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Billing is one of the most crucial steps of any business transaction. It is also one of the processes which is prone to miscalculations. With the GST regulations introduced by the Government of India on 1st July 2017, all businesses are now complying to GST regulations.

Calculating GST on a specific product or a service can be tedious as well as time consuming. Therefore, businesses are now choosing GST billing software for their businesses. This is saving their time, money and efforts.

With the help of free GST billing software solution, business owners can perform a variety of functions such as invoicing, tax calculation, billing, bookkeeping and much more.

What is GST billing software?

GST billing software is used for creating GST bills, filing GST returns and managing the bill listings. Retail billing software are ideal solutions for handling invoices, financial accounting, bill of materials & taxation. small business accounting software integrate well with POS machines & barcode scanners for efficient supplier/purchase management.

Top 5 GST Billing Software for Free Download

13 Best Lifetime Free GST Billing Software by Indian Government

Here, we have complied a list of the best free GST billing software solutions which adhere to the Government’s directives.

GST Billing Software Compliant with Government Norms (Lifetime Free Updates*)

Product Pricing
HDPOS Smart Starting from ₹13000 per year
Vyapar*Starting from ₹99 per month
Marg ERP GST Pro₹8100
Tally.ERP 9Starting from ₹17000 per piece
Go GST Bill* ₹1499 per year
Saral GST₹6900 per user
Busy GSTStarting from ₹7200
Sleek Bill₹1999 per month
Hitech Billsoft*₹3540
Gen-GST₹5000 per year
Zoho GST Invoice SoftwareStarting from ₹2499 per year
ProfitBooks GST Accounting SoftwareStarting from ₹2999 per year
  • HDPOS Smart

Best for: GST billing software for small businesses struggling to file GST returns as per the government rules

Small and mid-sized businesses in India across the retail sector rely on HDPOS Smart retail billing software to manage key business functionalities. With HDPOS software, you can manage processes related to sales, inventory, purchase, suppliers, taxation and financial accounting.

HDPOS retail billing software also helps streamline manufacturing processes with CRM, barcode printing and BOM (Bill of Material). Along with retail shop owners, HDPOS retail software is also used by those running a garment store, sports shop, electronic store, bookstore, etc.

HDPOS Smart Features:

  1. Integration with secure payment gateways
  2. Provides intelligence to view sales trends and customer behaviour
  3. Helps create customized invoices with brand logo and barcode stickers
  4. You can manage billing, stock handling and reporting through its mobile app
  5. It also helps with inventory, purchase and supplier management
  6. You can keep track of stock transfers, stock in transit, franchise business, etc.
  7. You can manage customer details and retain them through offers, promotions and loyalty programs
  8. It allows managing multiple retail locations through a single system
  9. Integrates with all major barcode scanners and point of sale machines

HDPOS Smart Pricing: HDPOS Smart software is available at ₹13,000 for a single computer per annum. You can also get this software for your client server at ₹25,000 per annum and a cloud set for ₹17,500.

Is HDPOS Smart Offline?

HDPOS Smart is both online and offline billing software for PC and mobile.

  • Vyapar

Best for: Inventory management and GST billing software as approved by the government of India

Vyapar is a user-friendly free GST accounting software, which also aids in invoicing, and billing. The GST compliant software is suitable for small/medium business enterprises and is primarily used for doing automated tax calculations, invoice generation, looking after POS machines and creating financial reports.

It also helps business owners file their GST returns and manage client data.

Features of Vyapar:

  1. Invoicing
  2. Customer Management
  3. Financial Management
  4. Budgeting
  5. GST Compliant Taxation
  6. Mobile Support
  7. Email Integration
  8. POS invoicing
  9. Inventory Management
  10. Recurring invoice
  11. Barcode Integration
  12. Expense Tracking

Price to Upgrade:

Vyapar is a lifetime free GST billing software with all the basic tools. Vyapar also provides a free android mobile app including dedicated support. The premium account starts from ₹99 per month while its lifetime package costs a one-time fee of ₹4899 and comes with support and free updates.

Is Vyapar Offline?

Vyapar is both online and offline billing software for PC and mobile.

  • ClearTax

Best for: Validating data while filing GST returns as per the government norms.

