Best WhatsApp Promotion Message Ideas Templates

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July 10, 2023 8 Min read

WhatsApp is one of the most effective platforms for one-on-one communication. It is more personal and engaging than any other messaging platform. With the availability of WhatsApp Business, businesses can use it for sending promotional messages. Businesses can send new product launch updates, order delivery status, discount coupons, abandoned cart reminders, etc., directly via WhatsApp messages.

If you are planning to use WhatsApp business for sending messages, here are some of the best WhatsApp advertising message samples you can consider. But first, let’s learn about what exactly are WhatsApp promotional messages.

What are WhatsApp Promotional Messages?

WhatsApp promotional messages are a type of non-transactional SMS that businesses send to their customers to promote their brand, products, or services. Further, these messages comprise various updates and include back-in-stock alerts, discounts, offers, sales alerts, free gifts, festive wishes, etc.

The main purpose behind sending promotional business messages is to improve customer engagement, reach out to multiple customers, and get higher ROI.

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Benefits of Sending Business WhatsApp Promotion Messages

Sending WhatsApp promotion messages to your customers can help you in plenty of ways including boosting your sales. Some other benefits include:

  • Improves Customer’s Engagement: WhatsApp helps businesses to interact with customers through one-on-one messaging. With that, businesses can instantly reply to their customers’ queries, send them order updates, provide them with bills, and invoices, etc. This helps them to improve the experience and retain loyal customers.
  • Great for Promoting New Products: Whenever a business launches a new product, it can easily promote it by notifying existing customers about it. The business can provide new product details, pricing, and purchase links through messages to boost sales.
  • Easily Gather Customers’ Feedback: After the customer has purchased your product, you can send them an automated feedback form with WhatsApp business. The feedback gathered can be used to improve the customer’s shopping experience and product quality.
  • Interactive content formats: WhatsApp offers interactive content formats such as, CTAs, links, lists, images, attachments, videos, etc., to ensure that recipients engage with your campaigns. Moreover, it also offers a 1000-character limit for an effective email campaign.
  • Promote Your Brand: WhatsApp lets businesses create a brand profile via logo, website URL, brand image, address, and much more. Moreover, by attaching the product list, you can deliver a complete overview of your business, therefore helping you to improve your brand visibility.

11 Best WhatsApp Promotion Message Ideas Template

Here are a few promotional WhatsApp message templates for you to promote your product and services.

  1. Festive Wishes and Promotional Messages

Be it Holi, Diwali, Christmas, or New Year, sending your customers festive wishes along with discounted coupons can help you to boost sales almost by 5X. Here is a WhatsApp advertising messages sample you can use during festive season.

Hey [Customer Name]

[Company name] wishes you a very [Happy Diwali].

We are happy to have you as our customer. On [Diwali], we have an exclusive offer for you. (Happy emoji)

Get [15%] discount on any product.

Purchase fast, offer valid only till [Nov 7, 2022]

Apply Code: [EXTO 20]

  1. Loyalty Coupons

Send loyalty coupons and rewards to your existing customers to retain them and appreciate them for their patronage. Here is one sample template to send loyalty coupons or rewards to your customers.

Hey [Customer Name]

(Company name) just wanted to say thank you for being a loyal customer for almost [6 long years]! (Use Emojis)

As an appreciation, you get [30% off] on the next purchase with us!

Lots of Love, [Company name]

  1. Monthly Deals and Sales

You can send notifications to your existing customers regarding your monthly deals, sales, and offers through WhatsApp. Here is one example you can use for this purpose-

Hey Akshita, [company name] monthly sale is back.

Now, get the best deals with discounts of up to 30% on multiple products. (use emoji)

Hurry Up! Get your favorite [product] at the best price possible!

Visit [company name] now [Link]!

  1. New Product Launch Promotion

WhatsApp is the perfect option for sending new product launch updates to your customers with almost 60% click-through rate. You can use this template to notify your customers about the new product launch.

Hey [Disha]

A big announcement for you! (Use emoji)

Our new [product] has been launched which you can buy on our official website. (Use emoji)

Buy it today for guaranteed free shipping ️

Hurry Up! Avail the offer now!

  1. Abandoned Cart Reminders

With promotional WhatsApp messages, you can persuade your customers to check the cart items and complete their purchase as soon as possible. Here is one example of sending abandoned cart reminders to your customers.

