11 Best Free Resume Builders in 2023

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Resumes are the first step to selection while applying for a job. Not only should your content be grammatically correct and relevant to the job description, but it should also be visually appealing and highlight your unique personality.

But, are you spending too much time fixing the formatting of your resume on a simple text processor or MS Word?

There are several free resume builders that can help in quickly creating a resume to your liking.

Let us discuss the best resume making tools that require no software installation or any other complicated steps to get started.

What Are Resume Builders?

A resume builder is a software that contains customizable templates, formatting options, and other in-built tools like spell-checking. It helps users share the right information with their potential employers in an appealing manner.

An online website or a mobile resume builder app provides access to the templates and other graphic elements that a job seeker wants. The resume builder service also provides suggestions and expert advice that are industry specific to help you answer convincingly about why you should be hired.

How to Create a Resume Online Free?

You can access a resume creator for free by visiting a resume builder website and following the suggested steps for resume generation. Some of the basic steps for resume creation are:

  1. Sign up with your credentials to create an account in the free resume builder, if necessary.
  2. Choose the option to get started with the resume builder online for free.
  3. You will get option to upload your resume or build a new resume with a customizable template that suits your needs.
  4. Edit the template to enter content in different sections like skills, work experience, and so on. You can use existing resume samples and industry relevant bullet points if provided by the resume editor online.
  5. Arrange the sections and choose formatting options like font, color, and more. You may also upload a profile picture if the nature of your job requires it.
  6. Check your resume for typos and grammatical mistakes. Some CV creators also provide expert reviews and suggestions to improve the chances of getting shortlisted for a job.
  7. Make the final changes in the resume editor online. You can save, download the resume in different formats, or get a sharing link.

The exact steps may vary depending on your choice of resume builder website. By following these steps, you can quickly create a resume that is easy to share via email, job sites, and other such platforms.

11 Best Tools for Resume Building Online Free

If you want to create your professional resume online for free, here are some of the best CV makers for students, freshers, and professionals.

  • Indeed Resume Builder: Best for job seekers who want a combination of free resume builder and job site
  • Standard Resume: Best for job seekers who have a well-maintained LinkedIn profile
  • Zety: Best for creating resumes in languages like Spanish and French
  • My Perfect Resume: Best for step-by-step guidance and suggestions for resume making
  • Novoresume Builder: Best for job seekers who are not tech savvy
  • Resume Build: Best for job seekers who want inspiration before creating resumes
  • Resume Genius: Best for quickly creating an industry specific resume
  • Canva Resume Builder: Best for creating a highly customized and unique resume
  • Resume Dot Com: Best for creating resumes on the go and easily sharing over email
  • Enhancv: Best for maintaining data privacy & security while creating resumes
  • LinkedIn Resume Builder: Best for active LinkedIn users

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Best Free Resume Builders for Freshers/Students

Here is the list of best resume builders for freshers that are available for free:

  • Indeed Resume Builder

Indeed Resume Builder

Indeed Resume Builder online helps create ATS compatible resumes for positions like business analyst, designer, marketing associate, and more with customizable templates. You can also upload an existing resume in this resume creator for free.

You can instantly share it with recruiters while applying to a job on the Indeed Job site or make your profile public to get noticed.

Indeed Resume Builder Features

  1. Pre-built templates
  2. Expert tips and suggestions
  3. One-click apply to Indeed jobs
  4. Personalized job alerts
Hundreds of resume examplesLimited customization
Cover letter samples
  • Standard Resume

Standard Resume tool is a CV creator that enables users to choose a template and populate it with data directly from LinkedIn or from scratch. You can choose from simple, modern, professional, or creative templates.

The focus of this free resume builder is more on content, although it supports some basic formatting options like adding logos, icons, colors, and photos to templates.

Standard Resume Features

  1. 12 resume templates
  2. Automatic formatting
  3. Web resume link sharing
  4. One-click LinkedIn Import
  5. PDF preview
Mobile responsive resumeNo cover letter templates
Resume samplesNo PDF download for free
  • Zety


Zety is an online resume builder for freshers and professionals that allows them to either upload their old resumes or create resumes from scratch. Pre-defined customizable templates have automatic formatting with editing options for spacing, font size and types, etc.

You can even get tips and help from Zety experts while writing content for your resume in this CV maker.

Zety Resume Creator Features

  1. 20+ resume templates
  2. Ready to use context and text suggestions
  3. Download in .txt, .pdf, .docx or print
  4. Tailored cover letter maker
  5. Resume checker
1000+ guides and articlesRequires online sign in
Multilingual support (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc.)Some templates are not ATS friendly
  • My Perfect Resume

My Perfect Resume is one of the best resume builders that allows users to create ATS friendly resumes with expert suggestions. You can select any professional template and edit the already available text in this resume editor online.

You can also upload pre-existing resumes for editing. It has the ‘smart apply’ feature, which lets users visit the job sites from where they can directly apply through the resume.

