8 Best Rytr Alternatives Free & Paid to Consider in 2023

8 Best Rytr Alternatives Free & Paid to Consider in 2023-feature image
May 30, 2023 10 Min read

Summary: Rytr.me is a highly interactive AI-powered writing tool that plays a key role in helping users to create excellent quality content quickly and simply. However, as technology is continuously evolving, many Rytr free alternatives are available in the market that offer similar and slightly better features.

Users love Rytr for its minimal design and user friendly interface, enabling them to use the AI writing tool without hassles. But its limited usage of words every month and its inability to create long-form content are some downsides that the users cannot ignore.

But don’t worry! To end all your stress, we have curated an extensive guide highlighting the 8 Rytr.me free alternatives to help you create excellent content for your website and target audience.

What is Rytr.me?

What is Rytr

Rytr is an AI writing tool that makes generating different forms of content easy, including blog posts, business pitches, emails, content for landing pages, and more. Rytr is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 API, an open-source machine learning project.

You must feed some instructions, and Rytr will start creating the content based on the instructions it receives. However, Rytr has some flaws like- it can only generate up to 7,000 words monthly and is inefficient with long-form content.

In situations like these, a user may need a rytr alternative, and to help you with this, we have curated a comparison table where you can easily find out what makes other AI writing tools better than Rytr.

Below are the 8 Rytr.me free alternatives that can play a key role in determining which will suit your needs and budget.

Comparison Between Different AI Writing Tools with Rytr Alternatives Free

AI Content ToolContent ResearchLong-Term WritingSEO-OptimizationCopywritingFree TrialStarting Plan
WritesonicYesYesYesYesYesLong-form plan starts at ₹1,034/M
ScalenutYesYesYes, knows NLP terms & KeywordsYesYesEssential plan starts at ₹1,888/M
Jasper AIYesYesLimited CapabilitiesYesYes₹4,022/user
AnywordNoYesYesYesYesStarter plan starts at ₹1,970/M
Frase.ioYesYesLimited CapabilitiesNoNoSolo plan starts at ₹1,230/M
PeppertypeYesYesYesYesNoPremium plan starts at ₹32,757/M

Best Rytr Alternatives Free & Paid to Consider in 2023

With AI writing tools gaining popularity in the content field, Rytr has become a popular AI-powered tool. But one of the major drawbacks of Rytr is that it offers limited word credits to the user.

With the Saver Plan, you can generate only up to 50,000 characters, around 7,000 words per month. Moreover, it offers users very limited third-party integrations and is inefficient with long-form content creation.

However, with a pool of similar tools available in the market, it’s worth exploring and experimenting with the Rytr.me free alternatives as they offer better features and benefits. So, let’s look at the best Rytr alternatives free and paid both.

  • Writesonic


Writesonic is an AI-powered content writing tool designed to help writers generate high-quality and unique content for different purposes, including blog posts, social media content, and email marketing campaigns.

Moreover, the tool uses different types of advanced-level natural language processing algorithms to generate and produce engaging content.

To make it easy for the user, Writesonic offers various writing prompts such as descriptive, narrative, persuasive, and research, so they can use the software without any hassles. You can also check out some of the best writesonic alternatives.

Writesonic Features:

  • AI Article and Blog Writer
  • Text Expander
  • Article Summarizer
  • Product Descriptions 
  • Surfer SEO Integration 
  • Facebook and Google Ads
  • Landing Pages 
  • AI Article Ideas

Pros and Cons:

  • 50+ advanced writing tools
  • Plagiarism-free content that is SEO optimized
  • Eliminates the risk of typos and errors
  • Offers a free trial
  • Free trial is limited
  • The content expander comes with a cap
  • The credit-based system can be inconvenient if you plan to generate more copies of the same content

Free Trial: Available

Writesonic Pricing: Plan starts at INR 1,034/month.

