Best Campaign Management Software for Marketing Campaigns in 2023

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Most marketers would agree that the biggest challenge while running a marketing campaign is managing, tracking, and optimizing various campaigns across diverse marketing channels. While some marketers might be good at devising a strategy, others might excel at implementation.

If you have been in the marketing industry for some time now, you will agree that all successful campaigns have one thing in common – they are well planned and organized. A campaign management software helps marketers to plan, organize and track marketing efforts.

If you have decided to get a campaign management solution for your organization, there you are on the right way. We have cautiously selected the 11 best campaign management software based on their usability, features, and customer reviews for you.

But before we get started with the list, let’s get in detail about campaign management software, its features, and how it gets the best out of your marketing strategy.

What Is Campaign Management Software?

Campaign management software is a complete system that helps in all stages of the campaign life cycle management, from planning and execution to the measurement of ROI.

In simple terms, campaign management software helps plan, budget, launch, and track all your digital marketing efforts from a central location. Getting campaign management software is better than hiring an ad agency or a digital marketing company because you get complete control of the process without outsourcing anything. It helps in tracking, managing, and optimizing marketing campaigns.

Campaign management systems include modules for managing email marketing, social media monitoring, lead nurturing, email automation, customer support, and more so that you can maximize the potential of your campaigns.

Benefits of Implementing Campaign Management Software

There are many good reasons to implement a campaign management system for your business.

  • Increases Efficiency: Campaign management software leads to increased efficiency, which means better campaign results with less time, less money, and resources.

  • Streamlines Workflow: By using a single platform for all your marketing activities, you can streamline the workflow between teams, departments, and locations.

  • Gives Real‑time Analytics: All the data generated by different digital marketing channels are compiled on a single platform, making it easier for you to track, measure, and analyze all actions.

  • Helps with Budgeting: It helps in easy budgeting based on results achieved by different campaigns. The software lets marketers make better decisions about what needs attention next.

  • Better Collaboration: Campaign management tool facilitates collaboration between different teams working on a particular digital marketing effort or campaign.

  • Valuable Insight: Campaign management solution can provide valuable insights to marketers about their target audience. This helps in better targeting, which automatically leads to better results.

  • Increased ROI: Campaign management software helps analysts track, report, and optimize different marketing efforts, thus leading to increased ROIs.

What Does Campaign Management Software Do?

sas campaign management

Campaign management software allows you to track, manage and optimize your marketing campaigns. Here are a few things (out of many) that a campaign management software does for you.

  • Reporting: Reporting is one of the biggest advantages offered by campaign management software. It makes reporting simple so that marketers can generate reports in real-time and deliver them to customers.

  • Data Mining: It can also help marketers in data mining, which means it can track customers’ behaviour as they interact with different campaigns so that you can offer them better experiences and increase conversions.

  • Customer Segmentation: It allows marketers to segment their potential customers and visitor based on their behaviour, preferences, demography, age, sex, etc. this allows marketing expert to target their audience more efficiently, increasing the overall ROI of the business.

  • Marketing Automation: Through campaign management software, marketers can use email automation and lead nurturing tools to boost sales and conversions.

  • Collaboration: Campaign management software also allows you to connect your website with the different social media channels to coordinate their marketing efforts across all platforms.

Campaign management is a fully digital workplace for marketers that combines all things related to specific campaigns to monitor, optimize and improve the measures.

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Why Implement Campaign Management Software?

Marketers need to implement campaign management software majorly for 2 things: Consolidate Insights and Automate Marketing Efforts. Campaign management tools collects data from all your ongoing campaigns across multiple platforms and represent them on a same window.

You don’t have to log in each of your platforms to know the number of leads generated, cost, CTR, CPA etc. You can see and compare the efficiency of different marketing efforts on a single dashboard.

The next thing you need campaign management system is for automation. It could automatically verify your lead through OTPs, email product related information, pause or resume campaigns and much more. For example, it could capture pixels of your website visitors and show them ads directly on their Facebook news feed without any manual intervention.

