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Summary: A weak password is the major reason why data breaches occur every day. By using a reliable password manager, users can create strong passwords to prevent security breaches. What are the best apps you can use to generate strong passwords? Find out about these apps in the article below!

As more and more data and important details are stored digitally, creating complex passwords and managing them securely has become the need of the hour. That’s where a password manager app and tool came into the picture.

The password manager application comes with a security vault that can be opened via a master password. This vault stores all the passwords in encrypted format, hence making it difficult for hackers to access data. Further, users can also replace weak passwords with strong ones to avoid any data breach through the password manager.

Password Manager Apps for Complete Security

Many big enterprises have faced data breaches issues that compromised their customers’ security. Hence, to prevent this, the password storage apps offer advanced security functionalities such as scanning dark web to find user’s stolen personal information.

Most password managers use 2FA methods to authenticate the user’s login id like a password or through OTP for additional layer of security. Generally, they are zero-knowledge platforms to save and store passwords locally on a device with 256-bit AES encryption, also used by the U.S. military and government.

Password managers can be used as a mobile or desktop application or a browser extension. Get more insights on the password manager functionalities and what are the top apps you can consider for your password management below.

List of Best Password Manager Apps for Android with Download

  1. Google Smart Lock: Best for Securing Usernames and Passwords

Google Smart Lock is used to manage passwords on android, Google Chrome, Chrome OS, etc. It automatically unlocks your phone when connected to trusted devices. This can be done by configuring and adding trusted devices to the Smart Lock.

Further, by adding specific locations to it, your phone would remain unlocked till the time you remain in that place. It provides the auto-filling option to automatically save and fill in passwords in different apps and websites.

Google Smart Lock Features

  • Admin console to manage permissions
  • Login into various applications via SAML and OpenID Connect
  • Multi-factor authentication for security
  • On-body detection to keep the phone unlocked through body sensing

Price: Google Smart Lock is free to use

  1. LastPass: Best for Cross-Platform Password Management

Lastpass dashboard image

LastPass is an android password manager that enables users to create strong passwords and manage their login credentials. With its password auto-filing option, it auto fills passwords into different sites and applications, by securely saving in the encrypted format. Further, with the MFA methods, users can easily verify employee’s login credentials and provide access to use the company VPN service.

LastPass Features

  • Private vault to save passwords
  • Saving and auto-filing passwords
  • Password sharing with multiple users
  • Dark web monitoring to avoid security breaches
  • Advanced MFA options for additional security

Price: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 248.55/month/user

  1. BitWarden: Best for Creating End-to-End Encrypted Vault

BitWarden is an open-source password manager app that generates and stores passwords in an end-to-end encrypted vault. This password manager app uses AES 256-bit encryption, PBKDF2 SHA-256, and salted hashtag to keep the passwords secure.

Further, BitWarden lets users securely share sensitive data in the vault via any browser, smartphone, or desktop OS though a secure cloud server.

BitWarden Features

  • MFA method for data security
  • Zero-knowledge encryption to prevent unauthorized access
  • Username and password generator
  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Emergency access to the security vault

Price: Free plan available | Paid plan starts from less than INR 828.52 annually

  1. 1Password: Best for Creating and Storing Strong Passwords

1Password dashboard image

1Password is used for creating passwords and managing login credentials. Users can save and edit user logins, share credentials with 1Password and non-1Password users, encrypt their passwords, etc.

1Password Features

  • 5 TB storage space
  • 2FA authentication for additional security
  • Access controls for security vault
  • Strong password generator
  • Dashboard to view the overall security health

Price: No free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 247.60 per month

  1. Dashlane: Best for Password Creation and Management

Dashlane helps users to create, store, and share passwords. It enables users to create and revoke passwords as per their convenience. Further, this password saver app can be used to secure Wi-Fi through VPN, monitor dark web for any security breaches, retain the password history, and a lot more.

Dashlane Features

  • Group login credentials sharing
  • Logs auditing
  • 2FA authentication for security
  • 1GB encrypted document storage
  • Storing and auto-filing passwords

Price: Free plan available | Paid plan starts INR 227.67 per month under the advanced plan.

  1. Keeper: Best for Managing Passwords and Confidential Data

dark web monitoring and alerts dashboard of Keeper Password Manager App

Keeper is one of the best password managers for phones and desktops to protect users from any type of cyber threat. This android password manager can be used for managing remote infrastructure access, monitoring the dark web, sharing credentials, etc. With its Secret Management feature, you can securely save confidential data like API keys, database passwords, certificate, access keys, and a lot more.

Keeper Features

  • Security auditing
  • Two-factor authentication methods
  • Secure password sharing
  • Emergency access to the security vault
  • Secure file storage
  • Zero-knowledge encryption for data and passwords protection

Price: No free plan available | Business Starter plan starts from INR 165.78/user/month

  1. Password Safe: Best for Categorizing Passwords and Data

Password Safe is used to generate an encrypted username and password list. It is one of the best password manager apps that lets users generate one master password to store and access all the usernames and password lists. Further, it can also be used to change old passwords for better security and avoid any security breaches.

