10 Best Paid and Free Leave Management Software in India 2023

10 Best Paid and Free Leave Management Software in India 2023-feature image
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Leave management is an impeccable part of your HR management system. Applying and approving leaves and keeping track of them with leave management software is quite effective and accurate. However, choosing software may require some effort. 

This article aims to provide you with a list of the ten best paid and free leave management software systems in India for the year 2023. 

What is Leave Management System?

A leave management system is a software application that helps organizations manage employee time off. Leave management software automates the process of requesting, approving, and tracking leaves of absence. It improves accuracy and compliance while also freeing up considerable time for HR staff.

Importance of Leave Management System

A leave management system helps organizations keep track of employee holidays, absences, and sicknesses. It can automate the process of booking, approving and tracking leave, and saves valuable time for HR staff. Leave tracking software is important because of it:

  • Ensures compliance with statutory regulations
  • Helps to implement company policy effectively
  • Reduces the administrative burden on HR staff
  • Improves accuracy and efficiency
  • Provides employees with visibility of remaining leave entitlement
  • Improved communication between employees and managers

Top 10 Paid and Free Leave Management Systems

We have analyzed all the popular options in the market and selected the 10 best leave management systems along with features, pricing, and usability.

  1. Keka

Keka HRMS offers users the flexibility to configure several types of leaves, such as privileged leave, casual leave, sick leave, leave without pay, etc. It is highly scalable and configurable, enabling you to design leave policies as per your work culture and business goals.

Keka Features

  • Geography based policy configuration
  • Transparent visibility into other team members leave Calendar
  • Mobile app to apply and approve leaves
  • Custom leave approval work
  • Quick Payroll integration
  • Notice period and probation period customization

Keka Pricing: Keka HRMS offers a Foundation plan from ₹ 8259/per month payroll and HR management for up to 100 employees.

  1. HRMantra

HRMantra helps the HR manager record and monitor employee leave requests, create custom leave policies and generate comprehensive leave reports. It’s one of the most popular leave tracking software which assists in tracking all activities related to an employee’s leaves. HRMantra supports a flexible, multilingual, and database-independent application framework, acting as a benchmark for all other leave and absence management software vendors.

HRMantra Features

  • Incremental leave to prioritize leave approvals
  • Advance leave and Negative leave balance
  • Globally accepted leave module
  • Multiple leave accounting year
  • Advanced leave planning and bypass
  • Leave import and backup
  • Vacation leave management

HRMantra Pricing: HRMantra offers custom pricing plans as per the requirements of organization. Contact Techjockey team for detailed pricing.

  1. Zoho People

Through Zoho People, you can simplify the leave management process allowing businesses to track all kinds of leave – vacation days, sick leave, compensatory offs, etc. It is billed as one of the best online leave management system in India, as it offers thorough and in-depth functionalities. This is helpful in the analysis of employee absence patterns. Zoho People is essential for maintaining efficiency and minimizing lost time of employees.

Zoho People Features

  • Multi-location holiday and time-off management
  • Smartphone leave application and approval
  • Leave history tracking
  • Leave compliance and policy management
  • Customizable time off management
  • Absenteeism management

Zoho People Pricing: Zoho people offers HR essential plan at ₹59/employee/month at techjockey.com.

  1. greytHR

If you’re wondering why greytHR make it to our list of free leave management system, don’t fret. With greytHR, you can design as many kinds of leaves as you wish. You can also minimize leave related administrative tasks with ESS portal. Choose from a pre-made leave policy template or design your own fully customised policy. Also, you can generate detailed and comprehensive leave reports to meet compliance requirements.

greytHR Features

  • Leave Policies Library as per standards
  • Location based leave customization
  • Holiday Calendar generator
  • Restricted leave and year-end leave processing

greytHR Pricing: greytHR offers a free plan with limited features for up to 25 users. The premium plan starts are ₹42/employee/month. Contact Techjockey team for discounts and offers.

  1. SumHR

What makes sumHR great is that it offers you the flexibility to develop and manage your company’s leave policies. You can also track employee leaves, define application workflows, etc. SumHR relieves you from the practice of getting leaves approved in the mail every time.

SumHR Features

  • Cloud payroll integration
  • Bulk Import and Export
  • Leave approval workflow customization
  • Policy execution control
  • Work from home / out-duty request

SumHR Pricing: The basic plan for SumHR starts at Rs 58/employee/month.

