List of Best Free Cloud Storage Services in India 2024 

List of Best Free Cloud Storage Services in India 2024 -feature image
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Aren’t you annoyed by all the notifications that say ‘running out of space’ on your system?

Well, it’s a sign to switch to cloud storage space.

The best cloud storage service providers offer unlimited storage space, data backups, end-to-end encryption for security, data recovery, and more. All in all, cloud storage makes it easy for businesses and individuals to store, organize, manage, and share their files over a cloud storage platform.

So, here in this article, we have got a list of the 12 best free cloud storage services that you can choose from, based on the features listed below. Let’s get started.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a model of cloud computing which saves your data over the internet, on cloud servers. The cloud storage service provider stores and manages the data for you, eliminating the need for you to build your own storage infrastructure.

Cloud storage makes it easy for your business to scale and expand the storage space easily. Moreover, it makes data storage and real-time collaboration simple and easy for everyone. Cloud storage operates in a safe and secure environment that is end-to-end encrypted.

12 Best Free Cloud Storage Services for Secure Storage in India

Let’s check out what different free cloud storage services have to offer you with their respective features.

  • Mega

Mega Free Cloud Storage Service

Mega free cloud storage platform is secure and enables fast and reliable data transfers. It is a preferrable free online storage solution especially when teams are working remotely. Users can create a free account with complete end-to-end encryption to upload, download, and share files. Mega Cloud storage offers a massive cloud storage space that suits every business type. You can easily add new members for data access as and when your team expands and grows.

Mega Cloud Storage Platform Features

  1. Download files without signing up
  2. Schedule your file transfers
  3. Check the progress using Mega Transfer Manager
  4. Use Mega mobile on Android & iOS devices
  5. Sync your system with Mega cloud
  • OneDrive


OneDrive cloud storage enables real-time collaboration, file sharing, advanced sync, data recovery, and more. To keep your files protected, OneDrive free storage also provides password-protected link sharing. In addition to this, the OneDrive free version offers certain productivity tools such as document version history, anywhere editing, multipage scan, etc.

OneDrive Features

  1. Share files and folders via link
  2. Create a personal vault to protect the most important files with identity verification
  3. Share limited access with expiring links
  4. Receive alerts for ransomware detection and restore files if affected
  • Google Drive

Google Drive

Google’s free cloud storage allows encrypted file storing and sharing. Businesses can transfer their datacenters to cloud storage using shippable servers to speed up their processes. Moreover, the cloud storage platform secures your files by proactively scanning and removing the infected files. In fact, the Google Drive free storage offers collaborative content creation tools like Google sheets, forms, docs, etc., that work in real-time.

Google Drive Features

  1. Replicate your complete data within 15 minutes
  2. Integration with collaborative apps like Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides
  3. Enjoy Google AI’s reliability and speed
  4. Integration with Adobe, DocuSign, Salesforce, etc.

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  • Dropbox

Dropbox offers best cloud storage for photos, videos, CAD files, or any other file type. Dropbox free storage also offers integration with various apps such as Zapier, Salesforce, Slack, Trello, and more. The best free cloud storage platform ensures that you are productive even when you are on the go, this means you can access files, take notes, capture new ideas, and do much more.

Dropbox Features

  1. Save files in all file formats
  2. Access your files from any device, any time
  3. Use remote wipe feature to delete files from a stole device
  4. Saves copies of deleted files and their previous versions for any recovery
  5. Enable password- protection on your confidential files
  • Media Fire

Mega Fire

MediaFire is amongst the best free cloud storage platforms that make sharing, collaborating, storing, and accessing your files easy. Additionally, Media Fire offers expandable 1TB cloud storage, direct uploading from the website, bulk downloading, and more. In fact, with this cloud storage platform, you won’t ever hit the download limit.