11 Best Campaign Management Software of 2023

Campaign Management SoftwareCore FeaturesStarting PriceIdeal for
HubSpot1. Field-level permissions
2. Adaptive testing
3. Predictive lead scoring
₹3,325/monthAll companies including startups
Zocket1. Campaign optimization
2. Track Ad results
3. Create local Ads
Price on RequestLocal businesses, startups, SMBs
Drip1. Prebuilt Playbook
2. Deep data mining
3. Powerful Segmentation Tool
₹1,405 Per MontheCommerce Companies
Campaign Manager 3601. Critical Google Insights
2. Data studio Survey
3. Tag Manager
Available on request1. Digital Marketing Agencies
2. Large corporates
Asana1. Timeline function
2. Custom rules builder
3. Forms Customization & Branching
₹813 per month1. Beginners
2. Freelancers
Bitrix241. Lead Nurturing pipeline
2. Multiple communication avenues
3. Bots and AI for automations
₹3,490/monthSmall and Medium Sized Organizations
HootSuite1. Bulk Post Scheduling
2. Brand Sentiment Tracking
3. Powerful search capabilities
₹1915 /month.Social Media marketers
Zoho Campaigns1. Dedicated email and SMS
2. Dynamic personalization
3. Powerful A/B testing
₹86.25 /month1. All sized organizations
2. Agencies and freelancers.
Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation1. Key account targeting
2. Campaign analytic
3. Closed-loop reporting
Available on request1. Digital Marketing Agencies
2. Large Ecommerce Websites.
Comarch1. External Window
2. Omnichannel customer engagement
3. Realtime campaign efficiency measurement
Available on request1. Small Marketing Teams
2. SMB’s
3. Freelancers

Here is the list of top campaign management software for 2023. The list is prepared based on usability, features, pricing, and reviews.

  • HubSpot

email campaign management software

HubSpot’s is a comprehensive, easy-to-use campaign management solution for managing your entire marketing needs. With seamless collaboration and one window execution, it offers a real-time, bird’s eye view of your entire campaign. Plus, all paid plans include storage for up to 15 million contacts, so you can keep your lists updated and organized.

Key Features of HubSpot Campaign Management Software

  • Field-level permissions
  • Adaptive testing
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Field-level permissions
  • Omni-channel automation
  • Video hosting & management
  • Ad retargeting

HubSpot Pricing: HubSpot could be used for free with basic features. However, the Starter Plan with premium features start at ₹ 3325/month.

Ideal For: Beginners and freelancers and marketing agencies

  • Zocket

Zocket campaign management software allows businesses to run Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads in just 30 seconds without any special expertise. The 3-step Ad running process enables you to reach a larger audience on online platforms and even drive them to your offline local stores.

Simply start by linking your Facebook Business page to Zocket. Then, select the type of Ad campaign you wish to run and create Ads with Zocket Wizard’s images and text. Now, you are ready to run a creative Ad. Finally, track the Ad performance and optimize your campaigns as required.

Key Features of Zocket

  • Campaign optimization
  • Design thumb-stopping Ads and multi-platform Ads
  • Receive more customer calls and enquiries
  • Earn rewards
  • Track Ad results
  • Create localized Ad campaigns

Zocket Pricing: Zocket pricing is available on request on

Ideal For: Local businesses, startups, small, and medium-sized businesses.

  • Drip

Drip is a leading marketing automation tool specially designed for growing eCommerce brands. Drip offers multi-channel campaign execution and tracking and prebuilt proven eCommerce playbooks for higher efficiency.

Drip campaign software has powerful segmentation tools helping marketers to target their customers precisely.  If you are looking for a user-friendly campaign marketing tool, Drip should be on your purchase list.

Features of Drip

  • Prebuilt Playbook
  • Deep data mining
  • Powerful Segmentation Tool
  • One Click Integration
  • Smart A/B testing

Drip Pricing: The price of Drip starts at ₹1,405 per month.

Ideal For: eCommerce companies & medium-sized companies.

  • Google Analytics (Campaign Manager 360)

marketing campaign management tools

Google Campaign Manager 360 is a comprehensive and integrated campaign management and analysis solution that provides users with critical insights only from Google.

It would be the perfect choice for businesses with a long-term vision. It converts vital insights into results in data-driven campaign optimizations.

Google Campaign manager 360 Features

  • Critical Google Search Engine Insights
  • Data studio Survey
  • Tag Manager
  • Funnel analysis
  • User and Conversion Modeling 
  • Google BigQuery Export

Campaign manager 360 Pricing: Google offers a free version with basic features. The official website mentions the price for custom plans as per the requirements of the buyer.

Ideal For: Digital marketing agencies and large corporates.

  • Asana

Asana is the perfect campaign automation and collaboration tool for small to medium organizations. It provides delegation and request tools and project planners. Moreover, the software centralizes the entire workflow so that every team member can always see what’s happening.

Asana software also offers a cloud library of landing pages and form templates giving your campaigns a head start. Asana is free with limited capabilities and provides a 30-day trial for higher plans. “Know before you buy.”

Asana Features

  • Timeline function
  • Custom rules builder
  • Forms Customization & Branching
  • Advanced integrations
  • Assignee and due dates

Asana Pricing: The price of Asana starts at ₹ 813 per month for premium plans.

Ideal For: Beginners, freelancers, and small businesses.

