HR Automation Software – Building a Compelling Business Case

HR Automation Software – Building a Compelling Business Case-feature image
December 13, 2022 Reviewed By : Megha Sharma .4 Min read

The need for a transition to a HR automation software system is often deeply felt by HR professionals. However, justifying the investment into HR software can be a little difficult, as benefits that it reaps is in a large part intangible/qualitative. SMBs and big enterprises expect certain basic functionalities from an HR software, such as leave, attendance and payroll management. However, they are often unaware of many other tangible and intangible benefits of HRMS software.

Tangible Benefits of HR Software: Rake in the Direct ROI

Man-Hours Saved

Research by the Center for Effective Organizations shows that over 50 percent of an HR professional’s time is spent on administrative tasks. This figure can be drastically reduced using an HR automation system which standardizes processes and reduces paperwork sharply. With the implementation of HR & payroll software, you will not have to deal with tedious tasks like keeping physical records of documents chasing missed emails, tracking the in and out time of employees, and collecting employee data for payroll purposes.

Unique Value Propositions for Employees & Organizations

With an HRMS in place, you will have to spend less time and effort on routine administrative tasks and reporting. Duplicate data entry gets eliminated altogether as every piece of information flows across the system to bring every employee on the same page. The time saved on these tasks can be put to a better use like performing strategic HR tasks and improving employee motivation. With higher efficiency, HR professionals can deliver a higher level of service to employees. Employee queries can also reduce considerably with an automated HR system providing the exclusive employee self-service portal.

Reduced Risk Through Improved Compliance

The implementation of an automated HR system ensures that your organization is compliant with all the applicable laws – both state and central. All applicable compliance changes are updated automatically by the HRMS software, so that you no longer have to manually check for periodic changes in laws and consult the HR department every time.

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Intangible Benefits

Higher Employee Morale & Engagement

HR software solutions with the important module of employee self-service (ESS) have the power to transform the very culture of your organization. The ESS portal offers employees direct access to essential information, such as, pay slips, tax-related information and TDS details including year-to-date as well as projected data. Employees can view real-time leave and attendance information, and apply for leaves without HR intervention. Thus, the ESS capability offered by HR automation improves employee morale and engagement, and sharply reduces queries to HR.

Streamlined Processes

You can reduce chaos and duplication of work within your organization by adopting a single HRMS software for streamlining various HR processes. Along with streamlining processes ranging from core HR and payroll to leave and attendance, HR & payroll software also facilitates smooth data flow from one system to another (the payroll system, which uses inputs from other HR systems, for instance). Thus, it eliminates the chances of duplicate data entry and improves efficiency and accuracy considerably.

Improved Decision Making

The streamlining and standardization of different HR processes, such as, employee information management, payroll processing, leave and attendance management, expense management and more are made possible with HR software. Such standardization, in turn, facilitates easier and automated generation of reports and analytics, which improves decision-making.

From MIS reports to statutory reports, all can be generated quickly with HR automation systems. HR software solutions can extract data from all sources, making reporting easier. Further, essential analytics are displayed conveniently on a dashboard to ensure easy access. With HR automation, chaos is eliminated from the HR ecosystem and employees can focus on the core business.

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