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As more and more people have started making payments online, the use of an EDC, Electronic Data Capture terminal has become increasingly important to accept payments. From recording transactions and printing bills to collecting customers’ feedback, an EDC machine can do a lot more than just accept payments.

If you want to know more about EDC machines, their types, benefits, and top machines, then keep on reading the article.

What is an EDC Machine?

EDC or Electronic Data Capture machine is a device used by merchant establishments to carry out sales transactions of goods and services offered to customers. It enables merchants to accept payments via multiple payment gateways including debit or credit cards, UPI, net banking, QR codes, etc.

Further, the Electronic Data Capture machine also generates an invoice with all the transaction information by retrieving all the customer’s banking details. The machine also records the place, date, and time of the transaction for follow-up. Once filled, the funds are transferred to the merchant’s account after verification. With the offline EDC machine, businesses can also collect feedback from their customers directly.

What is the Benefit of EDC Machine?

EDC machine

There are plenty of benefits of using the EDC (Electronic Data Capture) machine such as it promotes fast billing and error-free payments, printing invoices, etc.

Let’s understand them in detail:

  • Promotes Error-Free Payments: Since the EDC POS machine retrieves and authenticates the customer’s banking details, the merchant does not need to enter the customer’s bank details manually. Therefore, all payments are recorded and completed error-free.
  • Simple and Easy Billing: The Electronic Data Capture machine simplifies the task of billing and invoicing by feeding all the customer details accurately including bank details, customer mobile number, name, etc., and generating receipts. Therefore, eliminating any need for manual billing and providing users with accurate bills.
  • Accept Payment Through Various Modes: With an android EDC machine, merchants can accept payments in various modes including UPI, debit or credit cards, net banking, etc. This provides customers with multiple payment options where they can make payments with their preferred method.
  • Maintain a Record of all Transactions: The Electronic Data Capture machine creates and maintains the records of all the successful and failed transactions completed in a day, week, or month with all the essential information. This helps merchants to maintain the record of all transactions in real-time without maintaining a manual ledger.
  • Promotes Cashless Transactions: An EDC terminal helps businesses to become digital and accept paperless payments. It helps them to provide their customers with cashless options and promote faster and error-free payments.
  • Easily Record Customer’s Feedback: It is difficult to record and maintain the customer’s feedback manually. However, an EDC machine eliminates this issue by letting merchants create and collect feedback regarding their services directly through the machine.
  • Conveniently Manage through the App: Most machines come with an application that lets you manage the machine. For example, you can update it, troubleshoot it, or set the default payment gateway with it. Furthermore, you can also customize its theme or enable network connectivity with it.

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Types of EDC Machine

There are different types of EDC machines you can use to simplify your payment procedure such as-

  • Android/ Linux/ iOS EDC Machine: Used for carrying out all the transactions using this operating system. Therefore, the merchants can also configure and manage the machine directly through their devices or even sync the machine with them.
  • In-Built Printer EDC Terminal: These machines come with an in-built printing capability that prints the bills simultaneously. Therefore, users do not need to buy any additional printing machine for bills and invoices.
  • Portable EDC Machine: A portable EDC machine is comparatively smaller in size as compared to other machines and performs some basic functions including payment acceptance, bills printing, etc.
  • Contactless EDC Machine: This type of EDC swipe machine lets users pay for the transactions by accepting the payments by sending the link to the customers via SMS or email. The customers, by opening the link and entering the OTP, can successfully complete the transaction. Moreover, they can also pay by scanning the QR code that directly opens the payment page.
  • Offline EDC Machine: This Offline EDC Machine lets users authenticate and accept all the payments even without internet connectivity. Therefore, eliminating any dependency on the internet to carry out the functions.

5 Best EDC Machines for Small Business

Here is the list of the best EDC machines you can use to manage the payments of your small business. Some of the common features you get with these machines include multiple payment options, feedback collection, built-in-printer, theme customization, invoice generation, etc.

