GymMaster Vs Gympik Vs AppToFit: Best 3 Gym Management Software Comparison

GymMaster Vs Gympik Vs AppToFit: Best 3 Gym Management Software Comparison-feature image
June 1, 2023 7 Min read

With various gym management system available it might be difficult for gym owners to make the right choice. Therefore, we have chosen top three solutions that will help health centres and businesses to manage all their tasks effectively.

  • Traqade by Gympik
Gympik software

Traqade, powered by Gympik, is a gym management system that comes with an array of features. It is ideal for all sizes and types of businesses in the fitness industry. Here are some of its top features that make it one of the most competitive gym management software in the industry:

  • Campaigns and Marketing: Marketing campaign management involves the planning, executing, tracking and analysis of online campaigns.
  • Branch Management: With the help of Traqade Gympik Software, gym owners can effortlessly manage the accounts and logistics across multiple locations. All of the information can be centralized and accessed from anywhere through smartphones and other devices.
  • Class/Batch Management: Gympik’s Traqade helps gym owners schedule classes and sort batches by setting a member limit per session. Moreover, the gym software also helps members to enroll for an available class or slot of their choice.
  • Flexible Payment System: With the help of Traqade by Gympik, pricing plans for gym members can be set and can be divided into easy installments for the customers. Additionally, Gympik’s Traqade also lets gym owners send payment reminders to the members who haven’t paid their fees.
  • Inventory Management:  Traqade, by Gympik comes with an automated inventory management tool. With the help of this tool, gym owners can monitor and replenish supplies and equipment.
  • Attendance Management: Traqade helps gym owners and instructors to record attendance of the members. The system can be integrated with a biometric device where user’s biometric data can be recorded and saved in the database.
  • GymMaster Gym Management System

GymMaster member management software is for gyms and health clubs of all sizes and stages. It is a cloud-based gym and health club member management system designed for gyms, fitness studios and clubs.

Key features include:

  • Membership management: With GymMaster’s intuitive Dashboard, membership management, including new member signup and membership renewal can be seamlessly executed. Additionally, it also provides self-sign-up and renewal portals to new and existing members.
  • Automation and Marketing: GymMaster also provides assistance in collecting leads and engaging with prospective members through automated messages. These automated messages can be categorized by membership plans, age groups, class attendance, birth date, etc. to personalize the customer relationship.
  • Retention: Retaining of old members is as important as gaining new ones. With GymMaster, disengaged and dormant members can be encouraged through personalized messages providing discounts and offers before they end their membership.
  • Scheduling and Billing: GymMaster can help gym owners send alerts to members regarding due payments, late fees, and invoices. It also helps in the entire billing procedure from amount calculation to receipt generation.
  • 24×7 Access Control: GymMaster’s 24×7 gym access system provides a convenient and secure way to punch in and punch out of your gym, health club or studio.
  • Member’s App: The gym management system also provides an app for the members where they can check their attendance and adjust session timings according to their convenience.
  • Point of Sale: With the help of GymMaster’s dashboard, gym owners can charge individuals for specific workout sessions, equipment hiring, or health products and supplements.
  • Integrated Billing: GymMaster lets you manage members’ payments with the help of its integrated billing system from multiple branches.
  • AppToFit Gym Software

AppToFit is another top gym management software that comes with numerous state-of-the-art features. It provides complete gym management solution and is ideal for all fitness centres such as gyms, yoga classes, martial arts classes, zumba classes and aerobics. Here are some of its salient features:

  • Bio-Metric Attendance Management: AppToFit provides biometric fingerprint recognition module with the help of which, individual member’s attendance can be recorded. The gym software can easily be integrated with any biometric device to save customer data in its centralized database.
  • Multi-Login Access: AppToFit provides multiple login access which can be restricted for the staff. Managers can choose which information to share with the rest of the staff, who can login with their individual login credentials.
  • Auto Reminder: With the help of AppToFit, gym owners and staff can send automated reminders to the members for paying fees or renewing their membership. It can be personalized for members so that the exact amount can be sent via email or SMS.
  • Partial Payments: AppToFit provides the option to members for partial payment. The membership fees can be broken into installments and paid over the time. The App ToFit app calculates the exact installment rates including GST, for the payment plans.
  • SMS Templates: The gym software comes with numerous SMS templates which gyms can use, without spending time in composing messages. Most of the general messages, such as reminder for payment, renewal, new membership, etc. can be found in the software.
  • Data Migration: AppToFit enables easy migration of data from the old DBMS system to its own DBMS. It supports various formats such as Excel, PDF, CSV etc.

GymMaster Vs Traqade Vs AppToFit: Comparison

All three of the gym management software India have different price plans and pros and cons. Let’s compare gym management software pricing plans and pros/cons.

  • GymMaster

Gym Master Pricing Plans: Gym Master fitness software provides four Plans: Studio, Standard, Professional and Enterprise. The details of both plans are as follows:

  • The Studio Plan costs Rs. 2,036 per month and comes with features such as 150 member-list, Online Signups, Member Portal and much more.
  • Standard Plan comes for Rs. 7,030 per month and offers features such as 400 member-list, 24×7 Single door access, client notifications and much more.
  • The Professional Plan pricing starts at Rs.13,422 per month and comes with all the features of Standard along with 1300 member-list, Xero Integration and direct bank batch processing.
  • Enterprise Plan’s pricing and details are available on request.


  • User Friendly Interface
  • Separate Interface and dashboard for members
  • Multiple modules for comprehensive gym management software solutions
  • Easy migration
  • Multiple third-party integration with other solutions such as accounts, CRM etc.


  • Reporting format has limited templates.
  • There are a few bugs in the source code that requires correction.
  • Cloud-access can falter at times in low connectivity areas.
  • Traqade

Traqade by Gympik Pricing Plans: Traqade gym management by Gympik software comes with Standard and Advanced pricing plans:

  • Standard: Traqade’s standard plan comes at ₹12,000/year which includes fitness and yoga centre management, email and SMS notifications, membership management, billing and invoicing, etc.
  • Advanced: The Advanced plan pricing starts at ₹18,000/ year and comes with the mobile app. It includes features such as member app, attendance tracking, scheduling, registration management etc.


  • Unlimited SMS & Emails
  • Easy to understand User Interface
  • Different modules for comprehensive gym management
  • Daily reports
  • Multiple Branch Management
  • Free data migration
  • Easy third-party integration


  • There are no monthly payment plans available for the gym management system.
  • Simultaneous multiple user access might overload the system.
  • AppToFit

Pricing Plans: AppToFit Provides two Plans, Gold and Premium. The details of both plans are as follows:

  • Gold Plan comes for a yearly plan of ₹5,999 per year and provides features like Up to 2 Logins, 200 SMSs and Biometric Attendance.
  • Premium Plan comes for ₹ 1,099 per month or 11,999 per year and includes features such as 5000 free SMS, Unlimited Login, and all the features of the Gold Plan.


  • Easy Data upload to the portal
  • Responsive and interactive mobile app for both staff and members.
  • Access-based portal for staff and managers
  • Diet Plan Management Module
  • SMS integration
  • Self-check-in/out


  • Doesn’t have modules such as Inventory Management, Marketing management and Contract management.
  • Doesn’t provide 24×7 support.


These gym management software solutions provide state-of-the-art standard features. However, each of the software offer a set of features which are unique. Therefore, it is up to the requirements of the gym owners to choose the software that suits their business. When it comes to a comprehensive gym management software with all essential features, Traqade undoubtedly has the upper hand.

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