How to Write Job Description: Smart Tips for Hiring Managers with Examples

How to Write Job Description: Smart Tips for Hiring Managers with Examples-feature image
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Finding the right candidate for a job is one of the most challenging tasks faced by organizations today. One of the main reasons behind it is that organizations don’t pay attention ion how to write a job description.

Right words, accurate information and other key elements will ensure that you attract the right applicants.

Here in this article, we will be discussing some great insider tips on how to write a job description.

How to Write a Job Description: Tips with Examples

How to Write Job Description Tips with Examples
  • Choose the Right Job Title

Your job title is the first thing that explains your job, make sure to keep it accurate, according to the industry standards. Words like ‘rockstar’ or ‘ninja’ will only keep you away from the right candidates.

Instead use relevant job titles that are frequently searched for a specific role. This will make your job posting visible when candidates search for it.

Summary: Use relevant industry-standard phrases to attract the right candidate.

  • Clearly Explain Their Role

Clearly mention the roles and responsibilities of the selected candidate. Mention if the vacant position is a leadership position, and if not, what will be the reporting hierarchy. Be crystal clear with your expectations of an ideal candidate’s skills, qualifications, experience, and certifications.

Also, add how their role will add value to the organization and their personal growth as well. Keep it crisp like an overview with warmly inviting phrases such as ‘come and join our creative team or be a part of our progressive team’.

Summary: Explain roles and responsibilities clearly and set realistic expectations.

  • Tell Them about Your Organization

Job posting is your first chance to introduce your organization to the candidate, make sure to do it effectively. No matter how big your organization might be, it is always recommended to add an organization introduction.

Speak about your mission, vision, and contributions to the industry so far. Also, introduce candidates to your organization’s culture and environment. Every candidate will want to know the place they want to be a part of.

Summary: Introduce your company culture to the applying candidates in the job description.

  • Mention Fringe Benefits

To make your job postings attractive, you need to tell your candidates what makes your organization different and better from others. Talk about additional or fringe benefits that you can offer.

These benefits may include flexible work timings, remote or hybrid work environment, pet, and parent-friendly workplace, free meals, pick-up and drop facilities, etc. All this will attract a good number of quality job applications from the candidates.

Summary: Add fringe benefits to your job postings to attract quality candidates.

  • Keep It Short & Engaging

While adding multiple things to the job application, do not clutter it and confuse the applicant. Keep it concise, crisp, and to the point what you want to say or ask.

In addition to this, while writing your job posting make sure to maintain a flow and use engaging language. You can do this by writing short and concise sentences and making use of bullet points.

Summary: Use crisp and engaging language to give better clarity about the job to an applicant.

  • Take Inputs from Your Current Employees

When there is a vacancy, a job description is just picked from years old folders and posted. These job descriptions have been static for years and are never modified according to changing times and requirements. As a result, they fail to attract a new pool of talent to your organization.

To avoid this situation, take a helping hand from your current employees. They are more likely to explain better what are the current job responsibilities, skills and experience required in the ideal candidate. This will help you revive the job description and remove irrelevant points.

Summary: Take insights from your current employees to draft a relevant job description.

  • Focus on Details

A candidate is judged merely based on his/her resume, similarly, an organization is judged as per their job description. So, to give a good first impression, pay great attention to the details.

Make sure you avoid any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, use of jargon, and more. Also, try making the content of your job description aesthetically and visually appealing, by using shorter sentences and crisp bullet points. In the end, always proofread your content before posting it.

Summary: Proofread your content to create a good first impression of your organization.

  • Avoid Discriminatory Phrases

Be mindful of the language you use in your job descriptions. Avoid any kind of gender-biased language such as ‘mankind, manpower, or man-made.’ By using this type of language, you are reducing the chances by up to 50% of potential candidates applying for the job.

Instead, use gender-neutral language complimented with powerful adjectives like passionate, independent, team player, etc., that describe different qualities of the person. This will give an impression of a more diverse workplace environment.

Summary: Avoid discriminatory language, instead use gender-neutral language to build a diverse workplace.

The Role of HRMS in Creating Effective Job Postings

how to write roles and responsibilities in resume

Today HRMS is evolving the way HR teams work across industries. It has a significant impact in modifying the recruiting process and creating an effective job posting is an initial part of it.

  • Conduct a Job Analysis to Identify Employment Needs

    Discuss within your HR department and the department you want to hire for, to get clarity on job requirements. Find out if the position is the replacement of an existing candidate, an add-on to the team, or a new profile.

