
  • Trainers can customize workout plans for different clients.
  • YDL gym management software comes with an inbuilt calorie calculator.

  • AdviceFit

AdviceFit is a user-friendly, fitness club and Gym management software that is best suited for managing your day-to-day gym operations. This gym software helps digitally manage members and employee attendance tasks.

It provides advanced features to manage processes at your gym like monthly/yearly subscription, inquiry, members’ payment, fitness package, membership, etc.

AdviceFit gym management software gives you swift and active control over things and keeps all information available at one click away distance.

Features of AdviceFit Gym Management Software System

  • It helps you manage fitness centers and employees
  • You can keep a track of members’ attendance and their other details
  • AdviceFit offers interoperability capability across multiple devices
  • You can manage the internal processes of your properties like fitness centers, yoga centers, spas, swimming pools, and recreational centers
  • The membership platform has an automatic notification feature for fee collection
  • Find the membership status in much lesser time as compared to traditional methods

  • Traqade

Traqade Gym & Club Management Software is trusted by thousands of fitness centres in India for membership management, trainer and staff management, lead management, etc. Using this software, gym owners can deliver connected & personalised fitness experience to its members.

Traqade has the largest community of fitness club owners with over 5,00,000+ active users monthly. With the help of this gym software, users get detailed behavioural insights that help them serve customers better and retain them for long.

It has a simple yet intuitive dashboard, through which you can plan the activity schedule of your members and notify them in advance via SMS. Further, managing the schedule of your staff and fitness trainers is quite easy with a simple, user-friendly dashboard.

It provides iOS and Android apps for its customers to track their workouts and set fitness goals. One can even create loyalty programs for its customers through Traqade gym and club management software. Also, you can track the billing cycle of your members with this software, and get paid on time.

Features of Traqade Gym Management Software:

  • Ideal for gym, aerobics, fitness studio, Zumba, Yoga classes and martial arts classes
  • Helps at every stage from capturing leads to nurturing and converting them into membership
  • Ensures personalized fitness experience for your members
  • Streamlines fitness club billing cycle of members to ensure timely payment
  • Fitness assessment engine to view a member’s fitness journey.

  • GymVale

GymVale gym software

GymVale gym management software is widely used by gym owners to manage their fitness centre and acquire new members. With the help of GymVale gym software, you can check the attendance of your members, track their fitness graph and send automated reminders for the due payment.  

Both gym owners and their members can access the features of this gym management app on their Android and iOS platforms. It provides a great platform to stay connected with your gym members and grow your business.  

Features of Gymvale gym business management software  

  • Send advanced notifications to members prior to their membership expires  
  • Add new members, mark attendance, make online/offline payments   
  • Get paperless receipts online, create a membership and assign to members    
  • Add gym joining plan, payment, edit, delete all and send SMS  
  • Re-brand your fitness center with a gym logo 

  • GymERP

GymERP is a cloud-based Gym and fitness management software that has been designed to keep all the operational requirements of a gym into account. It helps a fitness centre in managing administrative tasks such as booking & appointments, scheduling classes & sessions, distributing workout training material, and membership.

The software allows customers to make commission-free bookings via a dedicated membership gym app for Android devices. From booking a personal trainer to receiving packages & price details, customers can do it all with this gym software.

Additionally, GymERP comes with payroll & CRM modules. Therefore, besides managing membership, this gym software India facilitates employee payroll management and assists with improving customer relationship.

  • Helps keep track of leads and their movement down the marketing funnel
  • Allows appointment management from anytime, anywhere
  • Its Android best gym app promotes commission-free booking
  • Access control to restrict the entry of unauthorized members
  • Helps send SMS and emails to your clients for promotions.

  • FitnessForce

FitnessForce is a web-based online gym business management solution for gyms and health clubs of all sizes. Sales, marketing, billing, and client relationship management are some of its business-oriented features.

Its ‘book & track appointments’ feature lets clients make a booking as per the trainer’s availability & time slot.

