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January 27, 2023 7 Min read

The secret sauce of a call center’s success lies in its operational efficiency, and its ability to respond to customers promptly and accurately. More often than not, customer service representatives get overburdened by a large volume of customer calls and inquiries. Amid such situations, it becomes difficult for your representatives to attend to all customer inquiries in a timely manner.

Besides, you may have new hires who are yet to become habituated to your line of business. As a result, it is easy for them to misinterpret customer queries, eventually providing the wrong resolution. And we all know, how devastating that could be for a call center’s reputation and future business prospects.

This is where a knowledge base software for call centers can come in handy. The software helps create self service materials for your audience to ensure timely resolution of their queries.

In this blog, we will understand how it can help increase your call center’s operational efficiency and improve its performance in terms of increased customer satisfaction and timely resolutions.

This is where a knowledge base software for call centers can come in handy. In this blog, we will understand how it can help increase your call center’s operational efficiency and improve its performance in terms of increased customer satisfaction and timely resolutions.

Why Create a Knowledge Base for Your Call Center?

Knowledge Base for Your Call Center

Before we move on to the whereabouts of knowledge base software for call centers, it is crucial to understand what exactly is a knowledge base. To put it simply, a knowledge base is an online self-serve library, consisting of instructions or certain value-added information about the characteristics and features of the service or product that a company offers.

Not only it allows customers to resolve their queries by referring to the knowledge base, but it also enables call center representatives to come up with precise resolution steps quickly.

There are several reasons why you should create a knowledge base for your call center. Below we will discuss how a call center knowledge base can benefit your business:

  • Boost productivity: Did you know that every day, an average employee spends 1.8 hours searching for company-related information? The number of hours spent on information searching is even higher in a call center where customer service representatives are flooded with incoming calls. When you have a centralized information resource available at your disposal, not only it can help clear doubts instantly and learn more about your service or product, but eventually, it can also help boost your team’s productivity.
  • Relief for customer representatives: Support representatives can concentrate on problems that require a higher degree of expertise by using the knowledge base’s FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section. Additionally, it serves as a resource for those customers who are looking for self-help information. As a result, fewer problems are reported as support tickets, eventually saving your customer service representatives’ time and energy.
  • Seamless onboarding: Thanks to the call center knowledge base, your new hires will stay prepared for their role in the company right from day one, with a resource available to them for reference throughout their onboarding process. As a result, they won’t have to wait for their seniors’ help. The knowledge base will allow them to explore their subject matter themselves.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: It is a given that many customers prefer handling their problems on their own. When compared to contacting a support representative, some problems typically take less time to address on your own. When your customers will have a knowledge base to refer to, customer satisfaction will eventually increase, thanks to a quicker resolution.
  • 24X7 availability: Unlike human support representatives, who require rest, a knowledge base is accessible around-the-clock to address customers’ questions. Additionally, it is accessible worldwide allowing organizations to expand their services around the world, accommodating different time zones, without having to hire more support agents.

Types of Knowledge Base You Can Create with Knowledge Base Software

There are two major types of knowledge bases that you can create with call center knowledge base software. Here they are:

  1. External knowledge base: It is often referred to as a customer service knowledge base. As its name suggests, an external knowledge base can store valuable self-help information for your customers. It generally includes the following:
  • Manuals
  • Guides
  • FAQs and resolutions related to several operations, including orders, billing, shipping, product returns, or/and troubleshooting tricks and tips
  • Other customer service resources
  1. Internal knowledge base: Also referred to as company Wiki, an internal knowledge base stores all the confidential and private information related to a company’s operations. The information is accessible only to your employees, making it simple for them to get the resources for performing their tasks well. Such information includes:
  • Compensation and employee benefits
  • Onboarding process
  • Organizational structures
  • Company operations and business strategy
  • Analytics like performance metrics
  • Employee self-development resources
  • Technical help
  • FAQs
  • Market research resources
  • Templates for documenting information
  • Brand adherence guidelines
  • Policies and protocols
  • Other documentations

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How Does Knowledge Base Software like Document360 Help Call Centers?

Document360 Help Call Centers

Providing consumers with the information they need as soon as possible is the cornerstones of high-quality customer care. A knowledge base software like Document360 makes this very thing possible, however, the advantages do not stop there. With a fully integrated knowledge base powered by Document360, you can:

  • Enhance the effectiveness of your support operations by ensuring the consistency and free flow of valuable information.
  • Determine and address potential knowledge gaps
  • Improve client satisfaction and the quality of the assistance provided
  • Help customer retention and maximize upsell opportunities

Software programs like Document360 come with a plethora of features that ultimately benefits your call center business. Here are some of the major features offered by this software:

  • An intuitive WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that makes it simple to generate content.
  • It features a noticeable search bar that makes it easy for users to find specific content.
  • The software comes with a hierarchy of categories that helps you organize your content based on topics.
  • It offers numerous choices for customization that allow you to tailor your knowledge base according to your preferences.
  • The software offers collaborative authorship and review processes, using which you can improve your knowledge base content as and when required.
  • Document360 allows you to regulate who has access to what content by deploying various role permissions.
  • The software comes with the capacity to tag articles, which ensures seamless search and access.
  • Supports third-party integrations with leading applications like Microsoft Teams and Slack.


While a knowledge base for call centers can help your customer service operations in numerous ways, it is crucial to choose the right type of call center knowledge base software. For instance, instead of hiring more support agents, you can improve your customer service simply by building a knowledge base that caters to your customers.

Besides, it also helps new hires to quickly get habituated with your business operations and brand guidelines. There are also other advantages to consider, ranging from reduced investment costs to higher customer satisfaction.

In short, deploying a knowledge base software will enable your call center to concentrate more on guiding your customers to resolve issues on their own rather than having your support agents spend their precious time responding to support tickets that deal with simple problems.  

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