GST accounting software
#3 of 13 Best Free GST Billing Software

ClearTax is one of the best GST billing software for free GST billing, return filing & inventory management. It also helps in creating customised invoices with the individual business’ logo.

It is a complete GST filing software with state-of-the-art updates so that the tax deducted during billing is not inconsistent. ClearTax is easy to use and is compliant with the latest Government GST regulations.

Features of ClearTax:

  1. Billing & Invoicing
  2. Audit trail
  3. Inventory management
  4. Tax management
  5. Dashboard
  6. Sales tax management
  7. MIS Reports
  8. Reporting
  9. Data security & accuracy
  10. Collaborate
  11. VAT / CST / GST Reports
  12. GST
  13. Email and SMS alerts

Price to Upgrade: This free GST billing software provides free trial with modules for invoice generation and receipt management. Its Business Edition comes with features for calculating GST, managing up to 200 transactions per month, reporting balance sheet management and much more, at ₹6999.

Is ClearTax Offline?

ClearTax billing software is available in both online and offline mode.

  • Marg ERP GST Pro

Best for: MSMEs prefer Marg billing software for GST billing and accounting

GST invoice software
#4 of 13 Best Free GST Billing Software

MARG Billing is one of the best GST invoice software that offers all the tools required for managing operations of individual businesses as well as a franchise. One of the best GST software in the market, it provides different modules for sectors, such as, retail, ERP, manufacturing, distribution, payroll and accounting. 

Features of Marg ERP GST Pro:

  1. Accounting
  2. Taxation management
  3. Banking integration
  4. Multi-currency
  5. Invoice and Payment Management
  6. Product database
  7. Customer management
  8. Purchase order management
  9. Quotation & estimates
  10. Expense management
  11. Inventory management
  12. Multi-user login
  13. Payment gateway integration
  14. Recurring invoice

Price to Upgrade: Marg ERP GST Pro billing software comes with a limited free version that provides features such as Accounting Entries (Sales/Purchase/ Return), Error-free GST Billing/ Return Filling, Internal GST Audit and multi-business options.

Its Basic Edition comes for ₹8100 for a single user and provides additional features such as GST billing & filing, inventory management, accounting, MIS reports and invoicing.

Is Marg ERP GST Pro Offline?

Marg ERP is an online and offline billing software. However, in offline mode, the internet is required when you want to send the orders.

  • Tally.ERP 9

Best for: Payroll and compliance activities as well as inventory management with Tally billing software.

Best GST software
#5 of 13 Best Free GST Billing Software

Tally.ERP 9 is one of the best GST software for Indian businesses. It adheres to all the Government’s GST-related compliances to provide accurate invoices.

In addition, it also helps in other modules related to, accounting, inventory, banking, and payroll. Tally.ERP 9 is suitable for SMEs as well as enterprises. 

Features of Tally.ERP 9:

  1. Accounting
  2. Budgeting
  3. Customer Management
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Asset Management
  6. Invoicing
  7. Email Integration

Price to Upgrade: Free GST billing software version of Tally.ERP 9 offers a free version with features such as 10 receipts per month, and 10 invoice and reports. However, if you upgrade it to the Silver Edition, you will get accounting management tools, statutory capabilities, MIS reporting, Tally banking, payroll management tools and much more.

Is Tally ERP 9 Offline?

Tally ERP 9 is both online and offline billing software for PC and mobile.

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  • Go GST Bill

Best for: Retail POS management with this online GST billing software

Go GST Bill is one of the best GST billing software with lifetime free updates. Go GST Bill helps comply with government GST regulations and also provides all the tools required for billing, including receipt generation, accounting, etc.

Features of Go GST Bill:

  1. Accounting Management
  2. Customer Management
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Billing & Invoicing
  5. Payment Handling
  6. Product Database
  7. Supplier & Purchase Order Management
  8. Quotation & Estimates
  9. Taxation Management
  10. Vendor Management
  11. Invoice Designer
  12. Profit & Loss Statement
  13. Software Inventory

Price to Upgrade: Go GST Bill provides lifetime free service and update with essential features such as sales and purchase invoice, report generation, receipts etc.