    Use this information to draft the right job description with required skills, qualifications, and qualities for the ideal candidate. Here, the HRMS system will help you in determining a fair and competitive salary for the role, while ensuring that you maintain the organization’s headcount.

  • Post the Job Description Across Channels

    After drafting an appropriate job description, it’s now time to upload it across all accessible channels and portals. Reach out to maximum job seekers by posting your job descriptions on third-party channels and in-house portals. In-house job postings will help drive referrals.

    Here, the HRMS software’s integration feature will allow you to receive all resumes and profiles of applicants in one location.

  • Screen & Finalize the Right Candidate

    After receiving multiple applications, your next step will be to screen and finalize the right candidate. The HR department can make a pass list of candidates that might be suitable for the position and share it with the department head.

    HRMS software here will help you in scheduling further rounds of interviews with the shortlisted candidates. Once you have finalized the right candidate, you can send them an offer letter and welcome them with the onboarding process initiated by HRMS software.

  • Successfully Onboard New Employees

    Now, it’s time to welcome your new employee to your organization. For a successful and smooth onboarding process, make the optimum use of your HRMS software.

    HR software brings all concerned departments for a profile on the same page and helps design the most suitable onboarding steps for a new joiner. It will help you automate the long process of documentation involved during onboarding and make the process quick and hassle-free.

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What is an Example of a Good Job Description?

Let’s have a look at some of the downloadable templates for some popular positions such as a Sales Executive, HR Executive, and an Accountant. Download these job description templates for your next job posting.

Job Description for a Sales Executive

XYZ organization is looking for an experienced Sales Executive who is a team player and can drive sales.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. Conduct market research to identify new trends and potential.
  2. Identify new channels of revenue and business growth.
  3. Set up meetings with prospects to deeply understand their requirements and pain points.
  4. Represent the brand in networking events like conferences, meetings, etc.

Job Benefits:

  1. Pick Up and Drop Facility
  2. Personal, Sick, and Parental Leaves
  3. X no. of Paid Vacation Days
  4. Elder & Child Care
  5. Health Insurance
  6. Professional Training
  7. Free Meals

Required Skills:

  1. Relevant experience as a Sales Executive
  2. Great presentation and communication skills
  3. Should be a team player and an individual contributor
  4. Familiarity with CRM will be an additional bonus
  5. A degree in Business Management or a relevant field

Job Description for HR Executive

ABC Pvt. Ltd. Is looking for an HR executive who can manage organization’s recruitment, employee engagement, and performance programs.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. Create compensation packages for employees
  2. Add and revive existing HR policies
  3. Conduct first screening interviews to shortlist suitable candidates
  4. Implement regular employee performance tracking metrics
  5. Take initiatives to fulfil employee training requirements

Job Benefits:

  1. Paid & Sick Leaves
  2. Child Care
  3. Health Insurance
  4. Provident Fund
  5. On-the-job Training
  6. Free Meals

Required Skills:

  1. Relevant experience as an HR Executive
  2. In-depth knowledge of recruitment process
  3. Self-driven and interested in taking up leadership roles when required
  4. A degree in Human Resource Management or a relevant field
  5. Job Description for an Accountant
  6. ABC organization is looking for an experienced accountant

Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. Monitor and record the company’s expenditure & budget
  2. Analyzing and auditing overall financial performance
  3. Play an advisory role to reduce expenses and costs
  4. Actively participating in designing of annual budgets and reports
  5. Maintaining complaint books of accounts

Job Benefits:

  1. Paid & Sick Leaves
  2. Child Care
  3. Health Insurance
  4. Provident Fund
  5. On-the-job Training
  6. Free Meals

Required Skills:

  1. Relevant experience as an Accountant
  2. Excellent quantitative skills
  3. Complete up-to-date knowledge of tax rules and regulations
  4. Possesses time management skills
  5. A degree in accounting or a relevant field


Drafting the right job description is the first step towards attracting the right candidate to your organization. The only mantra for writing an ideal job description is paying attention to the details and understanding the requirements of your organization.

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  1. How should a job description be written?

    A job description should be written accurately with complete clarity in an unbiased language. Make sure to add accurate job title, roles and responsibilities, desired skills, and about the organization in the job description.

  2. What does a good job description look like?

    A good description should contain brief and clear information about the roles and responsibilities, required skills, and an accurate job title to attract the right candidates.

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