Top 23 SaaS Companies in India in 2023 That are Going Global

Top 23 SaaS Companies in India in 2023 That are Going Global-feature image
April 19, 2023 15 Min read

83 percent of the company work will be done from the cloud by the end of 2023. All thanks to the rapid growth of SaaS. Also known as software as a service, SaaS companies provide software applications and services to their customers through a subscription model. SaaS has made several companies cloud enabled while transforming their physical IT infrastructure.

How SaaS Companies Work?

A SaaS company provides web hosting solutions to organizations for catering to their specific business requirements. The range of offerings in software as a service is varied and could be anywhere from accounting, enterprise resource planning, collaboration to customer relationship management & more.

This app hosting service makes applications accessible from cloud infrastructure. Top SaaS benefits are:

  • Monitoring incoming invoices & contract expiration dates
  • Data in a saas business model is accessible only to the subsribed customers, so there is no chance of piracy
  • SaaS model works 24/7, which means customers can access your website for subscription, etc. anytime they desire
  • Easy customization with regular updates

Going by the graph above, you can see how the growth of software as a service has been relentless over the years.

Here is a compilation of short data to help you assess software as a service or SaaS statistics:

  • Gartner’s 2018 report suggests how SaaS companies can successfully generate over seventy billion dollars.
  • Microsoft holds a market share of eighteen percent whereas Salesforce has a share of around eleven percent.
  • Another Gartner report indicates that revenue from SaaS market would grow by over hundred billion dollars in 2021.
  • Market for corporate mobile SaaS would grow over seven billion this year.
How SaaS Companies Work

There are two key reasons why the SaaS industryhas grown exponentially.

SaaS Applications & Customer Success Management

One key reason why use of SaaS applications has risen is its customer success management strategy. SaaS management software companies constantly make an effort to analyse details regarding customer requirements and data usage after subscription for providing efficient customer services.

SaaS Applications & Customer Success Management

SaaS Solutions Using Predictive Analysis

Second is predictive analysis and artificial intelligence features in the SaaS model. Here are some SaaS examples and use cases:

  • SaaS management platforms help with predicting churns for determining the value of every customer
  • SaaS software offers AI predictors for predicting key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Purchase data & customer demographics by SaaS platform inbuilt AI for predicting all in app purchases made

The Evolution of SaaS Startups in India

The past few years have seen an exponential increase in the SaaS startups in India. The SaaS solution market was worth 407 million dollars in 2016 and has grown 3x by 2021, according to Nasscom.

And it is not just anyone industry that is growing, B2B SaaS companies in India have touched industries like healthcare, eCommerce, BFSI, and many more. Indian SaaS companies like Zoho and Freshworks have grown tremendously since then.

23 Top Listed SaaS Companies in India – Creating Landmarks

Let’s have a look at the top SaaS companies in India that have proved their worth in the past and suggests a promising future as well.

List of SaaS companies in India

  • Zoho

Zoho is one the best SaaS providers and delivers a diverse suite of business, collaboration, and productivity applications. It has over 20 million users worldwide and more than 33 products to aid different requirements like sales, marketing, collaboration, support, finance and recruitment.

Founded On: September 15th, 1996

Headquarter: San Francisco Bay area

Number of Employees: Approx. 5000

Who is the CEO: Sridhar Vembu

Top-Selling Products: Zoho CRM, Zoho People

Digital Presence: 39,676,653 monthly web visitors.

Customer Reach: Global

Recent Acquisitions: ePoise on Mar 7th, 2019

  • Agile CRM

Agile CRM is one of the leading sales, marketing, and CRM SaaS company, serving the growth need of small businesses. Agile CRM is an end-to-end comprehensive CRM that helps small and medium businesses manage every phase of their customer lifecycle from a single platform. It aims to drive a sustainable and scalable growth.

Founded On: May 1, 2012

Headquarter: Asia-Pacific (APAC)

Number of Employees: 250

Who is the CEO: Manohar Chapalamadugu

Top-Selling Products: Agile CRM

Digital Presence: 367,444 monthly web visitors

Customer Reach: US, UK, Australia

  • IBSFintech

IBSFintech is a SaaS provider, which offers niche financial software and products specially designed to manage treasury, forex, and finances for corporates. It helps both big and small organizations to leverage the power of innovative financial solutions and effectively manage finances.

IBSFINtech, as a SaaS based company, manages financial risks of an organisation by providing them quick insights. The SaaS tool also allows companies to analyse and decide how can they deploy their money.