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  • Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is your all-in-one marketing automation solution integrated with a comprehensive CRM. It goes beyond campaign optimization and helps marketers generate and nurture leads through a well-drafted pipeline.

Further, Bots automate all the routine campaign management tasks. Further, the group calendar helps executives stay on top of follow-up deadlines. The inbuilt cloud CRM ensures that no lead goes unfollowed.

Bitrix24 Features

  • Lead Nurturing pipeline
  • Multiple communication avenues
  • Bots and AI for automations
  • Group calendar
  • Inbuilt CRM

Bitrix24 Pricing: The starting price of Bitrix24 is ₹ 3,490/month with basic features.

Ideal For: SMBs & large organizations.

  • EngageBay

EngageBay is a comprehensive online marketing solution that streamlines your campaigns, automates marketing tasks, and provides powerful analytics to track progress.

EngageBay software includes features for creating customizable forms & landing pages, automated emailing, response systems, social media management, and integrated CRM functionality. It has everything you need to get your marketing strategy a rocket boost.

Features of EngageBay

  • Customizable forms and landing pages
  • Personalized bulk emailing
  • Integrated marketing automation
  • Email sequencing
  • Social suite
  • Large Template Database

EngageBay Pricing: EngageBay could be used for free with limited features. However, the basic plan starts at ₹ 997 per month.

Ideal For: Small and medium-sized organizations.

  • HootSuite

campaign management in crm

HootSuite is a comprehensive social media management and campaign automation tool. You can create a targeted customer base, address direct messages, comments, and reactions across multiple channels with ease.

It also helps schedule posts on all social media channels through a single intuitive interface. Plus, there is an extensive knowledge base of free certification courses on SMM to help you get started.

Features of HootSuite

  • Communication across multiple channels
  • Bulk Post Scheduling
  • Brand sentiment Tracking
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Simple administration and reporting
  • Accurate and unique metrics
  • Role Based Access

HootSuite Pricing: The professional plan for HootSuite starts at ₹1915 /month.

Ideal For: Social media management teams, small businesses, and freelancers.

  • Zoho Campaigns

campaign management system

Creating and managing email and SMS campaigns get easier with Zoho Campaigns. This powerful marketing automation tool assists in dynamic personalization to achieve better results with your campaigns.

It also offers integration capabilities with many other business systems. The campaign management system is popular among small teams and solopreneurs because of its affordable pricing.

Zoho Campaigns Features

  • Dedicated email and SMS
  • Dynamic personalization
  • Powerful A/B testing
  • Drag and drop automation
  • lead path tracing
  • Send-time optimization 
  • Email cadence

Zoho Pricing: The price of Zoho Marketing tool starts from ₹86.25 /month for standard feature.

Ideal For: All sized organizations, industries to freelancers.

  • Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation

marketing campaign management software

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation is the industry-leading platform for building and tracking dynamic marketing campaigns. It assists in sophisticated segmentation and targeting capabilities.

The software allows you to drive targeting promotions based on data-driven decisions. The platform also offers tools for landing page creation and form designing.

Oracle Eloqua Features

  • Dynamic adaptive campaign creation
  • Automated and accurate lead scoring
  • Key account targeting
  • Closed-loop reporting
  • More than 500 cross-platform integration

Oracle Eloqua Pricing: Oracle Eloqua has a custom pricing plan as per business requirements. Contact Techjockey team for quotation.

Ideal For: Digital marketing agencies and large Ecommerce websites.

  • Comarch

Campaign Management Solution from Comarch is the perfect marketing automation and analytics tool for agencies and freelancers. Comarch marketing solution offers multistage campaign planning and interactions across multiple channels with time-based triggers and quick workflow creation.

It also allows marketers to create access to external sources. With Comarch, you’ll have everything you need to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Comarch Features

  • Multistage campaign planning
  • Multi-channel interactions
  • External Window
  • Omnichannel customer engagement
  • Realtime campaign efficiency
  • Built-in templates, graphics tools

Comarch Pricing: Comarch pricing is available on on request.

Ideal For: Small marketing teams, SMBs, and freelancers.

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  1. How does campaign management software help in optimizing marketing campaigns?

    Campaign management software helps by simplifying the effort of marketers to create, automate and plan marketing campaigns. It takes care of the tedious tasks associated with marketing so that marketers have time to focus on what matters most.

  2. What are the best campaign management tools in digital marketing?

    Oracle Eloqua, Comarch, and HubSpot are some of the most popular campaign management tools among digital marketing agencies.

  3. How to find the best campaign management software?

    Know your preferences, and then compare the functionality, ease of use, support options, and available integrations to find the best campaign management software fit for your needs.

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