Password Safe Features

  • Data and password encryption
  • Categorizing passwords and data
  • Two-factor authentication for security
  • Multiple databases to categorize passwords

Price: Password Safe is open source and free to use

  1. Enpass: Best for Storing and Synching Passwords

Enpass dashboard image

Enpass password manager application helps generate strong and unique passwords for different online accounts. It lets users store their data either in their device or in the personal cloud like Google Drive and OneDrive. Apart from securing passwords, it can also be used to securely save other information like credit cards info, driving licenses, loyalty cards, etc.

Enpass Features

  • Accounts identification with 2FA method
  • Admin console to manage permissions
  • Unlimited vaults creation
  • Auto filling of passwords and card details
  • 256-bit AES encryption for security
  • Password auditing to find and remove weak passwords

Price: No free plan available | Paid plan starts from INR 59.06 per month

  1. aWallet Password Manager: Best for Categorizing and Storing Passwords

aWallet Password Manager is one of the best password managers for android to generate and save passwords and other details like e-banking credentials, credit card data, etc.

With its built-in editor, you can create and change different data categories with customized icons. Further, this easy password manager app can be used to synch encrypted data, export data in CSV file, and offline access to the software.

aWallet Features

  • Encrypted data synchronization with cloud
  • Back up and restoration of encrypted data files
  • Strong password generator
  • AES encryption with 256, 192 and 128 bits for security
  • Support unlocks with face and touch ID

Price: Available on request on aWallet website

  1. Keepass2Android: Best for Storing Passwords in a Secured Vault

Keepass2Android is an open-source android password manager to create, store, and manage passwords for different online accounts. It uses AES, ChaCha20, and TwoFish encryption to keep all the data and passwords safe and secure.

Further, Keepass2Android can be used to transfer data between different computers and decrypt the entire data through a single master key.

Keepass2Android Features

  • Encrypted security vault to store passwords
  • Vault synchronization with the cloud
  • Data export to TXT, XML, CSV, and HTML Files
  • Password categorization and modification
  • Strong and random password generation

Price: Keepass2Android is free to use

How Does a Password Manager App Work?

To use a password manager app, you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Login to the password manager application of your choice.
  • Create a master password for the security vault with the password generator
  • Create login credentials for online accounts and add them into the security vault.
  • Use password auditing to identify and eliminate weak passwords.
  • Once done, replace them with the strong password.
  • Enable the auto filing option to automatically fill saved passwords in multiple applications and websites.
  • Constantly monitor and manage the password health of all your accounts.

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  1. What’s the best free password manager for Android?

    Free password managers for android come with basic security features for generating passwords, encrypting them, and a security vault to store them. Some of best password managers for android include RoboForm, Avira Password Manager Free, Nord Pass, LastPass, etc.

  2. What are the best password manager apps for Android?

    Password manager apps like Keeper, RoboForm, and LastPass that can be used on all the android devices to generate and securely share passwords.

  3. What does password manager app do?

    A password manager app stores the user’s passwords, so that he/she does not need to enter password every time they login into their online accounts. Once the user is logged into the password manager app through a master password, the app will generate and save all the passwords for all the online accounts.

  4. Is password manager app safe?

    Yes, most password managers are safe to use as they use multiple security protocols like monitoring accounts to prevent breaches and use MFAs for additional security. This helps to keep the passwords and other data secure.

  5. Do password managers work with apps?

    Yes, password managers do work with other apps as users can login to these apps directly with the password manager. The password manager saves all the passwords in an encrypted vault that can only be accessed by the user. The password manager icon would appear on the applications whenever user tries to login. By clicking on the icon, the password will be auto filed in it.

  6. Can password apps be hacked?

    No, passwords applications cannot be easily hacked by hackers because they use strong encryption, advanced security methods, and multi-factor authentication methods to securely store passwords. However, without strong security protocols, the passwords could be compromised.

  7. Does Android have a built-in password manager?

    Yes, android devices come with built-in password manager of Google to create and share passwords. With this, users can automatically synchronize and save data across multiple devices. It has made it easier to log into multiple applications through saving and auto-filing passwords.

  8. Is there an app that saves all passwords?

    Yes, there are multiple apps that securely save all your passwords. You can use apps like LastPass to generate passwords, store them in a security vault, and use them across multiple devices securely.

  9. Which password manager is safest?

    There are several password managers that use zero-knowledge architecture, complicated authentication methods, and advanced encryption to keep all the passwords safe and secure. Some of the most secure passwords managers include NordPass, Bitwarden, Dashlane, Password Safe, Google Smart Lock, etc.

  10. Where is the safest place to save password?

    You can save passwords in an encrypted password vault available with various password manager apps. Some of the best password storage apps like Dashlane and LastPass offer an encrypted security vault to store unique passwords for all the accounts.

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