Founded in: 2007

Headquarter: Asia-Pacific (APAC)

Number of Employees: 11-50

Who is the CEO: Chandra Mohan Grover

Top-Selling Products: Treasury, Trade finance

Digital Presence: 287 monthly web visitors

Customer Reach: Global

  • Freshworks

Freshworks is a software as a service company, which provides businesses with SaaS customer engagement solutions. Its flagship product is Freshdesk, which makes it easy for sales, marketing and support executives to communicate effectively with customers for better service.

Freshworks engages with its customers at every step of their journey and provides SaaS solutions to businesses of all sizes. Its cloud-based suite is widely used by more than 150,000+ businesses including the Zomato, Toshiba, Hugo Boss, and Cisco.

Founded in: 2010

Headquarter: San Friscisco and Silicon Valley

Number of Employees: 2500

Who is the CEO: Girish Mathrubootham and Shan Krishnasamy

Top-Selling Products: Freshdesk, Freshsales, Freshconnect

Digital Presence: 1,573,559 monthly web visitors

Customer Reach: Global


VTION is a SaaS based media tech firm that aims to solve key problems in the media-based ecosystem. VTION can analyse trends and consumer behaviour and analyse patterns across various geographies and demographics. Users can create analytics views as required and filter data as well. VTION has raised a total of ₹19.2M in funding over 1 round.

Founded in: 2016

Headquarter: APAC (Asia-Pacific)

Number of Employees: 250

Who is the CEO: Manoj Dawane and Shashank Mehta

Top-Selling Products: VTION

Customer Reach: India

  • Playtonia

Playtonia is a SaaS company that provides a platform for online gaming. Players can register themselves as individuals or as a team. They can win and earn cash and gifts as rewards. It provides a platform for Dota 2, CS:GO, and other huge multiplayer games.

With its SaaS based platform, you can compete with anyone, anywhere and anytime. Playtonia has also built Game Certifications, e-Sport VR academy, Gaming incubation Cells, and strategies for E-sports Events.

Founded in: 2017

Headquarter: Chennai, India

Number of Employees: 50

Who is the CEO: Anshuman Pandey

Top-Selling Products: Playtonia

Digital Presence: 3000 monthly page visits

Customer Reach: Asia-Pacific region

  • Facilio

Facilio is a SaaS company that utilises machine learning and internet of things to help businesses achieve streamlined operations, sustainability, and maintenance.

Facilio helps modern-day businesses by shifting traditional facility management towards smarter, automatic and predictive facilities. It is an early stage venture and has also received its series A funding worth Rs. 6.4 million.

Founded in: 2017

Headquarter: Greater Atlanta Area, East Coast, Southern US

Number of Employees: Approx. 50

Who is the CEO: Krishnamoorthi Rangasamy, Prabhu Ramachandran, Rajavel Subramanian, and Yogendra Babu

Top-Selling Products: Facilio

Digital Presence: 1270 monthly page visits

Customer Reach: Global

  • Hippo Video

Hippo Video provides a video customer experience platform that helps businesses engage with the right audiences through personalized videos. This helps accelerate conversions to a huge extent. It got a seed funding of 1.5 million dollars and it has two rounds of funding till now.

Hippo Video has numerous users globally and is backed by KAE Capital and Surge Ahead. It leverages both machine learning and AI to help businesses create and provide analytics for videos.

Founded On: 2016

Headquarter: Greater Philadelphia Area, East Coast, Southern US

Number of Employees: 50

Who is the CEO: Karthi Mariappan

Top-Selling Products: Hippo Video

Digital Presence: 190,650 monthly visitors

Customer Reach: Global

  • KlentySoft Inc

Klenty is a SaaS product which helps increase the sales engagement. Users can set automatic follow-ups and send personalized emails. Klenty is a software product that helps Inside Sales teams to scale their outreach and follow-up processes.

It automates the process of reaching out to potential customers. Klenty works with leading CRM apps and offers features such as duplicate detection, email engagement metrics, prospects database, email engagement metrics, and A/B testing.

Founded On: 1st Feb, 2015

Headquarter: San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, West Coast

Number of Employees: Less than 50

Who is the CEO: Praveen Kumar, Vengat Krishnaraj

Top-Selling Products: Klenty

Digital Presence: 60,000 website visits per month

Customer Reach: Global

  • Paperflite

Paperflite is helping businesses manage their content across different departments to strengthen marketing efforts. The company also boost the efforts of inside sales and filed sales teams of any organization by helping them organize documents. Paperflite has raised 400K dollars in round 1 of seed funding.

