How to Use WhatsApp for Marketing?

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July 10, 2023 9 Min read

Why use WhatsApp as a marketing tool? This is a question we get asked far too often. Analysis has shown that SMS texts enjoy an average opening rate of more than 97%.

WhatsApp provides you with a far more personal conversation with your customer as its platform is free of any gimmicky ads. You can send across your pitch to the customer directly in the WhatsApp inbox.

You can also send them information regarding the product they might have purchased from you, such as its delivery date, invoice etc.

Above all of this, Facebook owned WhatsApp comprises a major part of the messaging market in the present day. It comes next to Facebook in the social media landscape and is used by over 1600M people around the world, and 530 million users only in India.

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Benefits of Using WhatsApp for Marketing

WhatsApp marketing is becoming increasingly popular, and can attribute a lot to these unique features of this platform:

  • You can take advantage of the group chat feature of WhatsApp. You can choose to create focused groups that feature only those contacts who interact with your content in a positive manner.
  • While reaching out to customers, you need not only depend on text messages. You can even send them multimedia messages such as GIFs, videos, audios etc.
  • WhatsApp is also known for its multi-device compatibility. You can use its WhatsApp web feature to access the app on your desktop or laptop.
  • Businesses can even place voice calls to interested customers by using the inbuilt VOIP feature of WhatsApp.
  • Do not forget about the opt-out option. If customers are given the power to choose as per their discretion, they most likely will have a positive impression about your business even if they ultimately opt-out. 
  • One of the most efficient ways to use WhatsApp for marketing is to use bulk WhatsApp sender software. The software takes advantage of the cross-platform functionality of WhatsApp, enabling you to get in touch with even those who might not be on your contact list.
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Business Features for WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp has a highly user-friendly interface and provides a host of brilliant features. We discuss them below.

Business Features for WhatsApp Marketing
  • One-one chat

    You can initiate a conversation with any person in your contacts. You can send them a text message, attach a media or send them a voice note.

  • Group chat

    Want to send the same message to a particular group of people? You can easily use the group chat feature. Create a new group and add all the relevant contacts. You can then text in the group, which all the members would receive.

  • Broadcast

    WhatsApp’s broadcast feature is meant for blasting the same message to all your contacts. Just type the message and select the broadcast option. The message would be sent to all the numbers in your contacts list.

  • Video and Audio

    Video messages and recorded audio messages can be shared with just a tap with thousands of your potential customers. This feature is popularly used to promote your service or products.

  • Business Card

    This WhatsApp for marketing feature is quite useful for branding, as it helps promote your company’s contact details with a larger audience. On the contrary, manually sharing your business card with your potential customers has a limit.

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10 Best Tips for Marketing on WhatsApp for Business

Although most modern-day businesses can benefit from using WhatsApp marketing software, it is extensively used by companies with foreign clientele.

10 Best Tips for Marketing on WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp has still a lot to catch on when it comes to an American audience, but it is fairly popular in other countries such as South Africa, Russia, Brazil, Mexico etc. Below we mention some strategies which can be adopted by businesses to use WhatsApp and drive maximum ROI.

  • Define your goal

    You need to first pen down the goal of undertaking WhatsApp marketing initiatives. Whether you want to promote a new product, share information about any discount, or want registration for any activity like a webinar or workshop. Accordingly, you can frame your communication.

  • Figure out your target audience

    Your WhatsApp marketing strategy will depend entirely on your target audience. The language type, use of jargons, clickbait, etc. It will vary based on your target’s preferences. Tools like CRM software can help in understanding the demographic and psychographic behaviour of your customers.

  • Build a subscriber list

    A subscriber list can be built quickly by providing consumers with some valuable content free of cost and then asking them to provide their basic contact information. You can even include the option of ‘contact me WhatsApp’. The consumer that selects this information can then be added directly to your contact list.

  • Design your communication in advance

    You need to get your logistics in place before sending out the first message. Another thing to keep in mind is that the customers receiving messages would be using a smartphone. This means that you can even send them links to your products or websites and boost conversion rates.

  • Use a Bulk WhatsApp Messenger Software

    WhatsApp is not an automated tool which means that you have to spend a considerable amount of time sending your messages. This can be avoided if you make use of a bulk WhatsApp message sender.

  • Use WhatsApp to Extend Outstanding Customer Support

    Through WhatsApp app and desktop version, your customers can reach out for any query quickly. As a brand, you can provide instant solution to your customers and connect with them on a personalized level through WhatsApp.

  • Share Attractive Offers through WhatsApp

    You can send attractive offers and promotions with your existing customers to ensure repeat purchases. WhatsApp is also quite a popular platform to upsell and cross sell your offerings to your customer base.

  • Maintain Content Quality in Your Messages

    Your WhatsApp marketing communication should be of utmost quality. This is critical to create an impression as a brand and draw in new customers. Remember that short yet powerful messages work wonders on WhatsApp.

  • Utilize WhatsApp Calling Feature

    If any of your customer asks for more information or is willing to connect with your sales rep, you can utilize the WhatsApp calling feature. This will ensure that as soon as any customer sends request to engage with your brand, you can connect with them immediately.

  • Don’t Underestimate the Power of Group Chat

    Groups chat feature allows businesses to be interactive with their target groups and understand their psychometry. This feature is also widely used for conducting surveys and analysing customer preferences.

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Companies Using WhatsApp for Business Opportunities

Companies around the globe have been boosting their marketing capabilities with the help of WhatsApp.

BookMyShow has been using WhatsApp for marketing, quite some time now for providing efficient customer service. After you book seats for any movie in any particular theatre, you are provided with your e-tickets directly to your WhatsApp number.

Another famous company making use of WhatsApp as a potent marketing tool is Adidas. Adidas has been using WhatsApp for answering customer queries for almost 6 years now. And in 2019, the company started using the messaging app for sending out communications company-wide.

It’s not that WhatsApp is being used for driving marketing campaigns in recent years. In 2013, Swedish liquor company Absolut Vodka used WhatsApp services for marketing its Absolut Unique vodka product.

Initially struggling to find takers, Absolut switched gears and came up with a contest where participants had to send their entries through WhatsApp. The campaign eventually became popular and led to a successful launch of Absolut’s new product.

What is WhatsApp Bulk Sending Software?

WhatsApp bulk message sender is a tool that allows you to send text messages, videos, voice notes, documents to a large number of users at the same time. WhatsApp bulk sending software is also useful for providing customer support and solving customer queries along with running campaigns. 

Features of WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Software

A WhatsApp bulk marketing software can put your outreach strategies right on track due to the following features.

  • Message scheduling in advance: You can pick a time slot in advance during which the recipients will be sent your message.
  • Customization of messages: Companies can customise each message that is being sent to users to provide them with a unique experience.
  • Importing contacts: With WhatsApp bulk messaging sending software, you can import contacts from CSV and TXT files.
  • Anti-blocking feature: Most WhatsApp message sending software has an anti-blocking feature that prevents your account from being suspended even if you surpass a daily messaging limit.
  • Robust communication with your audience: Using a bulk WhatsApp message sender, you can update your audience about any new promotions, events and news.
  • Reaching out effectively to prospective customers: WhatsApp bulk messaging tool helps you blast messages to even those people who might not be on your contact list.


WhatsApp is one social media app that can also double up as an effective marketing tool. Its simple interface and mass popularity work in favour of your business’s marketing endeavors. You can obtain the best out of WhatsApp by using bulk message sending software.

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