Cogxim Petro Genius – How is it Revolutionizing Petrol Pump Management

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January 18, 2023 6 Min read

In a competitive business environment, it is important for companies to rope in latest technology to make their businesses more profitable. Petrol pump software helps manage the operations of a petrol pump for smooth and quick functioning.

Managing inventory, sales, purchase and dip reading are core functions offered by a petrol pump management system. Petrol pump software developed by Cogxim Technologies also manages range of activities like evaporation tracking, nozzle wise sales, tanker movement, etc. Let us make an in-depth study in the following section to explore Petro Genius by Cogxim in greater detail.

What is Cogxim Petro Genius?

Petrogenius is GST ready software that does all the calculations and prepares reports as per the GST norms. The software has also been certified by Rajasthan Petroleum Dealers Association (RPDA). You can see it being currently in use in different states of India such as Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, etc. Countries like Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Africa and Bhutan have adapted Cogxim Technologies Petro Genius as well.   

Cogxim Petro Genius petrol pump accounting software has an in-built module in accounting for managing accounts and inventory. The software can be easily installed on Windows XP and Windows 7, 8, 10.

How is Cogxim Petro Genius helping manage petrol pumps?

Cogxim Petro Genius offers benefits that ease the petrol pump management process. It is also known as a bunk management software for managing the working of bunk starting from meter reading to lubricant sales, DIP stock vs Actual stock and tank movement. The following are the crucial ways in which Petro Genius has helped petrol pumps manage their processes:

  • Scrutinises cases of theft at petrol pump stations by monitoring each ounce of petrol in the tanker.
  • Keeps a record of petrol and other items, such as eatables and essential commodities available at fuel stations.
  • Simple and easy to understand invoices.
  • Creation of automatic reports for stock vs books.
  • Develops credit slips for payments done with the help of pre installed driver.  

What’s new in Cogxim Petro Genius?

The cloud-based Cogxim Petrogenius is a software working on the SaaS model. As a cloud-based software, Petro Genius is more customer-focused and time saving compared to non-SaaS software. The following are the exclusive features of the SaaS based software:

 Less time to install and is easily configurable.

  • Less time to install and is easily configurable.
  • Easy availability for users with internet access
  • Pay as you go feature allows you to pay only for the features that you select for usage
  • Easy upgrades & scalability of features
  • Requires no upfront license fee

Features of Cogxim Petro Genius

Cogxim Petro Genius

Petrogenius is a petrol pump management software meant for providing you with multiples uses and features. You can solve most of the issues that arise from meter, DIP, sales and purchase with the help of Petro Genius software.

Interestingly, this software gives you an opportunity to create user names and passwords for your customers. These customers can use this feature to avail new benefits, learn about new schemes and other information. You can further customize this process by offering different benefits and rights to different users. The other key benefits of the software have been enlisted below:

  • Meter Reading

Petro genius software maintains meter readings and creates record for rate of evaporation. The software also keeps track of testing and handling.

  • Multiple Organisations

Cogxim petrol pump management system allows creating multiple organizations and financial years to easily carry forward the balance from one financial year to another.   

  • Vehicle Master

This feature is especially useful in creating sales entry for credit. You can record entry of multiple vehicles and then use them for revisiting credit sales.

  • Rate Master

Petro Genius petrol pump software Rate Master feature saves fuel rates for different days and dates.

  • Debtors & Creditors List

Petrogenius software helps creates lists of your petrol pump debtors and creditors to manage accounts efficiently.

  • Credit Sales

You can create record for credit sales in a neat and tidy format stating date, item(s), memo and party’s name.

  • Petrol Pump Accounting Software

You can manage cash and bank accounts, ledger accounts, balance sheets, creditors/debtors list with the Petro Genius software. The software also generates trading reports, profit/loss reports and ledger reports.

  • Graphical Reports

Cogxim’s Petrol pump software creates graphical reports for monthly stocks, cash flows, monthly/yearly comparison of sales and sales/purchase.

  • Analytical Reports

You can create reports for location and monthly based sales and purchase, unit wise sales for nozzle and dispensing units, outstanding credit sales for individuals, consolidated day books sales.

  • Stock Report

The software creates stock reports based on location, salesman, movement of items and ledger, rate of sales and purchase. You can also calculate closing stocks as per sales and purchases.

  • SMS Service

This petrol pump software developed by Cogxim Technologies offers SMS service in bulk for cash and credit sales. You can also make use of this service for receipt of payments, generation of statement, payment delays, and birthdays/anniversaries.    

Pros and Cons of Cogxim Petro Genius

Petrogenius software is used by petrol pump owners to streamline petrol pump operations. You can make use of the software’s multiple features to create neat records of transactions.

The software is easy to use and doesn’t require any special training to operating. Profit, loss, sales, purchase, evaporation rates and ledger management are the features that have been already discussed. Let us now explore the pros and cons of the software:


  • Vehicle wise billing option.
  • Create DSO reports, record density, calculate interest on late payments.
  • Check the status of cash and stock salesman wise.
  • Create entries for loss of items and track the movement of tanker or vehicle. 
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Available with mobile application.


  • With desktop version, the system randomly slow down
  • Interface needs to be more intuitive

Cogxim Petro Genius Pricing Plan

Petrogenius software is available in the following two versions, keeping in view whether you are using desktop or online (cloud based) version:

Desktop version: ₹ 13,500 + GST (18%)

Online (Cloud based) version: ₹ 36,000 + GST (18%)

*T&C Apply

You can request a call back in case you require more information related to pricing. In case you need suggestions over a more suitable plan, you can contact us. We will suggest the most suitable plan for your business.


Petro Genius Software by Cogxim Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best petrol pump management software in India. Petrogenius software’s most distinguishing feature is that it manages financial and accounting processes for its user. You can thus make use of the several benefits and features offered by the software for a more organised functioning of your petrol pump business.

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