  • Scalenut

Scalenut is also another best Rytr.me free alternatives that will end all your writing-related fear. It’s a highly powerful and interactive platform that harnesses the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, enabling users to create engaging and high-quality content.

From blog posts to articles, engaging social media posts, and product descriptions, Scalenut’s advanced-level features can elevate your writing to a new level.

With extensive functionalities like real-time feedback, NLP analysis, and keyword usage recommendations, create winning content your customers will love.

Scalenut Features:

  • Cruise Mode
  • NLP Analysis
  • SEO Writing
  • Content Optimizer
  • Topic Cluster
  • Keyword Planner
  • SERP Analyzer

Pros and Cons:

  • Extremely fast and effective
  • Advanced-level keyword search functionality
  • Different types of pricing plans are available for beginners and advanced users
  • AI is not advanced when compared to other counterparts like Jasper
  • Lack of tutorials available for beginners

Free Trial: Yes

Scalenut Pricing: Plan starts at INR 1,888/month.

  • Jasper AI

Jasper AI

Using Jasper AI, you can easily create content that will help capture your target audience’s attention. Previously known as Jarvis, the AI copywriting tool is a fantastic alternative for Rytr.me.

The boss-mode feature will allow the users to create blog posts 5x faster, produce high-quality outputs with better context, and with enhanced SEO capabilities, the content will rank higher on Google.

Using the dashboard facility, users can easily access their writing projects. However, plagiarism detection can cost you extra.

Jasper AI Features:

  • Multiple language support, including English, Japanese, and various international languages. 
  • Seamless surfer integration.
  • 50+ templates to choose from.
  • Multiple copywriting skills. 
  • Enables the users to change the content into tones like assertive, formal, and witty.

Pros and Cons:

  • Produces accurate content
  • Boss Feature is the USP of Jasper AI
  • Native support for Grammarly is available
  • Can churn content quickly
  • Overly technical blog topics are still a problem
  • Junk content can cost you a fortune
  • Plagiarism detection will cost extra

Free Trial: Yes

Jasper AI Pricing: Plan starts at INR 4,022/user.

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  • Anyword

The AI tool is more focused on creating and delivering copies that can drive conversion or generate sales for your business.

Anyword is a versatile AI writing tool for beginners, as it offers a range of powerful features, including optimizing content for search engines, generating engaging social media posts, and creating an entire email marketing campaign.

Anyword Features:

  • Sentence Rewriter
  • Meta Description, Blog and Product Description Generator
  • Ad and Email Copy Generator
  • Keyword Library 
  • Content Performance Score 
  • Content Templates 
  • Text Summarizer 
  • Instagram Caption Generator 
  • Facebook & LinkedIn Post Generator 

Pros  and Cons:

  • Seamless ad account integration
  • Predictive performance score function
  • Continuous optimization feature
  • It is quite costly if you want all the features

Free Trial: Available 

Anyword Pricing: Starter plan starts at INR 1,970/month. 

  • Frase.io

Frase.io is a comprehensive AI writing tool and will be the perfect option if you are looking for rytr alternatives free and paid. It is an all-in-one AI writing tool that has the potential to produce high-ranking SEO content.

While improving the readability of your articles and making them more appealing, do a comparative analysis, and improve the overall performance of your website. Well, one of the most notable features of Frase.io is its AI-powered topic research abilities.

It uses advanced algorithms to help you analyze search data and identify the most relevant and trendy topics. This feature will enable you to create relevant and engaging content for your target audience.

Additionally, Frase.io offers seamless third-party integrations with websites like WordPress and HubSpot.

Frase.io Features:

  • Content Brief / Summary
  • Content Writing and Optimization
  • Engaging AI Templates
  • Automatic Passage Paraphrasing
  • Topic Model feature for easy identification of keywords

Pros and Cons:

  • Enables the user to create multiple pages in a single doc
  • Comprehensive and cluster-free dashboard
  • Outline Builder to allow the user to frame the content structure
  • Does not offer a free trial
  • No live chat support
  • The Frase starter plan does not offer the feature of unlimited documents

Free Trial: Not Available

Frase Pricing: Plan starts at INR 1,230/month.

