Top 10 College Management Software System in India 2023

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April 12, 2023 6 Min read

Has there been any mismanagement or misplacing of books from the library?

Is it becoming difficult for you to store and manage data in a proper manner?

Are you having a hard time handling plenty of tasks manually?

If you can relate to any of the above questions, your answer lies in the ballpark of a campus management system. Moreover, you are not alone in this journey. There are many educational institutes that are willing to invest in an integrated solution to manage day-to-day operations in the best way possible.

List of 10 Best College Management Software System

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1. iCampuz

It is a cloud-based college management software that has been developed to facilitate paperless administration within a networked campus.


  • Provides an interactive platform for parents, students, teachers, and management.
  • Helps in reducing paperwork by 60 percent
  • Automated and quick report generation
  • Store complete information centrally and without redundancy
  • Real-time monitoring of students’ performance.

Key Feature: iCampuz allows you to monitor the performance of faculty in real-time, check syllabus covered by them. This software also facilitates faculty performance rating by students.

Pricing: Get the price on request.

2. MyClassCampus

MyClassCampus is an all in one campus management software that comes with 40+ ready modules and lets you manage different verticals of an educational organization in an efficient and organized manner.


  • Manage books, racks, sections with a library management tool
  • Manage inventory like uniform, stationery, books, etc
  • Track assignments’ due date for a particular class or student
  • Track all the visitors using gate pass management module

Key Feature: MyClassCampus adhere to AICTE’s rule of grievance redressal by providing you with Grievance Management module. It helps you deal with all types of complaints and grievances that come from students, staff members, and other stakeholders.

Pricing: Get the price on request.

3. Edumaat

Edumaat is an online college management system that acknowledges and helps in fulfilling the requirement of different stakeholders- teachers, students, parents, management, other staff members and more.


  • Provides analytics and decision support
  • Assists in human capital management
  • Helps faculty to design and set-up courses, curriculum
  • Facilitates attendance management by computerizing all processes related to it

Key Feature: Edumaat serves as an efficient document management platform for managing all records and documents of educational institutes.

Pricing: Get the price on request. View details.

4. Eduflex

Eduflex is an educational ERP for college, school, and other educational institution. It comes with intuitive features facilitating everything from student registration to alumni management.


  • Online registration
  • Easy attendance management
  • Generates time-tables within few clicks
  • Helps plan lessons and assignments easily

Key Feature: This campus management system software comes with a unique module called ‘infirmary management.’ You can maintain a proper record of students admitted to the infirmary, and special medical attention given to them. Also, you can manage complete past medical record of students using this and parents can be notified via SMS/email immediately during the medical emergency.

Pricing: Get the price on request. View details.

5. Exam4u

Exam4u is an online test platform designed for both exam coordinators and students. It lets you automate the entire examination process from online student registration to providing with grade report.


  • Multiple fee collection methods
  • Keeps students update regarding upcoming events
  • Provides online test solution
  • Creates question papers with just a few clicks

Key Features: The ‘result phase’ of the examination process at your campus can be diligently managed with Exam4u. You just don’t have a list of scores at your disposal but a graphical representation of the same which makes easy for you to analyze the overall performance of students.

Pricing: Get the price on request.

6. JackProdigy

JackProdigy is an educational mini ERP system that gives you the bird’s eye view of students’ activities. Besides all essential campus management system software features, JackProdigy also offers unique functions like management of campus events, subject management.


  • You can pre-plan and share daily lectures with students and staff
  • Helps with campus placement activities, i.e. scheduling interview, shortlisting candidate, etc.
  • Can assign, remove and edit staff for any subject
  • Tasks can be shared with students, staff members individually or together.

Key Feature: Its ‘announcement module’ acts as an online notice board. It can be used to share circular and communicate any message through the chain of hierarchy- from students to the top management.

Pricing: Get the price on request.

7. TrackMyClass

TrackMyClass is a web-based campus management system facilitating real-time updates, student tracking, online learning, and management of other campus operations.


  • Manages daily attendance of students and employees
  • Efficiently manages and trains employees across different centers
  • Sends messages, shares photos/videos with students and parents using social networking tools
  • Helps track financial performance of your institutes across different regions

Key Feature: This campus management system software allows you to track students’ performance on the basis of various parameters namely, attendance, assignments, exams, assessments, health, behaviour.

Pricing: Get the price on request. View details

8. Fedena

Fedena is an all in one college and school management software that will let you manage every part of a campus- college/school, library, hostel, transportation efficiently.


  • Customizable dashboard gives a glimpse of daily updates like fees to be collected, birthday, student/employee attendance, etc.
  • Pre-set timetable in no time with drag and drop option
  • Notifies students, teachers, parents with a quick messaging system
  • Automates various aspects of the admission process
  • Helps create and publish campus news easily

Key Feature: Teachers can give personalized remarks to students with Fedena. They can provide feedback for each student on the basis of different subjects, extracurricular activities. Also, they can give a common remark for any particular test conducted. Both students and parents can view the feedback/remark as a part of their daily update.

Pricing: Rs.36,000 per year. View details

9. D-Edu ERP

D-Edu is modular campus management software that facilitates the implementation of CCE guidelines and management of all functions carried out in a campus.


  • You can manage student registration process in a simplified manner
  • You can easily customize admission slip, character certificate, transfer certificate, etc.
  • Keeps track of all vehicles with transportation management module
  • Generates different reports to evaluate performance of both students and teachers

Key Feature: You can completely automate the process of leave management with D-Edu. From availing the leave to approving it, keeping a record of it, all can be done online.

Pricing: Get the price on request.

10. Rushda College Management Software

Rushda College Management System Software is a college automation software that comes with all critical features required to seamlessly manage a college tasks- Admission, accounting, payroll, hostel, transportation, inventory to name a few.


  • Manages students’ registration & admission
  • Keeps track of all student’s activities
  • Helps send quick SMS and email alerts
  • Ensures complete hostel management

Key Feature: This is one of the college management software that facilitates scholarship management. It provides students with complete information related to scholarships, i.e. available scholarships, eligibility criteria, no. of seats, the amount offered, etc.

Pricing: Get the price on request.

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