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As the world goes digital, way to communicate has taken a revolutionary turn. With the advent of a huge arena of email management solutions, it has really been arduous to choose wisely amongst the available choices for mailing solution or mail management.

IBM Verse : The Next Gen Email Management Solution

Innovative cloud-based solutions had already made emailing possible from anywhere anytime and through any device. IBM Verse is a forefront cloud based emailing solution featuring exquisite tool sets and components for the businesses with best email hosting solution for organizational communication. The overall solution is designed and developed with must-have features for influential correspondence. Mapping all intuitive features for effective communication, Verse is available as stand-alone as well as cloud-based solution.

While abounding email management software are emerging everyday offering tempting features, Verse from IBM is an impeccable suite of emailing features with analytical capabilities. A never-so-imagined email management solution, IBM Verse offers the most interactive and user-friendly interface. Users can also deploy it seamlessly as a cloud solution on an array of devices may it be a PC or a smartphone. The software is an end-to-end solution for all email related concerns empowering businesses irrespective of their type and size.

Here’s a bunch of incomparable features that make IBM Verse more sought:

  • Complete Bundle of What You Want
  • More Clear With Reduced Clutter
  • Collaborative Features
  • Connectedness to Almost Every Device
  • Complete Bundle of What You Want

Verse is a feature rich, highly integrated solution that identifies the communication patterns and analyzes what exactly is required for effective communication effortlessly. With cloud based capabilities and mobile friendly interface, the solution also offers analytics and advanced search. Verse allows user-designed format and incorporates social analytics exclusively optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

  • More Clear With Reduced Clutter

Verse email management solution ensures that you get a clear view of the desired information in terms of messages, documents and even status updates thereby allowing you to make quicker, smarter decisions. The clutter-free transformation of the overall correspondence shows you only what is actually required. You can now prioritize the conversations and focus on what matters the most. Intuitive features streamlines the email accounts for more focused approach of communication.

  • Collaborative Features

Being a collaborative activity, communication anticipates lot more than just sending and receiving messages. Moreover, Verse also imbibes real-time understanding and cooperation that is spanned to the entire workforce irrespective of their whereabouts. Collaborative array of intelligent, scalable and robust features of Verse channelize interactive and more fruitful communication.

  • Connectedness to Almost Every Device

Verse email management solution has the ability to support connectedness to almost every cloud friendly device. Thereby, facilitating the integration of currents business documents, applications and networks to make them available on the on premise solution as well. Also, all time connectivity enables uninterrupted working virtually for everyone anytime and from anywhere. In-built security features that can engage social apps allowing global teams to stay connected.

  • Explore Hierarchy

This innovative solution helps you to locate yourself on the hierarchy in a selected list of communicators in the organization and allows you to directly interact people thereby inviting them for a meeting/ appointment/ chat all with just a click.

In conclusion, there’s more that you can do with Verse to work smartly, quickly and efficiently. To explore best email software and other IT solutions for your business automation needs, visit us at Techjockey Infotech Private Limited.

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