Best Free VPN for PC/Laptop, Android &  iOS in 2023

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Here is a saying, “You are not supposed to access everything on internet,” and then here is a fact “You can access everything on the internet.” We live in an era where we want to have access to every data on the internet while providing as little as possible of our own. For this reason, Free VPN for PC and smartphones is the lifeline of many netizens.

Government blocking an app or a whole website genre is very common in India, making VPN the most viable app on every millennial’s phone after Gallery and WhatsApp. Beyond just web surfing, many internet users install VPNs for privacy concerns. However, there are thousands of VPNs on the market, and choosing one is pretty hard.

People often download VPNs that show ads continuously and slow down their devices. Some VPNs, at best, could unblock a few sites but have no privacy feature. This is the exact reason why you should be very careful while choosing a free VPN.

We have brought you some precious information on VPN along with a list of the best free VPNs for PC, Android, and iOS devices.

What is a VPN or Virtual Private Network?

VPN, aka Virtual Private Network` is a mechanism to establish a secured private connection to another network using the public network infrastructure. A VPN creates a secure connection over the open internet by encrypting all traffic between your device and the VPN server.

VPN is a technical term, but VPN app or Virtual Network Private or VPN software is extremely easy to understand. A VPN is an application that enables users to access blocked content and surf the internet privately by encrypting internet traffic.

A VPN software is either installed in your smartphone, desktop, or as a plugin in your browser. Once you install the VPN on your device, you choose your preferred location to browse through.

In short, VPN is a tool that allows you to protect your privacy and security online while giving you access to content blocked by your government, ISP, office, or parents.

Why do I need VPN?

Most people think using VPN is not ethical and is mainly used to do illegal stuff, which is false and illogical. On the contrary, VPN is an ethical tool to protect your privacy and security online. The most common reason is privacy, especially if you live in countries where internet censorship is rampant.

best vpn app

Here are some reasons to use VPN:

  • Accessing censored websites, unblock social media sites, or bypass censorship restrictions.
  • Maintaining anonymity while browsing the internet
  • Keeping your personal information private from third parties such as advertisers, hackers, ISPs, etc.
  • Making multiple ID’s on the same platform or social media
  • Using an app or service that is not available for your country VPN
  • Bypassing geo-blocks so that you can watch content from other countries.

Are Free VPNs Safe?

free fast vpn for pc

Yes, the majority of free VPNs are safe to use. The only major issue with free VPNs is that they have fewer servers than paid ones, and the server speed may vary. Otherwise, both free VPN and dedicated VPN work in the same way and provide the same level of security.

Most VPNs with a free version can encrypt your internet traffic and overcome geo-restrictions. However, some free unlimited VPN services might not encrypt the data properly and are vulnerable. We have well researched online and made sure that every free VPN app we listed here is 100% safe to use.

Although it is always advisable to pay for a good quality VPN service to get the most comprehensive security coverage, free VPN apps are not that bad.

Steps to Download Free VPN for PC/Laptop

Here are the steps to download a free VPN for a PC or laptop:

  • First, you need to find the best and most reliable VPN service provider according to your needs. After that, sign up with the service, if required.

  • Once you have subscribed to a good quality VPN service, download their client software on your device – Windows, macOS, or Linux – to start using it immediately. This will usually be a small executable file.

  • Install the VPN software on your system.

  • Open the VPN client software and click on the connect button to start using it.

  • After connecting to a VPN server, you will be able to browse the internet as if you were located somewhere else – even on restricted networks like schools or workplaces.

List of Best Free VPN for PC, Android and iOS in 2023

What are the Best Free VPNs for Windows?

There are two ways you can use a VPN on your Windows OS. The first one is a desktop application installed like any other app. The other is browser VPN which is installed in browser as a Plugin. Most of the free VPNs for windows are available for desktop and browser both.

Here is the list of top free unlimited VPNs for PC.

  • ProtonVPN

free vpns for windows

ProtonVPN is one of the most comprehensive and efficient VPN software available on the internet. ProtonVPN is extremely popular among gamers and streamers as it provides 10GBPS VPN servers along with VPN accelerator. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to everyone who are not satisfied.

Features of ProtonVPN

  • Strong encryption and an ability to bypass geo-blocks.
  • Stealth mode to connect without being detected by your ISP or administrator
  • Dedicated application for all types of devices and operating systems, including Linux and MacOS
  • VPN servers across all countries
  • Router application secures all connected devices
  • Double IP change option for an extra layer of security

Price of ProtonVPN

Although ProtonVPN is a free Windows VPN, users can avail its dedicated plan with premium features, starting at ₹342 per month.