Your Cart Is Waiting (clock emoji)

Hey [Pankaj], you have added an amazing watch in the cart but did not complete the purchase. Complete the purchase right away as only a few items left.

[Company Name]

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  1. Order Confirmation and Upsell Promotional Messages

Along with the order conformation message, you can also send discounted coupons to upsell your products. Here is one such template for order confirmation and product upsells.

Hello Tanishka,

Your order for your [product name] is confirmed.

We have successfully received your order of [product name] for INR 9877.

You can track the order details [here {link}]

While your order reaches you, you can explore our exclusive range of products.

  1. Products that are good for hair
  2. Products that are good for skin
  3. Products that are good for overall skincare
  1. Cross-Selling Promotional Message

Cross-selling is one of the greatest marketing strategies to promote and increase the sales of your product-related accessories. Here is the template of WhatsApp promotion message idea for cross-selling-

Hey [Aakash]!

Thanks for purchasing the [Company’s Smartphone]! (emojis)

Since you are our loyal customer, we will recommend some other [Company] products, such as [Earphones] at a discounted price!

Do you want to learn more about similar products?

Choose from Yes or No option available

  1. Feedback and Promotion Offer Message

While sending a feedback message to your customers, you can also add promotional elements. Here is an example:

Hello [ Nisha], Greetings from Company Name]

We hope you liked the [Product name] that you received on [Date].

Can you share your shopping experience with us? How was it to shop with [Company Name]?

Your feedback will help us serve you better.

Once you receive feedback for your product, you can send the discount coupons to the customers through chatbot for boosting sales.

  1. Loyalty Membership Message

Through the WhatsApp business promotion message, you can provide instructions to the customers to enroll in the loyalty membership program. These programs can help you to retain your existing customers with premium deals and discounts. Check the below template for this purpose:

Dear [John]

You are just 200 points away from our special loyalty membership program. Get exclusive deals and offers as a premium member of [Brand name]

Here what you will get being a premium member

  • Unlimited free deliveries
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Priority customer support
  • First access the product sales
  1. Re-engagement Messages

It is important to stay connected with your customers to persuade them to keep availing the services. You can do this by sending re-engagement messages along with exciting deals.

It’s been a long time [customer name] since you last visited [brand] studio.

We have extended our yoga services to deliver the best wellness experience to you.

So, why not take part in yoga class or in one-on-one session with [brand name]?

Make the reservation for your class at the earliest here [website link]

We are hoping to see you soon in our yoga session!


  1. Games and Quizes Messages

Offering discounts to the winners of games and quizzes can boost your sales and improve customer engagement. It might also persuade your customers to sign up for your services. Here is an example of how you can invite your customers for games and challenges.

Hey [Jenifer]

The quiz week has started with [company name] and we are offering discount coupons worth INR 500 to the first five winners.

Also, the first winner would get free shipping for the next 6 months.

Open the link below to participate in the quiz and answer all five questions correctly. Terms and Conditions apply.

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How to Send Promotional WhatsApp Messages?

Follow the below steps to send promotional WhatsApp messages to your customers

Step1: Apply for the WhatsApp API integration through an API integration platform. You can apply on the platform and sign up with Gmail or any other email address.

Step 2: Create a promotional message template by filling in all the available sections including template label, name, type, category, and format.

Step 3: Once your template is ready, you can send it for approval to WhatsApp.

Step 4: Create a broadcast list and select your campaign name to send the promotional WhatsApp messages.

Step 5: After that, click the send button and your message will be delivered to your broadcast list.

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  1. Can WhatsApp be default SMS application?

    Yes, you can set WhatsApp as the default SMS application by changing the settings. Open your phone settings and choose apps. Select the default apps option and tap on the SMS app. You can change the settings and choose WhatsApp as the default messaging application.

  2. Does WhatsApp have advertising?

    Yes, you can easily sell on WhatsApp Business by creating ads. Secondly, you can sell by creating click-to-WhatsApp ads. These are similar to the ads you see on Facebook or Instagram to promote goods and services.

  3. Why is WhatsApp popular?

    WhatsApp messaging is popular for text messaging because it is an affordable option. You are not charged for any messages unless you are sending promotional messages for your business. Therefore, you can do unlimited messaging with WhatsApp easily via the internet.

  4. Will WhatsApp charge for messages?

    Yes, WhatsApp has started charging for its messages for business purposes. All businesses using WhatsApp to send promotional messages will be charged per conversation they have with their customers.

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