Why Excellent Customer Support is Critical for Your Business Growth

Why Excellent Customer Support is Critical for Your Business Growth-feature image
February 24, 2023 4 Min read

In today’s digitized world, success in business goes hand in hand with customer-centric sales processes. Proactive selling mechanisms go a long way in building friendly relations with customers, digitally as well as in-person. You will find most successful businesses relying on excellent customer support services for solidifying the customer base.

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Excellent Customer Support = Repeat Customers in the Food Service Industry

Every business undertaking expects good ROI (return of investment). Have you heard of return of customers or ROC? Customers need to come back to help your business thrive.  A study by HubSpot explained how a returning customer spends around sixty-seven percent higher compared to first time visitors.  

In the food service industry, you will thus find the concept of ROC or return of customers being regularly applied as part of key business practices. This sector for more ROC engages in excelling in their customer service support services. The customer support is not just about providing prompt response to your customers’ queries. It is about creating value through loyalty programs, referrals, etc. so that they keep coming back to you for your outstanding hospitality.

Customer service software like Freshdesk is being used not just in the food service industry but other sectors to analyse the expectations of customers and retain them through personalized attention.

Established entrepreneurs in the field understands how customer retention generates double the revenue when compared to using only customer acquisition strategies. Customer retention is a direct result of prompt and efficient customer service.

How Startups are Involving Customers in Product Development

A flourishing business is built on successful marketing strategies, effective sales funnels and well-defined work culture and workforce management strategies. But most importantly, it’s their approach towards customer feedbacks!

Customer feedback matters especially at the stage of product development and regular updates.  Product development & management is incomplete without feedback of customers involved into it. After all, a business is based on customer’s interest in your product.

Customer service is most relied on for product development by start-up companies. Chatbots, social media forums and web chat platforms are being used in the process. 

Insurance sector involves a large amount of complicated data. The sector is one good example where customer feedback is regularly applied to simplify home insurance processes. Further, car rental startups rely on customer feedback support from customer service to make the renting journey simple and efficient.  And then you have software development companies, which relies heavily on the customer feedback data to offer customized features and modules.

Conversational Financial Services: Taking Customer Service to Another Level

The 2017 Digital Banking Report stated that customer onboarding is the most important aspect in the growth of banking and financial services industry. Boston Consulting Group while emphasizing about the criticality of excellence in support services highlighted how indicators, such as call logs, transaction history and common queries can be used for resolving customer complaints. 

With changing technologies and regulations, parameters for selecting the best banking institution/financial service provider too have changed. Customers look for personalised and genuine customer support along with the information security when selecting a financial service or banking institution. To meet the demands of their clients, this industry is emphasizing on upgrading their help desk and customer service platforms to ensure that no request falls through the cracks.

Experiential Retail: Experience retailing for immersive and shareable shopping experience

Experiential retailing is adapted by business ventures as their customers are more likely to switch to their competitors if their experience with the brand is not extraordinary. While another half said that they don’t mind giving negative reviews about a retailer to other customers.

Experiential retail is all about creating an immersive experience for customers, both online and offline. While offline, you can draw customers’ attention by creating an engaging experience for them at your retail store. Design the layout of your retail store in a way that people love to click pictures, post and share. Also, you can organize events at your store to pull in the audience, who can be your probable customers.

In the online space, the customer service quality plays an important role in creating an engaging and immersive experience. How quickly you serve your website visitors can make or break your brand impression. Customer service software like Freshdesk can play a significant role in analyzing and categorizing your website visitors to offer them personalized services.  

Wrapping Up

Any business venture has its foundation in strong customer service support. Putting yourself into customer’s shoes is necessary to see that your business grows and generates profitable revenues.

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