However, if you require advanced features such as receipt customisation, multiple user access and email support, you can opt for premium membership at ₹1499.

Is Go GST Bill Offline?

Go GST Bill is an online billing software.

Top Free GST Billing Software for Retail Shops

These are some of the best free GST billing software that are popular amongst the retail shop owners:

  • Saral GST

Best for: Managing input tax credit with the best GST billing software

Best GST billing software
#7 of 13 Best Free GST Billing Software

Saral GST is a GST billing software that comes with a plethora of features to assist small and medium businesses, as well as enterprises. With the help of Saral GST, business owners can perform various tasks such as billing, invoicing, inventory management and GST return filing easily and accurately.

In addition, it also aids in account management and tax calculation.

Features of Saral GST:

  1. e-Payment
  2. Billing & Invoicing
  3. Online GST Portal
  4. Monthly GST Report
  5. Dashboard
  6. Permission Management
  7. MIS Reports
  8. Reporting
  9. GST returns
  10. Multi Company
  11. Data Security & Accuracy
  12. GST Compliance

Price to Upgrade: Saral GST provides a free trial with limited features. Its premium version costs ₹ 6900 for a single user and provides advanced features such as e-payments and GSTR filing.

Is Saral GST Offline?

Saral GST is an online GST billing software.

  • Busy GST

Best for: Printing reports and filing GST returns with online GST billing software.

GST Software
#8 of 13 Best Free GST Billing Software

BUSY GST billing software is a one-stop solution for all the billing and accounting needs of businesses ranging from small to enterprises.  It provides a plethora of tools for different tasks such as billing, invoicing, accounting management, inventory monitoring, GST compliance and returns.

It can also be integrated with compatible accounting software and POS machines for efficient transactions.

Features of Busy GST:

  1. MIS Reports
  2. Financial Accounting
  3. Multi-Currency
  4. Multi-location
  5. Inventory Management
  6. GST Invoicing & Reports
  7. Bill Generation
  8. Sales Quotations
  9. Purchase Order Processing
  10. Customisable Invoicing
  11. Customisable Receipts/Warranty
  12. Customisable Reports
  13. VAT/Excise/Service Tax
  14. TDS & TCS

Upgrade Price: BUSY GST billing software provides a free trial with billing and accounting features. By upgrading it to the Basic Version, you get multiple-business management, unlimited grouping level, and much more.

Is Busy GST Offline?

Busy GST is an online GST billing software solution.

Best Free Offline GST Billing Software

Some of the best GST software solutions provide the option to switch to online access for billing and other basic tasks. Here are some solutions that provide offline functionality:

  • Sleek Bill

Best for: Small and medium enterprises to file GST returns offline

Sleek Bill is one of the most accurate and quick invoicing and billing software, which provides tools required for SMEs. Perform well both offline and online tasks linked to accounting/billing with ease using the free GST billing software. You are free to use the software thus for calculating GST, managing taxes and generating invoices.

It also comes with numerous invoice templates with GST field included, to help businesses to choose the invoice that suits their requirements.

Features of Sleek Bill:

  1. Billing
  2. Invoice Management
  3. Accounting
  4. POS Machine Integration
  5. Customer Management
  6. Expense Management
  7. Inventory Management
  8. Payment Handling
  9. Product Database
  10. Purchase Order Management
  11. Quotation & Estimates
  12. Taxation Management

Price to Upgrade: Sleek Bill provides a free offline version with 10 documents per month. Its offline Premium version comes with unlimited documents, dedicated email support, multiple invoice templates and much more, at the price of ₹1999 per month.

Is Sleek Bill Offline?

Sleek Bill is an online GST billing software.

  • Hitech BillSoft

Best for: Invoice generation and GST tax calculation offline

Hitech Billsoft is a GST compliant billing software aimed to assist a wide spectrum of business types, from small businesses to enterprises. It provides businesses the option to create automatic backups, track inventory, calculate GST and much more.

This free GST billing software also provides offline billing and invoicing facility which helps businesses to use the software without having to connect it to the internet.

