5 Ways Hitachi Vantara’s VSP E Series Stands Out for Mid Range Storage

5 Ways Hitachi Vantara’s VSP E Series Stands Out for Mid Range Storage-feature image
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In today’s world, businesses need new technologies to keep pace with the demands of data-hungry applications and deliver IT projects on time. They are continually challenged to be agile and give their best with minimal resources.

However, instead of focusing on strategic aspects, some companies spend their time and money on buying, maintaining, and upgrading costly enterprise storage systems. Despite all the efforts, many storage infrastructures still fall short of delivering the expected results.

To make their life easier, Hitachi Vantara has launched a comprehensive range of Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E series (VSP E590, VSP E790 & VSP E1090) where the letter ‘E’ stands for ‘everyone’.

Owing to the advanced storage facility of these models, businesses of any size can deliver exemplary results.

Hitachi Vantara’s VSP E Series to Boost the Performance of Mid-Range Storage

The new VSP series comes with the hybrid storage facility that empowers clients to integrate multiple workloads in one single midrange platform. These storage solutions allow you to meet your present digital expectations in a cost-effective manner, and let you meet your future service levels and applications data needs.

Hitachi’s VSP E series is meticulously designed and supports a symmetrical active-active controller to deliver industry-leading, consistent performance with low-microsecond latency.

E series ensures a quick and easy, self-install setup, and it can be up & running in under 30 minutes. It is integrated with the hybrid cloud stacks that simplify the deployment and maintenance of data from the edge to core to cloud.

Recently, Hitachi Vantara has also announced an integration with the Google cloud solution ‘Anthos’ for seamless Kubernetes management across the edge, public and on-premises clouds environment. Moreover, you can also opt for Hitachi’s ops center management setup for effective data protection, automation, administration, and analytics.

 Benefits of Using Hitachi Vantara’s Virtual Storage Platform for Mid-Range Storage

Here are 5 noteworthy benefits of Hitachi Vantara’s virtual storage platform:

  1. Trusted Technology that Won’t Cost a Fortune

With Hitachi Virtual Storage E series platform, you get automated and agile storage which is built according to the innovative technology mostly found in top end enterprise systems. The offered system allows you to cost-effectively fulfil all your digital expectations and maximize the advantage & efficiency of your data centers. Data services such as automation, metro clustering and data reduction in VSP E series extend the life cycle and value of virtual storage systems. 

  1. Enterprise Flexibility

The latency of below 41 ms is one of the best in the domain, and it drives significant customer experience throughout the business. All VSP E series models are powered by the common Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System RF (SVOS RF) that lets you manage and recreate similar data between all systems. Moreover, there is no need to create silos of data.

  1. Hybrid Flash, All Flash and NVMe Flash Solutions

The NVMe flash delivers ultra-low latency & supercharged performance. And hybrid flash & all-flash solutions extract the maximum capacity value and performance from applications. These flash solutions are fully capable to support data center workloads, containerized applications, cloud initiatives and utility consumption models. 

  1. Cloud-Enabled Monitoring

Hitachi Ops Center Clear Sight is an easy-to-use, cloud-based monitoring and fleet management software tool that provides critical insights into your Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) assets. Predictive analysis means less downtime and faster resolution. Ops Center Clear Sight leverages Hitachi Remote Ops’ automated and proactive data collection to strategically identify equipment needs in advance and create an efficient mitigation plan.

AI-driven insights powered by Remote Ops give an on-demand, single-source view of operational and business metrics for VSP E series arrays, utilizing AI and ML.

  1. Renowned Hitachi Resilience

VSP E series storage platform is backed by 58 years old Hitachi engineering, offering you the most trusted range of storage options available in the domain. It is supported by the most comprehensive and industry first guarantee of 100% data availability. The cutting edge active-active controller protects your company from local faults, and it also mitigates any performance issues. Owing to all these reasons, around 85% of the fortune 100 financial services companies trust Hitachi storage systems for their critical data storage. 

  1. Modern and Trusted Cybersecurity 

The ransomware mitigation facility provided by Hitachi Ops Center helps in guarding your most critical data assets. It orchestrates the duplication between near cloud, public clouds and on premises clouds to ensure the backup of data. By creating an unchangeable storage environment, the critical copies of your data are ‘saved’ in either the public cloud or near cloud to ensure utmost protection from ransomware attacks.

Features of Hitachi Vantara’s VSP E Series

Let’s look at some salient features of Hitachi Vantara’s VSP E Series

  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence Ops provides real time monitoring for Hitachi Vantara’s VSP E Series systems located in a colocation center or on-premises facility. 
  • Hitachi AIOps allows unique integration of automation and IT analytics that identifies and quickly resolves issues before they affect your important workloads.
  • It is powered by AI software tools to simplify the management process and improve the operational aspects of your IT business. 
  • Thanks to automated analytics, protection and admin functionality, the manual tasks are reduced by up to 70%
  • Advanced data reduction technique offers the 4:1 data reduction guarantee
  • The application delivery process is streamlined by up to 90%
  • You can centralize, consolidate & quickly scale with ease, without any complexity.
  • In this storage platform, you get a flexible management option that meets your growing business requirements.
  • You get the best-in-class performance, scalability, and performance to match your budget, applications, and workloads.


With the E series virtual storage platform, Hitachi has added one more feather to their cap. All the products in this series provide advanced virtualization, automation, data protection, and scalability, allowing you to reach the pinnacle of application service levels. These storage solutions are made for speed and resilience and help you in handling complicated business challenges with aplomb.

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