Founded in: 2016

Headquarter: East coast, Southern US

Number of Employees: 50

Who is the CEO: Anant Bhat, Vinoth Kumar and Yega Kumarappan

Top-Selling Products: Paperflite

Digital Presence: 18000 monthly page visits

Customer Reach: Global

  • Qubole

Qubole is a cloud-based service provider, which provides deep analytics and machine learning for big data files. Their software is designed for processing different types of data such as semi-structured, structured and unstructured ones thereby enabling quick data activation process for its end users.

You can extract deep insights and create AI applications after processing big data through software solutions developed by Qubole.

Founded On: 2013

Headquarter: Santa Clara, California

Number of Employees:  350+

Who is the CEO: Ashish Thusoo

Top-Selling Products: Qubole Data Platform, Airflow and Quantom 

Digital Presence: Global

Customer Reach: Around 500 million emails per month

Recent Acquisitions: NA

  • Capillary Technologies

Capillary Technologies provides customer engagement and e-commerce platform for brands and retailers. Capillary Loyalty product of this SaaS company provides management solutions to help companies transform into successful online marketplaces.

Businesses can enhance the sales, customer engagement and product reach through various marketing channels provided by this technology such as mobile app, social media features and other marketing channels.

Founded On: 2008

Headquarter: Singapore

Number of Employees: Approx 900

Who is the CEO: Aneesh Reddy

Top-Selling Products: Omnichannel Retail Marketing Solutions, Omnichannel E-commerce Solutions, Capillary Smart Store

Digital Presence: Global

Customer Reach: 130,500 monthly web visitors

Recent Acquisitions: Sellerworx on October 4, 2016.

  • Chargebee

Chargebee is one of the leading SaaS companies offering reporting, analytics and intelligent insights for devising growth-based strategies. It also provides gap-proof financial analysis for examining refunds, payments and credit notes.

The PCI compliant checkout with plug and play integrations is used for increasing subscription revenue as well as maximising recurring payments.

Founded On: 2011

Headquarter: Chennai

Number of Employees: 350+

Who is the CEO: Krish Subramanian

Top-Selling Products: Deferred revenue reporting, billing automation and subscription management

Digital Presence: Global

Customer Reach: 5000 monthly web visitors

Recent Acquisitions: NA

  • HackerRank

HackerRank SaaS company is trusted by tech managers and recruiters to assess developer skills of a prospective employee. Detailed reports, automatic scoring system, code diff and git history are major functioning areas of the software provided by HackerRank. You can also look into some of the top hackerrank alternatives!

Its SaaS products are also used for analysing data science, full stack, DevOps, forint and back-end roles. It also supports linting, multiple files, auto-complete and debugging.

Founded On: 2009

Headquarter: California, The US

Number of Employees: 150+

Who is the CEO: Vivek Ravisankar

Top-Selling Products: HackerRank Code Screen, HackerRank Code Pair and Hacker Rank Insights

Digital Presence: Global

Customer Reach: Approx 1000 subscribers per month

Recent Acquisitions: Mimir on December 17, 2019.

  • Ziplr

Ziplr is a social media marketing cloud-based model meant for conversion tracking and post scheduling at one place. The platform uses data analytics and data visualisation for improving brand re-call, online branding and visually representing data related to customers. You can also use Ziplr for gathering statistics related to the distribution of a website.

Founded On: 2015

Headquarter: Odisha

Number of Employees: Around 10

Who is the CEO: Saurabh Sudhir

Top-Selling Products:  URL Shortening, Marketing/Data Analytics

Digital Presence: Global

Customer Reach: NA

Recent Acquisitions: NA

  • Unbxd

Unbxd is trusted by e-commerce companies for suggesting relevant products based on the preferences of customers for not only increasing the sales but also the profit margins for the enterprise in question. Personalised shopping solutions are the core functional area of the software for which it utilises powerful algorithms.

Improved customer retention, better product delivery and increased product value are the prime benefits of using software from Unbxd.

Founded On: 2010

Headquarter: San Mateo, CA

Number of Employees: 200

Who is the CEO: Pavan Sondur

Top-Selling Products: Unbxd Browse

Digital Presence: Global

Customer Reach: NA

Recent Acquisitions: NA

  • Hotelogix

Hotelogix is one of the most trusted and amongst the best SaaS companies, which deals in a management system for organising multiple POS outlets with the help of a single dashboard.

The cloud-based technology is used for setting up point of sale outlets to help manage such businesses as restaurants, spa, mini bars and travel desks. Their POS system is further useful for organising fast selling products as featured items for easy sale to guests.

