10 Best Event Registration Software for Corporate & Social Events

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August 22, 2022 11 Min read

This is a digital era where everything happens online, from selling event registration forms/tickets to accepting payment and sending feedback email. Event registration software further smoothens this process and that too in a cost-effective manner. Open source event registration software is transforming the way small-scale event organizers are achieving efficiency in their work.

10 Online Event Registration Software for Non-Profits & Others

There are numerous online event registration software solutions available in the market and used for the various tasks related to attendee registration, booking, and other tasks. Here are our picks from the best online event registration software in the market:

  • Attendize

Free online event registration
#1 of 10 Best Event Registration Software

Attendize is an event management software and open-source ticket selling that will help you through the stages of event registration. Some of them include creating an event page, generating attendee list, check real-time event statistics, creating event tickets, etc.

Moreover, you can provide attendees multiple platforms for event registration by integrating the system with various social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.


  • Event Management
  • Attendee Management
  • Online Ticketing
  • General Admission
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Ticketing
  • POS

Pricing Details: Attendize doesn’t provide a free trial, however it offers a free version. The paid plan costs ₹6060 as a one-time lifetime payment which provides the standard license to create a work for 1 domain.

Best Suited For: It is best suited forSMEs, Agencies.

  • 123 Form Builder

free event registration form
#2 of 10 Best Event Registration Software

123 Form Builder really shines as an free event registration form software due to its easy event form creation and automation. Its free version can be accessed by a single user to create five registration forms, and one form can have ten fields in it. Further, it allows you to accept 100 forms per month from the attendees.

You are provided with over 200 form templates that can be customized or used as it is to create forms. And the integration with Google Analytics program facilitates tracking, recording and analysis of event registration.


  • Event Calendar
  • Survey Management
  • Analytics
  • Approval Process Control
  • Event Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Attendee Management
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Feedback Collection
  • Online payments

Pricing: The Basic Plan of 123 Form Builder is Free. The Gold Plan costs ₹1770 per month while the Platinum Plan costs ₹3187 per month.

Best Suited For: Organisations such as education, non-profit, health and charity.

  • Anyvite

Online event registration system
#3 of 10 Best Event Registration Software

Get your event together with various capabilities of free event registration website, Anyvite. Whether you are organising a small birthday party or putting on a large public event, Anyvite will always support you in creating the invitation form.

You can create personalized invites including picture or video and can send the same via email. Whereas, public event registration forms can be uploaded on your website to invite the masses. Anyvite free online event booking system saves you a lot of time by importing the guest list from your email address book.

The online event registration software is free for registering an event however, you have to incur processing charges on ticketing and payment collection.


  • Export/Import Guest List
  • Multimedia
  • Guest Registration
  • Public Registration (URL)
  • SMS Confirmation
  • Event Location Tracking
  • Interface Templates

Pricing: Anyvite doesn’t provide a free version, however, it provides a 15-day free trial. And its Simple Plan starts at ₹355 per month which provides 10 events and up to 250 guest registrations.

Best Suited For: All organisations looking for a mobile solution for registration and selling tickets.

  • Eventbrite

Online event registration software
#4 of 10 Best Event Registration Software

It is one of the most popular event registration software solutions that provides easy registration for all kinds of events- music concerts, conferences, marathons, fundraising events, rallies and more.

Eventbrite’s social sharing tools make it a preferred choice for organizers especially when they wish to share event related details on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Also, by being a 100% mobile-optimized solution, it lets you reach attendees via phone and grow faster.

Eventbrite’s ‘Essential’ and ‘Professional’ version is free if you are selling tickets without any charge. And, the organizers of free events can access all the features of these two products except phone, chat, or email support.


  • Meeting Management
  • Registration Management
  • Online Booking
  • Ticket Management
  • Customization
  • Attendee Management
  • Badge Management
  • Catering Management
  • Conferences / Seminars
  • Conventions
  • Guest List Management

Pricing: Eventbrite provides a free plan. Essentials Plan is available at ₹56.88 for each paid ticket and provides an online help centre, 1 ticket time (General Admission).