Features of Hitech Billsoft:

  1. Billing
  2. Invoice Generation
  3. Accounting
  4. Discount Management
  5. CRM
  6. Import/Export Database
  7. Barcode Integration
  8. Email Integration
  9. Expense Management
  10. Customer Support
  11. Export to Excel/Text/PDF Formats
  12. Inventory Management Tool
  13. Multi-user login 
  14. Payment Handling

Price to Upgrade: Hitech Billsoft provides an Offline Lifetime version which is free of charge and provides up to 30 documents per month and one staff limit.

It costs a onetime payment of ₹3540 to upgrade it to the Premium version which comes with benefits such as 25 staff access, Sales Management, Client Management module and much more.

Is Hitech BillSoft Offline?

Yes, Hitech Billsoft is an offline billing software.

  • Gen-GST

Best for: Filing e-waybill and annual return forms

Gen-GST software by Sag Infotech is an easy billing solution which is suitable for businesses, which are looking for a free offline GST Software.

It helps businesses perform various assignments, such as generating and managing bills and invoices, filing reports, managing ledgers, and generating GST e-way bills.

Features of Gen-GST:

  1. Billing and Invoicing
  2. GST Compliance
  3. Mobile App
  4. Multi Company
  5. SMS and Email Integration
  6. Report Management
  7. Discount & Schemes
  8. Bank Reconciliation
  9. Document Printing
  10. Data Backup and Restore
  11. Security & Accuracy

Price to Upgrade: Gen GST provides a free version with basic billing features, while it costs ₹5,000 per year for Desktop Version, that provides Unlimited Client E-filing, Auto-error Identification, LAN connectivity and much more.

Is Gen-GST Offline?

Gen-GST bulling software is available in both online and offline mode.

  • Zoho GST Invoice Software

Zoho GST billing software

Best for: Small businesses to conduct GST compliant invoicing and billing.

Zoho GST billing software free version is a professional tool for easy filing of invoices as well as generating payment reminders automatically.

This GST invoice software also makes it easier for small and medium enterprises to accept card payments and customize invoices as per their brand image.


  1. Creation of invoices in different languages
  2. Systematic check of invoice before sending them to client
  3. Sending invoices through email
  4. Creation of invoices dealing with different currencies
  5. Integration with online payment gateways
  6. Automatic reception of payments online
  7. Issuing refunds through credit note
  8. Detailed reports about customer’s payment pattern\
  9. Tracking of time spent on projects and tasks
  10.  Option of changing themes as per your needs

Price to upgrade: Zoho free GST billing software can be used by a single person at a time to generate invoices for up to 5 customers.

The price of its premium version starts from ₹2499. It offers benefits such as simultaneous access by more than 1 user and generating invoice for 50 and more customers.

Is Zoho GST Offline?

Zoho GST is an online billing software.

  • ProfitBooks GST Accounting Software

ProfitBooks GST accounting software

Best for: Small businesses looking for an efficient accounting and expense management software

ProfitBooks GST accounting software is used by SMEs for tracking their expenses, inventory management and much more. Through ProfitBooks, you can generate crisp and informative invoices and receive payments through online payment gateways.


  1. Tracking payments and receivables
  2. Customization of invoice as per your brand
  3. Manage day to day business expenses
  4. Automated Tax calculations
  5. Availability of in chat support
  6. Video tutorials for beginners
  7. Recording all inventory purchases in one platform
  8. Creation and management of sales orders
  9. Tracking inventory transfer in warehouses
  10. Generation of informative reports detailing inventory valuation, pending orders, etc.

Price to Upgrade: ProfitBooks GST billing software is available in two different plans- professional plan for ₹2999 per year and SMB plan for ₹8999 per year through which you can create invoices, track expenses and obtain tax reports.

Is ProfitBooks Offline?

ProfitBooks is an online GST billing software solution.

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  1. How can I download GST software for free?

    Log in to Portal > Download software > Select Functionality > Choose GST Vendor > Accept.

  2. Which software is best for GST billing?

    ProfitBooks, Ckear Tax, QuickBooks, EasyGST, and Reach GST.

  3. Is there any free GST billing software?

    Sai GST, Lifetime Free GST Billing Software, Create Bill, EZTax.in, and AlignBooks.


Finding the best GST software in India would be easier for you now. Our list of top free GST billing software, will help manage all tasks related to accounting, invoicing and taxation.

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