  • Paytm EDC Machine


Paytm EDC Machine lets users accept payments from customers through various payments options including UPI, debit cards, credit cards, net banking, etc. It key features include immediate transaction settlement in the wallet, 0% Debit Charges for All RuPay, easy reconciliation, 0% charges for UPI payments, barcode scanner, in-built printer and much more. Further, it also provides Near Field Communication (NFC) to accept payments by the tap of the cards directly.

  • Axis Bank EDC Machine

The Axis Bank EDC Machine helps merchants to simplify their operations. This EDC terminal is compliant with all the latest security features. With it you can accept payments through both national and international cards and send e-bills to the customers directly through SMS or email. It’s a great solution for fast payment settlements and currency conversion facility for international customers.

  • HDFC EDC Machine


HDFC Electronic Data Capture Machine lets you accept payments from your customers both in-store and remotely effortlessly with utmost security. It comes with an array of features to streamline your payment acceptance features.

Some key features include various money collection options, amazing network connectivity with support for 4G and 5G networks. Further, you can use this EDC machine to print your customers’ invoices and send them to their registered emails or mobile number.

  • Pinelabs EDC Machine

Pinelabs Machine

Pinelabs EDC Machine is an easy-to-use card swipe machine you need to accept payments from your customers faster. Plutus POS is an all-in-one POS machine that lets you accept payments through UPI, debit cards, credit cards, wallets, QR codes, and various other gateways.

With support for 5G, all your transactions get completed without any errors. Further, you can customize the EDC machine theme and accept feedback from your customers directly.

  • Yes Bank EDC Machine

Yes Bank EDC Machine is used to securely and conveniently accept payment from your customers. You can accept payments through Cards, UPI, and SMS link with it. Further, easily generate QR codes to quickly accept payments and accept it via SMS. It’s a great option for merchants due to the fast payment settlement functionality.

How Does an Electronic Draft Capture Machine Work?

How Does an Electronic Draft Capture Machine Work

An Electronic Draft Capture Machine Works in the following steps:

  • The merchant enters all the details of the transactions including the buyer’s name, mobile number, etc.
  • After entering credentials, the merchant selects the suitable payment gateway or provide a QR code to accept payment
  • Customers inserts its card in the machine or scan the QR code to pay
  • The machine captures customers’ card information and asks for the PIN or the payment page will open through QR scanning.
  • Once the PIN is entered by the customers and details are verified, the transaction is completed.
  • The payment is reflected in the merchant’s account in a few seconds.
  • A bill is generated that can be easily shared with the customers through an email or SMS.

Limitations of Electronic Draft Capture Machine

  • Technical glitches might occur that delay the transaction or even lead to gateway time out.
  • Some Electronic Data Capture machines offered by the companies offer higher transaction costs.
  • Regular maintenance charges might incur even if you face any technical issues.
  • The data captured through these machines are susceptible to data breaches as the payment transaction takes place online.
  • The machine is hardware therefore, it might get damage and data can be lost.
  • You need to complete all the documentation for smooth onboarding that may take time as you need to submit various documents.


  1. What is meant by EDC machine?

    An EDC, Electronic Data Capture swipe machine helps merchants in accepting payments from their customers through multiple payment options including Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, QR, Net Banking, etc. Further, it also let merchants to send bills directly to customers or receive feedback from their customers directly.

  2. How much does the EDC machine cost?

    The cost of EDC card machine varies from vendor to vendor and on its distinguishing features. However, on average, an Electronic Data Capture machine starts from as low as INR 2089 per month onwards.

  3. What are the types of EDC?

    There are multiple types of EDC terminals available to simplify your payment acceptance procedure. Some of the best options you can consider include Android EDC machine, In-Built Printer EDC terminal, Portable EDC machine, Contactless EDC machine, Offline EDC Machine, and much more. You can choose from any of them based on your requirements.

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