The Professional Plan, on the other hand, costs ₹252 for each paid ticket and provides chat, phone and email support for paid events and unlimited ticket types.

Best Suited For: Enterprises, Startups, SMEs and Freelancers.

  • Event Espresso 4 Decaf

online conference registration software
#5 of 10 Best Event Registration Software

Event Espresso is a WordPress plugin for the event registration process. You can manage event-related tasks right from the dashboard of WordPress such as creating an event page, registration forms, selling tickets and generating reports.

Apart from this, you can collect registrant’s information using the sign-up forms as well as manage their profiles. And mobile-friendly interface allows you to scan the tickets and track the attendance on the go.

In its paid version, you can enjoy the benefit of some useful add-ons like attendee mover, multiple event registration, Mail Chimp integration, wait list manager, etc.


  • Event Creation
  • User Registration Management
  • Payment Management
  • Check-in
  • On-site registration Management
  • Email Automation
  • Registration List Management
  • Session Scheduling

Pricing: Event Espresso does not provide a free version or free trial. The Premium plan starts at ₹17,700, per user.

Best Suited For: Conferences, art classes, training courses, concerts, fundraisers, workshops, film festivals, and more.

  • Evite

online event registration software
#6 of 10 Best Event Registration Software

Create and send invites via email or text for both formal and informal occasions. Evite provides you with multiple invite and card ideas for birthday parties, get together, professional events, and organizational parties.

And since these invites & cards are customizable, therefore, you can make it as personalized as you want. You can import all your contact from email or phone address book and track RSVP in real-time to check who has seen the invitation.

Its free online event registration version is ad-supported and limits your invitation to 750 people.


  • Event Creation
  • User Registration Management
  • Event Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Payment Management
  • On Site Tickets and Registration
  • Email Automation

Pricing: Evite provides a free plan, while its Premium Plan starts from ₹1062 which gets rid of the ads, and provides custom branding options.

Best Suited For: Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises.

  • Ticketbud

free event registration
#7 of 10 Best Event Registration Software

Ticketbud is an event registration and management software that helps you in promoting your events on various social media platforms, selling tickets, sending email reminders via phone, and more.

Its capabilities extend to providing you with detailed insights into the event performance, communicating last minute details to the ticket purchasers via email. It can always be integrated with third party payment platforms for easy payment processing.

Ticketbud event registration software offers flat rate price for everyone, and you get all the platform features at no cost. There is no additional cost when you are offering the event ticket for free. Otherwise, ticketing fee and credit card processing charges are levied.


  • Payment Processing
  • Event Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Attendee Management
  • User Registration Management
  • Calendar
  • Marketing Management
  • Badge Management
  • Sponsorship Management

Pricing: For pricing details, request a call back.

Best Suited For: SMEs, Agencies and Enterprises

  • Open Conference Systems

online conference registration software
#8 of 10 Best Event Registration Software

Open Conference Systems (OCS) is an open source web publishing tool for giving scholarly conferences a mass presence on the web. You can create a website for the conference, accepts papers electronically and accept registration from participants.

The online event registration system doesn’t support functions before the conference but post-conference as well. It lets you publish conference papers, proceedings, and original data set on the website. Also, you can integrate post-conference online discussion.

Besides this, OCS is a multilingual system which means you can publish content, send email to users in various languages including French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.


  • Website Creation
  • Automated Registration
  • Online Discussion Forum
  • Email Automation
  • Attendee Management

Pricing: For pricing details, request a call back.

Best Suited For: Conference Organisers

  • Ticket Tailor

free event registration software
#9 of 10 Best Event Registration Software

Although Ticket Tailor is known for its ticketing management tools, it has all the features of an ideal online event registration system. It has a user-friendly interface and can easily be integrated with a Paypal account. In addition, it provides simple tools to create a registration website so that the attendees can book their tickets or register seamlessly.