  1. Zimyo HRMS

This solution offers various features like employee scheduling, notification alerts, and leave tracking. It also helps in absence management, maintaining an employee database, and mobile time tracking of employees. Zimyo absence management software offers flexibility in leave policies, holiday groups, and firm’s work calendar.

Zimyo HRMS Features

  • Automated manager Approvals
  • Bilingual Mobile App
  • API Integration
  • Customizable leave approval workflows
  • Intelligent leave planner
  • Smart Attendance regularization

Zimyo Pricing: The basic Zimyo HRMS plan (fixed) starts at ₹3000/month + ₹60/employee/month (additional).

  1. Spine HRMS

Spine is one of the top employee leave management system available in the Indian market, Spine HRMS reduces the time spent tracking leave requests by making essential information available to all online. With this leave management solution, managing staff absences becomes an easy affair. It ensures scalability as the number of your employees grows.

Spine HRMS Features

  • Comprehensive Leave Planner for Managers
  • Dashlets for comparison and analysis
  • Outdoor Duty & Comp. Off
  • Leave Adjustment/ Encashment
  • Workflow and policy Agility

Spine HRMS Pricing: Spine HRMS offers customized pricing plans as per the requirements of the users. Contact Techjockey team for free demo.

  1. Farsight HR

This software helps you determine rules with respect to leaves and if they have been accrued, lapsed or encashed. You can also effortlessly execute the monthly reconciliation of leaves for each employee. Farsight HR assists managers and HR admins to efficiently handle employee leaves and generate leave reports, solidifying its reputation as one of the top LMS in India.

Farsight HR Management Software Features

  • Customizable Leave and vaccination policy
  • Tailored team calendar
  • Data driven reporting system
  • Intelligent integration capabilities
  • Automates leave processing, carryover and encashment

Farsight HR Pricing: The Starting plan for Farsight HRMS is Rs 2065/month for its Essential plan that allows up to 50 employees.

  1. PeoplesHR

PeoplesHR has exhaustive features such as roster integration, updated timesheets and payroll, leave documentation, accrual tracking, and leave calendar. It is a centralised platform for HR managers where they can view and approve leave requests, check leave availability and roster for upcoming shifts.

PeopleHR Features

  • PeopleHR app for leave approval and application system
  • Labour law and wage code compliance
  • Geographical representation and customization
  • Absence management and shift replacement
  • API Attendance integration

PeoplesHR Pricing: The standard plan for PeoplesHR starts at Rs ₹ 40/Employee/Month.

  1. GoForHR

GoForHR is another top pick for businesses of all sizes who are looking for an integrated HR solution that includes leave management capabilities. GoForHR makes it easy to track employee vacation requests, sick days, and other types of time offs so you can stay compliant with government regulations.

The software also allows employees to request time off directly through the self-service portal, eliminating the need for manual approval processes.

GoForHR Features

  • Location based leave approval system
  • Powerful reporting system
  • Company Holiday setting
  • Automated Email notification
  • Allocation and Tracking
  • Transparent Team collaboration

GoForHR Pricing: GoForHR offers custom pricing. Contact Techjockey team with your requirements for detailed pricing.


Finding the right software for leave management is all about assessing your employee strength, current leave policies and the number of employees. A solution that is scalable with user-friendly features will make leave management hassle free.

FAQ Section

  1. What is leave management software?

    Leave management software is a business application that helps businesses track and manage employee vacation days, sick days, and other types of time offs. LMS systems can automate the leave approval process, generate reports on leave usage, and integrate with other HR applications.

  2. How much does a leave management system cost?

    The cost of a leave management system varies depending on the features offered and the number of employees supported. Some providers offer monthly subscription plans based on the number of users, while others charge a flat fee per year.

  3. What are some features to look for in a leave and holiday management software?

    When comparing leave and holiday management software, it’s important to consider the features offered by different vendors. Some key features to look for include automation capabilities, reporting tools, integration with other HR applications, and self-service portals for employees.

  4. What are some of the benefits of using a leave tracking system?

    A leave and absence tracking system can help businesses automate the leave approval process, generate reports on leave usage, and stay compliant with government regulations. Leave management systems can also help employees request time off directly through the self-service portal, eliminating the need for paper forms or manual approval processes.

  5. How do I choose the right leave management solution for my business?

    When choosing a leave management solution for your business, it’s important to consider both the cost and the features offered to find the best solution for your company’s needs. Be sure to compare different providers and read online reviews before making your final decision.

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