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CRM Software is quite popular among modern-day organizations, especially for its enterprise marketing management module.

In this article, we will be talking about something that is an integral part of CRM – EMM or Enterprise Marketing Management.

Let’s understand how enterprise marketing management in CRM works, its components, and learn about several tips to make it a success. We will have analyzed the market and brought a list of the top Enterprise Marketing Management Software to use in 2024.

What Is Enterprise Marketing Management in CRM?

Enterprise Marketing Management in CRM is a module that helps in providing, maintaining, and monitoring the structure of promotional campaigns by an enterprise. It is like a marketing assistant for enterprises.

What exactly is an enterprise?

Enterprises are large organizations that generate $100 Million+ in the Annual Recurring Revenue.

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So, for these enterprises, enterprise marketing management module works as a single platform to fulfill all their marketing needs such as omnichannel campaign management, campaign analysis, managing marketing resources and customer experience management. EMM in CRM ensures excellent customer experience from presales to post sales stages.

Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) is closely related to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), but it supports majorly the marketing related activities. Apart from maintaining the customer database, it also assists in generating new leads.

Components of Enterprise Marketing Automation in CRM

Components of Enterprise Marketing Automation in CRM

Further to gain some insights, let’s go through the components of Enterprise Marketing Automation module in CRM in detail.

  • Market Segmentation: It is a process of identifying small and focused market segments in a larger market and developing focused campaigns. This helps in decision making according to every customer segment related to promotion, pricing, or distribution. The segmentation can take place based on demographics, geography, consumer characteristics, loyalty status, etc.

  • Campaign Management: This module of enterprise marketing management software ensures that every campaign on different platforms delivers the same marketing communication to create a continuous flow. It aims at establishing the right touch point to interact with every customer and prospect at the right moment.

  • Retargeting: These are the promotions to target existing customers and increase revenue through cross-selling or up-selling. The promotions aim at increasing customer loyalty and encouraging them to stay with your brand.

  • Promotional Partnership: It applies when an enterprise is promoting its own products with the partner’s or collaborator’s products. This joint promotion increases your target audience and provides additional channels for connecting with your target audience.

  • Call Centre Management: This is the primary contact point where a customer can contact the enterprise and talk or chat with a representative. Being a part of CRM, enterprise marketing management software can help you in contacting customers through calls, chats, emails, or even instant messaging. Here your representatives work as the face of your enterprise and their approach can make a customer feel valuable.

  • Response Management: This module helps in taking real-time marketing action. The software gives flexibility to marketers for designing their marketing campaign based on a customer’s or prospect’s initial reaction. It makes communication more focused and personalized, thus, generating qualified leads.

  • Event Marketing: This involves engaging your prospects and customers through events like webinars or online contests. EMA software assists with event marketing so that your customers can feel connected to the brand. Some organizations also look forward to promoting their products and services through sponsorship.

Tips for Successful Enterprise Marketing Management

So, now when you are familiar with what Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) is. Let’s learn how to benefit the most from enterprise marketing management in CRM.

  • Find a balance between account-based and enterprise-based marketing: Both go well together. On the one hand, account-based marketing will help you in creating business intelligence based on your target account. On the other hand, enterprise-based marketing will enable you to develop marketing programs across channels with ease.

  • Diversify and scale: Diversification and scaling help in making your marketing campaigns effective. You need to diversify and figure out new target audience and scale your reach through dedicated campaigns across multiple channels.

  • Always take a helping hand: Implementation of anything in an enterprise affects employees working at all levels. Similarly, an enterprise marketing strategy needs to be implemented strategically by having an executive buy-in team to create credibility.

  • Networking is the key: It is always good to take advice or hear a word from someone who has previously implemented enterprise marketing management. This will help in understanding the nuances of this software.

  • Go beyond your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Your general marketing KPIs won’t help you in measuring your progress with enterprise marketing management. Instead, you should focus on considering account-specific KPIs like account penetration, organic growth, conversions, sales per lead, etc. This will help you in evaluating brand awareness and provide clarity about your campaigns’ performance.

Top Enterprise Marketing Management Software in 2024

Enterprise marketing management is an important module of CRM. However, the software can also be implemented independently. Let’s learn about some top Enterprise Management Software that you can choose from:

  • Monday.com

Monday.com is a cloud-based platform that offers highly customizable templates that enables you to manage promotional campaigns even you are on the go.


Large enterprises use this to speed up the routine work and invest more time in strategizing for the business. From planning to strategizing, the software assists at every stage to ensure promotional success.

Features of Monday.com

  • Ensures 360-degree feedback
  • Effective account management
  • Campaign management including planning, tracking, and analytics
  • Community management
  • Conflict management with tracking

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub offers an all-in-one solution for inbound marketing like email and social media marketing, creating content and landing pages. It also includes tools for an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

HubSpot Marketing Hub

In fact, email deliverability reports are one of its top features along with user-friendly dashboards and the contacts’ list management.

Features of HubSpot Marketing Hub

  • Campaign management including planning, scheduling, segmentation and tracking
  • Enables customer segmentation
  • Email management including email marketing, templates, and tracking
  • Lead management including generation, distribution, segmentation and qualification
  • Social media integration and monitoring

  • Adobe Workfront

It is a web-based project management tool, designed for both IT and marketing teams.

Adobe Workfront

Adobe Workfront Software can be implemented for any kind of project with features like task management, team collaboration, and resource management.

Features of Adobe Workfront

  • Enables budgeting and forecasting
  • Enables team collaboration with tools
  • Offers customizable dashboards, forms, reports, and templates
  • Project planning and scheduling with time tracking

  • Oracle CX Marketing

This solution enables marketers to plan and implement campaigns for email marketing and running video advertisements. Oracle ensures that you use a personalized approach while targeting your prospects and customers.

Features of Oracle CX Marketing

  • Offer multi-channel management, communication, and data-collection
  • Activity dashboard with activity tracking
  • Offers reporting with real-time analytics

  • Wrike

Wrike solution enables you to collaborate and work efficiently on marketing projects. You can connect for planning and executing promotional tasks. It can resolve your problems related to tracking deadlines, follow-ups, task management, campaign scheduling, etc.

Features of Wrike

  • Offers asset library with sharing and categorization
  • Offers customization of dashboards, fields, reports, forms, and templates
  • Enables enterprise asset and risk management
  • Enables event management with scheduling

  • HCL Unica

It was acquired by HCL in 2018. The software offers enterprise marketing management tools for automating cross-channel campaigns, managing workflows, and brand management.

With powerful segmentation, it ensures greater success in multi-channel promotions. The software focuses on delivering personalized and relevant marketing messages to suit your brand style.

Features of HCL Unica

  • Offers scheduling, list generation, and output formatting
  • Cloud enables flexible deployment and ownership of campaigns
  • Complete customer database with interaction history

In short

Enterprise Marketing Management software enables you to work with complicated but powerful marketing strategies. If you are planning to implement the same in your enterprise, make sure to bring your complete team to the same page to achieve the desired goal.

You even might need to upgrade your team’s skills to effectively use enterprise marketing management in CRM.

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