  • Windscribe

Windscribe is another fa0mous name in the free VPN for PC list, and they’re not messing around when it comes to quality either. Offering over 1500 servers in 63 countries, Windscribe is perfect for anyone looking for a vast network of locations to connect.

Features of Windscribe Free VPN for Desktop

  • Strong E AES-256 encryption with SHA512 authorization
  • Static IP for regular users
  • Port forwarding allows users to access internal resources securely
  • The split tunnel function enables users to choose an application to go over VPN

Price of Windscribe

Windscribe is free with limited options but it also offers premium plans starting at ₹300 per month with no ads or limitations on data usage.

  • HIDEme


HIDEme is a new name on the free VPN for PC list, but don’t let that scare you – they’re qualified to be here. HIDEme VPN for PC offers incredibly user-friendly software and an extensive server network with no-log and ad block functions.

Features of HIDEme Free VPN for Windows Laptop

  • Bolt Fast Proxy with no speed throttling
  • IPV6 support to provide every user a new IP every time
  • Dual-Stack Solution
  • The multihop function allows the user to choose entry and exit server

Price of HIDEme

HIDEme offers its unlimited free VPN plan with some ads and limitations. However, they also offer a premium plan starting at ₹288 per month, including ad-blocking, malware scanning, and enhanced security features.

What are the Best free VPNs for Android?

Android devices are undoubtedly the largest market of VPN service providers. Some of the features that you would find in best free Android VPN apps are huge server count limit, unblocking all OTT streaming services, including HBO Max, Disney+, and ad blocking capabilities.

Here are the three best free VPN apps for Android.

  • TunnelBear

Tunnel Bear

TunnelBear VPN is a popular app offering an excellent free VPN service for android devices with no ads. Their user interface is easy to use, and their server network provides excellent coverage worldwide. It is very lightweight and connects quickly.

Features of TunnelBear Free VPN for Android

  • Vigilant Mode for automatic reconnection after disruption
  • Always On to keep your device connected even after a restart
  • No Logging policy
  • Allows users to connect to the fastest and closest tunnel quickly

Price of TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a completely free VPN and provides 500MB data every month with no ads at all. However, TunnelBear also offers an Unlimited data plan that starts at Rs 250 per month.

  • Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a fast VPN Android app that offers 15GB of data per month, allowing you to use stream cricket matches, play PUBG Mobile, and more. Hotspot Shield is a prevalent name among regular VPN users as it is available for all devices, OS, and browsers.

Features of Hotspot Shield Free VPN for Android

  • Military grade encryption for complete anonymity
  • Flawless streaming and gaming capabilities
  • 115+ virtual locations across 80+ countries
  • Optimized for Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and YouTube
  • Multiplatform and multidevice operability

Price of Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is free to use with limited data and ads. For users who don’t want to see ads, the price of this Hotspot Shield unlimited VPN app is Rs. 599 per month for Premium Plan with Antivirus, password manager, and Spam Call Blocker function.

  • Speedify


Speedify is another reliable and fast Android VPN allowing torrenting, online gaming, and streaming HD quality on Television. It’s a fast VPN with almost no ads and works on all OS/PC/phones, including smart TVs.

Its unique feature of integrating multiple Wi-Fi connections for optimum performance makes it a top choice for android smartphone users.

Features of Speedify Free VPN for Android

  • Optimized for streaming across all OTT and platforms
  • Connects to multiple connections simultaneously
  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed
  • Global Ad/Tracker blocking feature

Price of Speedify:

You can use Speedify for free with data limit but the ad-free plan of Speedify VPN starts at ₹375/month for Individuals.

What are the best iPhone VPNs for iOS?

For iPhone and iOS VPN apps, choices narrow down to only a few as you cannot download files from third-party websites and install them on your iPhone.

Here are some of the Best Free VPNs for iPhone available in the Apple Store:

  • Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN

It is one of the best VPNs for iOS devices. The Turbo VPN iOS app provides fast speed with unblocking capability to bypass geo-blocked contents. Users can keep using Turbo VPN as long as they want see a few ads.

Features of Turbo VPN

  • User Friendly Intuitive design
  • 100% anonymous browsing with strict no-log policy
  • Detects and prevents ISP throttling
  • Leak protection with Private DNS
  • Multidevice and platform sync

Price of Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is a free unlimited VPN app for iOS that can be downloaded directly from Apple Store. However, if you want to add a free premium version and server location of your choice, you can get its premium version at ₹313/ month.

  • VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited has secure 256-bit AES encryption and one-touch connectivity for VPN connection. It supports unlimited bandwidth and provides a lifetime subscription. VPN Unlimited is preferred for streaming and gaming on iOS devices.