  • Copysmith

Copysmith free rytr alternatives

With its advanced technology, Copysmith has the potential to generate content for various marketing campaigns, including social media posts, product descriptions, email marketing, and ad copies.

Moreover, using advanced-level algorithms, Copysmith enables the users to craft content keeping in mind the brand voice that the target audience can easily understand.

Copysmith is an excellent AI tool that will play a vital role by helping you streamline your content creation process and produce phenomenal results.

Features of Copysmith:

  • Seamless integration with third-party apps
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • SEO Feature
  • Workflow Management
  • In-App Collaboration
  • Content Export

Pros and Cons:

  • Easy content exporting
  • Optimized content for SEO
  • Backs up content for the user
  • Not mobile-friendly
  • Supports only English language
  • Does not offer workflow management

Free Trial: Available

Copysmith Pricing: Plan starts at INR 1,559/month.

  • Peppertype

Peppertype rytr me free alternative

Like other Rytr.me free alternatives, Peppertype.ai is another AI-writing tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to better understand the style and the type of content your target audience is consuming.

Peppertype is ideal for creating short-form content and will help users create engaging copies. Moreover, it offers a range of features that will help the user to create appealing content for the target audience.

With over 20+ content templates, you can create content for different platforms without hassles, be it SEO, social media, or copywriting.

Peppertype Features:

  • Real-time data integrations
  • Enhanced multilingual capabilities
  • Personalized content 
  • Smart prompts
  • Hassle-free collaboration
  • Access control enables the users to change the word count and font size.

Pros  and Cons:

  • Offers free trials with 10,000 words
  • Offers 40+ built-in copywriting templates
  • Provides a clean dashboard
  • The tone of voice feature is not supported by all forms of content
  • Does not have a long-form editor
  • Yearly plans are limited in words

Free Trial: Not Available

Peppertype.ai Pricing: Plan starts at INR 32,757/month.

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  • Clearscope

With Clearscope, you can work in the direction of creating appealing content that will not only drive more organic traffic but also make the content shareable, click-worthy, and readable. It can help you create content that’s highly relevant to what people are searching for.

You can use this AI-tool to create high-quality content and conversion-maximizing copy for ads, websites, social media, blogs, and more.

So, if you are looking for more advanced AI tools, you can choose Clearscope as an alternative to Rytr. 

Features of Clearscope:

  • WordPress Plug-in
  • Content Management
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis

Pros  and Cons:

  • Comprehensive brief creation
  • Content keyword optimization
  • Offers helpful recommendations for how many times to use each keyword
  • Indicates if the keywords are commonly placed in the header or not
  • Offers additional features which can be costly

Free Trial: Not Available

Clearscope Pricing: Pricing starts at INR 13,956/month. 


While most AI writing tools can generate engaging content for the users, it is important to carefully analyze and compare the features, pros, and cons of the AI writing tools and then make a wise decision.

Though Rytr is a popular AI writing tool for users, it has some disadvantages, like- a limited word capacity of 7,000 words per month and the software’s inability to produce long-form content.

To avoid such roadblocks and create quality content easily, users can try these AI writing tools e.g., Jasper AI, Writesonic, Copysmith, and Frase.io. You can create long-form blogs and articles hassle-free with extensive features like unlimited word count support.

Get ready to strengthen your content game with these Rytr.me free alternatives and start creating compelling and engaging content for your target audience.


  1. Is rytr safe?

    Rytr is a safe AI-writing tool, and it will keep all your data safe and secure.

  2. What are the best free rytr alternatives?

    If you are looking for the best rytr alternatives you can consider these options- Jasper AI, Writesonic, Copysmith, and Anyword.

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