  • Ticketing
  • Attendee Management
  • Social Media Integration
  • Discount Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Individual Activity Registration
  • Attendee Data Collection

Pricing information: Ticket Tailor is free to use for free events. For paid events, it charges ₹45 per paid ticket and provides additional features such as unlimited events and no contract. This fee can be adjusted to the price of the ticket.

Best Suited For: Organisation that are looking for affordable, simple online event registration software to manage registration and ticketing.

  • Bookwhen

event registration online free
#10 of 10 Best Event Registration Software

Bookwhen is a free online event registration software that is ideal for non-profits and charity events. It expedites and eases organizational tasks and provides a user-friendly interface for event managers. With the help of Bookwhen, event organisers can sign up and create event pages seamlessly.


  • Waiting List Management
  • Online Payment
  • Customizable Booking Forms
  • Discount Tools
  • Support
  • Customisable Landing Page
  • Website Integration

Pricing: Bookwhen provides a free plan that provides free registration features, while its Lite Plan starts from ₹1060 permonth.

Best Suited For: Standalone events and workshops.

Best Event Registration Software: Features & Modules

The best event registration software comes with various features that are available as separate modules if you’re looking for just that. Here are some of the noteworthy standalone modules:

  • Conference Registration: A standard conference registration software helps you manage all the steps required for listing and registering of attendees for a conference. Online conference registration software provides a self-servicing platform that helps attendees to register for conferences.
  • Event Booking: An online booking system facilitates the smooth booking of tickets for various events such as seminars, concerts, charity balls, meetings, poetry sessions, and meet-ups. There are numerous free online event booking systems available for non-profit organisations.
  • Corporate Event Registration: A corporate event registration software helps businesses and big enterprises to plan and manage the entire registration process of corporate events. It provides both organisers and attendees tools for a seamless registration process.
  • Budget Management: Budget Management provides event organisations the tools to estimate and manage the finances spend and costs incurred at a particular event. It also helps in resource allocation and bill management of third-party vendors.
  • Registration Analytics: Registration analytics is a feature that comes with event registration software. It provides logistics of the event registration, such as, number of tickets sold, number of people interested in the event, people who have registered, no-shows, etc.
  • Event Promotion: Event promotion is another feature that comes with solutions such as online event registration system. It helps organisers in the online promotional activities related to the event such as sending mailers, electronic invites, brochures and event details to interested people.  

How to Choose the Best Online Event Registration System

Event registration software is a system solution used by organisers for to manage the registration process of different types of events such as exhibitions, conferences, concerts, conventions and other small events such as meetups and talks.

But how to choose an online event registration system that suits your requirements? For example, a conference registration software will have different features from that of a free online event booking system.

Therefore, it is advisable to look at the following aspects while choosing the best online event registration software:

  • Pricing

The first and most crucial thing to look at while choosing an event registration software is the cost. One way that you can easily make a choice is to keep in mind, the scale of your event.

Choose a free online event booking system for a free event. Whereas, for a corporate event, choose a premium corporate event registration software that has been tailored for corporate events.

  • Brand Popularity

Brand reputation matters, while choosing an event registration software. A well-known brand will provide excellent features and competitive prices. Moreover, reputed brands are known to provide technical support and response in case of any queries or concerns.

  • Features

Based on your requirements, ensure that the features match. For instance, if you are organising a free or non-profit event, you would require a free event registration form or a free event registration website instead of ticket systems.

  • Ease of use

Ensure that the event registration software that you are choosing is easy to use and the tools are seamlessly navigable. As an event organiser you wouldn’t want to jeopardise the responses by making mistakes or by delaying responses.

Therefore, choosing a software which allows easy data collection, communication, payments and execution.

  • Mobile Friendly

Today, it is necessary to manage your work on the go. Hence, choose a cloud-based online event registration system that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. It is also beneficial if the online event registration software has a mobile app or has a responsive website. Are there more free and open source event registration software that could have been added to the list? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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