List of Top 13 School Management System in India

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September 26, 2022 10 Min read

Think back to the time when you were in school. Every day, your class teacher would pull out a bulky register to mark attendance. Now that you use gadgets and technology products for keeping a record of every detail, you can empathize with her truly.

Managing an attendance register manually must have been a painful task for her. If you further walk down the memory lane, those stressful days of standing in the queue for fee payment will get revived. After all, you sacrificed your play time to ensure that the fee got submitted within due date.

Fortunately, these issues can be resolved to a greater extent with the best school management software. This software helps create a holistic learning environment that brings parents, teachers and students together on the same platform.

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What is ERP System in School?

School ERP system manages basic daily activities of school like administrative, teaching, curriculum management, student attendance, student information, fee record management, homework management, and other daily duties.

List of Top 13 School Management System in India

Here, we have compiled an exhaustive list of the best school management systems you can try for your educational institutes. With the educational landscape becoming more competitive, only the best school management system can help your admin staff and teachers manage educational activities better.

  • MyClassCampus

MyClassCampus is a complete education ERP software for schools, colleges and coaching centres. This schools ERP software provides 40 plus modules that support seamless learning management and administrative control. It further helps conduct live classes and video lectures.

Features of MyClassCampus

  • Lesson planning
  • Result generation
  • Fees management
  • Hospital management
  • Library management
  • Inquiry management
  • Human resource management

Deployment Type: Both online & offline

MyClassCampus School ERP Price: Pricing for the basic plan of MyClassCampus starts at less than ₹100 per student per annum.

  • Megam Education

In times of online learning, Megam education is the most capable solution. The school management system has dedicated communication modules where students can share their work with other students and their teachers.

Megam education is one of the top school software in India that has been developed to increase the productivity of your entire institute.

Features of Megam Education

  • Machine learning based security solutions for the entire institute.
  • Sending out school news, notices and other relevant communications.
  • Easy setup of online meetings between parents and teachers.
  • Digitally record the score of each pupil and generate a performance card.
  • Visualise the performance of each child and see how they are performing in different subjects.

Deployment type: Megam is a cloud based school management system.

Megam Education School Management System Price- The price of Megam education starts from only ₹10. Available exclusively on

  • e-School ERP

e-School ERP is useful for managing the administrative and academic tasks of large and small education institutes. The online school management software has dedicated modules for managing online admissions, clocking in student and teacher attendance and conducting online exams and classes.

Features of e-School ERP

  • Biometric attendance system for teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Conducting exams in groups and publishing results.
  • Collecting fees and levying fine in case the last date elapses.
  • Parents can track their child’s moment when the child is travelling in the school bus.
  • Teachers can initiate communication with parents via SMS or email.

Deployment type: e-School ERP is an online school management system. It also has mobile apps for android and iPhone users.

e-School ERP Software Price- You can purchase this school information management system is for as low as ₹70 exclusively from

  • Vidyalaya ERP

Vidyalaya School ERP is a great software for managing administrative activities like academic timetable scheduling, student attendance and health, visitor logs, scholarships, among others.

Further, it integrates with Tally accounting software, biometric attendance solution, online payment gateway, barcode technology, and more, making it a complete education software.

The mobile app is available on both Android and iOS to keep students, parents, and teachers up to date with school stuff on a daily basis.

Vidyalaya School ERP Features

  • Student assessments for all board patterns
  • Virtual classroom
  • Timetable and attendance management
  • Admission and fees management
  • HR & payroll management
  • Reporting & analysis

Deployment Type: It offers flexible deployment options. The cloud-hosted school management system can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Vidyalaya School ERP Price: This school management app follows a pay-per-module approach, so that you only pay for the features you use. For pricing, and details, kindly visit us at

Know more about Vidyalaya School ERP reviews.

  • Qmarksoft

With Qmarksoft school management system, schools and other educational institutes can manage all regular processes with much ease and effectiveness.

With Qmarksoft school ERP system exclusive modules, users can manage different activities related to admission enquiry, student performance, fees, employee salary, hostel administration, transport, examination, library, etc.

Qmarksoft Features

  • Maintains student transactions
  • Separate logins for students and parents
  • Online fee management
  • Progress report management
  • Helps manage school expenses

Deployment Type: Qmarksoft is an online school management system.

Qmarksoft school management system price: Its price starts at ₹ 35500.

  • I-Genius

I-Genius is a fully integrated school management software designed to make day-to-day functions at schools simpler. Along with an integrated fee management module, it also provides tools for making admission processes easier.

With its complete library management module, schools can track the availability of different course books and reference materials and propagate a stimulating learning environment.

Transportation is another important module of this software, which helps in managing school buses across multiple routes.

I-Genius Features

  • Admission enquiry management
  • Smart & easy inventory management
  • Homework reminders via SMS
  • Secure financial accounting
  • Complete library management
  • Flexible examination & grading management
  • Multi-route transportation

Deployment Type: I-Genius is an online school management system

I-genius school management system price: The price is available on request at our website.

  • iCampus

iCampus is a web-based college management software, which helps in centralized management of academic data. Student-related information, academic records, examination report cards and employee performance reports can be managed at a single platform using iCampus.

Further, this best school ERP system software provides a Wright communication link where students and faculty members can come together to exchange information and share feedback.

iCampus Features

  • Online Courses and batch management
  • Student admission management
  • Transport fee management
  • Pro modules facilitate online application with website
  • Finance accounting & supplier management
  • Building information system
  • Time-based logins

Deployment Type: You need the internet connection to use iCampus school software. It also gives the choice of server hosting on the cloud.

iCampus school management system pricing: The pricing for iCampus smart school management system is available on request at the official website.