Features of VPN Unlimited

  • High speed connection
  • Private tunnel within Google Chrome (or Firefox) browser
  • Provides double security as it cannot be
  • SmartDNS for the extra protection layer


You can avail a free 7-day trial of VPN Unlimited. However, you can have the lifetime premium version of VPN Unlimited at ₹7500.

  • Hotspot Shield

Although we have already listed Hotspot Shield as the best free VPN app for Android, it falls as one of the best Free VPNs for iOS too due to its optimized gaming and streaming capabilities.

Top Free VPNs: Editor’s Pick

Most of the VPNs are available for all devices and platforms. Choosing one VPN for all purposes or devices isn’t easy. While one might be suitable for PC, but not be a good fit for Android. It can be great for streaming but might not be good enough for gaming.

Here Is A Pro Tip: As you are searching for a free unlimited VPN, installing different VPNs on different devices according to your preferences is a great idea. You just need an email to sign up for most of these free VPN services.

Our editor has compiled some of the best VPNs to decode this problem for different purposes. These choices are based on the editor’s personal experience and user reviews.

  • Best Free VPN for PC: Hotspot Shield
  • Best Free VPN for Gaming on Android: WindScribe
  • Best Free VPN for Chrome: TunnelBear Browser Extension
  • Best VPN for Streaming on Netflix: Speedify
  • Best Unlimited Free VPN for Android Browsing: Turbo VPN
  • Best VPN for iOS: Hotspot Shield (Paid and Free)
  • Best Paid VPN (overall): NordVPN
  • Best VPN for TV: SurfShark

How to Choose the Best VPN Services to Secure Your Devices?

The first thing you should know before selecting a VPN service is that not all VPNs are fit for all purposes. Here are a few points you should consider before downloading a free VPN for your PC or any other device.

  • Free or Paid

    Suppose you want to get a premium or paid VPN for your device. In that case, you must consider factors like the number of devices you can sync, inter-platform operability, bandwidth, and effective per-user pricing. However, if you are eyeing a free VPN service, check for server location, ads, speed, and security features.

  • Requirements

    List your priorities before you download a VPN. If you need a VPN for browsing occasionally, there is no need to get a heavyweight VPN. You can get a plugin for your browser. Make your research based on your preference, like gaming, streaming, browsing, or privacy protection.

  • Reconnect Speed

    You might need to reconnect your VPN repeatedly. Therefore, you should make sure the VPN you use doesn’t take long to re-establish the connection.

  • Bandwidth and Data

    Some VPNs allow only limited data usage, like TunnelBear provides 500 MB per month, which isn’t enough for streaming or gaming.

  • Ads Frequency

    Most of the Free VPN service providers are dependent on ads for revenue. However, it’s incredibly annoying to see frequent ads. Choose a free VPN software with the least or even no ads like TunnelBear.

  • Upgrade Pricing

    Most free VPN service providers give an option to upgrade to a premium plan at a monthly or annual subscription cost. Choose the one that is affordable according to your future upgrading plans.


  1. How do I download a free VPN?

    Depending on your device, there are multiple ways to download free VPN apps. For PC, you can download an executable file from the official website. You can download the VPN app from Play Store or Apple Store for Android devices or iPhones, respectively.

  2. Is there a 100% free VPN?

    Yes, TunnelBear and Turbo VPN are two top-rated completely free VPNs. TunnelBear offers 500MB free monthly data for no cost, while Turbo VPN shows ads and allows unlimited data usage.

  3. Which is the best free VPN for PC?

    WindScribe and Proton VPN are the two most popular, no-cost VPNs for PC and can be signed up using email only.

  4. Can I get a VPN for free?

    There are many free VPN services available for PC or smartphones. You can use a free VPN simply by downloading it from the official website or app store.

  5. Which VPN is fastest?

    There is no exact answer to this. The speed of a VPN depends on the workload and bandwidth of the server. NordVPN is considered one of the fastest VPNs for browsing and streaming TV.

  6. Is NordVPN free?

    No, NordVPN isn’t free. It costs around ₹262 per month for the basic plan. However, it offers a 30 days moneyback guarantee.

  7. Why shouldn’t you use a VPN?

    There is no reason for not using a VPN. However, you can choose not to use a VPN if you don’t want to access blocked content or browse the internet securely.

  8. What are the best VPNs for PUBG Mobile?

    ExpressVPN is India’s best-paid VPN for playing PUBG Mobile as it has extremely low ping. However, if you are looking for a free VPN to play PUBG, you should go with TurboVPN.

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