Top 10 Courier Management Software in India 2022

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September 13, 2022 5 Min read

Considering today’s fast-paced and technology-driven society, incorporating the latest technology in your courier service isn’t a luxury but a necessity. Using valuable software is essential to be used in courier services, especially if you want to automate core processes, grow your customer base, and manage other day-to-day operations smoothly. A courier management software can help you streamline your service for innumerable customers, increase productivity and maximize profit.

List of Top 10 Courier Management Software

So, here are some of the power-packed courier management software you can rely on:

1. Zepo Courier Management System

Zepo courier management software has been specially developed for managing your e-commerce shipment. It has partnered with multiple courier companies and lets you compare them, choose the best amongst them on the basis of rate they charge.


  • You can choose from various courier partners such as FedEx, Bluedart, Dotzot
  • Fit for both, road and air shipping
  • You can receive notification about shipment status via mail and SMS
  • Facilitates both domestic and international shipment

Key Feature: Zepo helps in effective management of remittance cycle. You can collect COD remittance within seven days. Moreover, you can have a complete history related to payment received via COD mode.

Pricing: Get the price on request.

2. Bellboy

It is one of the best courier software for agencies to register daily consignment entry, set rate list service wise, import city list from an excel file, and more.


  • You can set rate zone-wise and region-wise
  • Generates accurate bills in a single click
  • Facilitates weight setting
  • Creates customer accounts including address, contact information, bank details.

Key Feature: Its ‘manage service type’ feature makes Bellboy software unique. You can manage rates, cities and more for different courier related services-parcel, super service, priority service, etc.

Pricing: Get the price on request.

3. MicroDot Order Tracker

MicroDot Order Track software is not confined to delivery or driver tracking. It also helps with other verticals of courier, such as invoicing and payment.


  • Auto sends an invoice to customers via email
  • Pass invoice entry including invoice no., order no., shipment type, date, etc.
  • Generates major reports- purchase order, invoice report, rate history, etc.

Key Features: The software comes with multiple modules such as customer master, order entry, product master, shipment type master. You can record and maintain all the necessary details concerning your courier service using respective modules.

Pricing: Get the price on request.

4. Purbis Courier

Purbis Courier is a courier dispatch and delivery software specially designed for both single and multiple restaurants. Besides this, you can also use it for laundry ordering, logistic booking, and courier services.


  • Offers different payment options to customers
  • Partnered with the best parcel service providers
  • Provides location tracking in real-time

Key Features: One of the unique features of Purbis is, it lets customers send pick-up request, and the parcel is collected from their place as per the decided date and time.

Pricing: Get the price on request.

5. Shipway

Shipway is a multi courier tracking system that helps in improving the post-buying experience for both customers and courier companies with its tracking & alert notification functions.


  • You will receive SMS and email alerts for shipment facing delivery problems
  • Helps get quick feedback from customers for delivery, packaging, product quality, etc.

Key Features: You can generate Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure the loyalty of your customers and use the same to improve your courier service.

Pricing: Get the price on request.

6. Courier Management Software by HourGlass IT Solutions

HourGlass IT Solutions provides you with a complete courier management system to meet end-to-end requirements of freight brokers, courier dispatching service providers and transportation companies.


  • End to end solution for all administrative challenges
  • Centralized management of all your branches
  • Efficiently allocates drivers for a shipment
  • Ensures robust and automated invoicing process

Key Features: You can keep your customers content with respective software, as there will be complete transparency right from parcel pick-up to its drop-off.

Pricing: Get the price on request.

7. Micraft Courier Management Software

Micraft courier management software is most suitable for travel and cargo agencies facilitating zone rate setting, credit billing, accounts receivable management.


  • It facilitates online delivery tracking
  • C-Note printing with and without barcode
  • Generates more than 50 types of reports
  • Centralized management of all branches

Key Feature: The software has everything that will help in enhancing delivery efficiency such as capturing signature, real-time data synchronization.

Pricing: Get the price on request.

8. Courier Management Software by Sagar Informatics

Sagar Informatics courier software is suitable for both domestic and international courier services. It will help you in managing all aspects of courier service in a hassle-free manner, such as physical parcel management, customer account, agent cost, etc.


  • Quick update about delivery status of the parcel
  • Comes with remarkable reporting tools
  • Facilitates smooth mass mailing services

Key Features: This software provides you with various search categories for conducting queries such as AWB no., forwarding no., etc. Similarly, you can analyse the business performance on different parameters.

Pricing: Get the price on request.

9. Softpal Courier Management Software

This is a simple to use courier service software that supports everything from booking to billing.


  • Real-time delivery tracking
  • MIS report generation
  • Barcode scanning
  • Invoice generation for couriers

Key Features: The proposed software helps you manage everything related to the Proof of Delivery (POD) such as POD number scanning, checking POD status for a package delivered from each location-HO, branch, franchisee.

Pricing: Get the price on request.

10. Courier Software by DNG WEB TECH

DNG courier software is one of the software that is right for courier companies which need help with supplier management, delivery scheduling, vehicle tracking, parcel booking, barcoding, and more.


  • Online tracking of Air Way Bill (AWB)
  • Multi-branch management
  • Easily manage freight rate
  • Pickup and drop management

Key Features: DNG courier software facilitates ‘freight auditing,’ i.e. you can examine, adjust and verify freight bills for their accuracy.

Pricing: Get the price on request.

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