InMobi Extends Partnership with Microsoft Azure

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InMobi is helping marketers leverage the cloud marketing platform to increase their reach and product visibility. But, who is supporting the company in establishing a robust technology portfolio and expanding its customer base? Let’s find out…

What Is InMobi?

“InMobi operates in the mobile advertising space, which is essentially a way for marketers, especially digital marketers, to reach out to the target customers on mobile as a platform. Mobile advertising is a fairly fast-growing space.

It’s growing almost 60 to 70 percent year on year in India alone, and we expect to touch more than $1.5 billion in the next few years. InMobi is a technology powerhouse, and by virtue of that, we handle a lot of data.” – Vasuta Agarwal, VP & GM, InMobi India.

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InMobi’s Partnership with Microsoft Azure

The partnership between InMobi and Microsoft Azure involves tech-based collaboration. It ensures unified security management and protection from cyber threats.

As a result, InMobi can develop an ecosystem where digital transformation becomes smooth for their enterprise customers. Furthermore, with Azure as the preferred cloud provider, InMobi also benefits from the combined go-to-market initiatives. 

“Our partnership with Microsoft, especially on the Azure platform, allows us to build and leverage a unified security management and threat protection platform. It offers far more control and transparency to our customers. In the future, we expect to leverage the synergies between InMobi and Microsoft, integrating our products to develop an ecosystem for digital transformation, especially for enterprise CMOs, by building products across business applications of data and across AI. We’re very committed to leveraging these synergies going forward.” – Vasuta Agarwal, VP & GM, InMobi India. 

The partnership combines InMobi’s marketing capabilities with Microsoft 365’s AI, analytics, and machine learning technologies. As a result, both Microsoft’s client base and InMobi’s customers are leveraging the benefits of this partnership.

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To know more about the InMobi-Azure partnership, you can watch this video …

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