Founded On: 2008

Headquarter: New Delhi

Number of Employees: Around 150

Who is the CEO: Aditya Sanghi

Top-Selling Products: Point of Sale System and Online Reputation Management

Digital Presence: Global

Customer Reach: NA

Recent Acquisitions: NA

  • FourKites

FourKites provides network solutions for effective supply chain management. Core platform and multi modal coverage are prime instruments used for orchestrating supply chain processes. The platform is based on predictive insights and real time information for quick decision making.

Moreover, you can use the live platform data for calculating active loads, predicting shipment delays and identifying potential exception management savings.

Founded On: 2013

Headquarter: Van Buren, Arkansas

Number of Employees: Approx 500

Who is the CEO: Matt Elenjickal

Top-Selling Products: Analytics Applications, Arrival Management Applications, Real Time Tracking, Media Alert and Supply Chain Visibility

Digital Presence: Global

Customer Reach: 1 million monthly web visitors

Recent Acquisitions: NA

  • CloudCherry

CloudCherry is a customer experience management tool that uses journey mapping for measuring customer experiential data. The software most importantly brings the relevant customer data under one single platform for better decision making and improving customer experience.

Predictive analytics and integration with customer engagement models are the core feature of their software.

Founded On: 2013

Headquarter: Bangalore

Number of Employees: Approx 250

Who is the CEO: Vinod Muthukrishnan

Top-Selling Products: Questionnaire Builder, CX Library and CEM Open API Explorer

Digital Presence: Global

Customer Reach: 14 plus countries

Recent Acquisitions: NA

  • Kloud Connectors

Kloud Connectors lets you select any of the best clouds available for automating your business operations. The feature also allows you to select a payment plan, monthly or annual, which can be cancelled anytime.

You can utilise the custom connectors provided by one of this top SaaS companies in India to suit your business needs.  Additionally, you can schedule the sync timings for the daily automatic syncs.

Founded On: 2010

Headquarter: Australia

Number of Employees: Approx 100

Who is the CEO: Vinay Joshi

Top-Selling Products: Helps integrate popular SaaS apps like Xero, Zoho and Salesforce

Digital Presence: Global

Customer Reach: 87 different countries

Recent Acquisitions: NA

  • Nextiva

Nextiva is a business communications and VoIP platform deployed for connecting customers & teams at one central location. The cloud communications SaaS company also supports helpdesk, text messaging, video conferencing and sales CRM solutions.

With support from robust customer management modules, Nextiva’s SaaS tools can also be used for screen sharing, cloud connection and checking phone presence.

Founded On: April 1, 2006

Headquarter: Scottsdale, United States

Number of Employees: Approx. 700

Who is the CEO: Tomas Gorny

Top-Selling Products: VoIP desk phones and other sales & service tools

Digital Presence: 8,35,000

Customer Reach: Global

Recent Acquisitions: No recent acquisitions

  • Parallels

Parallels is a cross-platform solution helping businesses access services required by them on any operating system or device. The software as a service company through its remote desktop platform makes it possible to run applications on any device in any location.

The virtualization software company offers toolkit for running all kinds of applications.

Founded On: 1999

Headquarter: Bellevue, United States

Number of Employees: Over 800

Who is the CEO: Birger Steen

Top-Selling Products: Parallels Remote Application Server, Parallels Toolbox for Mac & Windows and Parallels Access

Digital Presence: 3,82,00,000

Customer Reach: Global

Recent Acquisitions: 2X software acquired in February 2015

  • Solarwinds

Solarwinds IT infrastructure management software is deployed for monitoring IT environment in hybrid and cloud model. As one of the best SaaS providers, the Solarwinds SaaS company supports database performance analyzer for optimizing database performance. Solarwinds also supports performance monitor for multivendor networks.

Founded On: 1999

Headquarter: Austin, Texas, United States

Number of Employees: Approx 3200

Who is the CEO: Kevin Thompson

Top-Selling Products: IP Address Manager, NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, VoIP & Network Quality Manager and Kiwi CatTools

Digital Presence: 1,01,00,000

Customer Reach: Global

Recent Acquisitions: SentryOne in 2020, VividCortex in 2019 & Passportal in 2019

The growth of SaaS companies has been tremendous in the last few years, and the numbers are going to reach the sky in the years coming ahead. There are several Indian SaaS startups like Vtiger, Bevywise, and Capillary that have already taken its business globally and there are many others in the line. This proves that SaaS is the future of all processes.

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