My Perfect Resume Features

  1. Pre-formatting in resume
  2. Matching cover letter
  3. Pre-written bullet points for different industries
  4. Download in PDF, doc, and other formats
  5. Job-description specific resume match score
  6. Actionable steps for resume optimization
One click spell checkOnly .txt format download for free
Multilingual support
1000+ resume and cover letter examples
  • Novoresume Builder

Novoresume Builder

Novoresume Builder online is an ATS compliant tool that offers several customization options and allows job seekers to create resumes based on their experience level. You can easily edit the color scheme, layout, background, font, and the like, even if you are not tech friendly. The premium version allows you to create cover letters and several versions of the resume for applying to different jobs.

Novo Resume Builder Features

  1. AI content analyzer for resume suggestions
  2. View real time changes
  3. Font library
  4. Color themes
  5. Save in PDF format
Can try Premium features in the CV creator free versionCover letter templates are not free
Data securityOnly one-page resume is free
  • Resume Build

Resume Build is an online CV maker that offers extensive samples of resumes in various categories like logistics, banking, hospitality, sales, insurance, and more. This free CV builder ensures that your resume is ATS friendly and the sections in the resume meet your needs. You can modify the text size, font, header size, and so on.

Resume Build Online Features

  1. 20+ Resume templates
  2. Industry-specific job description bullet points
  3. Download in MS Word or PDF formats
  4. Real time preview
7200+ resume samplesRequires sign up before preview and download
Writing tips

Best Free Resume Builders for Experienced Professionals

Here are some of the best professional resume builder options for experienced individuals:

  • Resume Genius

Resume Genius is an AI-powered online CV builder for creating ATS (applicant tracking system) friendly resumes. Once you pick a template and color, you can fill in your details in the template by answering some questions or editing the available bullet points. Further, you can preview the resume and make changes in text, template style, and other features before downloading it.

Resume Genius Features

  1. Wide range of resume templates
  2. Matching cover letter templates
  3. 50,000+ job description bullet points for 220+ industries
  4. Automatic resume formatting
  5. Download in Word doc & PDF formats
  6. Real time free resume critique
Intuitive interfaceBullet points only in American English
Link based sharingOnly .txt format download for free
  • Canva Resume Builder

Canva Resume Builder

Canva Resume Builder lets users create professional resumes by selecting layouts and styles of their choice. Users can also upload their own assets and create a template in this resume builder online for free.

Canva resume editor offers several formatting options like borders, font style, color scheme, and background. You can format and arrange different elements on the template and even upload a profile image.

Canva Resume Builder Features

  1. Thousands of customizable templates
  2. Font library
  3. Color palette generator
  4. 5 GB free cloud storage
  5. Save as JPG, PDF, PNG, or high-quality prints
  6. Share viewable link or embed on website
Auto save progressOveruse of designs
Millions of graphic elementsNo resume suggestions
Drag and drop tools

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  • Resume Dot Com

Resume Dot Com Builder online offers access to templates and editing tools to help users create a professional looking resume. Anyone can easily use this CV builder without having graphic design knowledge. You can even import content directly from LinkedIn. The final resume can be downloaded without creating an account on the site.

Resume.com Features

  1. Professional templates
  2. Tailored suggestions with step-by-step guidance
  3. Automated resume reviewer
  4. Download in Word, PDF, plain text, RTF, or print
  5. Sharing on Indeed, social media, email
125+ resume and cover letter samplesLacks pre-written job description bullets
iOS and Android Resume builder app
  • Enhancv


Enhancv is an ATS-friendly professional resume builder that provides aesthetic layouts for creating resumes. You can edit colors, backgrounds, icons, sections, and more. If you upload a pre-existing resume, you can get an email with actionable steps from the CV builder service. Moreover, you can opt for resume writing and review service available separately if you want.

Enhancv Features

  1. Customizable templates
  2. Content Analyzer for feedback
  3. PDF downloads
  4. Tailored cover letters
No learning curveNo branding removal in free version
Data security
  • LinkedIn Resume Builder

LinkedIn free resume builder helps job seekers in quickly creating a resume by downloading existing profile data in the form of a resume. To access the CV maker tool on LinkedIn, you simply have to select Build a resume after clicking on more button on your profile. Further, you can upload the final resume to your LinkedIn profile or to job postings on the site.

LinkedIn Resume Builder Features

  1. Resume editor for content
  2. Download as PDF
  3. Upload resumes in Word or PDF formats
  4. Sharing via InMail messages
Intuitive interfaceOnly for LinkedIn members
No automatic changes on LinkedIn profile
Store last 4 uploaded resumes for reuse on job postings


Whether you are a professional or a fresher, using the best free resume builder will make it easy for you to get your dream job. Whatever template you may use from any of the above-mentioned CV creators, ensure that they highlight your professional and personal identity in the best manner possible.

Do not go overboard with designs available in any professional resume builder and use the best practices based on the industry you want to work in.

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  1. What are the best resume builders that are actually free?

    Top resume builders that are free include Resume Genius, Resume dot com, Zety, among others.

  2. What are the best free resume builders with photos?

    Examples of some of the best free resume builders that let you add photos include Canva, Standard Resume, Enhancv, etc.

  3. How to create CV online?

    You can use online CV creator tools like Novoresume, My Perfect Resume, LinkedIn Resume Builder, and more.

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