Additionally, you can track the number of sessions attended by clients. With automated reminders, FitnessForce fitness software can keep your clients up to date regarding membership renewals, balance dues, classes, etc.

  • The Follow-up feature of this gym software ensures that you never miss out on any qualified lead
  • Members can schedule classes online on the basis of availability
  • Provides biometric and card-based access control
  • You don’t need to maintain bulk receipts anymore as it allows online handling of book and billing
  • Allows communicating with multiple members in one go via SMS and email.

gym membership software list
  • GymMaster

GymMaster is a feature-rich online gym and fitness management software with advanced features for online booking, website integration along with the mobile best gym app for members & staff. Members get a GymMaster network-based reader through which they get access to their classes.

GymMaster fitness club management software provides restricted access i.e. the control lies in the hands of the administrator. If a person is no longer associated with your gym, you can restrict his/her access to your training modules and study materials.

  • Promotes online bookings and signups
  • Provides complete control over member movement with 24/7 gym access control
  • Its automated payment processes ensure that your members pay on time
  • Automatic reminders if a member miss out on payment
  • Automated signup process and seamless website integration promotes increased membership
  • Timetable and class bookings are updated instantly with this gym software India.

  • Fitness Mobility

Fitness Mobility is a gym member management software designed for the business needs of gyms, yoga and dance classes.

This fitness club management software offers features such as club membership management, fitness planner, centralized data and online payment system. Trainers salary and attendance can also be managed using this gym software.

Fitness Mobility also features a toolset for different devices. In other words, the software can be used on any device, such as mobile or laptop and not just computer.

Moreover, with this fitness business leading software, you can receive payments online and manage sales leads effectively.

  • Allows keeping a seamless record of the attendance of your gym members
  • Providing membership is easy, and maintaining its record is made equally easy with this gym software
  • Allows customizing the user management aspect for better access control
  • You can customize this gym management System to get related features that suit your fitness club’s needs
  • Ensures new membership sign-up in just one click.

  • Okfit

The Okfit team is comprised of health and fitness freaks. They believe that helping people in keeping them fit is a sacred thing to do and hence, this software. Its interface is customizable i.e. it can be designed to reflect your gym’s colour pallet and interiors.

Okfit comes with all the features expected from a gym management system software. Further, it can be installed in your PC as well as downloaded as a mobile app.

  • Helps in keeping track of day to day gym processes and managing them efficiently
  • Okfits’ best gym app for members is available on iOS and Android to gather timely feedback from them
  • Its Trends module helps collect important data about your leads and gym members
  • You can track which membership plan is selling more with Okfit gym software
  • Provides a separate app for your staff to manage their attendance, leaves and salaries.

  • Gymneshiya

Gymneshiya, a product of Random Soft Solution, is one of the top fitness center software, which comes with some wonderful features. With Gymneshiya, you will be able to manage your fitness centre in a paper-free manner and more smartly.

The ‘fitness tracker’ feature allows you to track members’ fitness regimen. Gymneshiya permits you to keep a tab on member’s class and diet schedule as well.

  • This gym software helps members track their calorie intake
  • This gym management software can be accessed through all devices
  • Its dashboard provides information like number of members, enquiries, expenses, due pending, etc.
  • Reports maintenance module assists in tracking the output of your fitness club
  • Provides different fitness tools to track the fitness of your gym members
  • Sends automatic reminder to members with attendance shortage.

  • APPToFit

APPToFit is a cloud-based online gym management software which caters to multiple gyms, fitness centre, and fitness studios. You can create membership packages such as a corporate package, receive payments and keep a track of outstanding payments at your fingertips.

Further, its multi-branch management facility allows a fitness centre to manage all its branches from a centralized location. Multi-login is another feature where the staff and customer can login individually, however, master login rights remains with the fitness club.

  • Allows customers to view their membership history
  • Highlights assigned workouts to both, staff and members
  • Helps create diet schedule and sharing it with members with timely reminders
  • Members can always view what they have to eat and at what time
  • Also allows you to set up your own email templates.

