Why IVEPOS is The Best Android POS Software for Restaurant & Retail

Why IVEPOS is The Best Android POS Software for Restaurant & Retail-feature image
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Smartphones have become the mainstream technology and are an inseparable part of the corporate world. From WhatsApp business to smartphone billing, smartphone devices are essential for business process management. Android devices are quite popular with more than 2.5 billion active users.

Implementing a POS system on an android smartphone is a widely followed trend due to operational and technological feasibility over traditional on-premises POS systems deployed on computers.

However, not all POS apps have the same features.  Some apps are more convenient and user-friendly than others, like IVEPOS. IVEPOS is one of the best Android point-of-sale apps for restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses.

This blog will tell you why you should integrate IVEPOS software in your business and how it will boost profitability.

How Does IVEPOS Android POS Software Work?

IVEPOS is comprehensive android POS software tailored to serve every need of small to medium-sized retail, restaurants, cafes and QSR. It is a cloud-based POS system that can be managed from Android devices.

Organizations can use any android tablet or phone for POS billing and payment processing. Besides, managers can access and manage the entire POS operations through a web browser or a dedicated back-end management app.

This POS solution for retail and restaurants integrates, streamlines, and automates billing, inventory, and customer data management processes. It integrates multiple payment processing methods and allows users to track every inventory, ingredient, and supply. It also has an employee management module to manage employee access rights and a vendor management module for smooth purchase operations.

IVEPOS is specifically tailored for retail and food and beverage industries with advanced features like cash flow management, in-store marketing, loyalty programs, Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT), table planner and a dedicated waiter app.

Why You Must Integrate Your Business with IVEPOS?

Multiple payment methods

POS system is the lifeline of any retail and restaurant business. It can reduce your customer’s waiting time during checkout and create a seamless customer experience.

Integrating your business with IVEPOS could be the best decision you ever made for your store. Many benefits come with the integration process, including:

  • Lowers infrastructure costs: IVEPOS is cloud-based POS software, which can be used directly through Android devices. Organizations can save costs on dedicated POS billing hardware and infrastructure.

  • Cuts operational cost and saves time: Integrate and automate procurement, billing, payment, order processing and inventory management processes to reduce manual intervention, paper usage, printing, and errors.

  • Improves customer experience: IVEPOS solution reduces the checkout and food order processing time with electronic ordering, billing, and payment processing.

  • Manages Your kitchen and inventory: The software helps optimize retail and restaurant operations by keeping a real-time track of all items, stocks, ingredients, and supplies. You can set reorder levels and reorder points. This will also help avoid lost sales due to out-of-stock items.

  • Increases your efficiency and reduces errors: This software helps businesses increase efficiency and reduce errors by integrating and automating the inventory, order, billing, and payment process. You can avoid manual input errors that would otherwise cost you time and money.

  • Leverages customer data: Using IVEPOS in your business will help collect, store, organize and track customer information. You can leverage this information to upsell and cross sell and boost revenue.

  • Brand building: You can customize bills and receipts with the company’s logo and trademark.

How to Make Your Restaurant Business Profitable with IVEPOS?

why choose IVEPOS

IVEPOS android POS software hugely benefits food and beverage businesses, especially restaurants, fast food, QSRs’ cafes, and food chains.

  • Lowers capital requirement: IVEPOS could be deployed on any android device to take and process orders. Android devices cost only a fraction compared to dedicated billing machines and require minimal maintenance.

  • Reduces wastage: Integrated features like real-time inventory updates and recipe/yield management help avoid over-ordering and reduce wastage. You can also track the usage of every ingredient with the consumption report to know where you need to cut down.

  • Discounts, offers, and dynamic pricing: You can create and manage multiple discounts, offers, and loyalty programs with this restaurant POS system. This enables you to boost sales and increase customer loyalty. You can also change prices dynamically based on demand and availability.

  • Efficient order processing: It helps process orders quickly and accurately. This improves your food service, reduces waiting times, and helps gain more customers overall.

  • Excellent Dining Experience: With modules like KOT (Kitchen Order Tickets) and the waiter app in place, your staff can quickly process orders. In addition, the features for table planning, menu and ingredient management & quick order processing make it easier for customers to have a great dining experience.

  • Informed Decision Making: The comprehensive data collected by IVEPOS system can be used to make informed decisions about pricing, menu planning, promotions, and marketing campaigns. Regular reports on sales trends, employee performance & customer behavior give insights and help achieve higher efficiency and profitability.

How to Increase Your Retail Business Revenue with IVEPOS?

Realtime sales analysis

A POS system is an inseparable part of retail operations. Most of the POS systems in the market help optimize checkout processes related to billing, payment, and managing inventory. Here are the reasons why IVEPOS system is among the best POS solutions in India:

  • Create a loyalty program: By offering loyalty rewards, you can incentive your customers to continue shopping with you instead of going to a competitor. With IVEPOS, you can easily create and manage a loyalty program tailored to your specific business needs and customers’ preferences.

  • Set optimum reorder level and reorder points: This retail POS system can help streamline your inventory management process and set reorder levels and reorder points. This ensures that you never run out of stock and avoid excess inventory that blocks valuable capital.

  • Reduce shrinkage: By tracking sales data and keeping track of inventory levels, you can quickly identify shrinkage patterns and take steps to address the issue.

  • Create an ideal shopping experience: With IVEPOS android POS software, you can create a smooth and efficient checkout process, accept payment through multiple methods, and apply specific discounts and offers to drive more sales. It helps build your brand image and promotes long-term growth.

  • Make data-driven decisions: This android POS software allows you to track sales data and provides predictions about future sales trends. You can make informed decisions about inventory levels, staffing needs, and marketing strategies by analyzing sales data.

  • Reduce manual labor: IVEPOS automates every task related to a retail business, from sales tracking to inventory management. As a result, it reduces staffing costs and makes your business scalable.


Deploying the IVEPOS system in your retail and restaurant outlet has many benefits compared to other POS systems, which are rigid and hardware dependent. IVEPOS is a cloud-based point of sales software that can be installed on any Android device. It overcomes all the technological and economic barriers to implementing a POS system.

The POS system can be used like any other Android app and bill your customers even remotely without a broadband connection. Managers can also access and oversee operations through a web browser or the dedicated IVEPOS apps. In short, with a dedicated android app, industry-specific features and modules, IVEPOS is the best android POS software for restaurants & retail.

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