  • SmartPathshala ERP

SmartPathshala ERP school management system helps in managing different school activities like admission management, fee management, library management and exam results.

Furthermore, the school database management system also allows teachers to send text messages to parents and keep them updated about their kids’ performance.

SmartPathshala ERP Features

  • Master entry
  • Time-table management
  • Auto SMS facility
  • Conveyance management
  • Non-academic process management
  • Student information portal

Deployment Type: Smart Pathshala ERP is a web-based school management system.

Price of Smart Pathshala ERP: This school management system is available at just ₹ 250 per year per student.

  • Bigdbiz

Bigdbiz education management system is a trusted solution for managing administrative processes in educational institutes. From admission to payroll, examination and extensive report generation, all processes can be streamlined with the help of this education management system.

Bigdbiz school management system ERP is used by the educational and administrative staff to manage batches and courses, examination, attendance and student performance. Further, this software makes exam results accessible to parents and children.

Bigdbiz Features

  • Admin
  • Teacher
  • Transport
  • Library
  • Parent

Deployment Type: An online & offline school management software, which provides offline exam scheduler.

Bigdbiz Price: The price of this school management system is available on request at our website.

  • SynapseSoftech School ERP

SynapseSoftech School ERP software solution helps in automating regular activities at educational institutes, such as, payroll, student fee collection, staff and student attendance, examination management, etc.

This is also useful in managing inventory like stationary items, course books, reference books, and so on.

SynapseSoftech School ERP Features

  • Manage student fee (Pending instalments)
  • Payroll management with tax report, staff salary and advances
  • Staff & student attendance management
  • Examination management & result analysis
  • Personalized login for students & parents
  • Learning resource sharing

Deployment Type: You can only work online with SynapseSoftech School ERP software.

Synapse Softech Price: The price of this school management system is available on request at our website.

  • Hex mySkoolApp

mySkoolApp is a great software tool for teachers that helps them focus more on student academics and less on admin tasks. Further, it sends daily student attendance, examination performance and class test reports to parents.

At the same time, students can share homework and assignments digitally on this platform and stay tuned to any news or announcements.

mySkoolApp Features

  • Provides real-time updates of student activities
  • Can be accessed through computer monitors
  • Smart online attendance and homework management
  • Online exam & result management
  • Staff recruitment & payroll management

Deployment Type: It’s a complete online school management system.

mySkoolApp Price: This school management app is available at ₹ 20, depending upon the number of students.

  • Mpiric Web eSchool

Web eSchool software is a robust school management and administrative software, which can be used by educational institutes for managing day-to day activities like admission, attendance, timetable, fees, examination, transportation and a lot more.

With School Web software, users can manage all resources of their educational institute effectively.

Mpiric Web eSchool Features

  • Courses and batches management
  • Reception & front office management
  • Student information management
  • Database backup & restore
  • Transportation/fleet management
  • Registration management

Deployment Type: Available in both online & offline school management software versions.

Mpiric Web eSchool Price: The price of this online school management system is available on request at our website.

  • Cosmicvent SchoolOne

All administration, management and learning-related activities can be streamlined with Cosmicvent SchoolOne. This school management software is designed to bring parents, teachers and students on the same page. While parents can stay updated about their child’s performance, students can share all their assignments and homework online.

Cosmicvent SchoolOne Features

  • Administration management
  • Learning activities management
  • Student performance tracking
  • Parent & student login

Deployment Type: It’s a multi-purpose school management software that works online.

Cosmicvent SchoolOne Price: This school management system is available in different plans, starting from ₹ 5 per student per month.

  • HDSchool

HyperDrive HDSchool is widely used by schools, colleges and training centres for managing students, stationary stock, suppliers, library, fee structure, examination schedule, etc.

Educational institutes can run different courses efficiently and manage several batches in terms of student attendance and timetable.

HDSchool Features

  • Effective data management
  • Simplifies fee structures
  • Manages student records
  • Easy inventory management
  • Library management
  • Reporting for student attendance & performance

Deployment Type: HDSchool is an online school management system.

HDSchool Price: The price of this online school management system is available on request at our website.

Amazing 10 Advantages of Implementing School Management System

School Solution Benefits

School management system software has become the prerequisite for modern-day schools and colleges to manage all admin and teaching tasks. Let’s check advantages of school management system listed below:

  • Timely fee collection
  • Better student-teacher collaboration
  • Reduced workload on admin staff
  • Teachers can focus on academic activities
  • Better parent-teacher communication
  • Assessment of student performance
  • Personalized strategies for students’ growth
  • Effective management of student data
  • Timetable management
  • Staff management

Top 20 Features of School Management Software

Features of School Management Solution

School management software helps educational institutes manage every aspect of their learning & non-learning activities.

Along with a better student, teacher and parent collaboration, you can also expect streamlined processes for school management system desktop application:

  • Campus recruitment
  • Admission management
  • Laboratory management
  • Accounts management
  • Student Information management
  • Attendance management
  • Transport management
  • Examination management
  • Library management
  • Staff management
  • Alumni management
  • Fee management
  • Grades & transcripts
  • Class Scheduling
  • Couse history
  • Fundraising
  • Parent management
  • Sports scheduling
  • Hostel management
  • Reporting

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