  • Jivine

Jivine is a online gym management software that assists with customer management and scheduling. Its CRM tool will help you in managing business operations in a seamless manner.

You can access the member’s profile to check out member’s details, package renewal date, freezing or unfreezing account. If the client hasn’t paid, you can freeze the membership.

  • Provides features for front desk management
  • Class management made easier with this gym management software
  • Helps gym owners track fitness history of members to plan their diet and class accordingly.

Jivine comes with an online booking portal which allows members to book classes as per the available time slot. This can be done via the website as well as social media.

The portal can be connected to the social media page, and clients can do the booking using their social media account.

  • Easy Gym Software

Easy Gym Software caters to gyms and clubs in the most affordable manner. It is easy to use, 100% customizable and has been designed to fulfil the business needs of fitness industry. This fitness management software enables a gym to perform functions such as billing, client management, and follow-ups.

This online gym management software helps gym instructors and fitness trainers create workout and diet plans for customers. Further, these plans can be shared with members, their progress can be traced, and reminders can be sent.

  • Bills can be created for couples, corporates or groups in just one go with this gym membership software
  • You can transmit workout and diet plan along with attendance and body measurements to your members online
  • Allows launching marketing campaigns and offers via emails
  • Ensures attendance automation with biometric to track check-in and check-out of members
  • This gym software India helps manage your staff well with a record of their attendance and salaries.

5 Free and Open Source Gym Member Management Software

If you have started your gym business recently, you can transform your processes right away with free and open source gym management software.

  • Admidio

Admidio is an open-source gym member management software that helps with membership list creation and its integration with advertisement channels and online postings.

Membership list can be easily integrated with Excel and exported in .pdf format. This gym management software open source, helps in sharing all discounts and other advertisements with your clients directly.

  • Club Master

It’s a complete membership solution that is free to use. This is a free gym management software free provides useful features for member database management, membership auto renewal and calendar management.

  • MemberPlanet

MemberPlanet is a free gym management software that allows you to manage different SMS and email groups of your gym members through a single platform.

Using this club and gym membership management software, you can run up to 100 email campaigns and surveys for free. This is quite useful when you have to run advertisements for your gym membership.

  • Tendenci

Tendenci is an open-source best gym management solution, which enhances and streamlines gym processes related to membership list management, email integration, payment, etc. You can download the full version of Tendenci on GitHub.

  • Zenbership

Zenbership provides an easy user interface to help gym owners manage activities like event management, email promotions and social media marketing. However, this fitnes center software free installation is not simple and you can use it seamlessly only if you are tech-savvy.

How to Choose the Right Software for your Gym?

Whether you run a fitness studio or a chain of gyms across different locations, choosing the right gym management system is crucial. Any solution you choose for your fitness studio should facilitate your business processes and create a user-friendly environment for your members.

Some of the essential features of the best gym management software that you must consider at the time of comparison are:

  • Online Membership Management

The offline and online gym management software you choose must integrate with your website, allowing people to sing up anytime and from anywhere. Also, you can create online offers and share it on the website to attract new members. People should also be able to book trial classes online.

  • Attendance Tracking & Gym Check In Software

Attendance tracking helps in analysing the busiest time of the day, and accordingly you can manage staffing. You can also track the attendance of your staff and ensure their availability at the time of maximum athlete engagement.

  • Real-Time Reporting

With offline or online gym management software, you can manage not just your members but the performance of your staff as well. From the engagement of gym members to the performance of your staff, everything can be tracked and analysed with daily reports.

  • Automated Gym Check In & Scheduling

The online gym & Fitness management software is important for gym instructors and members to sign up for classes and personal training sessions online. Thus, you will be aware of the number of members attending a class and manage your staff accordingly.

