What is the Role of AI in Recruitment

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Over the years, technology has played an important role in HR in recruitment processes. Among all the technologies that have come and gone, one particular innovation in recruitment is here to stay. Yes, we are talking about artificial intelligence(AI).

AI in recruitment enables recruiters to better utilize their applicant tracking systems (ATS), giving them the capacity to employ more candidates quickly. With AI in recruitment, you can make more accurate shortlists and screen resumes more fairly. So how does AI-based recruitment work and how does it help recruiters level up their hiring strategy? Well, we would find that out in this article.

How Does AI Help in Talent Management?

AI in recruitment is designed to cut back on time-consuming and tedious hiring processes like manual resume screening. Even to this date, one of the main problems in the talent acquisition industry is effectively and strategically screening resumes.

According to recent research, finding the best individuals from a large application pool was considered most challenging by 52% of talent acquisition leaders. AI, on the other hand, can ease this process, and help HR professionals focus on getting the right personnel efficiently.

It’s a given that any organization’s recruitment department is always looking for ways to decrease cost, deliver value, and acquire the best talent. The foundation of the conventional hiring process is based on selecting the best candidates from among thousands of applications. It might take many weeks, which would annoy and unnerve HR professionals and candidates. This is where AI-based recruitment software proves beneficial.

The ability of AI to assess multiple candidates is quite useful for organizations. It also lowers operational expenses by giving decision-makers a thorough information about every candidate.

Additionally, there are more sophisticated AI recruiting software programs that enable employers to observe how a candidate performs in real-world situations.

What Is the Role of AI in Recruitment

What Is the Role of AI in Recruitment?

Let us take a detailed look into the role of AI in improving different HR practices.

  • Improved hiring quality

    HR teams often have to handle a large pool of applicants. From there, they must choose the best candidates. However, complete information about each candidate can be gathered by recruiters quickly with the help of AI, allowing for a thorough evaluation. Many AI-based solutions use specialized algorithms to evaluate a candidate’s qualification for a given role

  • Better analytics

    Thanks to AI in recruitment, HR managers can now successfully choose the right candidates based on their talent and identify the ideal position where a particular candidate’s skills are most needed.

  • Saves time through automation

    AI in hiring can quickly evaluate large volumes of data that decision makers often take into account while shortlisting potential recruits. This way, AI solutions not only save time but also the resources and money.

  • Make unbiased data-driven decisions

    A certain level of biasness, whether conscious or unconscious, is always implied whenever there is human intervention. However, AI technologies can help reduce this issue. Due to the fact that all hiring decisions are solely based on data, businesses have the opportunity to select only the best applicants based on their actual potential.

  • AI-powered background verification

    Organizations conduct candidate background verification to mitigate risks. Background checks on candidates can often be a tiresome and time-consuming process. Thanks to AI, this process has become much easier, quicker, and more effective as compared to conventional manual methods.

  • Locating talent within the organization

    Most organizations are on a continuous lookout for locating talent within their existing workforce. This can save tons of money and resources as compared to hiring external talent. With AI-powered recruitment software, companies can spot and nurture the internal talent.

  • Skill gap identification

    AI recruitment software programs use scientific testing and data analytics to understand team strengths on an individual level and detect talent gaps, if any.

  • Reskilling and upskilling your employees

    AI based personalized learning recommendations can help identify the training needs of your employees and upskill them at the right time. With upskilled employees, your business is likely to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Retain your employees longer

    CA continuous engagement using AI makes employees feel valued and they are likely to stay longer with your organization. AI can help get real-time, responsive feedback from your employees to understand their expectations from the workplace.

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How Is Software like Realcoderz Transforming the Recruitment Process?

What is the Role of AI in Recruitment

There are many AI based recruitment software available in the market. However, one particular software program that caught our attention is Realcoderz. By automating conventional HR processes, Realcoderz is streamlining recruitment processes and empowering HR teams across multiple disciplines.

With Realcoderz, you get access to AI-based technologies for skill development and IT resource hiring. Now, you don’t have to waste time figuring out how to work around systems or worrying about upcoming administrative changes and can instead concentrate on your team-building efforts.

Here are some of the premium benefits of deploying Realcoderz:

  • Based on competency scores and AI-based assessments, Realcoderz helps you shortlist and select the best candidates for a given designation.
  • Thanks to the software’s Skill Match AI tools, you can now process large numbers of resumes to identify the best talent.
  • It enables you to conduct applicant vetting using multiple factors like arbitrary evaluations, MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions), code evaluators, live coding interviews, and code quality metrics.
  • The software’s AI-powered proctoring feature ensures that all evaluation processes are fair and just.
  • Realcoderz uses sophisticated metrics to measure candidate progress, enabling recruiters to shortlist candidates based on data.
  • Realcoderz offers a user-friendly, flexible, and intuitive dashboard for HR professionals to manage their everyday processes with ease.
  • Al Based Success Predictor guarantees better recruitment related decisions. Further, Realcoderz uses machine learning to forecast success.
  • Realcoderz comes with specialized AI chatbots that help recruiters communicate with candidates at all phases of the recruitment drive. This ensures positive applicants’ experience.
  • By automating repetitive recruitment functions, Realcoderz helps speed up the hiring process.

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As you can see, the need for deploying AI in hiring is inevitable in the modern business scenario. This is especially true when organizations need to recruit the right talent in a short period of time. It often gets difficult for recruiters to find the perfect match for the job openings in their organization. Thankfully, with the right AI based recruitment software, recruitment processes can be streamlined like never before.

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  1. How is AI being used in recruitment?

    AI based recruitment software improves operational efficiency by analyzing key data points and finding out the ideal talent that suits any given job description.

  2. Is there an AI talent shortage?

    Yes, with the rise in technology-related job profiles, there is lack of a talent pool that holds expertise in AI and machine learning.

  3. How is AI changing the recruitment process?

    AI recruitment software helps automate repetitive processes and gives recruiters the power to leverage data and find the right talent in a shorter timeframe.

  4. Will AI replace recruiters?

    Speaking from a technical viewpoint, AI will not replace recruiters but would empower them by offering state-of-the-art features to improve the process of finding and recruiting the best-suited talent.

  5. Do companies use AI for hiring?

    As manual recruitment processes becomes cumbersome, many companies are adopting the AI route to improve their hiring operations. AI in recruitment also helps in mapping the right candidate to a given profile in a shorter time.

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