Media Fire Features

  1. Offers 10 GB free cloud space, 4 GB per file
  2. Share uploaded files on your website, social media, or anywhere with a shareable link
  3. Enjoy multiple uploads with a good speed
  4. Use Media Fire’s file manager to organize your files from any device
  5. Restrict your downloads with one-time download links
  • pCloud

pCoud is one the cheapest cloud storage platforms that offer a simple and secure interface to share your work and collaborate with others. This free cloud storage service allows users to upload all types of files, irrespective of the size or without any other limitations. It is a free unlimited cloud storage platform that comes with an extended file history option, which allows users to recover the deleted or edited data from the past 365 days.

pCloud Features

  1. 10 GB free cloud storage space
  2. Advanced file search options with different filters
  3. Create assured data backups with automatic upload
  4. Experience complete security with TLS/ SSL data encryption
  5. Stores previous file versions for at least 15 days
  • Degoo

Degoo AI-based online cloud storage service provider that comes with a Degoo feed where you can see all your memories in photos and videos. The free cloud storage service allows you to upload files of any size without reducing their quality. Users can access Degoo free cloud storage on their desktops, and Android & iOS devices, and a fast internet connection.

Degoo Features

  1. Up to 10 TB of premium cloud storage space & 100 GB free cloud space
  2. Keep your files secured with passphrase encryption
  3. Turn on auto upload
  4. Store your files forever, without any auto deletion
  5. Keep your files safe with zero knowledge encryption
  • Yandex Disk

Yandex Disk is a reliable and free cloud space for storing photos and other files. This free cloud storage service platform acts exactly like your personal hard drive where you can easily upload, access, edit, and delete files. In addition to this, it offers a free document editor where you can create and edit spreadsheets, documents, presentations, etc.

Yandex Disk Features

  1. Use auto upload to save all your files in the original resolution
  2. Access cloud storage on a web browser, without any additional software installation
  3. Create short shareable links for file sharing
  4. Works best as a free cloud storage for photos
  • Blomp


Blomp currently has more than 12 million files uploaded on its cloud space with more than 1 million users accessing it. The cloud storage platform completely takes care of the privacy of your files. It never shares, sells, or analyzes any of your data, in any form.

Blomp Features

  1. 20 GB cloud storage space added to your account on every friend referral
  2. Free download available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, & iOS
  3. No auto deletes for unused files and documents, so you always have access to old files
  4. Upload multiple files at once with a great speed
  • Sync

Sync is an online free cloud storage service provider that offers various admin tools to manage your documents, such as permission to add or remove user accounts, view usage, activity logs, etc. The cloud storage platform also ensures that you don’t lose any of your files with easy backups, file recovery, file archives, restoring features, and more.

Sync Features

  1. Unlimited cloud storage space
  2. Protects your files with passwords, and expiry dates
  3. Shares documents even with people who don’t have a sync account
  4. Sets user permissions for read only, remote wipe, and read writer controls

Cloud Storage Is a Must

To scale and expand, businesses need to move to cloud storage platforms. It allows businesses to create a secure back up of important files and even initiate file recovery as and when required. Additionally, you can save, share, and manage your documents using cloud storage platforms. You can choose to go for a free version with limited storage space or choose your preferred plan to avail additional services.

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FAQ’s on Cloud Storage for Free

  1. What Is the Best Free Cloud Storage?

    The best free cloud storage platforms are OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. These platforms allow users to start for free and upgrade to paid versions as and when required.

  2. What Is the Largest Free Cloud Storage? 

    Blomp and Deggo offer the largest free cloud storage with 200 GB and 100 GB of storage space respectively.

  3. What is the most free cloud storage? 

    Some of the free cloud storage platforms are Box, Media Fire, pCloud, and more. You can easily start with their free version to explore their features.

  4. How does cloud storage work?

    Cloud storage stores your data on cloud servers on the Internet that is managed by a third party. These vendors manage the security, reliability, and durability of the cloud storage platform. Users can pay as per their usage or even start by using the free versions of these platforms.

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