  • Profile Management and Performance Tracking

Tracking the performance of gym members is easy with this software. You can analyse their progress over a period and suggest them training accordingly. By charting your members’ progress, you can help them in being more focused towards their fitness goal.

fitness club management system
  • Marketing Tools and Lead Management

Top gym management software captures all leads obtained through searches on the website. Additionally, it can also assist in capturing leads from social media platforms. Once leads are directed to the software, automated SMS and emails can be shared to all the prospects.

  • Appointment & Class Management

You can book appointments and schedule classes from anywhere and at any time. Also, you can send automated reminders to the participants as soon as the day of their fitness session arrives. Also, it makes the task of managing the waitlist for activity sessions easier.

Gym management software is ideal for gym and health club management owners to ensure happy members and sustainable business growth. Some of the essential features of gym & fitness management software that will help you in achieving business goals are:

  • Client Management
  • Billing
  • Membership Management
  • Class Scheduling
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Lead Management

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Benefits & Common Functionality of Best Gym Membership and Management Software

fitness studio software

The success of any business depends on how happy its customers are. And, a gym business is not an exception. One of the most important things you can do for your gym members is tracking their performance and helping them stick to their fitness goal.

Also, you can offer them discounts on activity classes, and subscription renewal. And, to manage all these processes, gym management software can prove quite useful.

  • Enhance Your Customers’ Experience

Remember the time when you have to wait for someone else to maintain your attendance in your office or gym. Similarly, your gym members might feel annoyed waiting at the gate for the heck-in process. Also, they might hesitate from asking you every time for their fitness report and their performance.

With fitness center management software, your members can check in through customer’s member card or the integrated biometric machine. Also, they can check their performance online and act accordingly.

  • Integration with Other Tools to make Your Gym Tech-Enabled

Gym management software can now easily be integrated with other important tools like accounting software, biometric machine and social media platforms. Thus, you can run marketing campaigns on social media and track your leads automatically.

Also, social media integration allows you to see who is posting what about your fitness studio. Accordingly, you can reward your brand ambassadors who act as organic influencers for your fitness brand.

  • It Helps Increase Profit

All these efforts towards enhancing customer experience will ultimately result in higher memberships and more revenue. Your members are likely to refer your fitness studio to their acquaintances. Also, you can run referral program through the software to motivate your existing members.

Gym management software helps keep track of daily billing statement, invoices and deposit summary to ensure that nothing falls through the crack, impacting your revenue.

Gym Management Software – FAQs

  1. How much does gym management software cost?

    You can start with gym & fitness management software by paying as low as INR 1100 per month! Gym management software price varies depending upon the additional features you opt for along with customization requirements.

  2. How does gym management software assure network security?

    Gym management software provides online and offline backup for your data, with several levels of redundancy. With the help of the latest technologies and the best security practices, you can keep your client’s data safe.

  3. Can we use gym management software on our mobile app?

    All you need to do is integrate gym management software with your business app to ensure that your staff and clients can access it from anywhere and anytime. However, you may have to choose a relevant subscription option.

  4. Will one subscription of gym management software work for multiple branches?

    With a single subscription of gym management software, you can manage your multiple branches. However, the pricing will vary about the number of branches you have to manage.

  5. Is there any additional cost for giving access to my clients?

    Your clients just need to create their own profile and will get the access rights to use the best gym management software features.

  6. What is the best gym management software? 

    No Gym management system is perfect for every Gym. It depends on your needs and the preferences of Gym Owners. AdviceFit and GymVale are extremely popular among Gym owners because of their versatility and scalability. 

  7. What is a gym management system? 

    A gym management system software is comprehensive software that can help manage different aspects of running a gym, from tracking membership and attendance to handling billing and payments. 

  8. How do you manage a gym? 

    You need to manage different aspects of running a gym, from tracking membership and attendance to handling billing and payments. Managing a gym is extremely easy gym management software can help with that. 

  9. What are the features of the Gym Management System? 

    Some features of the gym management system are tracking membership and attendance, handling billing and payments, managing inventory, providing analytics, and integrating with other tools. 

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